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The Shift

Eric about the shift; The Shift will affect us physically, cause anxiety. Difficulties in sleeping...short sleeps and long sleeps alternating. Headaches, discomforts, nausea, because of the energy of Earth changing. US right now; there is competition, voyeurism, and materialism, but after the Shift we’ll have a sense of healthy confidence that doesn’t ruin other people, unity confidence. Women that have been more passive and submissive are going to have rage and a sense of power. For men, there’s going to be deeper emotions—the happiness and the sad ones.

Those who fail to choose the path of Love they’ll sabotage their own lives. They’ll fear that our world is busting out with disease when they are the ones who are creating the disease for themselves. They won’t be left behind (to 3D). It just gets broader; now you live in zero to four dimensions (plants, animals, humans, reptilians etc ? DA). The new dimension that we’re growing into are dimensions five and six, but you’ll live in zero through six. So those people in lower vibration, you’ll still be able to see them and talk to them just the same. Most commonly, they’ll self-destruct. The earth will have less animals.

There will be huge gap of understanding what life is, like a social gap. Some will be able to use mind and capacity beyond the 3rd dimension, telepathic skills etc; and Physical Changes During the Shift and many more if you do search. (I think this description what is going to happen during the "shift" is quite correct although channeled, DA)

Dr. Jeff Bradstreet who figured out that vaccines caused autism, was found dead from river with gun shot. The matter is concluded to be suicide although no investigation is done. Dr. Bradstreet's Suicide
Psychic Focus; Dr Bradstreet became obsessed with vaccines and spend many sleepless nights to study them. Most people do not have an adverse reaction to vaccines, and the government would rather have a larger slice of the population protected. If the truth came out many people would not take vaccines. (Same with some drugs?). Dr. Bradstreet understood all of this and wanted to publish it. CIA hired a hit team to "convince" him to stop. When he refused, he got shot at very close range. 
More from PF; Boston “bomber” Tsarnaev was forced to apologize what he and his brother had done. He has accepted his own fate, but he was “given control” of what happens to his family and friends. The people in his "bubble" are reaching a point of acceptance, and knowing that in a spiritual state all things will be "reset."

Zetatalk since long wrote ab "Dark Twin" of planet Earth and coming pole shift. Nancy Lieder is channeling ET greys. PF; Things come to all of us in different ways. We see variances in time lines, and the act of free will ever changes the reality we live in. Nancy is doing and meaning well and relaying information that she receives. Some interpretation into human language needs to take place, but she does her best. Regarding the "dark twin", we do have a sister sun that is aligned behind our sun, the "red comet" belongs to it. The gravitational pull causes earth wobble more and slow down earth a bit (the days will be longer). ETs and the Human Connection.

Sheldan Nidle's alien visits resumed; Sheldon is able to "see" ETs that are visiting him in other layers. He has been in ET ships too. He predicts things on a different time line...Some things happen accurately, but also some big changes.

Boriska, Russian child lived a previous life on Mars. He said that Mars died and Martians came to Earth. His mother prohibited further interviews. PF; Mars was once inhabited and the environment became too hostile for the Martians to survive, so they came to earth and were one of the groups of ETs that began to colonize earth. The Martians that stayed on Mars were forced underground. Boriska is remembering his past life. 

Can Aliens steal our souls slowly by implanting us; PF; Rather controlling you. You still own your soul, but they can manipulate your actions, control your thoughts - essentially spy on you from the inside and to study humans. More "mental" control is happening now, because our vibrations have been lowered so they can tap in. Most ETs are "good guys" and fight against these types of practices. 
How to invite contact with good ET? PF; by keeping your vibration high, stay in a state of protection (especially before meditating) and begin putting intent out to meet one as long as it is your greater good. When the time is right it will happen. UFO online TV news; PF; I do see this as real! 
Dr Malanga, a hypnotherapist working with abductees for 20 years, claims that certain abductions are done in order to use humans as a living hard drive that stores the consciousness of ETs until they are able to construct a new body for themselves and thus continue their lives; PF; lower vibrational beings (ET and human) tend to focus on immortality because even though they understand the concept of reincarnation, they have a feelings that part of their self dies when the physical body dies. Raising your vibration, humans have the capability to fight off all attacks to our being.
Charleston Murders - Dylann Storm Roof; agenda to start a race war to keep us fighting between ourselves. Fake DY LANN morphed to "DIE LANN," [lann means church], planned to happen in a church to evoke a stronger emotion from the population. He is Federal Agent (Caucasian, male, and looks young). He will eventually "vanish". They want to get all guns registered, stamped and tax / fee / paid license. All that we need for evil to exist is for good men to do nothing. 
War in space? and

