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Visiting Human Colonies in Spaceships

This is very strange, but interesting info, so take it easy!

Channeled info through Jim Charles mostly from Tekkrr, a Lyran being in Hucolo TV. Lyrans are part of alien collective called Girk Fitneer, which has started human colonies on space ships. The other ETs hosting these colonies are friendly Yahyels, Pleiadians (Erran), Arcturians, Sirians and Fendorians. These beings are committed to helping humans. 

The human colonies were started due to request to aliens by Max Rampel, Steinberg and Jim Charles, channellers from Hucolo TV. The aliens pick up the humans, who are wanting to visit in their colonies for two weeks. Only the astral body of human beings will be transported in small ships by these 4 dimensional beings. They say that humans like there so much, that often they have to be forced to return! The time away from body will be just two hours, but in their dimension the humans will stay for 2 weeks, as astral time is accelerated.

People will not remember much about the trip, perhaps only some dream like memories, but later on the recollection will increase. Some people have started remember more their visits. One will also develop telepathy and other skills. Many learn to speak ET and light languages. There are 14 different colonies in seven ships. One is for meditation, others are for learning telepathy, channelling, healing, reporting etc. 

Those wanting to visit colonies, need just to send request through website or by email. Some hundreds of people are visiting the space ships constantly. Still the humans are not allowed to go physically to colonies, as well the aliens are not allowed to come in three dimensional form to earth. This rule is set by earth governments. The colonies has been attacked sometimes, as some other aliens don’t want humans to get engaged with aliens and to develop. 

Girk Fitneer ETs have also organized governmental meetings couple times a year in earth locations. The leaders, from more than hundred countries of the world, gather to listen common humans (spiritually minded) and aliens to speak for 5-10 days. The leaders are there in normal human form, but the aliens and humans are in holographic or astral form. Galactic alliance also visit these meetings and whoever wants, can join. 

The topics are disclosure, economy, earth climate, wars, site to site visits and other dealings between aliens and humans. For example Trump usually attends one day or more with 3-6 people. In the first meeting, he didn’t speak a word and was very uncomfortable to face aliens, although he has been using alien technology. About 30 or more common people speak there nowadays. Leaders are surprised about their vast worldly and cosmic knowledge. The humans are more convincing for them than aliens.

When meetings started in 2013, 15 out of 200 representatives, from ab 100 countries, wanted ET disclosure. Now about 30 countries are for it. Yahyels, human looking aliens, are advocated to do it eventually. Bigger countries oppose disclosure, especially Russia and US...but US has started to do some own droppings. The Lyrans are suggesting in every meeting site to site visits (in human body) to colonies, as otherwise humans can’t remember well their visits, but leaders don´t allow it. 

War mongering made the last (30 Dec to Jan 10 th) governmental meetings less productive. Trump seem to have been influenced by some aliens or evil people. Iran’s leaders didn´t participate. 

At the moment leaders are very scared of aliens commonly, because they know that thousands of 4 dimensional ships have gathered around the earth to observe the very unusual happening in the history of the whole galaxy. Earth humans are very special and they are now amongst the biggest turmoil and at same time on the process of ascending. Their DNA is helpful to many species of aliens, as these ETs have lost some abilities, such as emotions and immunity, due to fast development. That’s why also abductions and illegal DNA collections are still happening.

For ET disclosure to happen, the problem is that those leaders has been engaged on hiding aliens for half century or so, and been themselves enjoying the advanced ET technologies - so those things would also be exposed. Besides religious people consider aliens as demons, and commonly people fear aliens, so lot of chaos and panic would follow. The latest idea is to podcast aliens on TV and net, all over the world at same time, but decision about that has not been made yet (the other aliens seem to suggest individual disclosure; let UFOs show up more and more to people, and aliens to visit people in astral during sleep). Estimate for first real disclosure to happen is 2025-2030.

Girk Fitneer has also organized hybridization program, women and men can donate DNA, embryos and sperm for creation of alien hybrid children. These things are taken only by permission, and earth fathers and mothers can visit their kids. There are now 800 human alien hybrids living in Polona area in Playades. Aliens want also humans to be able to start hybridization programs on earth, but governments oppose. Humans would benefit while getting higher dimensional DNA from aliens. Adult humans are taking already now DNA infusions from different ET species to enhance their own abilities. Sounds weird, but many humans seems to have special capacities on the video chats.

The Lyran and other ETs aren’t allowed to stop wars, but they have done lots of work to help with natural calamities. They are even allowed to reduce chemtrails, but only up to some amount, so that people will not notice – where has the contrails gone! There was in 2017 some accident when cabal’s time machine exploded in Antarctica, which could have caused huge damage, but due to request by aliens, the governments and scientists took it seriously, so the consequences were prevented. 

The Girk Fitneer´s ETs follow our governmental orders and also the rules of Galactic council. For example even beneficial implants are no more allowed. This is, because many other ETs have been installing negative implants against the rules, so one can’t know what is what. There are many, many ETs, that break all kind of rules given by galactic council or governments – reptilians and archons mostly, however not all of them. Planet Erra has also started colony, but it is for visits by government officials only.

