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More Q and A

Why should one wake up at 5 AM to do meditation, as yogis do? (Original in Finnish, Miksi 5 aamulla?)

Most of the people around are still asleep, so the earthly vibration is still peaceful. So it is the best time to meditate and do asanas. If one has family, then also one needs to start early with meditation. Also in the night after 12 PM is more calm as less people are awake, but I think because tamasic people are still up in restaurants so the vibration might be cruder especially in the cities, then better to go to sleep that time.


I’m surprised because my creativity has increased, can it be because of meditation? Luovuus kasvanut meditaation ansiosta?

It can be. I have notised also myself that I can paint nowadays, and enjoy it. Though my voice has not got better for singing, but I blame karma for it !

How to get my Christian husband to understand that meditation is not any brain washing? He even wants to divorse due to reason that I participate one yoga group. In Finnish.

People have fears, fixations and suspiciousness. It is hard to change the mind of adults, to get them listen or try to do meditation, but children are very open for new things. I have taught i.e in schools simple meditation. Regarless of their religious beliefs, they don’t feel strange about meditation sessions.

The simple practise that I teach shortly, is a visualization leading to short meditation. First I request children to concentrate on feeling love towards one person, mother, father, brother even pet dog. Then I ask them to expands this love towards all the nearest people, and covering all the city dwellers. Then concentrating to love all the people in their country and then all the people in the world. Eventually they meditate on that universal love for some time.

If one is concentrating on love for 10-15-20 minutes twice daily, surely something of it stays in the mind, and then it is more easy to love daily people that one meets. May be you could arrange a demonstration to your husband.


I feel myself very insecure, unsafe, how yoga could help? Turvattomuus, auttaisko jooga?

Yoga and especially meditation helps to increase inner security feeling, and trust that one is able to get what one is in need of. Our monks and nuns move across the world without any salary. This way one learns practically to trust that life gives. In the beginning it is difficult to trust people, or of being protected by divine. In any case one has to make also own effort to manage by oneself in practical sense. 

If the insecurity is due to personal problems then one needs to perhaps get some therapy besides meditation. One must not stay alone too much and one should take care of ones mental and physical health. Better not to get also attached too much on anything in the material or virtual world. Computers and mobiles attract easily too much, which shrinks the feelings and thus reduces human relations. Same with alcohol and drug addiction.


Everything in the world is a mess and my life is mess, may be better to go and stay in Himalays? Himalajalle ja jäädä sinne

You would notice perhaps quite soon, that you would have there also problems. It is not easy place to live. Himalays is also more like tourist place nowadays. One yogi tells that he doesn’t care much about mangos normally, but in the Himalayas he got once a manic desire to get mangos. So the desires come into mind also there and one can become fanatic of getting things, which makes meditation difficult.

One part of human life is also service to others. You advance in your path, then you should share that opportunity to others also. One my become selfish if one always thinks only of ones own advancement. We will reach the final salvation easier by helping others so that feeling of oneness just with anyone can be achieved.

If you also feel that the world is in bad condition, then you should do something to make it better and not to escape it to Himalayas. Now we are in a special phase of human development towards golden age, and becoming spiritual beings. If all the progressive people go to Himalayas, the world might get even worse. After all who wants to go to solitude when so unusual things are happening on earth.


If there are ghosts in the house what one can do? We have someone moving things. My mother says that it only happens when I am at home. I am afraid what is going on? Kummituksia talossa?

There is way to create better vibration in the house so the “ghosts” have to leave. You can arrange a kiirtan occasion and invite others to participate. Have you noticed that the fear comes first and then the ghost appears? Your fear can attract spirits, but more likely your own fearful ectoplasm just creates visible ghosts. It is important you conquer your fear.

You can take homeopathic medicines, do asanas and meditate. When someone sees ghosts, others also start to see them, as the fear creates them. Same happens in the life also otherwise, you expect to loose something and you will.

We buy cheap haunted houses in some countries, where there are many ghosts as those places are much cheaper. Then we just do kiirtan to send the ghosts away. Some spirits may posses human, one should do lots of kiirtan, use mantras, and attend constant spiritual flow. Meidän talossa kummittelee!


I started doing yoga, but how to deal with father, who is so outrageous and exploitative. It is so hard to watch it, I would like to beat him and move away, but how one can as 15 years old? Törkeä isisäukko

This may be one of the most difficult problems, when one has to live with totally different kind of person. One must try to live as far as possible own life and let other do their stupid things. One should practically love even enemies, which would perhaps have more effect on the other, or at least try to be neutral, karma will teach the person if you can't.

What comes to yoga and meditation, in the beginning, burning ones karma actually speeds up, but after all meditation helps to keep the mind engaged in positive way and one will get courage to fight injustices with the weapons of love.

One should never forget the gratitude towards parents. At least one may give thanks to them that one has opportunity to burn ones karma. Many yogis are from homes that are disastrous, and they had to find a ways to scope with things and started meditation.

Psycho therapy can be helpful although you might feel that a "wrong person" is searching for help. It may teach you ways to understand better others, you will learn to express yourself and find new ways to manage. Speaking does help and solutions can be found. It may be helpful if you can attend some yoga camps, courses and other activities until you are able to move out.

P. R Sarkar, Striving ahead together with the entire Universe along the path of divinity is truly the greatest task for humanity

Didi Annapurna

Q & A about Yoga & Meditation

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