Mars disclosure; Corey; The ICC has an entire industrial infrastructure that includes bases, stations, outposts, mining operations and facilities on Mars and spread throughout the main Asteroid Belt. We were never asked if we would like a tour, invited to spend the night or stay with the personnel or inhabitants of any facility. We did however get a chance to see some of the people. They were usually pale, unhealthy looking both physically and mentally and seemed very much like slave labor. 
June 11, the British Interplanetary Society began a two day meeting on a most unusual topic according to a BBC news article: “How to Overthrow a Martian Dictatorship.” The meeting envisaged a Mars colony ruled over by a ruthless dictator who trampled on the rights of workers. The dictator needed to be overthrown without destroying the colony itself. According to the author of the BBC article, Richard Hollingham, the meeting brought together 30 scientists, engineers and philosophers who took their “task seriously.” 
At the same time as the BBC June 11/12 meeting was held, real life events were occurring at a secret Mars colony that remarkably paralleled what the British Interplanetary Society was discussing. And Corey Goode and Gonzales were arrested by tyrant base commandor in Mars.
Was it just coincidence, or are British scientists, engineers and policy makers secretly preparing to remove from power the ruthless dictators controlling secret colonies on Mars? How to remove these dictators without them killing off their personnel and/or destroying their facilities is a problem all humanity will soon have to confront. Salla, Copyright,

Many whistleblowers are now claiming they have set foot on Mars. “Captain Kaye”, Cramer claims his supervisor wanted him to speak publicly about it. Cramer worked on Project Moonshadow (300 supersoldiers) - its aim was to create faster, stronger, moral heroes, modern supersoldiers. He was serving 20 year off planet, at US military base on the Moon, LOC, and on Mars, MDF (Mars Defense Force), under the MCC (Mars Colony Corporation by governments, banks, tech companies, mining etc.) 
He normally used environment suit to walk on surface of Mars. On equatorial regions air is like thin mountain air. The snow falls more slowly than snow on Earth. Humans got along with Martian species, 1 reptoid and 1 insectoid - until the Draconian reptilians got involved – then catastrophic event almost wiped out Cramer’s Forward Station Zebra, resulting in the death of 520 people. Then Cramer became a pilot of the EDF SS Nautilus spaceship. Finally he was returned to earth and regressed back into a younger cloned body of 17 years old.

Cramer says there are 2 factions of the NWO: one faction wants to create new civilization with eugenics, depopulation, and the other faction thinks that approach would weaken us and allow ETs overtake us. Some of the elites may want to get now the truth out to save themselves. Cramer says, if disclosure occurs, ETs would enlighten us about non-exploitative new systems of society;

Sphere Being Alliance are positive 6th-9th Density Beings, their values; LOVE, Forgiveness and raising vibrations/consciousness and becoming Service To Others. But you have to be careful with the negative service to self 3rd, 4rth and 5th Density Beings. All of my contacts are encounters (Not channeled/Remote/Telepathic). The "Earth Human Delegation" (representing Humanity) is occupied by the current ruling Elites of the Earth. Russia will not fall for any manipulations into war and are having high technology that can prevent US weapons.

Wilcock; We have brown dwarf on 25000 cycle. It never gets close enough to cause trouble, but some changes to earth and other planets will occur. Planets are held in place, nothing can cause big calamity. Planets are like piece of sand comparing to mass of sun. 
Corey; vast majority are binary systems. We have brown dwarf going around our galaxy. Waves of energy like tsunami are having effect in weather, volcanic activity. Every planet and sun are having massive changes. Sun brightness, solar flash increased told in different religions.
We can't know before we experience it. Massive change in consciousness, everything is vibration, will have direct effect on matter. People who are aware will be in first class, guiding others. In 5000 years our DNA has changed. Intelligence rising, size of brain increased. 
Sept banking system collapse, Illuminati infiltrated the New financial system/Bricks, trying to set up another NWO. When new technologies solutions come, financial system collapses, money is not needed. We need collapse and exposure, that the normal people would become awaken and enough angry and start making changes. Coming 52 episodes in Gayan TV by Wilcock and Corey; And the Source Field Investigations on video;

More wise than Einstein and Tesla; "He had worked out down to the mathematical formula all the transdimensional technologies up to and including teleportation, dematerialization, anti-gravity, electro-magnetic-gravitic etc. I know everything about him." -Steven M. Greer: and And And Simon Parkes; and and

Harvard Psychiatrist On Alien Abductions/Contact: Yes, It’s Both Literally & Physically Happening. It’s also some kind of psychological, spiritual experience... possibility there are other unseen realities from which our consciousness, our learning processes over the past several hundred years have closed us off.”(source)

Aliens Exist’ Says NASA Chief; NASA also preparing for a disclosure? Astronaut and current NASA administrator Bolden: 'I do believe that we will someday find other forms of life.' Bolden also admitted the existence of Area 51, but never saw aliens there. RT; Robots will conquer world, keep us as pets – Wozniak. Tori Smith speaks of clone centers & non human entities in the illuminati; And Nasa cuts it again; UFOs flying from Earth just before feeds are cut off.

