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Smart remote viewers, cloning centers and ETs

First better to see; Young woman in Finland fights back when refugees try to steal;

Here a bit from Suanna about remote viewing;
Remote Viewing - Square Dancing With Tractors by Nyiam; PrinCess Remote Viewing Pentagon secrets; And Aziz 9/11;

And a bit older remote viewers; remote viewing 9/11 part two focuses on the personnel and organization of those who engineered the joint operations in New York and Washington, D.C’. The remote viewers saw meetings organized before 9/11, which were for preventing aftermath consequences for those who were on know. Now Farsight Institue is raising funding for possible legal concequences!; And Jim Marrs – Military Remote Viewing Aliens and UFOs;

Loud booms around the world remote viewed; 'Inter-dimensional Battle' In Progress - Linda Howe; Linda's articles about mysterious 'booms':

Channeled Erik says; ‘...That’s why remote viewing is so scary / batshit accurate! It’s the coordinate system... channeling statistics are less accurate for things like medical intuitive and missing persons.’

You can test your ability to remote view; Blind target given; And results but see only after your own effort;
Here is article written by Findottier, I had to ask her to clean a bit though, what she wrote;
The Greatest secret of elites opening up? Cloning humans is not a new business - there are cloning centers around the world, where the clones are kept to be used for constant abuse and experimentation, claims Donald Marshall, a victim and cloned. Recently some other celebs have joined the battle to get this exposed.

Abit difficult to understand, you have to read a lot about this subject before you can get it. This is what Donald Marshall (and now other whistleblowers joining him) has exposed without caring about the torture that he has experienced and threat to his life for years. I'll try to explain a bit more.

Rem phase clone (like Donald) means; The real person is sleeping at home and when he reaches the r.e.m sleep state, his consciousness shifts to his clone in the cloning center, where there are also lots of other clones mainly of celebrities and high profile people. The clones are similar to the real person, but they tend to show up the lower side of their personality in those horrific circumstances; more violent, sexually oriented and even retarded. 
Donald also explains that there are some defects on the process of creating clones. And notice that most of the clones are not voluntarily there, many are not even aware of being there, because they are memory suppressed. (Personally I feel, due to his own bitterness (understandably) and the inhuman circumstances of the place, Donald blames even those that are considered “good” people in real life.)

There seems to be victim/abuser division. Children, celebrities and animals are abused, beaten even to death – if the clone dies, no problem they can produce in labs more clones just by using some blood or cells. The other category are the abusers the elites etc. The rest you have to read yourself.

Donald Marshal wrote a letter, which has been online on Youtube since 2011 and he has been since constantly exposing participants in the cloning abuse. One may conclude that he is telling the truth, otherwise one of the people mentioned would have hit him with legal charges already. In his letter Donald says: 'I will tell everything in person on camera, will take lie detector tests myself and I have proof this is real... I will be tortured there badly for sending you this, I might die for blanketing the world with this message..'.

He is an insider with incredible information who has risked his life all alone, but recently some other celebs have joined the battle to get this exposed. Latest Rapper B.o.B Addresses Cloning & Donald; Donald spoke with B.o.B;
Donald has made thousands of songs during his “inprisonment”. Lots of them are hinting about the cloning center you just need to listen. You may take time to read and investigate and share his message. If you do it with the intention to make the world better place you will be protected, but if you do it due to getting more hits, likes etc, think twise. They try to stop everyone of exposing this, I think Donald has survived only due to his self-sacrificing attitude.

Recent video; Some guy tells about his experience in Cloning Center with Donald; And his commentary on Donald Marshall; There are also lots of videos and books hinting about cloning centers. 

Celebrity Tila Tequila: Missing Children & Cloning Centers; Then Tila got blocked; and
Spencer Eskridge; Human Cloning, Vrill, Illuminati, Donald Marshall and ETs; Another guy, Phil Chuppa in cloning center;

Psychic Focus on Donald; He is ready to expose what is happening to these people, even if it costs him his life...People with enough cash are basically allowed to do what they want to another living person, and the people that suffered were treated like disposable objects - I feel this relates to how this man has experienced life. Others will come forward and speak out - and this will start to be exposed for what it is. I do feel the oddity of the monarchy (UK). The energy feels negative, and something isn't right.

George Green Talks; Cloning Presidents; And Randy Cramer/Capt K mentions being cloned; Randy Cramer (Captain K) was regressed and brought back into a younger cloned body of 17...

Read more about cloning with picture of clones sleeping: Donald's original letter; Recent Free disclosure book about him and cloning; Join discussion; Donald on

Video interview of Donald on The Vinny Eastwood show: Films, books, hinting about cloning;
One of the hits Donald made in CC (on Davy Jones Music Box, No organs), beautiful but so sad, don't cry; Recent Interview With Donald, celebrity cloning center, vrill, host;

Just one example from Donald; Creepy....the maker of the Twilight (vampire 90210) books and movies (Stephenie Meyers) attends cloning, even had me help with lines for the movies and I was clone tortured until I could come up with songs for the soundtrack. Like Paramore, who have used almost only songs from me since the start of their band...;
China "Clone Factory" Scientist Eyes Human Cloning; Lt Colonel SC: Witnessed Human Cloning in Underground Bases; "They're CLONING People" illuminatti wife/whistleblower speaks out; Human Cloning EXPOSED!
More from me, Kubrick on video; NASA moon landings were faked. K: I perpetrated a huge fraud, involving the US government and NASA, that the moon landings, ALL were faked, and that I was the person who filmed it. T: That we didn’t land on the moon, you’re saying? K: No, we didn’t. I was bribed. T: Why are you telling me? K: Don’t you think it’s important for people to know the truth? T: Why did they have to fake it? K: Because it is impossible to get there.…. Astronaut Buzz Aldrin also admitted recently that moon walk was falce. 

