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Ananda Marga Meditation, the Best!

Ananda Marga has a holistic approach to meditation, as well as the organization has commonly a wholistic way of life for individuals and society. One has to start from the basic meditation lesson, which itself is very logical way of mind withdrawal from the external world and internal thoughts, thus enabling meditation. There are also different aspects into it; the posture, breathing, individual mantra and visualization. 

Second lesson is a very unique method. It is for the purpose of preventing new sanskaras or karma creation. Besides it makes the life more easy and helps to stand others behavior and happenings around. It keeps ones mind connected to the divine in practical life. This has been practiced by ancient yogis, but they didn’t have a special lesson and mantra for that.

In order to get third lesson ancient yogis had to use a dead body, now Shrii Shrii Anandamurti has made it available in more easy form and for everyone. Third lesson is about controlling the cakras, and making way for kulakundalini to rise, while fifth lesson if for purification of cakras. Cakras control the mind through glands, which have effect also in the psyche of human being. 

Fourth lesson is pranayama, which one is able to get only when the mind is enough balanced and in control. Pranayama can be even harmful if practiced with unstable mind. When the respiration slows down the mind and body function better. 

Sixth lesson is again very special, which only Ananda Marga has. It directs the mind towards the Supreme and thus means meditation in the real sense.

These six lessons anyone can get one by one. The kapalika, vishesh and microvita lessons are not for everyone. They are given only for those more advanced, or for certain purpose. 

Dadas meditating on table, aren't we a bit funny people

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One should not talk about his/her meditation experiences, because others start to anticipate more from him/her, or they expect to have similar experiences themselves. There should not be any expectations at all. 

Mantras used, are of sanskrit language. Every sanskrit mantra’s vibration and meaning are the same. When you repeat the mantra, both the ideation and the vibration uplift the mind. For those who have mental problems and difficulties to concentrate Shrii Shrii Anandamurti has recommended kiirtan. One should first sang and dance kiirtan for a longer time and then have short meditation. Kiirtan dancing - with tip of big toe touching the floor in a similar fashion than in zone therapy - calms down the mind.

These meditation lessons make the progress certainty. They burn the old karma fast and prevent creating new karma. Almost all children of Ananda Marga families start to practice simple meditation before ten years old. They eat vegetarian food, and seems to be often the best students in their class. At teen age they tend to have some years pause in meditation, but most start the practices again in later age. 

Silent meditation and yoga revolution in the world. Our children learn meditation and their children will continue. Our teachers initiate thousands of people every year around the world, and also create new teachers, so our meditation spreads silently throughout the world. And we are not alone, there are more and more organizations spreading meditation, yoga, mindfulness. Yogis are not only peaceful and loving, they also loose interest for materialism, competition, exploitation, fashion etc. Soon the world will be totally different.

Ananda Marga and meditation

From Shrii Shrii Anandamurti about meditation

The Supreme Entity is lying covert in you. If you are awakened by dint of sadhana (meditation practises), He will also be awakened (within you), and then you, unit being will become one with the Supreme Being.

Whenever anyone develops an intense desire to merge in Him, Parama Purusa immediately arranges to impart lessons how to move towards Him, how to merge in Him. Besides this, there is no other way of returning to Him.

The Supreme Goal is one, not many. The aspirant must proceed with single-minded devotion. They will have to constantly remember that howsoever small they may be, they are the fragments of the Infinite One. 

Parama Purusa is the ultimate goal of existence, and only to attain Him have human beings come onto this earth. If they fail to do so, then they do not deserve to be called human beings. Hence life devoid of dharma is worse than animal life.

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