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The Force that Guides Stars Guides You Too.

Some experiences and teachings of Baba, Shrii Srii Anandamurti (1921-90)

Baba didn't want the public to know who He was, only those whom He had obviously chosen amongst the spiritual minded people, came in contact with Him. Only those could recognise His divinity.

Baba was often joking

Once Baba gave a punishment to twenty Dadas (yoga monks). They had to climb up and down trees all day along, like monkeys. Margiis (family members) were watching without knowing what was going on, while Dadas happily were enjoying the event.

Baba used to give Prabhat Samgiit songs even while He was in bathroom. Once He went to a car trip with his driver. VSS guard's car was left behind, so there was nobody to learn to sing the song that Baba wanted to give. He said I can’t go on keeping the song inside me anymore. Should I stop giving Prabhat Samgiit?

Baba was sleeping with His eye glasses on. Dada thought that probably Baba had forgotten them, so he took the glasses away. When Baba woke up and He asked; “why did you take my glasses away? I had dreams, but I couldn’t see without glasses”.

For few days the acaryas had to report constantly about different things. Only late night they got permission to leave to their residence. At five in the morning they did meditation, and asanas, took bath, ate breakfast and went to Baba’s quarters before 10 AM. One Dada asked Baba; “How we can do any work, because all day we are here and then we have to sleep some hours and wake up for meditation at five, take bath and eat in our quarters?” Baba answered: “He is not thinking of me, how can I live until 10 AM without you!”

Some advises from Baba

If you are successful in rendering selfless service to the world, certainly you will make progress in your own spiritual life. With your spiritual force, with your intellectual force, with your physical force, you are to render selfless service to suffering humanity. 

Baba was not happy with those practising meditation in the Himalayan caves without rendering any service to the human society. Their plea that the world is unreal and simply taking food and drink from fellow human beings – those days should be gone forever.

Once Dada Keshavananda found Baba sleeping on the doorway. He asked Baba why He was sleeping there. Baba told that one should sleep sometimes on the place where people are passing, because it keeps the ego down, lying on doorway makes humble like grass.

Baba stated, that depression is common in intellectual societies, where people often try to suppress others. Due to this type of defective psychology, a vast section of the populace suffers from psychic depression. On the other hand, depressed people often concentrate too much on themselves, and then the best medicine is to start helping others.

How to overcome jealousy and have magnanimity of mind? Someone gives you and your friend each a mango. Your friend's mango turns out to be sweet, but yours turns out to be bad. Instead of reacting selfishly, you should be happy that your friend got the sweet one. 

A D lost all his devotional flow, and could hardly concentrate although was meditating regularly. He decided to see Baba and get some advice. When he got chance to meet Baba, A D said, "Baba, I have lost everything. I have no devotion, I have no love for You." With a sweet smile Baba said, "I have never asked you to love me. Merge yourself in my Mission, You will get everything back." A D decided to dedicate his whole life for service and went for acarya training to become a monk.

Baba was asked why intellectuals don't come to Ananda Marga - only simple people. Baba said that it takes him 10 minutes to explain things to simple devotees, but 10 hours to explain to intellectuals.

When I came in front of Baba, He looked at me severely, like scanning my entire body. Then He asked, 'What asanas do you do?" I listed about eight different asanas that I was practising at the time. Baba responded: "That is the problem. Too many asanas, a healthy person should only do 4-6 asanas. Only if a person is a sick, they should do more."

Dada Dharmadevananda, service and tremendous change, video

Some Baba’s predictions 

Baba says that energy alone can’t create matter. Energy together with Microvita creates matter. When Microvita increase, it becomes matter and if energy increases, it becomes abstract. Microvita is the science of future.

While visiting Venezuela in 1979 Baba said; “Venezuela needs good spiritual political leaders. If Venezuela can produce spiritual political leaders, it will not only be the leader of Latin America, it will also be the leader of the planet. Venezuela is a blessed country.”

Some people say that war brings progress, because it speeds up the discovery of new inventions, but by working together in a nice way many more inventions will be made and even faster. You should see that there is no more wars in the future,” Baba in Fiesch 1979.

China will have food shortages (is already having) and one day attack India. Pakistan will attack Kashmir and support China. Then the Indian military will stop Chinese with the help of Russia and US. Ananda Marga will play a great role at the time of this war. India will become exemplary nation in the future, guided by spiritual leaders. Here about food shortages, a bit scary though, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=knRWf3SKYgw

When there will be huge calamities in the future, then the sight of orange uniform is searched. Pole shift has already started to happen, due to change in the movement of galaxies, which is affecting this solar system. In Philippines a lot of gold will be found, and oil in Thailand.

