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Alien encounters, ready?

Our Sun Has a Sister; The ancient Egyptians called it Ra. Greeks called it Helios. Mayans called it Kinich Ahau. Germans called it Sol. Our sun has a sibling—a sister-star that almost certainly originated from the same cloud of gas and dust as our own shining orb...See also from Psychic Focus ab two suns; You might also want to see what Wilcock has said ab Twin sun;

Life in Mars goes to mainstream; Two of the five photoes show an object, in three previous photoes nothing was there. The object, about the same size as a basketball, had clearly moved, not once but several times. And; at least a couple of animal species there.

John Lennon's alien encounter; I leapt out of bed, and Yoko was lying there like a stone, and I pulled open the door. There were these 4 creatures, not like people, in my apartment. They gave to me the metal, egg-like object. If it’s my ticket to another planet, I don’t want to go there … John Lennon told to Uri Geller about a visit by aliens in 1975.

Earthlings Not Ready for Alien Encounters Yet; Sarkar ab Cosmic brotherhood; Ever since the beginning of civilization, human beings have been struggling for unity and expansion. Individualism was prevailing in stone age, but later on human beings formed clans and tribal villages. At present, countries are bonding with each other. Due to technological advancement our search for unity is culminating towards friendship with interplanetary beings, bringing us eventually into the age of cosmic brotherhood. But according to Sarkar this is not possible until some basic factors are achieved: a common philosophy of life, a global constitutional structure, a common penal code and the fulfillment of basic necessities for all.

Psychic Focus; Chemtrails are very real. These chemicals were (like metal shavings) to assist HAARP in directing its signal to manipulate weather and create "natural disasters" as defense in cases of war and disagreements. Hurting people was an unintended consequence as a result. The gain of this new line of defense was so great, they covered up the damage being caused...People get autoimmune reactions (MS, Crohn's, Lupus, etc). Also crops being hurt by this, and in comes Monsanto. Genetically bred seeds thrive in adverse situations, whereas real seeds don't grow as well. I see Monsanto has made large amounts of money.... More; Debunked; chemtrail plane coming down with chemtrailing;

Psychic Focus on 9/11; Was flight over Shanksville shot down? A. Huge explosion, the passengers are sitting in their chairs like they were scared to death.. It looks like the plane "rained" to the ground as if it had been run through a paper shredder. The pilots that were flying the plane, where the hijackers themselves? Target was either the White House, or Pentagon...and the Pentagon got hit, but not with a real plane, because the real plane went down. Government order was to redirect the plane, but the commandor in charge shot the plane down, as he was afraid they had to shoot it above city possibly.

Q. 70-80 years ago, the powers that be found two deep space objects heading toward earth. Psychic Focus; In another star system there is planet which is counter balance to earth. The aliens there are more spiritually and mentally advanced and want to come to interact directly with humans. The powers that be don't want them here elevating human beings, because then they can't controll anymore them. Then ab Greys; I have never seen them hostile. They care about us, but are very stern. We have to be cautious of Lyrans, one branch of the Greys. Q. Area 51, US? A. ET activity associated with this area is still active and government work with Ets, but it is with positive energy now.

Q. Chigago more violent than other cities, why? Some of the financially struggling people have resorted to drugs and violence to survive. People that are already on this bad path have easy targets because the law-abiding citizens aren't allowed to carry guns to protect themselves. 
Q. Will Narendra Modi make India Super Power? A. I see Narendra Modi as strict... good for keeping the economy stable. He is serious and believes he is doing the right thing for India. I do not see India becoming a super power though. They produce items for export, but I get that much of their revenue comes from US companies operating in India. If that balance were to shift, it would be a severe hit to the economy. India has "intellectual property".

India’s New PM Will Be Granted U.S. Visa; Since 2005, the US had denied Narendra Modi a visa on grounds of violating religious freedom, he failed as a leader of the state of Gujarat to stop deadly communal riots that killed over 1,000 people, mainly Muslims. 
Keshe is saying; "For years you asked for Messiah. Here I am, standing in front of you." - What I understand he just tries to express that when people expect some savior of the world, and Keshe's techology can do it, but people are not willing to take it rather waging wars, DA. 
Mr Keshe F Forum; 'As announced today 15.5.2014 in the workshop the Italian preproduction power generator design and structure is finally completed and the demonstration unit will be shown in public once production tests are completed.'
You see how these people are making the reactors and what might come out of it, a bit like little children, it is fun to read, DA;!rRgjwBgS!3bWAKVNb63MitA-bk8OBJEVNEbGtKIdupSZFyrP0qXU.

