keskiviikko 31. elokuuta 2011

”Revolution” making: The New Financial System:

There are web pages, which seriously display efforts to establish a new financial system. The latest news is that they had meeting in the ship on international waters near Monaco. Mr A, the senior financial official V, confirms in his letter, that representatives of 57 governments attended with some ministers.

Fulford in his Geopolitical News and Analysis20110829: Secret meeting of 57 finance ministers on ship charts new financial system:
“The meeting, hosted by Switzerland, deliberately excluded representatives from the US Federal Reserve Board and its Washington D.C. subsidiary; France, Italy, the UK, Germany and Japan”.

While according Fulford; countries like Russia, China and the Netherlands were among the 57 represented. Also he claims in earlier pages, that some representatives from the Pentagon and other the US agencies are on board with this plan, and in this meeting they “promised to bypass the Fed board and use their access to codes for the international collateral accounts to finance the US military industrial complex in conjunction with the new system”.

Mr. A, Senior Financial Official V writes, i.e; “Banks are not just robbing people, they are robbing Government treasuries and sending countries broke. The Bilderbergers and Committee of 300 and the Khazars, the CFR etc, BIS, IMF and perhaps the World Bank are on the way out. (loosing the game, DA).
The world is waking up…I am elated to speak out as there is a new day coming.”

What to think about this? I suppose they have some real effort on going with millions of people on board or at least aware of it. Fulford has claimed previously that they have backed US dollars abroad with gold and I suppose some other currencies too. They suppose to announce the new financial system long time ago, but delayed, and finally they are not planning to do it, but just gradually take over the old economics.

Do they have capacity to succeed? Somewhat and for sometime perhaps. According Prout nuclear revolution guidelines, their effort seems to have many aspects needed for “economic revolution”, but as the target is mainly just to change the financial system, it might be not enough for permanent success. The whole society has to be changed.

Also there are not enough sadvipras (spiritual, moral leaders) yet in this world to take over the global leadership. If people are not enough spiritual and moral while they take over leadership or get involved with huge loads of money, they tend to turn to become greedy, proud, corrupted and selfish, at least somewhat…although their ideology is having good purpose, i.e to feed all the people of the world.

Just think, if one is having bulimia or other co-dependencies and attachments, then one already tends to exploit others and can not be good example by ones own life. Only person who - through natural process of meditation – has got over worldly attachments; due to inner satisfaction, peace of mind and infinite happiness.

Meditation makes one naturally non materialistic, non addictive and selfless. As well one becomes courageous, feeling responsible of serving society and capable of holding task of leadership - without mentioning many other superior qualities. Other methods than meditation are less efficient, but there are also some, very few, highly spiritual human beings, that has gotten over selfishness and attachments in their previous life already. This new effort might bring those people up to take leadership or might not…difficult to say.

The nuclear revolution: Sadvipras mobilize and unite intellectuals, middle class and grass root and do the revolution rapidly with minimum loss of life and property. Revolution needs to be systematic, well planned, and every action should be beneficial for the entire society. Requirements besides of exploitation in society: robust organization, progressive philosophy, reliable cadre, positive sentiment. Progressive ideology is invisible weapon, to counteract negative ideas and unite all the layers of society under common agreement.

I´m not aware fully the ideology or philosophy of White Dragon Society, but as far as I know they have just common goal to stop exploitation and take over finances and share with suffering, malnourished people. That is good already, but not very comprehensive - at least not yet. Prout includes other aspects, besides that is based on spirituality, such as local economic democracy, cooperatives, neohumanistic education, self development, microvita theory, ecological farm system, service projects, etc.

White Dragon is the acting organization; mainly created for this effort, with millions of people joining. Reliable cadre? Whether people attend from all layers of society to bring change, I can´t say, but many leaders are joining. Grass root and middle class might come along…At least there is tremendous need for change globally at every level of society.

I think if this effort will fail it will fail because of lack of spiritually inclined leadership and spirituality, anyhow the time for appearance of sadvipras is approaching and whether this “revolution” eventually can develop and lead to new “golden age” of society…We hope all the best!

Sarkar: To a sadvipra, the value of human life surpasses all other values…What does the state stand for, what is the use of these regulations, or what are the marvels of civilization for, if humanity is deprived of manifesting itself, if human beings do not get any chance to build a good physique, to invigorate their intelligence with knowledge and to broaden their heart with love and compassion? Instead of leading humanity to the goal of life, if the state stands in the way then it cannot command loyalty, because humanity is superior to the state.

For those who lack in physical pabula, minimum requirements will have to be guaranteed; otherwise they will become sinners. If you don’t give, you will meet your waterloo. If your neighbor’s house is on fire, your house will also catch fire. To issue minimum requirements to everyone, both strong administration and intellectual approach are necessary. Those who will do this will be called sadvipras. In the absence of sadvipras, society cannot survive.

