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No More Karma

Samskaras or karmic reactions are created by our actions. ‘For every action there is equal and opposite reaction’. Every stage of mind is a result of previous stages. When one is doing action and emanating vibration to the universe, it travels around the universe and hits the person in the back of the head. ‘As you sow, so shall you reap’, said Christ. 

Thus there are two kind of actions, original and reactive. One has freedom on actions, but not on reactions. The sum of all samskaras is karma, basket of unfulfilled reactions carried from life to life. The unit entity has existence only because of karma. When all the samskaras are burnt or finished, one returns to the original state of pure consciousness. Thus the unit existence ends, one gets moksa, final salvation. 

Samskaras has to be ‘ripened’ (prepared so that the reactions can happen). It can happen only when the mind is dissociated from the body, in following conditions

1. Senselessness. After a serious accident, when the victim becomes unconscious, samskaras ripen. When this happens ones life may change radically.
2. After death in the bodiless mind state, samskaras ripen, and the mind acquires a new body in the next life, which is suitable for burning the ripened samskaras.
3. By proper meditation method, the mind is absorbed in the supreme consciousness and gets dissociated from the body. This is why those who meditate have rapid changes in their lives.

The longer the period between action and reaction, the greater will be the reaction 

1. Psychic actions don’t cause reaction. But it is not good to harbour mean thoughts, because often they will lead to action.
2. Psycho-physical actions, which are not affecting the mind, cause no reaction. If you sit and move your leg unconsciously – there is no reaction to be expected.
3. Psycho-physical conscious actions, that affect the mind, cause greater reaction. If you think bad of someone and hit him, there will be reaction.
4. Actions performed with special mantra and spiritual ideation, cause no reaction. How to do it, explained here

The wheel of birth and death means: one does actions and in the next life gets reactions. Now if she does these reactions with anger then she gets again new reactions to be ripened for next life. So seems there is no end to this karmic circle. But there is a way to stop this wheel. 

There is a unique meditation technique which eventually can stop the reactions. By using specific mantra and proper ideation - kind of meditation in practise - one can prevent new samskara creation. When the unit mind ideates on Brahma, Cosmic Consciousness, during every action, thus the reaction goes to Him. So when Brahma does every action, no new samskaras are created. 

Ananda Marga has a unique mantra, and method for this process. At the end one has no more karma and no need to be born again (as only in physical body one is able to burn karma). Thus ‘liberation is a sure guarantee.’

The difference between two humans is due to their different karma. Shrii Shrii Anandamurti demonstrated this by taking away the differentiating karma from two people. Their bodies ‘hugged tightly’ each other. He said that if he would not give their samskaras back soon, those persons would start to merge together by time.

Difference between humans and animals. Animals and plants don’t do egoistic actions, so they don’t have karma. Prakriti guides their evolution. When ego is developed, the human mind feels its independent existence and the cycle of karma starts. Humans have free will to go forward towards cosmic consciousness by avoiding new samskara creation, or go backwards by creating maximum karma.

Service is an effective means to burn samskaras, if done by non attachment, by proper ideation. Thus one becomes the instrument of Cosmic Consciousness. By grace of God you get chance to serve and by grace of God you are able to serve. This is non-attachment. Those psychics healing others, can’t remove their karma, they can only change the timing of it. Often the more spiritual healers also absorb lower beings karma. That’s why Jesus spoke from a boat, because the people touching made him adsorb their karma.

Why then people in Africa are suffering without food, and should we let them suffer? No, we have to help anyone in distress. If we don’t, we create new karma for ourselves. Besides we need to think in a positive way, may be it is the time that this person’s karma of being hungry suppose to finish.

A bit about sleep and unconsciousness

There is certain difference. In the sleep, conscious and sub-conscious minds take rest and also nerves stop functioning. Unconsciousness is extra cerebral, so nerves can function. Thus body becomes weak.


During samadhi the distinctions of darkness (crudeness) and radiance (subtleness) disappear, then unit mind can’t maintain separation from universal causal. One can’t remember the samadhi experience, except wakes up with feeling of bliss. As long as one has samskaras, one has to experience wakefulness, sleep and dream states.

Death is a long sleep of causal mind. Mind remains then in inactive state. When parallellism between psychic and physical is lost, death can follow in three ways: 1. Disturbed physical wave causes imbalance with psychic, for example in accident. 2. Psychic disturbance causes imbalance with physical body, like in case of extreme fear, shock. 3. Spiritual death, can be mukti or moksa state, one merges in cosmic mind. Those who get final salvation their soul leaves their body from the highest sahasrara cakra.

Benefits of asanas

Mental restlessness is due to the distracting effects of five sensory organs and the glands, creating imbalance in the mind. One can balance the mind by regulating the glandular secretions. The system for this is, asanas massaging and pressing the glands, thus balancing secretions. Asanas prevent diseases, flex body and make mind peaceful.

All this information is based on Shrii Shrii Anandamurti’s teachings.

Some stories from recent RDS in Germany

One of our Acaryas, we call them Dada, ‘died’ recently and his funeral was prepared already, but he came back conscious. He told that while he was in coma in hospital, he was constantly chasing Shrii Shrii Anandamurti, Baba. Then Baba said finally, go back to life. Baba is there on the other side and obviously got tired of him! 

Totapuri (guru of Ramakrishna) lived ab 300 years and came to get salvation from Baba, ‘God in Human form’, as he described Baba. Others who got moksa from Baba, Vishubudhananda, Kalikananda, Kamalakanta. I think also Netaji, Shankaracarya and Vivekananda. 

Dada V travels often by intuition, and Baba has to take care, because he can’t see. Once DV felt like he has to go by bus in some place. He heard there someone crying. The person came to tell;once you told me that I should have only one girlfriend and not two, yesterday my girlfriend died’. So DV understood why he had to come. Baba is our travel guide

One Dada got out of his body, and saw an alien. The alien said, I’m avadhuta. Dada said, NO, I am avadhuta. The alien avadhuta said; you are kindergarten avadhuta. I want to take you around the universe, anywhere you want’. In one planet people couldn’t walk, because no gravitation, but they could fly easily. In one planet Dada saw that Baba’s Prout was almost achieved. Some other planets they could transplant body parts, but not brain, because it would change personality. Dada said I don’t want to go back to the earth. The avadhuta said, no you have to follow your tour program.

Female acarya, Didi R; ‘I never searched any Guru, I was caught by Guru. I used to astral travel as 8 years old. Once I couldn’t come back to my body from my astral travel and I was horrified. Baba appeared and stared straight to my eyes to return me back to my body.’

Karma yogis in action

Didi Annapurna, Ananda Marga, you may post my article if you link it here, thanks!

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