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Expanding Earth and not Flattening

Here a bit from Findottier;
Enjoy the awesome music and expanding earth; And Chinese meteor shower, amazing video;

Dutchsinse explains why earth is expanding;; The cause behind the new global seismic unrest. The core of the Earth is plasma, which is hotter than all known elements. The plasma core generates it's own magnetic and gravitational field, and reflects incoming seismic waves. The Earth's core is expanding in power. The power comes from the Sun.

The Earth blew up like a balloon and the ocean basins expanded as the continents were dragged along for the ride. The landmasses also were stretched apart, seperating mountain ranges, coastlines, and the evidence is right there if we have the eyes to see.

Web Bot Cliff High thinks earthquakes happen due to expanding earth, but he thinks now extremely deep earthquakes are also caused by CERN, Realist News report; 

Psychic Focus explains that the Earth is a growing living thing. As the sun's energy expands the Earth from inside, at a faster rate at the equator versus the poles. Slow, steady, constant process, causing great cracks and earthquakes. Our solar system used to be much smaller and the planets were closer to the sun. As the planets grew, the orbits changed and so did the gravitational forces increase. That's why mammoth sized animals and plants could live when there was less gravity. Even though there are ideas that support a flat Earth, I cannot connect to it. And; Some author;
Flat-earthers love this; at 10.50. Starquakes; See how earth looks from ISS station; and here :

Interesting what Sarkar said about earth ab 1980; Wherever there is any order or system, it must be circular. Take for instance the atomic system. In an atom there is a nucleus and around the nucleus move so many electrons. Bigger than the atomic system is the global system of the earth with the moon moving around the earth. Bigger than the global system is the solar system: the sun is the nucleus and all other objects and entities are revolving around the nucleus. Sarkar also say that each and every creature is moving around Cosmic Consciousness.

If the stars and planets had not followed their respective movements, time would never have existed. I have told you that Bhaskaracarya first discovered that the earth was round, and not Copernicus. That the earth is moving was first discovered by Bhaskaracharya and not by Galileo. The law of gravitation was first discovered by Bhaskaracharya and not by Newton.

Weather on; Dozens killed as more floods hit Congo. Shanghai's worst smog in two years prompts introduction of emergency. Typhoon Melor: Three people dead as storm slams into the Philippines. Heavy flooding still affecting Ireland as Shannon River levels rise. 827 villages in Turkey inaccessible due to snow.

Climatologist Breaks the Silence on Global Warming Groupthink;
Professor Judith Curry remarks delivered to last week's US Senate Commerce Committee Hearing; "Data or Dogma? Promoting Open Inquiry in the Debate Over the Magnitude of the Human Impact on Earth’s Climate."

Mysterious; the most distant object of the solar system, and possible new solar system object with ALMA. These sstudies have neither has been peer-reviewed or formally published due to waiting comments. Vlemmings, an astronomer in Sweden in Scientific American said they’d come across two extremely large objects, but the other scientist immediately deny or blame;

Now my other news;
Keshe Magrav Unit running a bit? And another not yet functioning; He is sure it will work; Important Keshe Workshop 91;

Fulford; By WDS suggestion Canadian government contemplates sending troops to Washington DC to arrest Fed gangsters. We promise the support of EU, the Pentagon, and the BRICS, if Trudeau will help rid the world of the rogue non-state actors based in the US.

In 2016 I will stop the Illuminati from starting world war three. And quit smoking, Putin said.
And According to America’s Freedom Fighters, the Obama's Occidental College documents confirm Barry Soetoro received financial aid as a foreign student from Indonesia. So not fitting as US president, who has to be native. 

Neil Keenan and Global Accounts: “We are close.  So close we can almost taste it!  It is called the End Game.  This is what we feel — the salvation of mankind and the earth itself.  This is not ‘meet the new boss, same as the old boss.’

Cassiopaean ETs; Iodine can kill fungi, bacteria, viruses, detox heavy metals from the body. David Brownstein says that 96% of all people on the planet are iodine deficient. Iodine can combat AIDS, Ebola, Plague, Chicken Pox, Measles. Protects all the glandular systems which are your interface with higher densities.

Giza pyramids have Additional chambers that we have mentioned before. Those strange circular objects that fell in Spain, were US gas tanks from a satellite, ETs took them down. China mirage city in the sky, expect more! More terror attacks soon. Nazi Germany in "practice run" globally until the big earth changes come.,40125.msg616127.html#msg616127
Sarkar's song; In the bower of Kadamba flowers, the rains have come. Dancing, dancing in the grove of cane. And all the peacocks have started prancing in rhythm. In the vibrant songs from the sounding lyres, the world without rhythm has found new life. The fragrance of jasmine floats in the wet air. And the pollen of mind smiles in the sweetest love. Thrilling in blissful rhythms, the half-dead trees have all sprung into life. And all the peacocks have started prancing in rhythm.
Didi Annapurna, did you see already; Predictions for 2016  

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