Project Camelot ab Jade Helm whistleblower; consider the possibility that a false flag attack may be about to occur in Texas. Forewarned is forearmed. And Poll: Majority Of Texans Are Expecting Domestic Military Takeover . And All Militia and Patriot Groups On High Alert! - Multiple Confirmations. First time in our lifetimes the FBI has reached out for the help of every Militia unit and Patriotic groups to help guard our Nation.
The FBI is going to be setting up command and control centers around the country for 4th of July. After these so called "holiday weekend command and control centers" will remain in place permanently. Folks, I believe the recently vanishing 200,000 homeless have been taken and put in Fema camps as part of the Jade Helm exercise. (Also Psychic Focus told they are used for medical experimenting, DA). FBI Agents Telling Friends & Family to ‘Avoid July 4 Celebrations’.

Can you believe; Finnish government censoring again scientist's article, removed from And this is nothing what scientist Iiskola told; If EU parliament doesn't change quickly its relation to Russia and US, the world will be heading into war in Autumn. The real goal of EU and US is revolution or coup in Russia. It is time for Finnish people to finish singing songs of US. ab Iiskola. CEPA (Center for EU Policy Analysis) propagates Russo phobia and infowar. 
jimstone;; What happened to Gene Chip Tatum after arrest; I tried to tell the story (of my arrest) on my show, but we were blocked from transmitting. When whoever finds that I am transmitting the signal is depleted. - See also what Chip says ab possible next president Jeb Bush, he knows the Bushes well;

And Do not fall for the Gandhi psy op. I do not believe that dealing peacefully with loving tyrants will cause them to blush and surrender. If Britain left India it was for reasons other than Gandhi. The Gandhi psy op has done a lot of damage to the free world. When dealing with tyrants the only thing that matters is the amount of force you can exhibit to keep them at bay.
Attack underway on the web, and legitimate forums have been targeted for destruction. The only forums out there not being attacked are Godlike Productions and Above Top Secret. Gee, I wonder why? And Godlikeproductions called Amazon for an explanation about why they banned the Confederate flag. The girl on the phone admitted that the government ordered them (also Ebay etc) to stop selling it. 
Economics; According BIS the world is incapable of combating another global financial crash – that is coming. The financial wizards, VIDEO, say that “we are all slaves to the central banks.” Sputnik News; Russian energy giant Gazprom has shut gas deliveries to Ukraine 1. July. Is she joking;
Fulford: Greek falls, China to pick up the pieces. Greece has shut down its banks and imposed capital controls. (Heartbreaking indeed; And so the dominoes start to fall. We can expect Spain, Italy, France, Germany and finally the US to follow Soviet Union style collapse.

China will contribute to a EU reconstruction fund 315 billion Euros. This is the one of the reasons why the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland etc. agreed to join the AIIB. British offered major newspaper to the Chinese. Hungary agreed to participate in the Chinese silk-road initiative. (With $21 Trillion, China’s Savers Are Set to Change the World; 
Putin met with Pope Francis. Both are now going to pressure Obama to disengage in the Ukraine, Syria etc so that the Christian West can form a unified bloc. UN has de facto charged Netanyahu with being a war criminal. Netanyahu would be in jail soon. In Saudi Arabia expected military defections against that regime.

Elon Musk's SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Explodes shortly after takeoff; having been picked by NASA, and funded by US taxpayers, to ship a cargo capsule to the Space Station.; SpaceX rocket kept flying perfectly for almost 10 full seconds after cargo bay exploded. This proves there was no rocket failure. A hack, bomb or virus ignited the payload's thrusters two minutes into the flight... intentionally to destroy private space endeavor. How does a cargo bay that was put together for the International Space Station explode? I believe Israel has decided that the US space program is over. And dance place explosion;
Sarkar; With the help of spiritual practices, the human beings of the future will increase the functional jurisdiction of their brains with accelerating speed...Just imagine the situation that will arise in the future as a result of humanity's ever increasing thirst for knowledge. To meet these developments the nerve cells and nerve fibres will have to become more complex. Consequently, the human cranium will become larger and the size of the head will increase. 

A devotees desire and work is to become an ideologist and to follow his “Iśt́a” (goal). Devotees have been victorious in the past and they will be victorious in the future. Those who become ideologists will progress physically, mentally and spiritually if they will also become “Iśt́anist.” You must become ideologist and “Iśt́anist.”
Didi Annapurna

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