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Weird Things about ETs and Disclosure

Ivan Teller has posted 5 videos about approaching ET disclosure. Ivan seems to be the only one claiming, that Pleiadians are planning to do disclosure “performance” soon on the skies. He has mentioned in some videos that it will happen in couple of months and in some other video speculating whether it will happen this year. More on his Pleiadian disclosure, Latest, UFO Disclosure Update: May 2018,

Ivan Teller is also channeling Valian Thor, who claims some ETs walk among humans. Queen is human, but channeled by reptilian.

Then Hucolo source is claiming a bit different about same things; Aliens are not allowed to enter this planet in third dimension, in last 40 years. Valian Thor has something to do with the earth. The Queen of England is alien born human, so she attends meetings with leaders and aliens.

Kingship started when ETs wanted to speak with humans, they took one person and put translation ring on head so that they could communicate with him. The rings also gave kings occult powers. The ring became eventually crown.

Trump has his own agenda and has only small group of followers. Many are afraid of him, like N-K leader, but Trump is afraid to start wars. Illuminati are scientist minded and are falling apart, because metaphysical movement doesn’t support science.

Real alien on video, people finding Skinny Bob to be real, Remote viewers about real alien Skinny Bob,

Two women got married with ETs. They were even waiting babies for them. Then babies were taken out and are growing now in vats with ETs somewhere in the earth. Now Heather has seen physically her tall white (or Sarshar) alien “husband”, and Kari has been channelling recently her alien “husband”,

Corey Goode’s info is dividing folks, there are some taking him totally seriously, and there are others who find the stories partly to be created through manipulation by ETs and SSP.

Here one critical group about Corey. A group was remote viewing Corey Goode and Blue Avians. They came to conclusion that Corey is manipulated by Blue Avians. Most of the things and experiences might be true, but some are installed to Corey’s mind. The leader of the remote viewer group was threatened in different ways while doing these sessions,

Light Hunter from Finland seeing strange lights on the sky constantly,

Eva has telepathic friendship with a reptilian, she hardly can believe herself it to be real, although she claims to have lots of evidence, but you decide,

Emery Smith amazing whistle blower, examining ET tissues and bodies. Growing bodies and body parts: they put stem cells, and bone cells to grow inside titanium. And the body accepts it as a natural. When cloning humans brain doesn't grow as fast as everything else. 

You 3-D-print-up a being into full adulthood in as little as nine months. They're storing them in the thousands, until they activate them. They are also creating crazy monsters, and there are vats of failed beings in stasis, like the one person-tiger. ET-human hybridization is going on, probably duplicated 20, 30 species. China is saying openly they'll be growing clones to get organs transplants.

There's going to be a huge meeting soon with the Galactic Federation. They will take some leaders to galactic court, 300 major corporations responsible for the stuff they've done to all the people of Earth. Source, “Cosmic Disclosure”.

Some other things

Astrological predictions May-July 2018, May: Changes in social media. Aeroplane and terror attacks. Bad times for pope. Revelations of advanced technologies start to appear. Things seems different at the End of May. Spiritual opening, healing. Explosive cleansing of governments. Fluctuation of economics end of June in US. Many things will be out of control May-June-July. Crises in northern areas of US and EU. California shaking. July government restrictions on money. May-June-July assassinations and deaths of leaders and stars.

Island is small isolated country, where incest is a problem. Accidentally falling in love with someone closely related is a real scare. The IslendingaApp was created just for checking from online database, how closely related people are to one another.

Axial pole shift according scientists is not going to happen, but magnetosphere is weakening leading to magnetic pole shift,

Fulford: EU can’t count anymore on US military. Attension on Malesia. Effort to take over Indonesia. Iran foreign minister threaten to expose bribed westerners who created the Iran nuclear deal, former and present leaders of France, German Merkel, Obama and Kerry. Kerry has not been around, recent videos are recycled.

EU will suffer most about sanctions against China. China and Iran are co-operating. Netanyahu attacked own country in Golan Heights, to start world war III, failed in it.

Turmoil, rumbling in earth. The wild animals become unaware of humans, because their instinct and senses doesn’t work,

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