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Gandhi's Non-Violent Racism

It is not possible to transform the exploiters through passive (non-violence) movement. If a goat tries to persuade a tiger, won’t the tiger eat the goat? If persuasion fails, then one should “protect the virtuous and punish the wicked.” This is what Indian researcher and intuitional scientist P R Sarkar stated concerning Gandhi’s non-violence practice. Although Ahimsa means not to cause harm to any living being, but naturally one has to defend oneself and others, even just for the sake of survival, according Sarkar.

Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar who is almost as well known as Gandhi in India, didn’t also seem to think non-violence was the best solution. According Dr Ambedkar the independence of India wasn’t result of Gandhi’s actions. Rather it was Subhash Chandra Bose, Netaji, who influenced the loyalty of Indian soldiers in British army – and on the other hand the British soldiers just wanted to go back to their civil jobs.

Dr Ambedkar didn’t either consider Gandhi as a Mahatma, “great-soul”. He stated that Gandhi was a deceiver over the caste matters. Dr Ambedkar was an untouchable himself, fighting for lower caste rights. He started the Indian Independent Labor Party, and was the architect of Indian Constitution.

More from Dr Ambedkar, clear BBC Interview 1955

Sarkar had similar opinion that the independence in India was reached rather due to young students and Subhas Chandra Bose, Netaji, who aroused the fighting spirit and forced the British to leave. Sarkar acknowledges that Mahatma Gandhi awakened mass consciousness, but he did not channelize this along the path of struggle and even opposed Subhash´s economic-freedom movement.

Sarkar believed that if Gandhi had chosen the struggle for economic independence, it would have led to mass revolution and to appearance of new young dynamic leaders. Obviously the old Muslim and Hindu leaders did not want this, and they were also benefiting from the exploitative capitalism. Besides the British warned the Muslims if they quit India, the majority, the Hindus, would take over the government. (British “divide and rule” policy).

As a friend and spiritual teacher of Subhash, Sarkar saw that Subhash never allowed the difference between himself and Gandhi to interfere in their personal relationship. Gandhi also did not allow this to happen, but after all Subhash had to leave the country – partly due to some Congress leaders exploiting the situation.

India’s partition into Pakistan, India and Bangladesh was due to Gandhi’s party leaders pressing him for provincial autonomy as there was scope for attaining new ministerships. Gandhi also paid fifty crores of rupees to the threatening Pakistan government, against the interests of Indian people.

Gandhi was hypocrite, walking half naked around in order to gain poor people’s votes, but in reality he was working for British and rich capitalists like Tata and Birla. Although Sarkar concludes that the philosophy of Gandhi died before India’s independence and before Gandhi himself died – the long passivity brought common language English and anti-British sentiment, which both united India as one nation. Source, Sarkar’s books and interview. confirms, Gandhi started a “fast unto death” in 1932, in order to protest British support for the new Indian constitution (made by Dr. Ambdekar), which gave the country’s “untouchables” own political representation.

Dr Ambedkar was not alone either with his claims about Gandhi’s racism. South African researchers Ashwin Desai and Goolam Vahed spent seven years exploring Gandhi’s life in their country from 1893 to 1914. Gandhi campaigned exclusively only for the rights of Indian people there. He declared power should remain in white hands, and he even called black Africans with a derogatory term kaffirs. Gandhi believed in the Aryan brotherhood. To that extent he was a racist.

At the age of 77 Gandhi used to sleep naked with his 18-year-old grandniece Manu. “We both may be killed by the Muslims,” he told her, “and must put our purity to the ultimate test, so that we know that we are offering the purest of sacrifices, and we should now both start sleeping naked.” Rita Banerjee, an Indian writer: ‘Most angering for me, was reading about the emotional trauma of the girls and women who he used for his experiments… repeatedly described as depressed and weeping.’

According to the independent India’s first PM Jawaharlal Nehru, ‘Gandhi’s pronouncements on sex were “abnormal and unnatural” and “can only lead to frustration, inhibition, neurosis, and all manner of physical and nervous ills… I do not know why he is so obsessed by this problem of sex’.

Dailypakistan just wrote 6.1.2016 about Gandhi’s weird celibacy and possible gay relation, British Dailymail also speculated on Gandhi’s gay relationship, but that might be just hear say with no real evidence. Anyhow Indian government has spent huge loads of money to track Gandhi’s countless letters, and obviously hiding some of them, DA.

Dailymail; In England 2013, a scheduled auction of Gandhi’s letters to Hermann Kallenbach, was called off as Indian authorities purchased in advance the entire archive for £700,000. Kallenbach lived with Gandhi in South Africa in 1904. Joseph Lelyveld book reveals, Gandhi left his wife in 1908 after having four children together, so that he could be with Kallenbach. Gandhi’s oldest son Harilal wrote after his father returned to India; ‘Father is becoming more and more awful’.

Interesting analyses of Mahadma Gandhi by Stefan Molyneux. (Although naturally I don’t support all of Stefan’s claims, but he has done his research, DA). If there was no Gandhi then India could have got freedom 25 years earlier. Gandhi is celebrated as a peaceful freedom fighter… But what is The Truth About Gandhi, Freedomain Radio,

Gandhi in history 

Jan 26, 1930: Gandhi Declared Independence of India.
May 1931: Gandhi arrested for violating the Salt Laws (only British could produce salt).
Autumn 1931: Gandhi participates in the Round Table Conference in UK.
Sept 20-25, 1932: Gandhi fasts in prison due to British support for “untouchables” rights.
March 22, 1942: Sir Cripps, suggests Dominion status (India’s autonomy within UK).
Aug 8, 1942: The Indian National Congress rejects the Cripps proposal.
Aug 1942: Congress leaders arrested; Gandhi imprisoned.
20 days in 1943 and in1944: Gandhi imprisoned fasts to protest British rule.
May 1946: British proposal of Indian state without partition; Muslims reject it.
March 1947: Lord Mountbatten hammers independence and partition, Aug 1947 official.
Aug-Dec1948: India in chaos, as Hindus and Muslims exchanged in India and Pakistan.
Jan 30, 1948: Gandhi assassinated by Nathuram Godse.

Gandhi had on his wall pictures of monkeys with covered eyes, mouth and ears, and he used to teach through those monkeys the non-violence philosophy; not to speak, or hear, to be blind. I heard of Sarkar having also said that in his next life Gandhi will become a monkey in African jungle! Whether the story is true or not, but I was surprised when I just listened presumably Gandhi channeled, who states about his future incarnation on earth: “My role on the Earth will be the same as who I was. It will be between animal and man!!!” What might he mean with that, or did the channeler just miss it. Gandhi still also believes in non-violence, and much more Channeling Gandhi.

Today we are facing many situations where the so called PTW still try to defeat us with all possible means. Defending oneself and others needs certainly sometimes hard tactics, but we shouldn’t become neither haters nor martyrs. What comes to Jesus telling turn the other cheek, I have to wander did he say it to only in certain situation and for certain people, or did he mean it for all and in any situations? DA

PM Modi on 2.1.2017, gave the biggest tribute to Dr Ambedkar: Even in New York on 21.12.2016, there was Dr B R Ambedkar Jayanti Celebration! Dr. B. R. Ambedkar was voted in 2012 to be The Greatest Indian since 1947, US President Obama on Dr B R Ambedkar about five years ago,

Historian Patrick French “Gandhi’s blanking of Africans is the black hole at the heart of his saintly mythology”. And 13 Racist Quotes Gandhi Said About Kaffirs as he called the Black People.

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