maanantai 22. helmikuuta 2010

Scoping with the coming earth changes:

Sorry for a while this text has been with the name Sarkar by mistake, it is written by me:

Related to each other there are as well huge physical as well as mental and spiritual changes taking place in this earth: the structure of earth, climate, ecology, economy, magnetic, interplanetary etc. The nervous system of living beings is changing, intellectuality, DNA, psyche etc, but the biggest change is happening in spiritual level.

Soon people will with their own mind feel the changes, nobody can anymore ignore, but has to adopt different style of life. They can’t anymore just go for shopping or sit in front of their TV-sets to forget this challenging world. Everyone has to finally change or otherwise they will get destroyed. Everyone has their own karma to work out, own lessons to learn and turn their weaknesses into strengths. Those who deny the spiritual reality and are not willing to change will suffer most. There is no way that people can carry their old outlook into the New Spiritual World.

Ancient humanity has developed through physical struggle of existence. On the next phase humanity developed by mental or psychic means; through religions, science and arts. Now human development happens mainly on spiritual level with the help of changes and clashes on physical and mental level. Human beings while developing spiritually are actually strengthened by economical, ecological, environmental and planetary changes. Many will die, others suffer, some will feel pain for others – nothing is accidental, all is for the best at the end. Karma is at work, but not revenging or condemning, rather helping each to grow and go forward.

For the coming changes we need to master our own self first - to have a strong inner foundation. Start preparing yourself to be a pioneer of spiritual revolution. Reading spiritual books, concentrating on silence and searching for guidance will ultimately lead you to find your guide. There are guides for everyone, when you are ready to learn deeper truths, the guide will appear.
Thus you will have strong spiritual base and be able to keep balance internally, no matter what is going on around you. When you prepare yourself you are able to go through the hardships with ease and be helpful for others as well. But don’t isolate yourself, just by hearing and seeing others pain, you will suffer as well. Join those on the way to same direction and help others to follow. Don’t leave people to panic or turn back - with your strength and tenderness you are able to take the lead.

Coming crises can be lessened by human will and benevolent deeds, but there might not be enough time to make significant change. Karma can’t wait for ever.

Although nobody knows exactly what will happen, find out as much as possible how the things are developing - while knowing you will be able to prepare also physically; make garden and storage with necessary items.

Important is also to know that you will adopt spiritual security along with your practises. If you have that, you will never suffer also without physical needs - at least not for long time.

Electro-magnetic changes will bring changes in human brain, nervous system and mind. Change has to happen for better in each mind, the spiritual wave will not uplift those unprepared and undeserving. Nobody can escape the changes as the soul growth is meant for everyone, whether one is willing to use it for the best or for the worse. Each has to choose. But even death is for the growth of the soul on its way ultimately for perfection.

People are afraid to look at things that are happening around. Many are anesthetising themselves through TV, drugs and alcohol. Now when the electro-magnetism hits, the explosion will bring things to surface; inner tsunamis and earthquakes will occur to expose the emptiness within.

Simultaneously with spiritual change the new profound inventions will come in use, such as anti-gravity, plasma equipments, methods for water reservation, environmental cleaning, etc. - those inventions which need ethical, responsible, sincere people, who will not use them for destruction.

Expand your heart to feel that we are all one - that we should help each others. This phase will accelerate greatly your possibility for spiritual growth; use it wisely, it will become easy for you to meditate. Utilise also your time for that when you can’t do anything else, while the chaos is that bad. Ask for inner guidance, when you don’t know what to do.

This is not a message of doomsday, but a message of hope, blessing and purification: a bright future is waiting for us with integrity, love and unity.

Didi Annapurna

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