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Afterlives of celebs

Lets see what kind of messages the celebs are claimed to have sent through mediums etc after their death;
Michael Jackson (short cut, DA); If you cannot love yourself, you cannot love the person next to you. Because of my skin lightening, I didn’t like the idea of looking like an albino black person, so I decided to only alter my nose just to match the appearance with my skin to be consistent. Further I decided to have subsequent surgeries, because the first one didn’t go particularly well. I was abused as a child. This created my swing toward having a very private life and entertaining children so I could give them joy ad happiness. Yes, and I promise you to this day I did NOT lay a hand on any child.  

MJ's death; If Dr. Murray wouldn’t give me what I wanted, I would have found someone else who would’ve. But in the end, I ingested a lot of that Propofol myself. After death; It was bright in every sense of the word, but it never hurt my eyes. I just wept. Elvis was one of the first people I met, Ronald Reagan... There are landscapes; there are buildings; there are people. I offer gatherings to bring people together to continue community organization and love, play music and sing. I sit with my mother and my children (on earth) everyday to make sure they still feel me around them.

And still MJ; I did not want nor intend to die. It was a malfunction of my circulatory system combined with the adverse affects of pain meds I'm addicted to, because I have severe back injury...and not maintaining my health due to intense pressure in the industry. Sony killed me...they squeezed the life-blood out of me...

LOOK at them, they ARE my children...Paris' eyes are smokey green, like my father's, and my older son has my more prominent nose...people are still so racist...but my children love me, and Mom loves me...The London show will continue, and my energy will be so palpable there that they will finally know that death is NOT the end, it is a doorway....

Face surgeries; I just wanted to "fit in" and look nice for my fans... I could morph, change, into what I wanted to be. But it got out of hand... We never dreamed, that it would go so big, and then I felt, the fans expect perfection. Daphne;

MJ; To learn the consequences of thought on earth...physical body is like temporary avatar. In “the heaven” we use many bodies in the learning process of the soul itself. The soul body or light body is the only eternal body we own. It is the most powerful and perfect we own and for which we do this training of life. In the heaven there is always daytime, no night and central sun is always up, no heat no cold. The flowers burn in colors, but they don’t really burn as you know it in earth.

MJ said that he was very maligned in this life, but he's not holding any grudges. He feels a definite unfairness because they accuse him of so many things. You've got to realize that he was like a 9-or-10-year-old in a man's body. He felt more at home with children than people his own age.

PF on MJ: There is a such an imbalance of energy when I focus on him, psychologically he was very confused. Even though he was an entertainer, he was uncomfortable around people. I really do see this as drug induced death (or playing a large role), but more out of carelessness than being an intentional. He was in a sense haphazard with his health;
Jon Benet (a child of rich well known family in US, she died at six, parents were blamed of her death): I would like the world to know that death is not scary and that we’re all equal. I help (in other side) the animals release their belief in God. Animals kiss each other and show compassion... We’re all gonna finally figure out that animals are just as smart as humans and have languages that we don’t understand; Here dog saves other dog’s life;

PF; JB's parents did not do it, but hired who did. They were having some financial problems, and this was really related to Jon's insurance. They are not that bright in respect to, they didn't think this would ever get so much attention. The mom has some major mental imbalances and is the dominant one in the relationship. I see this case as having a lot of evidence, but the outcome was related to who had endurance;
Ab John Lennon on Book; “Afterlives of the Rich and Famous.” Browne explores the afterlives of Elvis, Marilyn, JFK Jr., MJ, Princess Diana etc. John Lennon continues peace process with former world leaders. John and George are often meditating together. George sings on Hindu temple. More on; Indian guru channeled a beautiful song from Lennon on a sitar, translated into an American style.

Book by Keen; Across the Universe With John Lennon, in 1994. Lennon teaches from afterlife that reality extends way beyond what we can see. Another book; Peace At Last: The After-Death Experiences of John Lennon, 1982 by Jason Leen. Lennon came to Jason three nights after he died, only to say he was being kept strongly on the earth plane, because of all the people grieving for him. Lennon will be one of the spirit beings to interact with people on earth to get humanity awaken. Planet earth will go through immense changes in the coming years.

Book; All You Need is Love, by Mr James, 2003. Lennon and Jewellle were couple on earlier life. This is a story of karmic healing that is inspiring and fascinating. Healing a prior lifetime also heals the current lifetime, and the soul for the rest of eternity, says Lennon. One more; Crossing Over: The Stories Behind the Stories, By Mr Edward, 2002.

