perjantai 30. elokuuta 2013

Whom to follow?

Some ideas comes to my mind as I have been thinking to get sun panels, but they are so expensive. I saw in Finland that kind of sun cooker, which cost hardly anything, made up from some mirror (folio?) material. Its maker, a relief organization, told me that it is model they produce in Africa for family cooking instead or rare wood. Why then in western countries, as well as here, they don't make simple cookers for heating water on spring-summer-autumn time? And do yo remember as a child burning something with magnifying glass or thick lenses of reading glasses. They could make bigger lenses and one could heat up the water with it. Third idea is to use old painted black radiators or heaters as sun panels.

Also as the yogies in Himalayas manage to live almost naked in the middle of snow in caves, we also could develop that kind of skills. Though first it is better rather concentrate of creating strong mind and spiritual yearning in this life and leave the cold tolerance and body heating up for the next reincarnations, when we would be perhaps in fifth or sixth dimension and able to control also our bodily functions with ease.
This summer I have been busy with gardening - besides some travelings. Heavy, but pleasant work and fits for my “hermit” life style. Although quite often I have visitors helping. I also tried to get wwoofers, but nobody turned up. I use different methods, mixed cropping mostly and as we have lots of old hay bales in barn, I use hay everywhere to cover the soil, thus keeping it moist and soft and preventing “erosion”. It even become composted straight to the soil.

The harvest is the heaviest part. Suddenly after coming from trip you have ab150 kg over grown cucumbers, what do you do? To start with I went to city and distributed one box to needy people on the gate of some concert. People kindly took especially children. And I rode one wheel borrow load to neighbor. At least he has cows, if he will not feel like eating or pickling them.

That's what I have been doing, and making cucumber juice, even jam. Strawberries was another business, 70 liters jam and frozen. Next are the pumpkins, to be carried to storage. I dried some green staff, leave cabbages and even zukinis and I will dry also some apples. Last goes the carrots, potatoes, parsnips and beet roots to cellar and then I'm ready for winter.

We have been drinking lots of fresh green juices. The best combination seems to be fennel (leaves are OK too), carrots, zukini and one weed which name I have no idea.

Thus the summer goes on, and I'm carrying nice memories from summer conference in our other ecofarm in Poland, where ab 250 people gathered to spend time on spiritual satsanga and inspiration. I got there even prize for my Master Unit work. And I was in charge of accommodation, which is always challenging in retreat, to find suitable place for everyone, but I really liked to see that everyone was fine.
Sarkar: Supreme should be the only object of ideation. In the prehistoric age people were nature worshipers, while progressing, people started philosophical survey to find the entity behind the curtain, who lies hidden behind all scriptures.

In search of God they created so many scriptures, and when their logic failed they claimed that it is word of God. They encouraged fissiporous tendencies. But the subtlest entity remains covered from scriptures. What is the correct approach? So many scripture say different things. What the person should do? Scriptures are contradictory, whom to follow and whom not to follow.

And amongst intellectuals, there are many ideas. One intellectual does not support views of others. Thus intellectuals always create division. Where lies the secret of spirituality? Now the supreme entity, the final stance of dharma, lies covered within ones own I feeling, one should not search externally, but internally within. Everything is withing you. Supreme resides within you. Your only object of ideation is Supreme and not any scriptures...
Didi Annapurna

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