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Are you aware of the latest so called news?

Let’s start with good news

Amazing case study of Wim Hof, “Iceman”, with the ability to withstand prolonged extreme cold exposure by forced breathing and meditation (Wim Hof Method, “WHM”). His case proves that we can control our body functions with our mind. The fMRI and whole body PET/CT imaging sessions were done by Wayne State University.

WHM increased sympathetic innervation and glucose consumption in intercostal muscle, generating heat that dissipates to lungs and blood. Our results provide compelling evidence for the primacy of the brain (CNS) in mediating the Iceman's responses to cold exposure. WHM might allow practitioners to develop higher level of control over the autonomous system (and thus deceases). 

Wim Hof Method study, Brain Over Body. “The Iceman”, And even joint hair is important, says yogi,

Wave X surges, more intense. People will become more clairvoyant. Kundalini energy increases, a huge step in ascension. This will trigger lots of emotions, and past traumas in order to get forward,

Viktor Larkhil has done miracles in saving lives of abandoned animals, and then got into huge debt of about 150 000 euros. His supporters have done tremendous sacrifices to help him out of the situation. So far ab 100 000 is paid. One person took 1500 loan from bank just to help him, some schools collected money for his clinic, one wedding couple gave their present money, people started listening ads days along on his video channel that he would get the ads money etc. 

If you want to help Viktor Larkhill, bank transfer to: Let´s Adopt International
IBAN: NL97 INGB 0006 9187 39, BIC: INGBNL2A.
Mention receiver; Valencia Sur Veterinary Hospital, "for Viktor Larkhill".
His email,

Finnish woman Light Hunter is continuing to post almost daily new videos about Ufo Oscillaters and ghostly lights all over her place. Her kids see them also, but neighbours say they have not seen any lights around their houses. Here amazing Christmas decorations made by those orbs or UFOs

Channeling Erik: humans have this feeling of being homesick and that homesickness is for the other side. It’s just this longing of know that we don’t belong here and this is not our reality,

Chinese are roaming back side of moon, any alien bases? That’s what everybody wants to hear, but might not - even certainly there are. NASA’s Live ISS Camera shows Large Glowing Object appearing Over the Earth before Cutting the Feed, once again,

Axischange claims: Asia, Russia & India has shifted north, that has caused Canada & the US to shift south which has changed our view of the sun. It was Earth’s axis which has shifted. Russia is further North, which caused darkness last summer. In the summer of 2018, the sun continued to move farther north after the summer solstice for the first time in our history,

And lets get real

There is a great division in the world concerning news. The main stream media, MSM claims that the conspiracy media is fake news, while the alternative media claims the MSM is fake news.

There is also division and constant fight in US between republicans - Trump supporters, and the democrats. Next video, although controversial, is showing how ridiculous it is getting. Comey has tweeted about the death of Bush senior, but he has done it cryptically without mentioning his name. Notice then the additional texts, teachings by Q Anon, what Comey’s texting really means:

Comey tweets; Our dog (scull and bones brother) Benji died this afternoon (died earlier). Because he was a rescue (we will use his death to rescue us), we didn’t know his age today, except “very old” (not disclosing exact death date). He was a friend to an entire big family as only a dog can be (top member of the order). Goodbye old soul.

At Bush senior’s funerals, there were secret envelopes distributed to few politicians between the program menu (in the video 1.46). It has been claimed that it was the Trump side who wrote those, likely cryptic messages to threaten those politicians. I can’t say for sure if that was the case, but this cryptic writing is going on constantly on both sides.

The all knowing Q is obviously a group of people close to Trump, there is so much proof of that. Still I don’t say that those who got the envelopes are not guilty, but I just feel it is a bit childish to respond same way with these Illuminati style of messaging. I.e many expect Hillary soon to be charged about tax evasion, her misuse of relief funds, uranium sales with Russia, and perhaps child trafficking. Interesting is that today 2,2 m people were checking out Q info, which caused the site to crash!