Baba explained, that because communism was a matter-centred philosophy it had to die first. Then the self-centred philosophy capitalism will be gone. Eventually the bell will ring for the dogma-centred philosophies, religions.

Baba’s socio-economic theory, Prout, has been established already in 48:lla different planets in our galaxy. The earth will become the 49 th Proutist society. Baba’s faith in PROUT was so strong, that He once demonstrated it to a doubtful visitor, without any words, by throwing a glass out of window. The visitor heard some odd sound, but couldn’t understand what happened. Only when he went outside – and saw the unbroken glass on the broken rock – he realized, PROUT is more strong than any opposing forces.

Baba spoke also about universalism and cosmic brotherhood. He said that humanity is not yet ready to join more advanced cosmic brotherhood until we have world government, global legislation and basic necessities provided for everyone.

With the progress of science it may be possible to send only a person’s brain to London, keeping their body here at Gorakhpur. There would be no need to transport the body to London. Although this sounds like a fairy tale, this will surely happen in the future

Baba said once: ”I'm busy to talk lots of things, because everything what I say, stays in the universe and people can learn in the future. So be careful what you speak. In the future the highly elevated human beings are able to listen everything what you have said.”

Here one example of elevated people; Dada Savitananda was in very deep meditation while he left his body and went straight to some unknown planet. Several million ‘people’ lived on that planet. They were knowing each others thoughts. They seem to have only one object in their mind; to realize Parama Purusa. Dada learnt kiirtan tune from them. 


According Baba, “Some people are of the opinion that the people of ancient times used to address as deva those beings who had arrived from other planets. The truth of their opinion should be carefully verified”.

The basic reason for evolution is human dharma; humans are longing knowingly or unknowingly to become one with the Cosmic Consciousness. Humans advance physically, mentally, and now more and more also spiritually. Due to collective longing also for physical objects, a group of living beings may cause a change in their physical structures over time. 

The evolutionary change in this universe occurs in two different patterns: One way is a gradual evolution. Different species develop according circumstances and common desires. Another way for the evolution of species to happen is a sudden, rapid change. That is how first human being was suddenly born from Australopithecine million years ago.

Vivekananda's next life was Acarya Copen Mukherjii. He was working in Baba's mission. He lived in Behala, Calcutta. He was upper division clerk in customs department in Patna. He used to fall in extacy in Baba's presence. In that state he used to utter: I am Vivekananda.

Varanasi is the oldest city in the world. It was also the winter capital of Shiva. Summer time he stayed in Himalayas (but not in Mount Kailas as it is commonly believed). Krishna spent most of his time in Rajasthan.

The nostrils of people in hot countries are comparatively large and the front of the nose is extended. External heat makes the internal air heated and the internal heat tries to force its way out rapidly. As a result of the rapid exhalation of heavy, hot air, the diameter of the front portion of the nose increased.

People who live in cold countries develop fatty tissues in their bodies. And though their noses are high, their nostrils are comparatively small, because if a large amount of chill air would enter the body, it would inevitably affect the lungs and vocal cord. 

In ancient past humans used to have an appendix for accumulating excess food and ruminating it, because there was uncertainty of getting food daily.

The treatment by hypnotic spell, people say, was started by Dr. Mesmer of France (called mesmerism). But prior this system was known to Indians as “raksasii vidya.” Doctor, Karkatii Raksasii was very famous for her hypnotic treatment. 

Atlantis was a very vast continent, connected with Iberia. Due to a very big earthquake Atlantis disappeared. The Bay of Basque (Bay of Biscay) was originally a part of Atlantis, that’s why it is so shallow. Scandinavia was interconnected with Atlantean culture.

The Indian people look upon each and every thought and deed as part of their spiritual practice. The reason is that in ancient India, children from the age of 5 to 25 received extensive spiritual training in gurukula centers. Eventually when they retired they concentrated as well on spirituality in forest caves. Then the British introduced their own system of education, which has hampered in some ways the spiritual side.

