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My Visions for the Year 2018 and Beyond

Humanity has evolved from physical era (survival) though mental era (science, arts and religions) towards spiritual era. The amount of psychics and those meditating and practicing spirituality, will increase during these times of positive change. Spiritual development will help humans to realize their real divine essence, but not everyone has yet found into spiritual path, as we can see from what is happening in the world.

During next months there seems to be coming big changes in politics, economy and media due to increasing revelations. There are on going persistent efforts to expose the background of wars, pedophilia, UFOs and many kind of archives. These changes mean that political leaders must also become more honest and cooperative. Women will have to come into power more and more. However, the need for wars and confrontations will hardly be reduced as the struggle continues to expose and eliminate dictators, elite exploiters, corrupt companies and states.
There may come major fluctuations in the economy, especially in the EU. It is self-evident that capitalism has lived its time. Perhaps mankind will have to learn from more spiritually developed planets. There all basic needs have been met through a non-materialistic way of life and also by means of free anti-gravitation, etc. energies. Humanoids survive by means of bartering and sharing, and no money is needed.
Sure, we should not be left "empty handed", without money suddenly. First one has to learn how to use money in a proper way. We should start by setting limits for those who are addicted endlessly to money, stocks and properties. It would also be helpful if the money is backed by gold or other reserve. Then it could not be printed endlessly and irresponsibly by the banks and states. At the same time, new forms of energy are needed - long-term batteries, anti gravity etc technology and knowledge how to produce them and share. There has been little interest of developing them when oil revenues have attracted much more.
In the era of free energy and robots, working time will lessen remarkably. Then there has to be proper way to divide working time and move into smaller units, such as cooperatives, to ensure everyones well-being. As the new technological equipments will increase, there is a risk that many people will soon become slaves of them. Time goes by playing with robots, shopping and tapping even more than it is done at present.

Same time as others continue technical way, some people form communities where technology is not so much appreciated, but rather spirituality and the opportunities it brings. As telepathy and spirituality grows, the need for communication tools is reduced. Pure food will be grown by co-cultivation, in laboratory conditions, making pills from wild nature ingredients, and perhaps also from the sun light. In these communities, enjoyment comes from co-existence, cooperation and spiritual cohesion.
Only when these distinct (technical and mental) lifestyles approach each other I believe we will ultimately be able to advance in a positive way all over the globe. It could be said that the above-mentioned mental era of development as a rule is already over, and the people of the mental-spiritual age form the majority now. (Generally speaking, we may compare commonly used dimensions 3 as "mental", 4 "mental-spiritual", 5, 6, etc. "spiritual"). The remaining cruder mentalities (materialistic, self-destructive, violent) will no longer reincarnate on this planet, but on another still mental-dominated planet, thus on this planet those left and newly reincarnated are mental-spiritual souls only.

However, the mental-spiritual era does not guarantee that negative people will not still exist, at least this conclusion can be made from some of the actions of invisible humanoids. They may be psychologically, intellectually and technically advanced, but not spiritually, thus they abduct, make fun of channeling people, and control our leaders and partly also humanity.
Only the existence of spiritual people´s majority guarantee that goodness ultimately prevails on this planet. Of course, some humanoid species have progressed very far on the spiritual level and the ultimate goal of human being also is to become divine and eventually merge into supreme consciousness.
As far as space folks are concerned, it is also alleged that they are now generating hybrids with humans, as more advanced bodies are needed for the spiritual souls that are now being born. However, I assume that some of the hybrid programs produce children solely for the humanoid's own need to change their characteristics, or experimentally or even to weaken the human capacities.
Schools are gradually moving to more humanistic methods in their teaching. Caring and working in harmony with nature becomes practical part of the teaching, as well as at some point meditation and other spiritual exercises. By these means school children will achieve better interaction and thus it will end the bullying. Future schoolchildren will be able to acquire information independently even by means of telepathy, and it is not anymore unusual for children to tell something about their previous lives. I also see that the demand for a vegetarian diet is increasing and the grip of religions will not only reduce in schools, but also in people's lives, unless the religions are able to change radically. Most religions can not probably survive even by means of change, when spirituality overwhelms people's minds.

It is clear that there will be changes in the human body, although it will be still a long time when we begin to look humanoids. Humans may not grow anymore taller, but the size of the head related to the body will grow and the bones weaken. The nervous system becomes more sensitive and the unutilized capacity of the brain needs to be further taken in use due to increasing spiritual awareness.

The climate is apparently provoking people still long time with stormy weather. The variation in the meteorological conditions may still be fierce, and volcanoes and earthquakes will shake people awake both physically and mentally. The seasons are likely moving forward (maybe they have already moved somewhat). Spring starts later and the summer continues further towards fall. Winter starts same way later and ends only when spring should be already in the air. Caring for the well-being of humans and mother-earth is important in order to calm down our planet.

Changing into better direction will be rapid after the wars and money accumulation can be managed and when we are able to handle anti-gravity and other new energy forms. At that point, most people will be aware of their cosmic origin, their spiritual existence, and start to wander the purpose of their life. At that point love expands universal and becomes a desire to wish best for everyone and share with everyone.

I would say that ones awareness of things already changes the world a bit better, but real progress is achieved only by acting accordingly. If you wish advice, learn unlimited love and explore spirituality in one or another way

Didi Annapurna

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