He is still worried ab threat to his life; 'changes are very high of me not being here, very soon.' Obama's letter made him to think: 'Your Excellency President Obama, I respect your letter of 24th July. I sent you the peace message. You sent me a letter...what you have to do; to kill and to protect your nation through wars and armies.' And as 'his Eminence the Pope has said that he is ready to meet Aliens. Your Eminence, the system for you to meet the Aliens is getting developed less than 500 km from your residence in Italy. Come and have a look!'

'My call goes to the people, and the crooks who sit in the seat of government. I had to eat with you in different nations to understand how you defraud your people. I had to pray in your houses of worship in different nations to understand how you structured and abused the name of God to benefit a few. We told you that we can interfere with the radio frequencies. (When they experimented one of the reactors, it effected the radio waves unintentionally, DA). I created a copy of the planet earth (his plasma reactor). If planet earth gives you vitamins and minerals, and earth is criminal, so am I.

They are making the nano materials in different countries. The Chinese are teaching my books as part of the university texts. And people are reading. The Arabs have translated it and are using it in different ways to protect Syria. The first smallest reactor operation yesterday, explained by the Knowledge Seekers - has shown the power of this technology. The reactor core weighs about 2-3 KG and less than 40 cm in height and 20 cm in diameter.

For centuries and thousands of years with different names and religions, you wanted to have everything: to find peace, to find prosperity, to find the day when everybody has everything. Come in, and we show you energy, food, material, motion, and anything you want to produce to live a comfortable life. There is no need for wars.

From today or tomorrow our doors are open. We have a beautiful big gate and
a big heart and a big place to accommodate all of you'. the www.livestream/
kesheworkshop channel. And ..............................

Seems Pentagon didn't get Keshe's message; Pentagon chief Hagel; 'investment for US military, with 400,000 troops in 100 countries, is necessary to help build a peaceful, free, and stable world.' Hagel argued that the US military and its allies should be deployed with greater frequency. 'I’m not interested in a fair fight, and I don’t want to be capable of only fighting the last war,' Hagel said. And what says pope; U.N. should encourage redistribution of wealth.

RIA Novosti; Putin’s Rating 85.9 percent, a six-year high, according polls. Romania conducts Black Sea war games and Moldova puts borders on alert over Ukraine crisis. (Psychic Focus says; Russia will slowly try to take Romania, and then move to Bulgaria (in 10 years). New Evidence: Odessa Massacre – False Flag; And Ukraina Neo-Natsis burned alive 43 Pre-Russian aktivists in Odessa; And

Russia strives to exclude the dollar from energy trading; Russian MF to increase the role of the Russian ruble in export operations while reducing the share of dollar-denominated transactions. Russia Holds “De-Dollarization Meeting”: China, Iran Willing To Drop USD From Bilateral Trade. And And; Russia has been pushing for trade arrangements that minimize the influence of the US dollar. 40 Central Banks Betting The Next Reserve Currency; the Gas-o-yuan . Since the U.S. has blocked Russia's own GPS correction stations in US, which hurts the Russian systems, Russia is shutting down US's stations on their soil. The Voice of Russia.

Obama climate report – ‘Pseudoscience’, ‘outdated & wrong'. S-African news website Praag claims the African National Congress was offered $10 billion a year for 10 years, if it would build temporary housing for Americans in case of an eruption (Yellowstone) as part of contingency plans? And And you wanna see all Obama's 659 lies, lawbreaking, corruption; And Tyrant want to now sanction Venezuela.

