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LFT/LPT Training in Ananda Ashiisha

Ten trainees came from Ukraine, Russia, China, Italy and Portugal for one month LFT/LPT training, which took place our Master Unit/ecofarm in Eastern Poland. The head educator Didi Ananda Dayshiila came from Italy, where she is posted. She taught the teachings of our Guru, Shrii Shrii Anandamurti (Baba) to the sisters with the help of a translator Arunapriya. Besides Didi also taught our disciplined meditation and yoga practises - also with her own sincere example. The purpose of this training was to educate local part timers (LPT) and local full timers (LFT) for their role in service of humanity.

At the last week of training another teacher came, Didi Ananda Advaeta, who gave a bit more artistic and inspirational classes. The collective mood throughout the training was enthusiastic and hilarious. At the closing ceremony we heard many amazing stories of their experiences and everyone seem to leave with the feeling of gratitude.

Personally, I had the honor of being the hostess and cook. As I know very little about cooking, I had to ask constantly Baba for help. While mixing any ingredients to food, I used to ask Baba what to put next. It was amazing and exiting for me to get delicious meals done. At least that’s what they told me all the time. Baba seemed to provide also the best possible weather with sunshine and serenity, but on my request (!) he also showed his grace with a gentle rain shower.

The story starts from last year; margi who stayed that time in our Master Unit suggested of us having rain kiirtan (dance with singing mantra and wish for the rain) while it was hot and parched dry. I agreed, but he just came from his work so his was tired to play kiirtan by guitar at that time. So I started the rain kiirtan myself and after some time a double rainbow appeared in the sky and soon it started raining.

During the present training session, I told about this occasion to one of the sisters assisting me in the kitchen. After cooking we both went to do kiirtan with all others. My thoughts were occupied with the present drought and need to water our garden, which I didn’t have time to do. So I requested Baba to give rain, but soon remembered he had advised not to ask anything - except devotion. Anyhow I realized in order to have devotion the garden has to get rain, otherwise I would just worry how to get the watering done. So I asked kindly Baba to give rain.

After kiirtan we did meditation, which ended with singing a mantra. Then we all jumped up to see – as lo and behold; a double rainbow had again appeared in the sky and soon a gentle rain shower started. What to think about this – a coincidence? I don’t think so, I have had so many other amazing experiences while asking our Guru to help, that often I wander, why is he helping me so much?

Here are some experiences from the trainees

Manasvini from Portugal: I was the first one to arrive. Two days before the training started a taxi dropped me off at the Mater Unit, where I was quickly welcomed by Didi Annapurna and Luna, the happiest little dog! I was soon overwhelmed by the beauty of the place. A house, an adjacent building and a barn surrounded by green fields and high trees. So simple yet so mesmerizing.

Another sister arrived from Italy a few hours later and told me that almost all people were from Ukraine. I got a little unsettled not knowing what to expect. Although living in Italy this sister was originally from Ukraine, would I then be the only one who didn’t speak Ukrainian?! In the end all of them spoke Ukrainian or Russian except the Didis’s and the Chinese sister, who unfortunately had to leave earlier. However every one was sweet and caring didn’t let the language barrier stop us from bonding.

The training itself was a great experience. I learned a lot regarding spiritual philosophy as well as social philosophy, music, agriculture and got to learn new practices to complement my own. It wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be, although we had a three day SPT training (Special Physical Training) which was a bit rough... Same clothing for three days, no soap nor toothpaste and only a blanket to sleep with. But we also had plenty of cakes from our loving trainers! Two, “just” two. We had two birthdays, that’s why! Although more cake was desired and wanted to me made... gluten. Which made us lazy and not want to get up for pancajanya the next morning.

A week has past and for now I’m still here. The warm weather has left us and now it’s rainy and cold (thank Baba there’s no SPT now ahah). There’s no more bells (that’s how we kept track of the schedule) or talking through walls with other sisters, but there’s still studying to do for the official exam next month! Exam??? Yep! To become an LFT is required to do an exam, but they say it’s easy, let’s see........................

Manasvini playing kiirtan on sunrise


Aditianandam from Russia: LFT/LPT training... for me to say that it has changed me - my views on many things and understanding of this world - which words cannot describe! When I was coming here, I already knew that the person who will return will be totally different person. But I didn’t even imagine that it could be so much different. Thanks all Didi’s for that and all sisters! You have changed my life! 

But I want to tell a little bit different story. Because the most interesting things began even before I arrived in Poland. And it helps me to believe that everything is possible. All you need is totally trust and surrender to Guru.

