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Conspiracy theorists and whistleblowers are doing heavy job. One has to try to expose the evil doers, but sometimes one ends up barking the wrong tree in front of the internet audience. This happens to all of us. It would be easier just silently observe the news and exposions and try to figure out the truth by oneself. So why to bother to take the risk of public criticism and ridicule? 

I feel it should be duty of everyone to try to expose the evils and bring truths out. One should try to serve the society although some blame will always fall on head of the brave ones. I don't count myself to be one of the most brave ones, that need to fear for their life, like the real whistle blowers and conspiracy theorists have to, as I don't have the experience and also not so many readers. 

We need disclosure and awakening... do your part, if you are not good in writing and combining things, at least help to spread the word and publish others writings. And remember spiritual people will have protection, if needed.

I have stated before that when the MSM (Main Stream Media) is not telling the truths, we have to listen even the psychics, conspiracy theorists, remote viewers etc in order to find out what is going on, but even these sources are not perfect. For some it is difficult to do research with tiny resources, and some have their own agenda anyways.
Earthquake in California?? PF: Growing Earth is creating many shifts. The energy under Yellowstone need to be expelled (ET friends assist). Volcano in the Pacific building pressure. All this look to create earthquake activity in California (Mexico and W-Canada) and great divide and widening at the Mississippi River. No fear, but just be prepared. Keshe expects big earthquakes in California within 18 months.

Is the Mississippi staring to shift in a diagonal manner? Another Canadian Pacific Railway train carrying crude oil derailed in Wisconsin. The bow stress on the N-American continent continues, forcing the St Lawrence Seaway to spread. California missile was not Real Trident ballistic missile;

Scanning the Egypt pyramids; new thermal scans of Giza pyramids revealed unusually high sources of heat from a number of previously undiscovered secret passages.

Solar storm knocked out the air traffic control systems in Sweden, prompting them to close the country's airspace for hour. It happened also in Sweden in 1999. An unusually fast stream of solar wind with a series of shock waves has been hitting the Earth, creating auroras and polar geomagnetic storms.

NASA has released a stunning video that reveals the volatile surface of the Sun as never-seen-before. The US government's announced that catastrophic solar flares could soon wipe out power grids around the world.

NASA comfirm the pole shift and climate change are linked, so do you think we will get those climate change CO2 taxes back now? Maverick thinks magnetic pole shift will bring also axis shift; And Pole Shift News;

George tried to find out if Corey Goode is a disinfo agent; George: What if – just saying what if, in all respect – you’ve been set up by the government to be some kind of informational specialist who is trying to divert us and the attention? Maybe something else is going on...Could you be that person? In all respect.

Corey: In all respect. I’ve thought about that. And this is something I’ve thought about heavily because one of the projects that I was under was called Project Bluebird, when I was a kid. Well, all of a sudden now, these Blue Avians come in. And other people that are the Secret Space Program said, OK, what is going on? We were in Project Bluebird, and now there’s these Blue Avians. Is this another mind – you know? What is going on?

George: You might be being used and don’t even know it. Corey: Yeah. They said: Is this another mind screw? …George: I want you to look right into camera; Are you disinformation specialist?
Corey: (looks directly at camera) I’m absolutely not a disinformation specialist. I am not lying. I am not telling anything that is not something I experienced. I am not misleading anyone. I am not an agent of the Cabal.

And Corey and Wilcock discuss this time in Gaiam TV, take it a bit with grain of salt, as he might have some kind of agenda of his own, but most things are exposed by others also.
    CG - Mars was at one time a satellite of a super-earth, that blew out and is now an asteroid belt. Half of Mars is positively charged and the other half negatively charged, like a giant capacitor. NASA: Salty Water Flows on Mars Today. CG; There are times when the sky is red because dust in the air. And aurora borealis.
    DW - Hoagland talked about Face on Mars and five-sided pyramids in Cydonia area. Daniel saw a picture of astronauts waving next to pyramids on Mars.
    CG - Phobos and Deimos, moons of Mars, have lots of satellites made may be by the descendants of humans from Earth. Phobos is a crushed sphere with opening. Deimos might be a natural object. DW - Hoagland say the moons are hollow inside.
    CG - In Mars colony people eat what they can find on the surface. We saw some creatures flew out from holes and plant life. Spiders were half the size of a person.
    DW - Two other insiders saw large worms and they would actually eat metal. CG - There was one group human-like, that stayed in caves and always wore robes, an indigenous population, they were very peaceful. Our moon is an artificial structure.
    DW - Richard C Hoagland believes to be glass domes on the Moon, and plants and trees. Source; 
UFO hunters find 'huge alien mouse on Red Planet'. The discovery was made by YouTube video maker Jason Hunter - known for scouring pictures of Mars placed online by NASA. Alien hunters have spotted an array of objects or life forms among the pictures, like "live bear", alien beings, fossils, homes, wet patch, a lizard, a rat and a squirrel.

PF; ETs out there want to help us. We just need to let them in an allow it. Disclosure is slowly happening now, but it is coming from the people rather than from the media or some kind of authority source. UFOs are seen all over the world, and ETs are cloaking themselves less and less. What can we do to speed it up? Meditate or think to yourself about these beings. They are high level beings, and by subconsciously allowing them to know they are welcome, they will continue to show themselves. They will get more and more daring and the ultimate disclosure will happen from them...  Disclosure.

UFO hunter 'found the crash site and wreckage of an alien craft" downed 2011 in the Antarctic online. But now fellow researchers have dug out satellite images of the same site and found four tanks in a line facing the UFO crash site, what is going on?.

