tiistai 22. maaliskuuta 2011

Prout Suomen sosiaalifoorumissa, Prout in Finnish Social Forum

Economic Democracy and Universalism on Sat 2.4 at 12.00, class room 35.
Address: Arbis, Dagmarinkatu 3, Helsinki, speakers Ravi from Sweden and Dada Gatimayananda

Nature has been kind enough to provide abundant natural resources to every region of this earth, but she has not given guidelines on how to distribute these resources among the members of society. The universal aim of economic democracy is to guarantee the minimum requirements of life to all members of society.
Mundane resources are limited but human longings are limitless.

Political democracy cannot fulfill the hopes and aspiration of people or provide the basis for constructing a strong and healthy human society. The only way to achieve this is to establish economic democracy.

Economic democracy will devise ways and means to effect the smooth progress of society by recognizing the unique value of both humans and non-humans alike.

Proutist Universal, www.proutist.fi, Neohumanist Education, www.gurukul.edu


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