Ab MH 370 From And The girlfriend of an American passenger abroad MH 370 has been the victim of two break-ins at her Beijing apartment and has received several unsettling phone calls and a death threat. Sarah Bajc said she received warning that "I'm going to come and kill you next" Intellihub News has information leading us to believe that the aircraft turned-back toward the Sea of Andaman and may have possibly been taken to a secret military facility under communist control (Myanmar) in the Coco Islands. under treat; I have most likely met my assassin. He came to see me first so he knew exactly what the target was. He will most likely set up in the area and wait...a paid killer. Obviously I am never returning home again. My admin login got hacked, dog was taken... reports; Drone strikes peddled off as gas leaks. Some updates from Fukushima. Brics may end the US military superiority, and U.S. dollar as the world reserve currency. BRICS real financial power is 68 percent of the world economy, and 90 percent of the world's population. More Brics; And;

Finnish; many American universities have CIA personnel on their staffs, cunningly disguised as academics with degrees that are entirely invented. US Food Prices Skyrocket: “We’re Going to Have a Major Problem Coming Into the Fall”, while government statisticians claim robust growth...

Document from Red Cross ab real victim amount in German concentration camps 300 000. Washington Times; An event slated for Friday that promised to bring millions of Americans to Washington, D.C. to oust Obama and other key leaders from office failed incredibly. Instead, “Operation American Spring” welcomed only a few dozen protesters.

Kevin Annett: Child Killers Identified, Breaking news and Action Alert from ICLCJ.In response to startling evidence, the five Court judges adjourned the trial proceedings to allow the Prosecutor’s Office to issue a call for special deputies to take immediate action to stop and arrest the murderous rituals of the Ninth Circle.

Obama gave his first formal warning about the Highway Trust Fund, a transportation and infrastructure fund financed by diminishing gasoline use and taxes, is set to run out by the end of the summer. By July, thousands of projects and contracts could be put on hold — right in the middle of summer construction season...700,000 jobs are at stake.

Fulford; take-down of the Zionist/Nazi cabal is under way. US corporate government is isolated. “US DS Hagel, Kerry and Condoleezza Rice have become international outcasts”. Blackwater/Academi/Greystone mercenaries have been murdering people in the Ukraine. Europeans now entering the BRICS camp. G7 group made a big move to try to replace the US dollar with the SDR. The move came in as announcement from the IMF that it would loan 10.976 billion SDRs (US$17 billion) to Ukraine.
This was simply a move to suddenly increase the SDR quota by 800% and make the SDR the new world currency by starting with the Ukraine. The move was a failure. The countries that back the SDR account for only 10% of the world’s population. World Bank study of the GDP. The US, controls 16.7% of IMF voting power (enough for veto) compared to 3.6% for China. Those IMF SDRs are never going to see the light of day. BRICS are quietly building up new institutions to fill in the void that will be created by the demise of the cabal financial structures. And Something big is going on in China and Korea concerning the financial system. Here is the arrest chatter;

Finnish scientists very worried about US/EU's TTIP, Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. 49 researchers signed this statement; 'Specifically we are worried ab the effect that the agreement would have on democracy, worker's rights and protection of environment:

Jim Mccanney writes ab intentional heavy storms in the USA. And ab manipulation of bank accounts - IT people at banks are not able to deal with present threats. He also writes Monsanto being involved in chemtrailing. And sun's climate control. He claims he could tap electricity from atmosphere, but blocked of doing it... but better you see with your own eyes;

Ginkgo Biloba herbs from China found to contain shockingly high levels of lead. And HWhole Foods is selling vegan protein products which contain alarming levels of toxic heavy metals.
Byzantine ancestors of tablet computers found in Yenikapı diggings;

Brain Injury Turns Man Into Math Genius; (Sarkar said that electric shocks etc can in some case enlighten people more, but of course should not take purposely electric shocks, DA). Magnetic Brain Stimulation For Severe Depression;; Scientists create first living organism that transmits added letters in DNA 'alphabet';
Sarkar ab Disarmament; Prout doesn't support disarmament of weapons in present society, where the inimical forces have piled up huge loads of deadly weapons of mass destruction. If disarmament is carried out, the righteous forces will remain defenseless under the threat of the evil forces. Human beings have created atomic bombs, but the creator is always more powerful than his creation. Human beings can also create “anti-bombs” to neutralize the effect of the destructive power of nuclear bombs.

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