Those who strictly adhere to the principles of morality, are ensconced in sacrificing service (Tapah) and are ready to wage war against immoralists are sadvipras. Only those sadvipras are safe from destruction and extinction who can work for the welfare of the human society. Therefore, it becomes the prime duty of everyone to make themselves and others sadvipras.

People will recognize sadvipras by their conduct, their devotion to service, their dutifulness and their moral integrity. These sadvipras will declare firmly, “All human beings are of the same caste,” “All human beings have equal rights,” “All human beings are brothers and sisters.” These sadvipras will give a stern warning to the exploiters of the society: “Human exploitation will not be tolerated. No exploitation will be allowed on the pretext of religion.” Rallying around the saffron flag, a symbol of sacrifice, they will devote themselves to the service of widely scattered units of the human society and proclaim loudly, “Human beings of the world, unite!”

Those who have a correct philosophy and a correct spiritual practice based on the principles of morality (Yama and Niyama) will be the guiding personalities of the society of tomorrow. It is the duty of the conscious people to snatch away the physical power and intellectual leadership from the hands of political hypocrits. Politicians are of no use to the society because they are engaged in mudslinging and nothing else. If the sadvipras (spiritual moralists) get active mass support, revolution is bound to come. In case a government adopts the ideals of Prout, the rule of sadvipras will prevail. If the same is not adopted by a government, and sanguinary revolution is sure to come and ultimately the power will be made over to the sadvipras.

Only the spirit to fight against all odds can solve the problems confronting humanity. March ahead and wage war against all difficulties, all impediments. Victory is sure to embrace you. Difficulties and encumbrances cannot be more powerful than your capacity to solve them. You are the sons and daughters of the great Cosmic Father. Be sadvipras and make others also sadvipras.

It is far too easy to talk big about revolution. Such gasconades – such tall talks – may easily strike the listeners with wonder and may also draw applause from them, but to bring about a real revolution is not at all easy. The pioneers of a revolution will have to learn discipline, take proper training for the revolution, build their character, be moralists – in a word, they will have to be what I call the sadvipras.

One may ask whether rich people who are moral and spiritual can be sadvipras or not. In reply I will say yes, they can be. But in order to be sadvipras they will have to come down to the level of the middle class, because they cannot live in indolent luxury on capital acquired by sinful means
One may also ask whether poor people can be sadvipras. In reply I will say that yes, they can be. But only poor people who have the minds of kśatriyas (fighting spirited) or vipras (intellectual) can bring about a revolution, and such poor people I call the middle class. That is how I explain the term madhyavitta samája [“middle class”].

In a capitalistic social system or in a democratic structure the situation of middle-class people (the vikśubdha shúdras) is generally miserable. This is because they are the greatest critics of capitalism and the strongest opponents of exploitation….It is therefore the duty of those who want to create a world free of exploitation to help to increase the number of vikśubdha shúdras….All the sadvipras in the world should be vigilant to make sure that the number of vikśubdha shúdras does not decrease due to unemployment, birth control, or other bad practices or policies.

If people have developed intellects which are not properly directed, and there is no administration of the Sadvipras, people become polished satans and inflict sufferings on others…Instead of hating anyone, the Sadvipras will encourage everyone to build good careers. This will be Sadvipra’s principle duty. None should feel that they have been doomed for good.

Not even democracy can solve human problems, because in a democracy one particular class gets the greatest opportunities to dominate while other classes are substantially deprived of their freedom…Only sadvipras can guarantee the all-round welfare of all groups of people because sadvipras represent the interests of all classes in society.

So long as an antithesis has not evolved, Sadvipras will go on working throughout the world to bring about the psychological background for the antithesis of the next phase.

Sadvipras are those who are deeply spiritual, who love human beings above anything else, and who are absolutely selfless. The power of administration must not be entrusted to those people who are selfish and who have no love for humanity. The power of Government must be left to those who are genuine servants of mankind.

What form will the benevolent dictatorship of the Sadvipras take...centralization of political power does not mean centralization in one person or one institution….Sadvipras will never lag behind in making scientific experiments. When the earth will become uninhabitable for human beings they will shift them to other planets.

A time will never come in the life of a sadvipra when he or she will relax in an arm chair and say, “Ah, I have nothing to do today. Let me rest awhile.” In this first phase of human history, the sadvipra society has not yet formed itself…In every age, the government of the predominant class becomes exploitative, and thereafter comes evolution or revolution. For lack of sadvipras’ assistance, the foundation of human society is lacking firmness. Today I extend my earnest request to all reasonable, virtuous and moral fighters that they form a good, well-disciplined sadvipra society without further delay. These sadvipras will work for the good of all countries, for the all-around emancipation of all humanity. The downtrodden humanity of this disgraced world is looking up to the eastern horizon, awaiting the sadvipras’ advent with earnest zeal and eagerness. Let the cimmerian darkness of the interlunar night disappear. Let the human being of the new day of the new sunrise wake up in the world. With these good wishes I conclude my discourse.

Didi Annapurna