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Sarkar: Sentiments are destructive

Human beings are predominantly sentimental by nature…If the sentiment for a particular favourite object is adjusted with the collective sentiment then that sentiment can be utilized for establishing unity in human society. The human sentiment for many objects may sometimes run counter to the collective sentiment and create great disunity, so those sentiments which are conducive to human unity should be encouraged, and the sentiments which divide human society should be rejected. This is the approach adopted by PROUT’s socio-economic units.

Communism is not logically based. It occupies a certain portion of the physical world, some portion of human sentiment and some logic. A few logical minds were influenced by it, but it is a highly defective philosophy which will cease to exist in the very near future. It will cease to exist within the range of this century.

How, then, is a nation formed? In reality, a kind of sentiment created either directly or indirectly on the basis of one or more factors such as country, language, religion, etc., plays a vital role in forming a nation. The factors themselves are quite insignificant. It is the sentiment and nothing else that creates a nation.

…Various sentiments, such as socio-sentiment, geo-sentiment, and even so-called human sentiment…Psychic movement is sentimental. One is not discriminating between the just and the unjust; one merely has a liking for something and allows the mind to run after it…But this is a very risky path, because if there is impropriety in the beginning, middle and end, not only will a particular individual be destroyed, but he or she may lead a whole family, a whole social group, a whole state or a whole society towards utter destruction. A great danger! This running blindly without discriminating between the proper and the improper is called “sentiment”. One races after the idea that has come into one’s mind like an unbridled horse, without considering its good or bad consequences. The horse may move along the right path, or it may fall into a chasm. One cannot be certain.

In this situation, sentiment is substituted for logic; and in the next phase, superstition is substituted for logic. All those religious, economic, political or social theories which are based on geo-sentiment, yield to superstition from their very inception.

A girl from Ireland was married to a boy from Spain. The girl had much paternal property, so she did not go to Spain to her husband’s house, rather her husband came to Ireland and settled down there. The name of that Spanish gentleman was Mr. De Valera, and he and his wife had one son. The mother was Irish and the father was Spanish, but the son was born in Ireland and developed a deep Irish sentiment. He took the lead of the war of independence to free Ireland. His name was Mr. De Valera, the hero of Ireland. As a result of continuous fighting for more than 20 years, Great Britain, recognized Ireland’s suzerainty…The abbreviation is the UK, that is, the United Kingdoms of Britain and Ireland, with its capital at London.

Now, suppose certain sub-glands in the elder man’s chest around the anáhata cakra are activated. Then, instead of arguing, his response will become calmer, and not so serious and grave. He will become quieter and not so irritated…By properly activating the controlling point of a human sentiment, the response has changed.

The more the human mind becomes magnanimous or expanded, the more it rises above the sentiments of tribalism, communalism [socio-religious sentiment], provincialism, etc.

Never-ending effort of proper economic adjustment must ceaselessly continue, fostering the spiritual, mental and physical evolution of humanity and the development of a cosmic sentiment for a world family

To counteract religious dogma we have to adopt a two-fold approach. First, the path of logic and reason must be adopted, and for this we have PROUT and Neohumanism. Simultaneously, the spiritual sentiment must be inculcated in human minds as this is more powerful than the religious sentiment.

Those who want to promote the welfare of all human beings, remaining above all sorts of parochial sentiments, have no alternative but to embrace universalism with their heart and soul – there is no other way. As universalism is totally devoid of any characteristic of ism, it is not proper to depict universalism as an ism. If everyone is looked upon as one’s own, no one remains beyond the periphery of one’s kith and kin. Naturally, then, there is no scope for violence, envy, narrowness, etc.

The devotional sentiment is the highest and most valuable treasure of humanity. This element of devotion, the most precious treasure of humanity, must be preserved most carefully…This spiritual sentiment will keep humanity united for all time to come. It will form the entire planetary world and even the universe into a nation. Then there will be only one nation – a World Nation. No other theory can save the human race.

There is only one race in the entire world,
And the name of that race is the human race.
We are bound together with the same breast milk of mother Earth,
And the same sun and moon are our common companions.

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