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Sarkar: Towards revolution

Every atom and molecule of this universe is the common property of all living beings.
Where the people of one country suffer due to lack of land or food, while those of another country have abundant land and plentiful food, what else is it but a type of capitalism!

Those who lack a constructive ideal help the capitalists in their exploitation. Only criticizing capitalism will not be of any service to the people, rather it will help the antisocial elements to find or invent more tactics for exploitation. This is the condition in India today. The leftist groups are engaged in criticizing the capitalists, which is bearing no fruitful results, and the capitalists have captured power by influencing the ruling party.

The absence of collective outlook is the root of all evil. The strong are perpetrating atrocities and injustices on the weak; powerful human groups are exploiting powerless ones. Under such circumstances it is the duty of virtuous people to wage war on the oppressors. It is no use sitting quietly, waiting indefinitely for moral preaching to bring results. All virtuous people will, therefore, have to become united. At the same time preparations will have to continue to fight against the demons.

The annals of human civilization say that the downfall of a particular government becomes inevitable if it goes against the collective interests of the middle-class people. In an educationally backward country, where the mass is not politically conscious, the talk and practice of adult franchise corrupts the governmental machinery. The government proves hostile to the interests of the middle-class people because hypocritical leaders cannot purchase their votes or befool them with high-sounding assurances. The corrupt leaders apply all their cunningness to purchase votes from the backward people. The more cunning the candidates are, the more successful they become. Hence the formation of a politically-conscious group, or better still a politically-educated group, is essential in every country to check the corruption prevalent among political leaders.

The world is moving very fast, and at every step the necessity of such a group is very strongly felt. Youths form an important part of the so-called politically-educated group, and the student community is a distinguished section of it. Deficiencies in the political structure cause deterioration in the educational system, and thus adversely affect the future of these students. Governments, being the economic force behind the universities, compel the universities to play the pitiable role of “Your most obedient servant”. The sole purpose of forming Proutist organizations is to put a moral check on the immoral practices in our individual and collective lives.

If sadvipras [spiritual revolutionaries who follow Yama and Niyama] get active mass support, revolution is bound to come. In case a government adopts the ideals of Prout, the rule of sadvipras
will prevail. If the same is not adopted by the government, a physical revolution is sure to come, and ultimately power will be transferred to the sadvipras.

Our approach should be to adopt a constructive ideal, and we should wage a ceaseless and pactless struggle against all anti-human and antisocial factors. We are to fight capitalism and not the capitalists. We are to wipe out this ism from human society because this ism is paralysing humanity. The capitalists are suffering from a sort of mental ailment, and it is our foremost duty to radically cure them by diverting their physical thirst towards psychic and spiritual pursuits.

The socialization of landed property, industry, trade and commerce – almost everything – is the major objective of this revolution… The people in general are the real owners of all the wealth in this world, and that is why I have used the term “socialization”.

A socio-economic ideal can be established by either of the following two methods: (1) intellectual revolution; (2) physical revolution.

Intellectual revolution stands for the propagation of ideals, but to materialize these ideals takes a pretty long time. Suffering humanity is not going to wait for this. Intellectual revolution is possible in theory only.

When the hopes and aspirations of a group of people – a majority or a minority – are not fulfilled in a democratic framework, a non-democratic or sanguinary revolution is sure to take place. Such a revolution, although undesirable, is inevitable and irresistible.

Physical revolution denotes fight against all factors which go against the principle of public welfare:

1. Starting study circles and popularizing [ideological] literature. This is the first phase of intellectual propaganda. It stands for ideological education.

2. Platform propaganda and mobilizing the mass. This is for ideological consciousness because the mass can never be ideologically educated.

3. The Proutists supporting the sadvipras in democratic fights (that is, helping them in occupying seats in parliament, assemblies, local self-governments, cooperative societies, etc.)

In the first phase, one item; in the second phase, two items; and in the third phase, three items.
First we should have a constructive ideal.

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