When I first found out about Ananda Marga, I immediately understood that I should go for LFT training. My way was fast enough, but there were many obstacles immediately. Problems with my job, with housing, with health (interesting that all problems with my heals have totally disappeared when I came to the Master Unit). And of course everyone around me started to talking in Saint Petersburg: ”look, you have so many problems. May be life tries to tell you that this is not your way. Stop before it is too late!” And honestly saying, at times I also began to doubt. But deep down I knew that all this things are only strength tests, obstacles that I must withstand at all cost. I didn’t look for easy ways, but opposite. I set even more complex tasks for myself. First time in my life I decided to fulfil an old dream and get to Poland by hitch-hiking and couch surfing.

My trip in Europe started through Bratislava-Vienna-Brno-Prague-Warsaw to Olecko (Master Unit). I had only 5 days to get to Olecko. I planned to spend two nights in Bratislava, but I don’t know why on the second day, I felt that I must go further, to leave now. I tried to find some host in Vienna, but no results. Nevertheless I started hitch-hiking.

The only thing that I found online was a concert by one Ukrainian guy in Vienna and I thought that I will go there, at least he speaks Russian and maybe will help me. Of course singing Kiirtan helped me to catch a car. But when I get to Vienna it became dark at the streets. There was so many people. I did not know what to do, so I just decided to go to the cafe where the concert was in spite of the fact that when I got there the concert would have probably ended.

So when I got to the place. I felt very tired and lost. I went into a cafe and sat on table closest to the door. Some people were  sitting there, but there was also free place. I start talking with a Ukrainian girl who was sitting closer to me. Others, guys, left the cafe for sometime. When I told her from where and how I got there and that I had no place to sleep, she immediately suggested me to stay in her flat. It turn out that the guys with whom she came to the concert were from Ukraine and also found her in Couch surfing and staid at her apartment flat that night. 

When I said that I’m going to the Poland on yoga training that Ukrainian girl was in wonder. But what was the biggest surprise for us, after few seconds we realized that we were going to the same place! This girl turned out to be none other than a LFT and would be our translator, Arunapriya, during the training. It was funny, because I was the only one that she did not know anything about in advance and that I was going there. I don’t know why. 

In the morning our ways with Arunapriya parted. And we met again after a couple of days in the Training center in Poland. But this adventure and coincidental meeting I will never forget.! 

O, Baba! You are real wizard! I heard and red so many stories about different incredible things related with our Guru, but I couldn’t even imagine that it can happen with me. Just in the morning, I thought how it will be wonderful if I can meet yogi people and in the evening I meet Ananda margi people in the cafe! Wow! 

This case really helped me to look at many things differently. And now when I have a hard periods of longing, decline and doubts, I just remember this unbelievable case and again start to believe that He is always near me and always ready to help all my needs, it is just question of trusting.

Ashiisa from Ukraine, It was a yoga-university, spiritual army and even hell and heaven at one place. This is how I can briefly describe my experience of LPT training.

I had to meet all my inner enemies and negative tendencies face to face. I had to struggle with them and replace them with Love, with Supreme Consciousness.

Also it was a search for inner confidence, inner light and inner voice (vivek) which can be my tools and helpers on the spiritual way. I hope now I will be a better tool for Parama Purusa to serve this world.

I don’t know what is waiting for me now, what task Baba prepares for me, but I am sure that I will never be same person like I was before training. And I want the energy and knowledge that I accumulated to be invested into good things for the whole Universe.

Radhika from China: I took the LFT training session in Poland during 8.10.2019-8.20.2019. I got my Schengen visa only until 8.23.2019, so a pity was, that I just could take 10 days training there. I missed the rest of the training with other sisters from Ukraine, Italy and Portugal.
Firstly speaking, the training was of course a good way to change my way to see the world and the way to treat people. During the stay we finished the study of the Ananda Sutram book, which contains most important principles about how the mind and matter becomes like what we see now. It totally changed my opinion from treating AM a religion to a scientific lifestyle.

Examples are the best teacher, yes, it is so. I have to mention that I am still touched by didies' devotion and services, they showed us what exactly Baba told us. Didi Dayshiila planed our learning schedule, she specially changed the plan for me after knowing I would leave in advance. There is no doubt that all fruits and vegetables there are so lucky to have Didi Annapurna to take care of them. She is really warm hearted and cooked us nice food. She also clearly wrote down all possible routes back to bus station for me.

While LFT training is like campus life and we learn, eat and help each other, I was quite impressed by the energetic, delegant young people from Ukraine.
I really miss the peaceful feeling, love flooded into heart and blessing all around. 

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