Carl Perkins played his song “My Old Friend” for Paul. And Paul, upon hearing the song started crying. Lennon's last words to Paul had been; “”Think about me every now and then, old friend”, words, which Carl unknowingly put into this song; “If we never meet again this side of life, in a little while, over yonder, where there’s peace and quiet, my old friend, won’t you think about me every now and then?”

Lennon ab his death; I felt I was out of the body before it hit the ground. I felt that work on earth wasn’t done. I had so many other plans to use music as the soother to make people in different cultures stand next to each other and smile. When I first left my body, I was quite alone. I half expected the old religious stories to unfold—trumpets playing, angels swarming! You cross to here, you only have room for Love. It was always my awareness that Heaven wasn’t away from us; it was always within us. I was right that there IS such a place as this. I was able to talk to my son on earth. Mark Chapman, the killer, was our agreement before coming there to earth. Instead of taking an opportunity to show compassion for somebody filled with such anger and helping him resolve that, all they did was punish him by death. We can’t continue good guy/bad guy. We all have to be on the same side. Being a human is very much like being an actor.
And Princess Diana;; Diana thinks Prince William will be the next monarch, with or without a wife and she is very proud of Prince Harry and feels there are great plans for him.

Diana; There is no castle that has no dragon, and if you pretend that it doesn’t, then you live in the land of make believe. I am greatly wanting to make this statement for the sake of my son’s future reign as king, and his brother’s future role as prince. It will do well for them to
know that I can reach them... William is “well prepared for this role. I can thankfully say that my years that I did have with him were not wasted... I am content to allow him to make his decisions for I know what spirit and soul lay within my son’s physical body;

And Diana; When we were in the car, we were being chased. There was much panic in the car. I wasn’t behind the steering wheel; there wasn’t much I could do or take care of myself. I was at the mercy of others, really. What people will do for a story! It’s quite disgusting, really. After death; The energy of people sorrow, grief towards me, I felt them. Like tidal waves that was difficult to handle. I had no idea so many people cared about me. When you loose someone don’t carry that sadness with you, because they will feel it in other side. Let them (her sons) make the difference that I couldn’t finish.... It’s bereavement that will always keep me alive in peoples’ hearts. I love the work Mother Teresa does here, and so I often work with her as well;

Diana; Earth energy changing, filling with love. Crucial times, we can make it better to everyone. Connect to source we can change. Diana is impatient because there is so much to do for changing better, say Channeler Clyde. Diana thinks Kate is a wonderful person for William, because she has a tougher skin than she ever had. Di was very shy and everything hurt her feelings.

Dr Rob Cissna: Diana didn’t get justice. Diana says William knows and will bring justice, when he becomes king in next 20 years. Charles will be king first. She was murdered. Charles’ friends were guilty. Charles wanted to marry but couldn’t divorce if Diana was alive. Couple vehicles caused the accident, but it was possible to recover, on the other hand she also suppose to cross over. Diana is there for all the people in world and charity. Harry is not Charles’ child, but soccer player’s. Kate marrying William is good. Kate is stronger than Diana, world will be once very surprised of her strenght. William is in contact with spiritual world. They will get three girls, then one boy (?). Diana is with the kids in the other side. Monarchy will never die. Diana tells people to find peace. Queen Elisabeth will live 100 years.;

PF on Diana; Prince Charles had some knowledge or her death - but I can't get anything strong connecting it. I get a strong sense of aggression and anger behind her death. Kate is fertile, but they used a proces of genetic engineering of William's sperm and Kate's egg to have the optimum success. They do need a certain ratio of boys and girls to keep the bloodline going. This baby girl have kind of light about her. Diana is like guide to her;

Donald Marshall made a song for Diana claiming of knowing what were her last words to driver???; You took the tunnel route home. You'd never taken that way with me before.
Did you feel a need for change? And more strange stories about Di;


