torstai 25. elokuuta 2011

Scandinavia in the news

Norway shootings case. Alternative news went immediately into speculation, whether the guy was mind controlled, chipped, - some kind of “super soldier” made by CIA or Mossad (the Israeli’s intelligence agency). The purpose is to spread fear and gain controll over people and internet. While the main media promotes him one the most horrific killer ever. Some say him being just crazy.

London riots and criminal huliganism was quite expected, at least London police has prepared already since last year and is further expecting more violence. Although it was good idea to put the hooligans clean the streets after, but it will not solve the social problems, while the rich are getting more rich and poor heading more down.

Purchasing power is now the most important factor perhaps, to keep the people able to buy things, otherwise injustice and hunger increases and production goes down and further confirms the spiral into deepening social, economical etc crises. In Finland at least basic level of income incresed, but otherwise things has got worse for lower income people.

It is quite the same situation all over the world, increasing gap, food becoming ecpensive etc and getting worse when economy sinks further into depression.

Finnish government has started to show its teeth finally, as they are demanding backing for the Greece loans. Whether it is going to end up best way or lead into more mess, but I still feel, moral courage to stand on principles is very important at the present world. If one has flaming moral it will eventually make difference in this corrupt world.

Finnish former worker Lauri with high clearance in Olkiluoto nuclear plant, has come forward to express his concern about the nuclear industry and Fukushima accident in video. He is admitting it is just his view how things are – but it is gaining lots of attention all over the net. I suppose it is not so reliable explanation, but you see:

Finnish nuclear safety expert from STUK (in lecture) explained; what is the MOX fuel and that plutonium is not that dangerous. According him cesium is the most harmful in the ground especially. At some point he said: "they just forgot to put again the non-electric cooling system on... and that the explosions were not such a big thing".
According monitoring by Germany, the most radiation was released on 15-17.3 due to explosions on 1, 2 and 3 reactors. 19-23.3 the fuel pool was releasing radiation. Their security system was total failure due to unexpected double calamity, but their evacuation system was good !!! He said, that in Japan the culture is such that they keep quiet, and they avoid telling truths, because they are not sure. So they (STUK) has difficulties to get info and figure out what is happening there…but then he claimed: “Everything is under control there now.” He didn’t answer why there is hidings in Finland too (during construction at least).

In Japan most of the radiation was absorbed by the ceilings of the reactors, but the cover leaked some radiation out, while in Chernobyl the whole heart melted at once and all fuel radiation exploded straight to the air.

Let´s remember Germans shut down 9 reactors and other countries as well after Fukushima accident. There is also claim: Nearly half of children in Fukushima region have radioactive iodine in their thyroid glands. In Germany children living near nuclear plant had half more leukemia:

I suppose the nuclear plants can be even safe, depending so much about who is running them, who is behind of them, politics, etc. Anyhow increased terrorism and economic crises may be a sign that we should move into free energy sources. And everything is dangerous, disadvantageous or harmful more or less according time place and person, even free energy. In physical level there is no pure progress.

Sarkar: By splitting up the atom immense energy is released. This is due to the fact that the energy, which is packaged up in matter, comes out. To claim that energy is obtained due to the destruction of matter is theoretical and not physically proven. In fact, the energy comes out from within the store of the atom. Energy always requires a material shelter – a container. After the destruction of the container, the immense released energy moves very fast with tremendous speed in all directions in search of some or other material shelter. Finally, it finds a way in some country, in some human physical body, in structures and other material objects scattered around, or in the ocean, etc.

This energy by itself is a blind force and for its activation intellect must exist: a driver is required to direct this blind force…The local administration will have to supply locally generated power such as solar energy, thermal energy, bio-gas, hydroelectricity, nuclear energy, pneumatic energy, electromagnetic energy and tidal power, or any other power which is easily available locally. Solar energy is of a permanent nature and will not run out. Solar energy can also be collected in batteries. It is not a sign of progress to use outdated technology in an age of developed science.

If the nuclei of protoplasmic cells are split up, they release innumerable times more energy than a nuclear explosion does. Obviously, living bodies, being composed of countless protoplasmic cells, possess huge proportions of energy – something which is beyond ordinary comprehension. The practice of Sádhaná aims at converting the crude physical energy into subtle psychic energy, and the psychic energy into spiritual energy or cognitive faculty.
Lets still put here some clippings of Libya war. Now NATO Openly Admits; Arming Libyan Rebels and Forcing Regime Change, and the same by Dennis Kucinich; This costly intervention has betrayed its ‘humanitarian’ mission; (Steve Watson) to “protect” civilians was a complete hoax. P J Watson; Al-Qaeda gets new home in Tripoli. Thierry Meyssan; After breaking of the Ramadan fast, the NATO launched “Operation Mermaid Dawn”, which took just a few days. And Cartalucci; The Financial Times; Council on Foreign Relations president Haas Calls for NATO Occupation of Libya. Libyan oil is easily accessible and Libya has 144 Tons Of Gold.

It is usually found that those who are victorious in war try others once the war is over, as if they had a holy dispensation…Their policy is: “Preach the gospels of peace but keep your powder dry”

War is the black spot of human character. In individual or collective life one can struggle, but war is based on hatred and on divisive tendencies. Is it not black?

Struggle and war are not synonymous. While war springs from hatred, struggle is a part and parcel of life. War blackens everything; it darkens the future. Let life be bright both individually and collectively. Let us fight these divisive tendencies which want to make our life dark. Light is beautiful because it is luminous.

War-loving races are generally careful to honour the rules and laws of war, and frame new laws to suit the convenience of warring armies.

Capitalists are immoral and are fighting a fratricidal war… Secretly preparing for war, while preaching the gospels of peace in public, whatever else we may call this, has not the least trace of sádhutá and saralatá [honesty and simplicity] in it. It is hypocrisy.

In this regard there is no difference between the communist and non-communist countries. They are equally aggressive in their approach. They desperately look for the kámadhenu. (Dhenu means “cow” and káma means “desire”. Kámadhenu is a mythological cow which gives as much milk as its master demands.) They want to keep it tied to the door, feeding it the minimum amount of fodder. They want the maximum output with the minimum investment. This is why there is so much war psychosis and sabre-rattling in the world today.

It is so often heard that a particular country was never as united as during the war. This is entirely due to love of one’s motherland, since all of the individuals had a common ideal and goal – to face the perils of wars. This common ideal is, however, a temporary phase that disappears when the dangers of war decrease.

To achieve this the first thing people have to do is to wage war against their animal propensities, which is no easy task. So cunning exploiters, by encouraging animality, are able to bring people under their sway.

Universalism does not depend upon any relative factor; hence it is free from the vices of ism. Ism thrives on the angle of group interest. Among many other factors, ism is a major factor in war.

Remember, you are a born fighter: to stop the war and lie inert or flee from the battlefield is against your nature… never wage a war based on the petty sentiments of casteism or provincialism, but readily take up arms to defend justice and righteous ness against the evils of injustice.

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