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Wisdom from Jaggi Vasudev, Sadhguru, Cauvery Calling!

Indian yogi Jaggi Vasudev, Sadhguru, is gathering huge crowds of people around to listen him. Here, I have collected some of his amazing wisdom, but naturally I have left those things out, that we margiis and Proutists don’t agree, according teachings of our Guru Baba, Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

Sadhguru Riding a Motorcycle for Cauvery Calling - Indian rivers are drying. Sadhguru rallied Indian government to join a huge program where poor farmers are paid to grow forests. This way Indian rivers would recover very fast. When he presented their program to Indian government, PM Modi set up a special committee to evaluate it. Then they made it an official recommendation for all the Indian states.

Never before in the history of humanity, in the world, not just India, 162 million people have participated, says Sadhguru, who drove 9,300 km by motorbike, attended 142 events along the way, and had 184 interviews

Sadhguru's Past life - Mahabharat TV, Sadhguru has lived three past lives near the same area, doing same things what he is doing now. Sometimes he even happens to call his present associates with their past life names. He says it is not good to remember past lives, as it is too much burden, here more,

Sadhguru talks about Indian traditional systems of medicine. Ayurvedic practiser learns to look deeper to patient’s existence. Artificial intelligence, Alexa, will soon diagnose and give advice for treatment - better than doctors. Sadhguru’s great grandmother lived 115 years old. She used to feed her breakfast to birds, the doctors advised not to do it, otherwise she would die, but her doctors died before her,

Sadhguru ab Greta Thunberg & Climate Activism; Simply accusing people doest make sense. They should not nurture her towards anger. It is important that all of us get together and find a solution. You can produce much more results in the world with acceptance and appreciation rather than simply toxic criticism. The only problem in India is overpopulation. If you don’t control the population, nature will do it in a very cruel manner,

What is cool life? Life is neither cool nor hot, you can me it either cool or hot. In 70s people said it is hot, man. Now it's cool, man! Due to global warming the terminology is changing, cool is in and hot is out. While little girl is laughing, Sadhguru says she is cool,

Our Amazing Earth. Everybody feels has to buy more, use more. We are in exploitative mode not by choice, but by compulsiveness. Start living consciously, you are part of earth, you have to think and act like earth,

How Many People Would Follow Jesus Today? If he comes to United States today and says, ‘Come follow me’ - and you have a bank loan, student loan, car loan... you’re mortgaged for forty-five years. Nobody will be there because everybody has to go to the bank. If you're smart enough, you will make arrangements that support you, not arrangement that entangle you, isn't it,

What is the Real Meaning of Love - how to learn to love others. Forget others, learn to be loving just by your own nature, become love itself, not just love somebody,

The corpses walk in the tantric rituals, there are still yogis who master this Surya Sparsh. When one day a young boy died, a yogi sensed that the boy didn't need to have died, so the yogi brought him back to life. After a person dies, up to 14 days, nails and hair grow, life energies have gotten so deep into every cell, you can re-activate the system. One can also exit the body by ones own will,

Garlic has many medical qualities, but if used constantly it is too strong nervous stimulant. Same with coffee, if you have to drink coffee every day, it is compulsion. Are you moving towards freedom or enslavement?

Prevent 90% of Diseases With These Two Things – do something physical, but not too much, and eat proper food,

Stop Believing, Start Seeking - Fight in the world is not about good or bad. It is just one man's belief versus another man's belief. Isn't it ? Why don't be sincere enough, to simply say that you don't know. Then you will seek, because nobody can live with, 'I do not know',

Don't Take Life Seriously - Seriousness is because of your self-importance. Take holiday from your seriousness, don’t be dead now, that time will come, it is time to be alive,

Why Poverty and Suffering? Ten thousand years ago living in good cave was luxury. Today we have so many things and if some doesn’t have it, we consider it poverty. Many yogis has decided to be consciously poor by choice. Despite of all wealth, still people are joyless. We don’t know how to live on this planet, that is definitely poverty,

You came without nothing, what you have now, you are in profit side. There is nothing to loose, because you can’t take anything with you. People come to ask me blessing, that nothing will happen to them. My blessing is; let everything happen to you. Have you come here to avoid life or experience life? Put your life in best use,

Revealed Secret Of His Life - Shiva is my partner that's very hard for you to digest. Hold someone's well-being above your own, a devotee does this with absolute ease, many other people do it with great struggle,

Life decides when you should die. We should have respect when person is destined to leave. The last thing that you do in life, you should do gracefully. Other should be also able to leave gracefully. Or should we allow them to become victims of medical industry. Death is ongoing thing, one day it will be complete,

Intellectually and physically we are different. Spiritually everyone can be equally peaceful. First become blissful, people will need your blissfulness. If you are given choice, would you work with joyful or miserable people? (audience laughing). I want you to please, please remember, everyone is expecting the same thing!

Artificial Intelligence is comingbut I'm a natural intelligence. I'm glad you guys would lose your jobs, because you read a book five years ahead of me, and you think you're a super human? This will mean nothing anymore after the next five, ten years. The machines will do better than you. In future, the only thing that matters is, what kind of a human being are you,

Modern chemistry can solidify mercury only at minus thirty eight degrees, but Indian yogis can solidify 99.98% pure mercury at room temperature. Most of the lingas (statues) are mercury-based. Ayurveda and Siddha Vaidya treatments use mercury. Only mercury compounds are poisonous. Yogis also use other poisons for nourishment, ( Rasavaidya secret knowledge. At Isha centre, Rasalingas have spiritual and health benefits. 1.Part-, Sadhgurus Article,

Related from Shrii Shrii Anandamurti; if mercury and copper are mixed, many types of medicines can be made. If by a scientific process we are able to create differences in the waves, then iron can be converted into gold. Mercury can be converted into gold very easily. Everything has been created with particular types of mental waves, which can be changed. Their (Africans) curly, black hair is due to a slightly larger than normal percentage of mercury in the fat at the root of the hair.

Baba gave advises about preserving nature, for example wells should not be the main source of water, but rather collecting rainwater in bonds and lakes, and planting trees would also help water balance etc. He said that Amazon and South Russian forests are the lungs of the planet. Besides planetary movements, poles shifting etc effect also climate change.

According Baba, yogi Totapuri left his life on Jamalpur hill, and got salvation. When acarya Sujit Kumar asked, if they could go to do the last rites to his body, Baba told that Totapuri would evaporate his body.
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