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Finnish People are Honest

Indeed I am now here in Finland with the most honest people in the world. I feel so easy, as I don't need to think all the time what this person is trying to lie. In some countries I feel uneasy as I am too blue eyed to doubt everybody.

Regarding honesty I tell one story. I went to India in 1988 - and became LFT after an exam there. I was just about to have meeting with our Guru, Shrii Shrii Anandamurti, Baba, together with five other LFT sisters, when I was told by our “guardian” Didi, that my posting was Valencia, Spain. I told her that I have to go back to Finland, because I had taken loan for coming to India, which I had to get paid back. She said I could pay it while in Spain, but I didn't yet have enough faith for Baba's miracles and I knew Spain is a poor country. Didi commented, “you can't say to Baba, that you are going back to Finland. If you just say that your posting is Valencia, Spain, Baba will not mind, even he knows very well that you are first going to Finland”. I still felt bad that I had to lie to Baba.

The exiting moment came, when we all sisters, dressed on LFT uniforms, were standing in front of Baba. He asked each of us our name, posting and then some personal things. I was the fourth one, so Baba asked my name, but then he turned his face towards his personal assistant Dada and asked him, “what is her posting?” Dada took his paper and read my information from there. I felt so neglected when Baba didn't ask me directly. Then Baba asked also some easy questions about history of Finland, which I didn't know. He said with very disappointed voice, “you should know these things.” When I left his room, I was so upset, felt like crying.

Immediately after, I was asked by Finnish acarya, “how was your experience with Baba”. When I told him, he commented, “I think Baba just saved you from lying. Once Baba has actually said that Finnish people are the most honest people in the world”. I realized, indeed Baba had not wanted me to lie. My mood changed completely. I felt now, Baba was like a kindly loving father. He must have known what I had been thinking before, and this way he just encouraged me to continue to be honest. Few days later, I was crying in the aeroplane back to Europe while missing already Baba so much. 

Lets not forget what Baba said also about Finland...it will be one of the first coutries to establish Prout.


I have now participated here to some interesting events. One evening I went to UFO contactees meeting, where there was also a reporter from one of the largest magazines in Finland. The main UFO researcher from Finland participated and told amazing stories, but also that many, many contactee persons have been taken to mental hospital who has told about their experiences.

Naturally I have met few "crazy" people who either have had or not contacts, but most of those, whom I have heard telling these cases, are professional, highly respected people. And when we know that most people in Finland are indeed honest, then likely the stories could be true. The contactees often develop psychic skills after years of these contacts. Mira told about being possibly a hybrid. Her mother was made pregnant by aliens. Could be also true, as she looks alien and sometimes behaves also a bit like alien. She told this time about her spiritual experience of merging to God, the Supreme Consciousness. Very familiar for me, as I have had similar experience.

Here some of the interesting contactees, who had Lifelong Friendships with ETs 

Some time ago I went also to a public medium sitting here in Helsinki. First the medium gave messages to others from some dead relatives. Then she said, “one spirit or angel is here and wants to give message to those who didn't get any messages yet”. About six already got messages - us four we didn't get. Those three others received now some personal advices from that angel being.

Then the medium came in front of me and said, “the angel is asking would you offer your hands”, at the same time she offered her hands (like the angel was doing it), so I took my mantra and lifted up both of my hands. She crabbed them, pulled together and while shaking my hands, she said, “the angel says thank you so much”. I don't know what she was thanking, but I felt it was about my voluntary work. I just responded: “thank you”, and tears came in my eyes. Just imagine an angel thanking you, it felt so, so touchy. Still the angel said to everyone; “I am giving pinkish love energy for all of you. You all have helpers in the other side. Then the whole medium sitting was finished.

In another medium sitting some angel being came in front of me and bowed down to me, and said you have so bright light shining - that she actually said to some others too, but was not bowing to them. She also asked what love means for me. I said, “love is everything” (which is the meaning of our universal mantra Baba Nam Kevalam). There were about 100 people. 

Acarya Subhatmananda Avadhuta was close to Guru Shrii Shrii Anandamurti and gathered deep wisdom on all aspects of life. On 23rd November he speaks in Helsinki. Here more info, also other programs.

Yogic Way of Life for Everyone

Human being is not only physical and psychic being, but also spiritual. Visiting Indian yogi will explain how you are able to develop all these aspects while living a normal life. This yogic lifestyle includes simple yoga postures, kiirtan, kaoshiki, meditation, sentient food, discipline, service and lots of love for the entire creation. Voluntary donations accepted, otherwise free. Otava Sali, Uudenmaankatu 33, La 23.11, klo 16.30. Organized by Ananda Marga

(After you may participate; AaPeeHoo & Ystävät: songs, poetry, aphorisms, music 18.00)

Lecture, Yoga for Stress and Anxiety. Besides Didi performs some relaxing and inspiring songs with a guitar. Sininen Sali, Entresse library, Espoo on 26 th Nov at 17.30. 

Evening program for sharing Spiritual Experiences. It is about telling own and listening others spiritual experiences on 28 th November at 18.00. I hope you join if you happen to be in Helsinki. The address is Kontulankuja 3 A. You can get the door code and info by email, didianna30 (at) hotmail. com

Chakras and Meditation lecture. Human being have several energy centers, chakras, which also control human mind and psyche. How is meditation related to chakras? She sings also some mantras to uplift the minds for Christmas. Vallila library, Kajava-sali, 18.12, klo 18.00

Didi Annapurna 

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