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Giacomo Boselli - Amurt onlus
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A month after a devastating earthquake hit several mountainous villages in central Italy, construction of many of the buildings is still on hold. Almost 300 people were killed and houses reduced to rubble and many of those have been seized by the judiciary for investigation. Al Jazeera’s Hoda Abdel Hamid reports from the town of Amatrice. See the tent cities, and winter is approaching.
Italy: Earthquake town awaiting reconstruction short video

Delegation of Amurt Italy working on the quake-hit area of central Italy to deliver aid collected and to identify a reconstruction project. 

The group, composed of the National President Paul Bocchi, the Coordinator Giacomo Boselli, President of Amurt Viadana De Cillis and volunteers are helping in the city of Rieti area by giving the basic necessities collected in the post-earthquake period. A van for delivery is offered free for use.

Our collections have been successful, thanks to the collection events that took place this summer. Mainly hygiene products, educational materials for children, long-life food - and medicine with thanks for the contribution by Ail Oglio Po.

The Amurt team will have meetings with the municipal representatives to define a reconstruction project, thanks to the numerous private donations by citizens, associations and companies. After evaluating the situation Amurt will choose a public utility project feasible in a short time and pay the bills directly in order to be sure of the effectiveness and transparency of our actions. Amurt is launching further fundraising, for those wishing to join the funding: 

Banca MPS Parma Iban: IT42R0103012704000063153913
Giacomo Boselli - Amurt onlus
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Thank you, grazie!

Dog rescued from rubble 9 days after the earthquake

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