Lets see what PF has to say ab envelopes

Hillary Clinton got cryptic, like Q Anon post: "We're almost ready for you", and something about Gitmo prison. Biden got mock ticket to island of "pedocentric" activity. Jeb Bush got 3 photos, Bush Sr. with Kennedy, him with Bin Laden and a drug dealer in a poppy field. Pence was just encouraged to “get ready”. Every "message" were signed "Looking forward to getting the party started, Q. George Bush knew and warned Michelle.

Psychic Focus about the wall that Trump wants to build on Mexican border; Trump is aware of the GoFundMe campaign (started by one veteran, millions of people are donating for the wall). He knows he needs to accomplish the wall for the 2020 campaign. The Senate Dems will be forced to submit to this, but it will be called something else than a "wall".

And here; the reporter don’t want to call it wall, but ‘reinforce fence line’, (Anyhow Fox is the only MSM on Trump’s side). Here dems side CNN, So the wall seems to be good item to fight with.

Trump threatens to continue the government shutdown until the wall is promised, and doesn’t care that the unpaid officials can’t pay their loans etc during shutdown. Dems although earlier wanting the wall, now doesn’t want it. Also they sent billions overseas as foreign aid, but are ready to give only one dollar for the wall! Isn’t it getting a bit childish, but Trump is doing many good things at least; Trump withdrew troops from Syria, Afganistan, Irak and got ceasefire in Jemen. US has still 800 bases around the world, DA.

Pope called Trump "immoral" over the border wall. Trump responded that the Vatican has the biggest wall of all. And Trump did spend Christmas in the white house alone, protected by a massive swarm of machine gunners. (Russians claim that there was assassination attempt. DA) Jim Stone,

Still from PF, predictions for 2019

Politics US mainly: "The scandal of the century is about to unfold”. It will change the reality of many people (involving or effecting leaders of several countries). As if the swamp really starts to drain in public, the sealed indictments (ab 70 000), shocking. Election campaign in Oct 2019, intentionally stocks will be taken down to make Trump look bad. Dems will run with Kamala Harris or Cory Booker. Trump will have a female Vice President. Freudian UFO slips will occur.

In Venezuela, "man made" big event, other countries will rebuild it to "own" some. China gold backing against dollar, big way. China and N-Korea, social unrest. In EU fights against governments and economy struggles after Brexit, needs help. Russia’s economy good, Putin stays strong. India, "silent grower" in the economy. More on video.


Prophet Who Predicted Trump to win in 2018, says part of it has not happened yet, will it happen? Namely MSM will be captivated by Trump. God is looking for billionaires to buy the media and take it over, because there is no truth in them now. The army of God will have victory after victory. Trump will be re-elected as people see how good work he does,

Cliff High, waiting for ice age, cooling starts already 2020 and cold lasts until 2061. First risky year 2028 for grains and vegetables, also travel affected, airports shut down. Solar minimum, dimming of the sun from 5000 to 3000… Cosmic rays increase. Water rises from earth and forms “lakes”, which comes down in huge snow or water spouts. New glaciers will form. There will be loss of life especially in cities, riots. Cliff tells also about his interesting alien encounters,

More predictions, about massive arrests coming, etc, Asymmetric warfare? Now two ships are burning, one in the Pacific and one in the Atlantic at once? How about the space laser? Ebola has turned up in Sweden, un-checked immigration working out? Jim Stone still.

Merkel is calling for totalitarian dictatorship openly, and the end to sovereign nations. Open borders is their main weapon,

Farsight Remote viewers confirm HAARP has been used for earthquakes, and to cause some unknown effects to cities etc.

Benjamin Fulford; Biggest battle against Khazarian mafia in 2019. Big pharma take down going on. Military tribunals will start in US. Space force will disclose new peaceful technology. Government shutdown helps to arrests. Brennan to be tried first. Bush-Clinton-Obama disappeared. Plan to take down EU, as it is like Soviet Union. Germany is forced out from Afganistan and France from Syria, their oil and heroin money will finish. Netaniahu is gone. World intel agencies on take down corporate governments.

Blackwater warning, we are coming - meaning against their previous bosses. Russia collusion exposed just a scam. Italian vaccines proved; no any effect,

Didi Annapurna, if you post just link it here, thanks! Happy New Year!

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