Marilyn Monroe; I get a message about this being an "encouraged suicide." It was as if she was in this sad, depressed state, and someone was feeding her alcohol and drugs until she overdosed. Medium Bonnie Vent channeling Marilyn Monroe at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel;
Leonardo da Vinci: Throughout all of my lives, I will remain the inventor... Muse for Steve Jobs? LdV: I think humanity is sick with mental disease. And my biggest invention will involve this: the change in the school system throughout the world. The one that’s just rotten and has this fungus on it is the education.
LdV made successful hand-built models of; trains, helicopters, airplanes and hot air balloons. Leonardo: Some I made big for use, but then I saw in visions, what devastation and destruction they would cause to humanity and to the Earth'. Illuminati was a good society. I compare it to the private extreme spiritual groups that meet today... they have a greater understanding of how energy works.
President Lincoln; Despite the power that I attained, I still walked among the poor and understood them. When I felt myself being shot, I knew, at that moment, that the country would change because of what had happened. I felt that I left the right people in charge. I take a lot of joy in being on councils to help the world find the peace that it deserves. I feel hopeful for humanity today. I’m very proud to have my face on the penny. I wish the government would save money by... not manufacturing it anymore. I’d very much like to be president in this day and age seeing how [powerful and open] media is. It is nice to see how people protect their families, but I would also like to see them protecting their neighbors. The world would change overnight.
JFK; My public death was necessary to be documented, that people could see the corruption of office. Government did this plan purposely. Who ever is coming will be displaced, corruption is still there. I wanted to have government like open book, restructuring, because too much ego, greed, two ideas collide;

JFK was killed by the CIA for being "too honest." There was a story he was about to uncover, and it felt threatening to a lot of people, and they had to quiet him. They pleaded with him for a long time, but he stayed true to what he thought. Some of the "story" got out, but they made sure that he didn't get the rest out before having him killed;

Robert channeling JFK, 2013; I tried to end the printing of currency by the Federal Reserve which is then loaned to the US government at an interest rate. Instead, I desired to have the Treasury Department print our currency. I tried to effectively end the functioning of the Federal Reserve and IRS. They were not created by Congress.

The Vietnam war was all about the oil in Vietnam. I wished to end it and have our troops come home, but the CIA didn't want the communists to take over Vietnam. Also The CIA insisted that they make air strikes on Cuba. I fiercely disagreed with Allen Dulles, the head of the CIA, and fired him. I do not regret the decision.

The very rich have plundered this country to the point now that they have no interest in this county anymore. They have gotten what they want to get out of it. More and more things are being privatized because there is not enough money to take care of everything (infrastructure etc) anymore, and it is unfortunate. The educational system is deplorable.
There are too many people who get elected in Washington who owe other people favors, and there's conflicts of interest. I have more faith in local government. Due to fact that I denied Israel's nuclear weapon program, which meant the loss of their power base, I believe that my family and I were killed by the Mossad and Lucien Sarti. Sarti admitted to someone, who died, crossed over, and that is how I know. (JFK’s killers; Lucien Sarti;

Caroline Kennedy; I feel, because she is not trying to elevate herself to a Presidential role, that she is probably out of harm's way. (Death threats against Caroline Kennedy 2015;
I have had contact with them (Jackie, brother, John Jr). It is strange that it took death to bring us together.  Marilyn Monroe... I just got caught up and it just got out of control...  I am hoping that I can be forgiven for the things I ended up doing to Israel so that I can move on to another incarnation. I believe that the reason for continuing to reincarnate is to evolve.

It is important to help people while you are alive. God is God, there aren't divisions with religion. Team: Robert and Berry - channelers; George - the questioner.

She experienced how JFK died;
JFK says Jerry Brown knows who shot him. JFK felt he didn’t learn his lesson so he wanted to come back. He is now incarnated back to earth, he is young girl now.
Anne Frank; writing the book - I did it for myself. It was my shame for humanity. We died in camp, the diary gave a face to the Holocaust and every Holocaust before and after. In the previous life I was the one treating others unjustly. Sometimes I could be particular cruel - kill men. We’d take younger children, to be used as slaves. Now a lot of fear mongering going on, I would just ask humanity to not be influenced by it. Anne Frank: The Book, the Life, the Afterlife – Goodreads. John Wayne; The dangers that we’re in now consist of a broken system—a broken government system. And it’s going to come to an end soon. (Sorry lost the source).
Jimi Hendrix tells how he died: When you’re on drugs so much, it makes you feel better. You tend to lose your perception of what would be good for you. It wasn’t suicide. I help (on the other side) people get in touch with who they are. Drake~channeling JH; And in Past Life JH was; Chevalier de Saint George born on 1745, native of Carribean island, the son of a white plantation owner and his wife, a former slave. Chevalier showed skill as a violinist early on.
Elvis; After death it got better. My faith and my beliefs got stronger. I confirmed to myself that there indeed was a source of love so strong. My one lesson was really that we had that source in us all along. Music was the one thing that I really felt God was working through me. Being in silence is just as important as being in music. Silence allows you to connect to your heart, while the music allows you to set yourself free;
Shakespeare: Macbeth was based on a play by another playwright. I wouldn’t use the word, “plagiarize.” I would use the word, “borrow.” Romeo and Juliet... you have to be courageous to love another human being; you have to be courageous to love and follow your dreams. He was an elephant in some earlier life!;
Elisabeth Taylor; I was so involved with gaining ground—riches, materials, creating this face for the public, so I could do what I loved most—being on stage, but after I passed, I saw that they meant absolutely nothing. After death; the first thing I did—I laughed, and I realized it and told myself, ‘I know I am dead, but I’m laughing! That was the beginning of my awakening.
Albert Einstein; I was seeing the letters backwards. I had to teach myself how to learn, and I discovered the love of the enjoyment of learning. This life inspired me to merge science and love. That it (Quantum physics) is challenging some of my theories...that’s wonderful! That’s exciting. The way that I saw the structures and the definition of the world around me were trapped in that timeframe that I existed in. Science should be ever-changing to keep up with the discovery of the truths as we stumble upon them.

