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Predictions for 2020

Astrological predictions

Jony Patry: Most Amazing Year ever! Something explosive in February, globally. Scandals, protests, revolutions. Old governments and leaders can’t survive. Corruption, fake media, sex trafficking exposed. Malaysia, China, India and esp Middle east - political upheavals. Stocks up and down. Trump impeachment will backfire (karmic). Religious and cult leaders go to extremes, as the old will die before new. Science and spirituality will merge. Major awakening spiritually. Cures for diseases with energy, sound, light. Use your energies for higher good, spiritual,
Important Transits, shadowy things take down, replaced by new; economic, political. Community of spiritual people, connecting to mother earth, nature. Opening to spiritual oneness, compassion, grounding. Transition to the age of Aquarius, with complex karma. Woman should take up spirituality, it’s time for divine feminine,

The Rise of the Queen, divine feminine is coming. Exploitation doesn’t work anymore. Take down of horrible beings. Those opposed while doing hard work, will rise. Life will start to progress, time for truths,

Sedona Psychics. Year of revelations, can’t hide, strangeness. Waking up; no more control. Rebellious Febr. End of human trafficking. The powers that be, will fall down. May finances crumble. Canada free from royals. UK, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Spain leave EU, May-July. July, time for new, foundations etc. Galactic centre, sun, energies changing DNA. November huge month spiritually, politically. Law news in Oct. Trump re-elected. New ET technologies. Russian disclosure. All religions will die in 10-15 years,

New astrological era start with labor pains, confrontation, dissolution and volatility. Societal structures in need of innovative reform from systematic oppression of global economics. Gain inner strength, new skills and share with others,

Top 5 psychic predictions. Increasing own businesses, financial independence. Huge mass awakening, true spiritual power. AI increase, authenticity. Crashes of major institutions, revolution. Balance of masculine and feminine, divine unions,

ETs predict

Pleiadian prophecy. Sign of The Golden Age; human beings become now more intuitive, like animals. Most peaceful solution to war is to disarm enemy. Similar than industrial revolution, now robot revolution. Only 50 % possibility of global economical collapse in 2020, but 2024-2028 new economics. Military power reducing 2027, no more terrorism and wars,

Another Pleiadian Message for 2020-2021: Ice caps melting, but ice growing in other places. New places to live and old places inhabitable. Oceans regenerating. Sun energy changing. New planet discoveries. Healing, spiritual and mental by doctors also. Air travel without pollution. ET connections. New media, music, sciences of brain etc. Growing body parts. Upheavals in finances, but survival more easy. Coming together. Great awakening with difficulties. Go intuitively for new things,

Brad Johnson, Adronis, Sirian ET: The Year of Exposure, of committees, banks, pesticide promoters. Corrupt fight corrupt. New foundations, groups, dismantling the old systems and making new action plans, ethical laws, local banking. In China, UK, EU, India, people start cleaning the planet, while governments neglect. Then also less natural calamities. Solar power alternatives, esp in Japan. 

Protest Mid East, Asia, UK and EU. ET contacts, more drops in Main stream media. New media emerges challenging old. AI, robots, synthetic humanoids. More internet censorship. Cooperation, food, energy, education will change the world. This great awakening is not going to be televised,

Ivan Teller Trump will win elections,

Bashar for 2020, eye of the storm. Pivotal, critical and crucial point in history. (Similar to the history that allowed the greys destroy their version of earth). You are crossing a very particular threshold. So it is important of certain states of beings to be paramount within you to help you through this in a positive and constructive manner. Negative energy is in downward spiral. If you don’t act right, it will prevent ET contact...get ready for open contact in 2025-33.
Funny Messages from Bashar for 2020, we are coming, have fun;

Psychics predict

Julie MacCensie, Something going on in Italy, Putin gets engaged, facing natural disaster and attack. There is going to be a big attack on the world, where everybody will have their focus and bring you together. It is not about us and them anymore. It will be about how, a bit like 9/11, worldwide thing, nearly catastrophic. It will shake a lot of people.

Channeling erik: Action year. Now 50 % people are in fifth dimension. Stocks all times high. Trump not impeached, but close. Venezuelan Maduro will step down, due to some interferences. No wars, N-Korea ok, Russia stabilizes. ETs contact individuals. MSM pressurized of their fake news. Brexit plan changes,

Craig Hamilton (Parameswaran), 2020 and beyond: War in the Middle East, revolution in China. Riots in Iran. Impeachment empower Trump. Rudy Giuliani betrays him? Trump re-elected, but injurious assassination attempt later. Trump appease environmentalists, but hurricanes, fires, quakes threaten his presidency. Brexit hard(ish). Finance problems in China, M-East, EU and N-Korea. Kim Jong-un flee to China. Oil shortages, bitcoin bubble. 

Voyager - alien contact. Strange Jupiter. Brazil ousts Bolsonaro. Tibet independent. More Indian and Pakistan crises. Indian Government pay poor people to collect rubbish. Eventually India will lead the world with more democratic capitalism. Water management and supporting Tibet. Spiritual growth,

Psychic Focus: The economist cover, wishful to "see" Tump's exit, but he will win, Q helping. The illuma-naughty blocked of manipulating US election. Impeachment seen as waste of time and money. The swamp drains, unsealed indictments. New illness in mid summer, for drug testing. Climate false flag will take Grete’s place. Summer Brexit 2020, EU makes it hard other countries to leave. Unrest in Hong Kong persists. Russia in and out of the news. People embrace AI. 