Channeled Introduction to "Human Colony" by Tekkrr 

Lyran cat people

The Lyran race, which Hucolo society channels most often, seems to be somewhat moral beings. They don’t allow anymore DNA stealing from humans. (Some cases were found in the beginning of the program, but they have managed to prevent it). Lyrans also don’t want to give privilege treatments for leaders on their request, until they will allow all humans to get these same energy etc healings. (Big pharma is obviously preventing it). 

Lyrans have invited also world leaders to colonies, but because they sent military representatives there with weapons, aliens sent them back. Otherwise Lyrans say that the earth governments are starting to trust them. The leaders ask even advises for their economy, which is troubling most of them. From scientists 67 % knows about aliens. They have understood that megaliths must be made by aliens. They influence also now the leaders.

The economy in Lyran planet is mostly bartering, and everyone has there basic necessities. They are trading couple of things with humans, but they don´t need so many things. Money is used only on some special purposes. Lyrans were attacked long ago by reptilians, instead of fighting they left their planet. They don´t allow their kids to watch Kardashians!

Lyrans know when death is coming, there is some marks in body, so they have some ceremony before death, and then take care of the dying.
Other related channeled things, mostly from Tekkrr

Lyrans and other ETs help with the earth weather, otherwise there would be huge catastrophes. The north magnetic pole is moving, and there is fluctuation of jet streams, earthquakes and volcanoes. Then those cause the axis of earth to move, it has moved already 3 %. The Lyrans are not sure if they can stop it shifting. Equatorial region will change mostly, and time, if the poles would be shifting more. 

Partly earth changes are due to energies coming from inside the planet and also from center of galaxy. The sun is heating still, but soon grand solar minimum will cause increase of clouds and will cool the planet eventually leading to ice age. So called global warming is partly due to pollution caused by humans, and also aliens terraforming, and partly due to natural galaxial and solar cycle. Difficult to prepare for catastrophs. 

Earth countries are now more nationalistic, worried of their own security. There is more inner division also, in US, UK etc. Economical collapse has to come at some point. Some government officials are hybrids. Some countries already have their own meetings with certain ETs. Movie “Arrival” is positive about first contact.

In 2016 there was UFO crash in Arizona, some aliens were still alive. Agarthans, underground, are considering to show up themselves. Draconians and reptilians have some of their DNA on humans, about 6-8 %, and other species more. 

In Mars there is life underground, in Venus some sustainable life and in Jupiter some beings from other galaxy. Aliens go through karma as well. Super soldier program is not human origin. Transhumanism is big thing in galaxy.

Energy is the healer of the future humans, also gold, crystals etc. Egoistic healers create karma for themselves. Energies arriving to earth makes skin softer and have negative and positive effects depending on person. Every advanced culture has AI, but most use them only as helpers.

Russian did affect US elections, but Trump came to know only after. Trump speaks about starting space program, ETs are concerned what is the purpose of it. Trump and Pence are attending the governmental meetings most of the time, also Ivanka. CIA and Men in Black are present. During last meeting there were also six kings and one queen. Prince Williams attends sometimes.

Majority of humans has no opinion of ETs and 90 % don’t want to meet them. Two million people want disclosure. While cabal is stronger than governments, the worry is that they could scare people with fake alien invasion, which would delay real disclosure for hundreds of years.

Those visiting colonies are also making videos, but they don´t want to tell where to find them, because they would be taken down. One has to use intuition in order to find them.

Tekkrr didn´t like his first contact with humans, but since she has come to know humans better and wants to help them. Tibetan monks are rising to higher dimension. Indian PM Modi is very spiritual person and has ET contacts in astral.

Funny reptilian Grindal & 2 year old alien-human hybrid channeled 

Stardust channeling group is another dealing with aliens. Their group is more weird. The woman let the ETs to impregnate them and after some months the ETs come to pick up the embryo and grow it in their own facilities and community, which they claim are actually in the earth. They are Sarshar race, but they are called also the Tall Whites, which some people think are negative. Here introduction video,

Lets not forget that the EU president Juncker already did disclosure, "We must be aware that those who observe us from afar are worried. We have seen and heard many leaders of other planets are very worried, because they ask questions concerning the way in which the EU will follow. So we must insure Europeans as well as those who observe us from afar."
Baba, Shrii Shrii Anandamurti shortly, 1979-89; Life becomes easier so the physical capacity of human beings will gradually decrease; eyes, teeth and bones will become weak, with thin limbs and a disproportionately big head. This change will come soon and fast. Human beings will be able to increase life longevity by replacing old glands with new ones. They will become more divine through spiritual practices.

When laboratory babies will be produced, nature will slowly snatch away the child-producing capacity of men and women. Those laboratory boys and girls will be more mentally and spiritually developed.

Eventually the humans will move to other planets, to a far greater enlightenment. “So I advise each human being you should try to build yourself in a nice way, in a complete way and you should also build human society in the same way”. 

Didi Annapurna

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