UFOs in Syrian war; And near the sun; Beautiful Tibet, the civilians in Tibet happy with the Chinese rule;

China develops new aircraft cloaking material. Researchers at Huazhong University have published details on a stealth material that can absorb radar signals at different frequencies. The AFSS material — “active frequency selecting surface” — can coat the exterior of stealth aircraft, so that they’re rendered invisible to specific detection techniques. (PF claimed once they "stole" the MH 370 cloaking technology?)

Veterans Truth Network was Killed by CIA Sell out Gene claims his fellow whistleblower Stew Webb. And Jimstone worry; Europe's proposed banning of links on the web, the link itself is copyrighted, is nothing more than an attempt to shut the web down;

RT; End of Shengen? Europe’s open-border policy on brink as refugee talks fail. And the ‘largest demonstration in Polish history’. Ab 70,000 Polish nationalists took to the streets in Warsaw against immigration into EU - and due to demands that Poland “absorb” invaders from Germany. This comes only two weeks after the populist Law and Justice party, “right wing” - won elections, and is against the invasion of EU. Firecrackers and smoke bombs went off peacefully; “Yesterday it was Moscow, today it’s Brussels which takes away our freedom,” chanted protesters;

Old German Lady sentenced to 10 months in prison; 87-year-old Ursula Haverbeck has been sentenced for doubting that people were “gassed” in the Nazi concentration camp in Auschwitz. She arrived without a lawyer, and defended herself. Some fifty of her supporters crowded the courtroom. She was accused of giving an interview to the German magazine Panorama in which she stated that Auschwitz was not an extermination camp, but a labor camp. The mass murder of Jews had not taken place, she said.

Turning to the prosecutor she asked, "How do you as a lawyer prove the accusation that Auschwitz was an extermination camp?" Her request for a revisionist historian to give evidence that at Auschwitz no one had been gassed, was rejected by Judge Jönsson who stated: "It is futile to argue with people who do not accept the facts." German court does not allow evidence in defence of Holocaust charges.

Gabriel Valdés saw a vision; Germans march in unison, crying out that the Holocaust never happened. The German authorities will be overrun, the second Berlin 'thought wall' will fall down, the German people will be liberated and the rest of the world will follow suit.

Fulford sources; Infighting for world government? The Russian airplane downed by the same people that attack Paris? Putting says he will not deal with the dog that has bitten him, the owner will be held responsible - the Vanguard Corporation, Raytheon.

Massive defeats faced by ISIS. ‘Maniac Putin’ bombed ISIL refineries.” Syrian forces have recaptured Aleppo, and ISIS have also lost Ramadi and Sinjar in Iraq. Israeli arms manufacturers have lost 50% of their sales since 2012 and military under blockade.

ISIS proxies staged the Paris attacks as revenge against these setbacks and as French and Germans stopp distribution of forged dollars in Ukraine. Rothschild owned The Economist numbers was close to 151113, and Alice in Wonderland staring at a Da Vinci (in museum in Paris). The G20 kept Israel and bribed US as the leading terrorists.

Portugal is asking for a reduction in debt payments. EU Parliament Building resemble Tower of Babel - Euro designed to collapse? which would hurt France most of all, so that's why martial law and also to protect the 120 world leaders in Paris on Nov 30th to discuss “global warming” aka “global governing” financed with “carbon tax.”

Paris psy-ops; thousands carrying video phones were unable to record the events. Security cameras were shut off before - by French security. France closed its borders to implement military government. The French Lagarde, IMF, pushing for the IMF’s SDR on 30 th. WW 3 and the destruction of 90% of the planet unthinkable.

The Paris Attacks is tied to Syria, and create reason for US and allies troops to be there. This plan has been thought out for a long time. Two cartoon characters are talking... One is "ISIS" and one is the countries that hired ISIS. ISIS; "You hired us to do a job, but you didn't hire us to make us look like fools." The group of countries; "You will do what we tell you, hide your face so there is no shame, and occasional leaks of evidence can save millions of dollars and lots of time."

Putin said to reporters in G20 that financing of ISIS by natural persons comes from 40 countries, including some G20 members. Kerry Cassidy and Ole Dammegard on Paris; And;Two Jihadis Dead ‘Prevented Terror Cell From Attacking Charles de Gaulle Airport’.

Downing of the Russian plane in the Sinai was done by Mossad, Kabbalists, with the help of 4D energy weapon. Looked like plane was spontaneously combusted. Charged atmosphere due to the first ever cyclone in Yemen enhanced the effect! Say Cassiopaeas.

Detroit public schools: 93% can't read, 96% can't do math, but 100% will be allowed to vote. Bush is asking for immunity in return for surrender. Source;
Muslims helping yogi; Sarkar was taken into jail unjustly. In 1977 Muslims joined the fight to release Sarkar. Abdullah Bukhari was the chief Imam of Delhi and the leader of India's muslims. He met Sarkar's delegation and became convinced that Sarkar and his devotees were innocent spiritual people. Thus he decided to go to Patna prison along with other prominent Muslim leaders and request permission to see Sarkar. 

When they saw Sarkar, Bukhari begged Sarkar to stop his fast. Sarkar refused. Bukhari left greatly impressed about Sarkar's iron determination. Sarkar offered him small present and later on when Bukhari opened it, he was surprised to find the one perfume that he had been searching for years. It was French perfume, which some Sarkar's devotee had brought to him.

In the afternoon Bukhari held a large outdoor rally in the city and proclaimed openly that Sarkar was innocent and that he was an object of government persecution. He said that the government allegations were as well an attack on the Muslim community. He called all Muslims to rally for Sarkar's immediate release. It was widely reported in Indian press.

He might be this person;

Didi Annapurna 

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