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New Year, New Hopes

Next US president Andrew D. Basiago? He is former U.S. chrononaut, and Mars explorer, with an IQ of 168. The U.S. government secret time travel program pre-identified him as a future U.S. President — as it did Bushes, Clinton and Obama. Basiago officially declared his candidacy for President on Coast to Coast AM Dec 19 th. He is hoping a historic defeat to the two major parties and their corrupt candidates.  

Disclosure would be quaranteed;, Coast to Coast AM, Here Andrew Basiago tells about Obama’s visits on Mars through jump room, and other US chrononauts experiments in the US secret space program in the early 1980′s.

Latest UFOs; Thirdphaseofmoon Christmas Special live; alien with red eyes. Here is the alien, wow;

Area 51 Murdered Employees' Daughter Speaks!! 18 Dec; Rings in the sky, many videos, lots of people; UFOs & Anomalies near our Sun – Dec 26; And what's moving on Mars;

Finnish guy is in contact with good aliens since childhood, but once 1997 UFO sighting, caused his skin on neck to burn, which he says was an accident. He is still in contact with good aliens. Old ladies tell about UFO incident in Finland 1993; Making orgonite cloudbusters for dispersing chemtrails;

Many Many UFOs near ISS in Dec; Corey Goode explains about Artificial Intelligence, but let's have positive mind, which it can't conquer; Secret space stations planned to be disclosed;

Keshe Magrav running:; If you combine several Magrav units, you can make a space craft. Using two health aid pads you can take out poison. Or you can get energy from food, may be as well make rain.
The extent of 30 % of concentration sea ice in the Arctic has reach 10 million km² in Dec for the first time since ab 2004. And And Severe flooding in Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay displaces 150,000 people. And

Farmer shows his own farm, who will eat chickens anymore; Forced multiculturalism, Syrian girl;

All planets moving same direction in our sol system; This vibration can provide an extraordinary kind of cosmic assistance to any endeavor created to benefit, rather than to hinder, human life on earth. Meditation: January 1, 2016.

More on Morgellons... Chemtrails; Governments wish to semi mitigate the the "dipping" effect of the north pole. The metal particles may cause "collateral damage"...Morgellons is very real. Some info also here;

Fulford sources; Pakistan, Indonesia and Malaysia denied Saudi claims they were allies.

With oil prices dropping to $30 a barrel, the Saudis will soon no longer be able to afford their mercenary armies. Citibank
and others rely on recycling Saudi oil money...Big bankruptcies expected in Jan and Febr.

Sheldon Adelson and Rupert Murdoch have been shown to be using corporate control of the medi
a. And IMF head for trial after reforms;
Rate hike was to protect the no-longer US Dollar, but for US it was failure. Related Quantitative Easing Failed.US government has done a 180 degree about turn in its policy towards Syria by supporting a UN resolution that does not call for the ouster of Assad. The US and Israel have shown signs of regime change by voting for UN resolution aimed at cutting off ISIS finances...Bushes and their buddies have been shipping oil tanker trucks, and other equipment to ISIS from Texas. Pentagon generals suspicious of US Defense Carter. Carter in Turkey ordered an airstrike in Iraq. And Sign of a rebellion against corporate distortion of news.

The Chinese prevent Monsanto, and its Goldman Sachs banker, from getting a monopoly on world food supply by having Chemchina buy the Swiss Agribusiness Syngenta.Putin's look-alikes read scripts and pretend to be leader. The real leader is Lavrov. and Putin look-alikes here:

Canada’s new PM Trudeau call for legalization of marijuana. His father Pierre Trudeau was blackmailed...
Oil tankers float around with nowhere to go...

The Alliance That Is Taking Down The New World Order; Positive alliance systematically taking down the banking cabal, or NWO. This alliance is very real… and is winning. Neil Keenan,
Ravi Batra, Economics, 4 Steps That Can Help End Unemployment And Poverty Now. Read more. The culprit monopoly capitalism is akin to a gorilla that must be tamed to restore the fortunes of the poor and the middle class, say Ravi Batra, Video; His latest book;
Ravi Batra is the author of six international bestsellers, but not always have his predictions come true. On 2007, Batra predicted; “A political revolution will take place in the US end of decade... from 2010 to 2016 we could see major changes in US economy and society... It will be a peaceful revolution and it will bring an end to the rule of money in society.“[14]

Batra; The Law of Social Cycles was pioneered by my teacher P. R. Sarkar. I find the teachings he offered were great. Reporter; His mission does not have huge credibility in some quarters? RB: Well who has credibility when you are pioneering something new? Such people never had credibility in the beginning but later on their philosophies are accepted and even eulogized. So new ideas have to fight the existing ideas and then they become popular.

Positive outlook, by Batra; The New Golden Age and the Coming Revolution against Political Corruption and Economic Chaos. And latest by Batra;

Anyhow predictions don't come true so easily, because human beings have free will, so nobody knows what they are going to do next. You may see more; Predicting for 2016,
And this I posted a bit earlier, but here updated; Me too, I looked at the Crystal Ball for 2016
Happy New Year to You! 

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