Update on 18 th. Kubrick's Confession; I see this footage as real and admitting truth. Everyone involved was forced into secrecy. At first, he would slip bits of the truth into his films as a way to release some of his guilt (ie The Shining and Eyes Wide Shut).  He was warned to stop, he did feel threatened.  This film was a way for him to try to absolve himself of some guilt, but also a way to let people know the real story behind what really happened. I get the dis-info agents are working overtime trying to mitigate the damage being done.

Apollo 16 John Young moon photo; In “moon” there are fireplace ashes. And there's fan that's keeping the flag moved in the right direction. The spring thing that's helping him "jump" is behind him. This looks to be an astronaut actor, not a 'real' one, the crew behind hiring Kubrick hired this 'son' as a favor to the dad. 

Top officials of the Chinese Space Program claim the US moon landings “were a complete hoax” reports the Beijing Daily Express. Russian nuclear engineer Yury Mukhin and dozen top Russian engineers and ex-KGB agents have signed the Chinese petition and are claiming that the Russian Government “had always been aware of the situation since the early 1970′s” 

More from Psychic Focus; CERN’s LHC?; They're working the LHC way too hard getting things done. They overdid things and burnt something up, damaging the LHC such that now it won't stay on. Positive ETs are coming to protect us from this action, and so the LHC staff is rushing around like crazy people before the outside intervention arrives. What they're doing feels so dangerous and so volatile and... detrimental to earth... Luckily, they will fail in their attempt. [Da-da: So, that rocket car, and the ball behind ALICE, on the Economist Magazine cover both mean, "Hurry up..."].
Cobra selling and donating Cintamani stones, which Psychic Focus say are meteorite pieces having some healing properties. Cobra; Selected pieces of these stones were put into most important key grid vortex points of the planetary energy grid to stabilize the transformation process into the Event:

While Corey on Cosmic Disclosure. Moon is full of Super Federation and the Draco Alliance types. And our moon is also an artificial body. We're a failed binary system. In Venus we have very heavily pressurized bases. But believe it or not, most of the ICC facilities are in the clouds, floating. There's something going on on Venus.

Mark Richards, SSP still in prison; There are two races of Reptilians, that are antagonistic toward humans and that want to take back the earth for their own. Raptor race is helping the humans to battle these reptilian races. Reptilians are terra farming this planet....with the radiation and chemtrails to create a Humanity 2.0. They are looking for mutants, that can be positive mutations, with superpowers. They eat humans especially when get fedup.

The Dulce battle, they went in sent by Carter and it was supposed to be a friendly threat, rather than a down-and-out battle, and [they] ended up having to kill a number of the Greys, etcetera, in order to try to free the humans that were being experimented, cloned on there. He said Eisenhower wanted the place nuked. He met three groups of aliens. 
They use interdimensional gates but it require them to dematerialize because when they reappear on the other side, they basically have to die to show up there. Chinese are dealing with a new race of beings who are giving them new technology. Mark was part of crash retrievals on a regular basis. He has been leading space fleet and has flown many interstellar crafts, he, and his father. Going to the Moon and Mars was a normal thing. He said we might have been a binary system a while ago, but no more second Sun.

Humans are abducted permanently off service Earth and have many uses to visiting races…MINERVA - biological SPACE SHIP. She is 40,000 years more advanced than our tech. - humans irritate her like fleas - liked Mark so he could fly her using his abilities to interface with her. We have terraformed a couple of moons containing large numbers of humans (hundreds of thousands of humans) rescued by Raptors. Becchtels are way worse than Rochilds. Nazies disappaered, they reduced their age and blended into society….Braun and Disney were first men to be cloned. In the earth there is big "alien tourist industry"…

Russians are more aligned with Reptoids. Putin knows all secrets… not the good guy he pretends to be - however very smart and comes across better because far more read in on truth than Obama and other Western politicians. Humans are a commodity in the multiverse, we used to trade for dark free energy etc. There's a lot less of that going on because of the NEW TREATIES that have been made as of this sort of protection. Kerry Cassidy with Jo Ann Richards

Sarkar;Those who predict the future… who are able to give some hint of the future after having visualized it by dint of a little concentration of mind, are called iikśańaka or iikśańika.This science of iikśańa has yet to become a fully developed science, even today. It is still in the research stage…  

One of the ab 4000 songs by Sarkar; In these rainy days, together with all, let us move forward in concert. If you do not want to move ahead, then lie down and tell tales of fallen leaves. All are today intoxicated with joyful rhythm, with the piercing sound in the throats of peacocks. This blushing earth dances along, its verdant beauty enchants the mind. The people are full of gleeful mirth. In all directions the restless wind blows, with banter and festivity, songs and delight. Let us fill the lives of all. Let us move forward together, in concert

You may want to see; Cloning zombies.

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