Gandhi had on his wall pictures of monkeys with covered eyes, mouth and ears, and he used to teach through those monkeys the non-violence philosophy; not to speak, or hear, to be blind. Baba had said that in his next life Gandhi would become a monkey in African jungle! (Interestingly in one video channeled Gandhi states about his future incarnation on earth: “My role on the Earth will be the same as who I was. It will be between animal and man!!!” https://channelingerik.com/channeling-mahatma-gandhi-part-four/)

The diamond which is known as kohinur [Koh-i-Noor] is from Shrii Krsna’s jewelled necklace. Eventually the East India Company got it and set in the British Royal Crown.

So long as the scientific progress of Egypt and Greece did not supersede civilization, it prospered very well. But when the ingredients of enjoyment grew up in abundance, the civilization of both countries got destroyed, because science had occupied a higher position than civilization.

At one time in America a fierce war was raging. Many of the soldiers were Spanish-speaking and were not able to understand English. In order to send information about how someone was doing they were told to simply write “all correct”. They used to write “ol korect” and after some time abbreviated it to “O. K.” Now this “O.K.” is used practically everywhere in the world.

Who was Baba?

Jagadiish from Netherlands had personal contact with Baba, which was overwhelming experience for him. When he left Baba's room in altered state, one Dada asked him to look at his face in a mirror. He looked and was surprised to see that his face was shining. 

One brother from Brasil took flight from India to Bahrain and missed the connecting flight to Brasil. He heard that he had to wait one week for a new flight. He was angry, thinking why Baba was not helping. Suddenly the officials of the flight company came to tell that the flight would come back due to technical problems. The brother felt Baba's presence and understood Baba arranged the flight back for him. The technicians didn't find any problem from the plane, so the flight took soon off again to Brasil.

Narada Muni was behind Baba on His 'field walk' in Calcutta. Narada tells, “I saw how Every time when Baba walked under a tree, it would come alive with birds singing, but immediately became silent once He passed the tree. This was despite a long line of us brothers following behind Him under the same trees!

Another time, while sitting near Baba in Tiljala, I looked down below to a pond. To my amazement the pond was full of fish looking upwards towards Baba! When Baba had left, I passed by the same pond, there were no fish to be seen. Humans were not the only ones attracted to Baba!

Swami Rama asked Dada to give him some workers to supervise his hospital construction, because he had seen that margies and dadas were reliable and hard working. He also told that he had many Baba’s books and was teaching those things to his disciples. Dada asked Swami why didn’t he then come close to Baba? Swami answered: “This kind of spiritual master selects his own team. I have been assigned to do other tasks, but I love Him very dearly”. Then he became sad, ”You in AM are fortunate, as you can work with Baba”.

Cakreshvara was a muslim who was in contact with well known Sufi master in Turkey. After some time Cakreshvara met Ananda Marga acarya and got initiation. Then he took off to India in order to meet Baba. He didn’t speak English, and was annoyed by the chaotic situation he saw there. He returned to Turkey and showed Baba’s photo to his Sufi master, who commented, "This is the real master." Cakreshvara: "But He has all these crazy monks and nuns around Him. How can He be The master? He even behaves strange way." 

Sufi Saint: "He has the ability to transform them into great souls. His teachings will influence all aspects of life. He will only permit those He chooses to know Him. He has come silently and will leave silently. Humanity will recognise His greatness only long after He is gone”. Cakreshvara: ”How to know Him?” Sufi Saint: ”If one understands divine love one can know Him”. Cakreshvara got so inspired that he went to become a Dada. 

One day in 1941 Rameshvar was passing young people playing cards and an old man, whom people believed to be mad, sitting on veranda. The madman laughed loudly and said; “How foolish the people of Jamalpur are. Lord has come on the planet in the very town of Jamalpur... The foolish people of Jamalpur don't even try to know Him. They are wasting their time in useless things like playing cards. How foolish they are and they call me mad."

About 10 years later Rameshvar was initiated by Baba. When he came to know the actual personality of Baba, he realized that the madman had actually been an evolved yogi, who had come to know the divinity of Baba. Nobody knew who the yogi was, and where he had gone already. 

He who illumines the external world, illumines all the stars and planets also. Besides Supreme Consciousness, no other entity has light of its own. The light of all other entities is the mere reflection of His effulgence. Compared to that supreme source of effulgence, even the sun is enveloped in darkness – the shining face of the moon is covered with a black veil. All are lighted with His light; with His radiance, and in His effulgence all others become blessed.

You are never alone and helpless – the force that guides the stars guides you too. 

Didi Annapurna


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