I think we need to finish the redefining of quantum mechanics a little deeper, and then I will come back to help us understand the exploration of the space within the human mind. Ah, we’re so interested in the stars and the “way out there”. Let’s cure disease. It’s my understanding that all diseases start with the head...

The state of humanity is being compartmentalized by the governments. It’ll be the greater concepts and the love of entertainment that will bring the world together. If you want to look for something great in life, look into how to fall in love. I spend a bit of time with people on Earth to help them learn more about their life by showing them more about spirituality. Barbara channeling Albert Einstein;
Steve Jobs, Apple, after death; Surrounding me was dark. I stayed in that space for what seemed like heal myself before I was allowed to continue on. And then when I continued on, the whole space lit up; I was allowed to see other people, other family members. I was happy it wasn’t commercialized. I’m interested in communicating with the aliens and looking at the technology that expands through the universe. I was obviously on earth to show that what we create in our head we can actually create materially. Ab the money he left behind; I would have given it to other countries. I thought I would live a much longer life. In some previous life, SJ was in northern Finland. There was no any electricity. The harsh nature influenced him to create —Apple.
What people experienced near-death;  

My own kind of experience....I was scared ab death, and wanted so much to know how it is to die. Also because our scriptures say that when we die, the last thing that we think, matters. If we meditate, it suppose to make us to remember the Cosmic Consciousness at the time of death and merge into CC. I did regularly meditation, but doubted how could I remember CC as my last thought.

I suppose, because of that, I was given a chance to experience it - but for that I had to go to hospital with very stupid reason; I got some female problem and doctor recommended to take antibiotics. I totally refused, which made him to decide, that then I have no choice, but to go for operation. He arranged me into some poor hospital in Nairobi.

When I was lying down on the operation table, the female doctor came in. I got totally scared as she looked so awkward, and her behavior was more than unpolite. Obviously I couldn't escape anymore. In my mind I was thinking that I might die into their hands, as also the male nurse giving anesthesia, didn't look even any nurse. I blacked out, remembering just my fear of possible death - and not any Cosmic Consciousness.

But immediately when I passed off, I was faced with light that drew me automatically towards it. I didn't care about anything else. It became such peaceful, beautiful and joyful journey to eternity, that I never could imagine - although I had experienced some glimpses of it during meditation. I was one with my Guru, one with the Cosmic Consciousness, one with the Divine.
At the end of the operation, I woke up before I was even taken to my room. I just remember me whispering to my friends who had come to see me; 'I want to go back where I was, I want to go back. I was there where my Guru is.'

Soon when we were already going out of the hospital, I met the anesthesia nurse and told him my experience. He said; 'I know all the patients here are seeing strange dreams'. I said it was not any dream, but he didn't seem to believe me. Then it came to my mind to ask, how is that everyone seems there strange “dreams”? He laughed and said that they give only half anesthesia to everyone, because most of the patients are abortion cases, and they want to go quickly back to home or work, so that nobody will question.

This experience was for me a proof that the death is nothing, and everyone who meditates and has realized the existence of Cosmic Consciousness, the God - or what so ever name we use – is going to make it towards the God, Divine, Creator.
Didi Annapurna

Didi Annapurna

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