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October surprises

Obamacare's October surprises; government shutdown, but opening of $2 Billion NSA Spy Center. It isn't really a shutdown at all because the vast majority of federal services continue as normal. And the government shutdown is not completeBut Politico; Americans are angrier, according to a new poll. Weekly Standard. A quiet change was made on the website; Obamacare Deletes Reference to ‘Free Health Care’. And total mess... And Obama Pleads: Don't Give Up... Then SURVEY: Fewer Americans Buying Life Insurance.

Russia Unprepared to Deal With Space Alien Invasion – Official. RIA Novosti; A Russian military space official admitted that the country will be powerless to act should Earth become the target of an interplanetary incursion. British scientists claim to have found proof of alien life...
Pastor Lindsay Williams: The collapse in US will take place AFTER the affordable health care bill, Obamacare, is has been implemented. It is lynchpin to make everyone into slaves – full implementation delayed until Jan 1, 2015... The elite have not yet burdened people/countries with enough debt...The elite must have total control before they bring about a collapse of the financial system. June 19, 2013 – Bernanke stated possibility of tapering of asset purchases; markets panicked the following two days – a test what would happen to interest rates; 7-day repo rate spiked from ~3.3% to over 12% in China. If elite had allowed this to continue, all currencies/banks would have collapsed. - This time it was only testing... The final sign before the collapse of currencies around the world is rising interest rates. - Global derivatives will be used to collapse markets... Gold is a safe haven...After Jan 1st, 2014 things will be too expensive. - Collapse of medical system; - Get your spiritual house in order

Iran behind chemical watchdog’s decision on Syria – Lavrov; RT, The Russian FM said that it was Iran that offered a very sound addition (to “delete” all chemical weapons in middle east). Dandelion Salad, RT; Iran poses absolutely no threat to the world President Hassan Rouhani said in his address to the UN General Assembly. At the same time, militarism of “some players” and generalization of western values, he says, poses a true danger for the world security. United Nations.

Politico and Reuters, Salon ab NWO;Elites’ Strange Plot to Take Over the World; Nearly every presidential candidate from the 1950s to the 1970s supported it, as did hundreds of legislators in the U.S. and Western Europe...The Fed became the central banker to the world. Dutchsinse; Genetically Modified Society -- Movie; And Dutchsince: 10/3/2013 -- FINAL DAY OF CS 14 = DC shooting...Brain Implants to “Reboot” Depressed People; Hacker warned medical devices could be accessed remotely for “mass murder.”

Robotics revolution to replace most human workers in three generations... Study on 4G/LTE Cell Phone Radiation Shows It Affects Brain Activity. According to the science of epigenetics, stem cells and DNA can be altered through magnetic fields, heart coherence, positive mental states and intention.
The illnesses that run in families are propagated through the passing of genes associated with those attributes. Laboratory evidence shows this is not true. Even nonstem adult cells can be reprogrammed backward to a state where they can eventually give rise to neural cells, cardiac cells, skeletal muscle cells or insulin-producing cells. Love and appreciation or anxiety and anger also influence a person’s blueprint. In one experiment, select participants were able to change DNA with positive mental states. Control group volunteers who had low heart coherence were unable to alter the DNA.

US Senate is legislating against the alternative media. Senator Diane Feinstein wants your guns and that a proposed media shield law should be applied only to “real reporters.” Feinstein chastises alternative media reporters as basement-dwelling, pajama-clad bloggers with no professional credentials...Intel Core vPro prosessor secret 3G part makes it possible to hacker computer in off state since 2011. In introduction video Intel explains that it is meant for fixing powerless computer.
Daily Sheeple: Of the 94 countries that voted on the resolution to force Israel to join the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, 51 voted against the proposal. Interestingly ALL the Middle Eastern States were in favor of Israel joining... with the US, Britain and the European nations forming the majority that voted against it… items; Jesuit Pope Steers Flock Into New World Religion....Most Sea Ice Ever Measured At Either Pole...New Tesla Patent: Battery Pack Using Metal-Air & Lithium-Ion Batteries...KENYAN MALL FALSE FLAG ATTACK: THE CAMERA MAN CAN!...Governments stealing from bank accounts...Morales: Obama can invade any country for US energy needs.

Fulford writes ab the meeting between cabal and the White Dragon Society (Sept 30th)... the cabal was able to gain a little breathing room by promising to distribute money for the benefit of humanity. Various groups fighting for control of the world’s financial system could all be made happy. Neil Keenan group could start their big projects to turn the deserts green etc. The M1 and their OITC group could finance big anti-poverty campaigns being promoted by Pope Francis. The British and their interests could also start massive projects, as could the Germans and just about everybody else.

Since the cabal representatives at the meeting were only messengers, the WDS is waiting, impatiently, for more concrete action... The US military are not allowing themselves to be manipulated into criminal
wars.... Other corporate media operatives are now getting brave enough to write about cabal murder squads. Daily Mail about 20 billion Euros in unclaimed cash at Moscow Airport:

The criminal regime in Saudi Arabia and their Nazi partners like Netanyahu i.e need to be dealt with decisively....Until these mass murderers are neutralized, the financial war will not end but intensify.

Kerry Cassidy has a bit strange interview with a state official of a EU country [here].... He tells i.e; Nuclear crisis between the US and Russia in the early Sixties was resolved through an off-world connection. A parallel civilization or better civilizations used to her to calm things down... I would like to give you some mechanistic... how the political situation on the earth is actually handled...The Reptilians, because of the Illuminati agenda, would rather keep technology – keep people in a bind – so that they can control and dictate how technology is drip fed into the planet’s economy so that they can control the economy. US, the Western sphere is at present illuminati dominated, the Triads are the Eastern equivalent of the illuminati.
China is sending people all over Europe to study the welfare systems all over Europe.  China closes its borders to the West totally...What is happening in the US at the moment, it is reaching a peak, and it is at the point of collapse... America is going to lose its Empire.
The earth expands by 1 inch every year, takes on mass inter-dimensionally and becomes heavier...Earth’s year going to gradually increase to 369 days or so...We are a binary because Sirius is a binary to us...We also have to be prepared for a creeping ice age in northern Europe because the Gulf Stream is collapsing.
We are being guided by a previous civilisation which does not want us to make the same mistakes that we made previously during its progression. ..A lot of people are going to have to do a lot of soul searching starting next year.
Russia is not longer under Illuminati control.  Even though they do dreally odgy stuff together at times like what happened in Poland a few years ago...Polish population was a bit too big to be easily managed and too independent minded – it is a sort of an oddity – population is a bit large – 40 million and the Russians are always afraid of Polish nationalism and the Illuminati were as well... Putin is a Russian nationalist at heart. The Russians are using Snowden to capture the hearts and minds of the West. Russia Today is being used to increase Russia’s influence over the West...
Brussels being heavily chemtrailed, possibly on dates when important decisions are taken ….so that EU representatives would be temporarily isolated from their higher spiritual connection…But the alternative media is having an impact... The younger employees are openly discussing things... poisoning of the earth is an ongoing effort but it is not going to be successful, because consciousness will create its own reality right.  That is why they want to reduce the population...Japanese had begun to explore free energy devices...
The elite is going to be replaced by another elite...My idea is to give you a positive message. Human travel to other dimensions. But it has to be done in a way that will not shock the people. Maybe the best way for humans to dodge the process is to move away from the apparent holographic projections of Christ, Mohammed and other religious figures... 
Didi Annapurna 

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