Space and Mars, hot topics summertime. Indian religious Citizen Act, creates divisions, economy worse. Australia bush fires allowed to continue. PTW faking recession. Precious metals good. Disclosure by Q (Trump), lots UFO/ETs seen. We are in the age of spiritual enlightenment: new energies, intuition.

The energy forecast, 1. blinding clarity, truths able to see, feel and speak. Intuitive way, more psychic. 2. Rise of love through death awareness, literal death or death of things. More emotional times. 3. Collaboration and teams. People work in teams and change. 4 Grounding via nature. Technology take off. 5. Creativity at high speed, increasing. 6. Heart healing,

Psychic Debbie Griggs. Great security, love life, business etc. Megan pregnant. Queen may step down. Trump wins. New Amazon jungle plant, changes the value of Amazon. Venezuela, EU: UK, Germany, France, protestings, economy down. Bombing plane by Russia, mistake? New remote controlled military plane. Air taxi in major cities. Huge earthquake in Philippines, Chile, Peru. Gulf, flesh eating bacteria. 2021 economic crash,
Nostradamus, world end 2020??? China will invade US, Russia invades EU. Third world war, Antichrist. Great earthquake would hit the American continent in 2020. An abrupt rise in sea level, as Antarctica will melt. Catastrophic–massive–storm will be registered in 2020. Major Economic crisis; Bankruptcy, recession, and dark times for the global economy.
Baba Vanga died in 1996, predictions for 2020: Effort to kill Putin, but Vladimir honoured, nothing can stop Russia. Meteor falls in Russia. Muslims take over EU. US president becomes deaf. EU economy collapse. Floods and hurricanes in EU. Politics upside down. Major economic company turn down. Most Europeans will leave their country,

Year of Transitions, and shocking Revelations. Trump re-elected. Impeachment backfire on the Democrats. Humans unkind – cause earth changes, but also selfless heroes saving lives. Mega earthquake 9.0. Earth magnetic field shift will cause physical poles shift. This winter is the worst. Sky colours due to Planet X. More ET, UFO activity, but also holographs. 

Gold Standard before the 2020 election? Economic slowdown. Vinyl records back. Humans leaving tyrannical countries. Collapse of religions, governments, leaders - rebuilding. Catholic etc churches abuse scandals. Dalai Lama may pass. Isis attacks on EU. Blind people see through a device, and paralysed walk again. Elon Musk mental issues with finances,

Judy Heavenly; An attempt on Putin’s life. Germany on verge of recession. Iran restarts nuclear programme while N-Korea denuclearize, and gets help from US for his people. Peace treaty in Middle East. Pope resigns after appointing women cardinals, and allowing priests to marry. Illness forces Philippines Duterte to step down. USA - Russia cease fire deal in Syria. Trump re-elected. Space force to guard the skies by 2020. Nancy Pelosi seeks replacement. Global internet. Facial recognition in Airports. Gold $1,650+. Queen Elizabeth retire, Prince Charles king,

Bob Hickman Psychic Medium: Economy one of the best. New technologies, computer superchip, satellites, and improved electric cars. Climate crises, Haiti, Mexico, South-UK and ETs monitoring Central US. Major steps towards disclosure by US and other governments. Sightings in Oklahoma, Los Angeles, Stonehenge, Peru. Meditate!

Ramzpaul, Trump no impeachment, but looses election. Accelerating censorship, hate speech, anti-semitics, etc. Banned big tech industries pay bribes. Free health care and education, immigrants no restriction, will break the system. Self defence attacks, debt will catch up. Neoliberalism soon done, reforming nations,

Psychic and MediumVoneman-DuPerow, Trump not impeached, still running for president. New cure for HIV. Human trafficking increases. Mass shootings real problem. Cleaning up environment. People taking health in their own hands. Anti 5G to prevent radiation,

Comanche Psychic is very negative about Putin and Trump, and thinks Trump will not win, and will die. Putin is also running for his life. Scientist rushing to poles with equipments. Panic in Wall Street,

Religious predictions

New been the new normal. Far beyond Brexit, coming. Democracy meets technocracy. The UK is the God’s blueprint, nations will follow rebirth. Homosexuality exposed in black community churches. Challenging things. Year of justice to injustice, Tomi Arayomi,

Hank Kunneman: Look to the sky, military flies over, angels bring new era. God says, I will divide, cause war and peace. Lord cleaning up the US from satanic forces of former presidencies, governments. God will stand with vice president Pence. In Middle east not only earth shakes, but crowds will be in streets against governments, God will expose those harming Israel and US. Regime change in N-korea. Minor Asia will become Major Asia. Egyptians start following Jeshua,

Scientists predict

American intelligence analysts consulted hundreds of experts across world to predict for 2020. I just looked one: UN and the Int financial institutions are old fashioned. See, here is the long report,

5 Tips For a Joyful & Successful 2020 by Sadhguru: Every day in the morning decide to be joyful, and you will be pleasant to the world. Think of always living last moment of your life and you will do important things. Write down three things what makes human great, and do it. Articulate things with half amount of words than you normally use. It makes you conscious. If everyone does, many marriages will be saved and world will become wonderful place. Every evening sit up on bed, evaluate what you have done. Every full moon give up one bad habit,

Happy New Year, Didi Annapurna 

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