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The Future Super Power India and its Kalki Avatars?

Many, many "Prophets" claim: India will become leading country in the world
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Meeting 1939 of Indian saints; he will wear Indian clothing. A great scholar of Vedas and various scriptures giving code of ethics for world, accepted by rationalists and literate people too.
George Babri, scholar; a soul has been born in India who will give the light of a Golden Era (Sat-Yug) to the world. Despite intense opposition from ignorant people, he will manifest divine powers and thus jolt our age-old beliefs around world.
Rawlaji, Prophet; between 1971 to 2000 India will lead a divine, intellectual revolution, scientific discoveries will amaze the entire world. People of all nations will look towards India for both material and spiritual guidance.
Finnish psychic; all the rays are controlled by this Indian, and his international service organization. 
Mahatma Brahmachari; India shall establish new ideals, which will be imbibed by entire humanity.
Vegelatin (1926); betw 1930 to 2000 new uplifter of the world will carry out gigantic task of neo-creation.
Ashok Ghai; The period of Kalki Avatar is now, good and bad fighting, total change on earth 2025.
American, Clarke; From a country of Asia (India) very soon an intense thought revolution will usher in. This will echo in India by 1971 and 10 years later in the entire world.
Astrologer, Chulet (1926); In future this country (India) will lead over all other nations with science.
Paramhans R Patshastri; Once again Mathura (in India) will get credit for inducing a religious revolution in the world and giving new vision.
Psychic, Czech'; Orient wisdom will cross all seas, but people will proclaim this real truth for a lie.
Sadguru; India may conquere the world, but it debends of the Indian people.  
Egypt, George Baveri; after 1970 India will show the world the path to true peace and joy.
Sri Veera Brahmendra, 500 years ago; in India many false gurus will come saying "I am kalki". The real kalki wont say that, because every one will know in their hearts.
Parsi prophet Swaraj; a ruler guided by the cosmic powers would take India into a golden period.
Raman Swami Iyer; divine authority already incarnated in India, so powerful that all forces of the world shall act as per his directions. Golden age not only in India but on the whole Earth.
Father Baxter: India’s glory shall manifest as a high stature world power.
Hungary, Silvigar (19 th c): India’s glory as world power, will lay down the path of world peace.
Romain Roland; Indian culture and religion will be established as a world religion and culture.   
Shrii Aurobindo (1939); some people are trying to force India to imbibe the western culture, India’s glorious movement will give India new direction of righteousness, and over the world with peace and joy.
Kedardutta Joshi: in India small organization will spread thought revolution over the world.  
Science Westminister; India will be responsible for purification of the atmosphere, warding off of diseases and manifesting world peace and brotherhood.
Mahatma Prananathji; from India era Transformation and the manifestation of an Avatar will come. 
Anandacarya, Norway; India will also lead in the economical, industrial, social, political and scientific front... capable of going far away in interstellar space.  
Prof. Cheiro: no power of the world can stop India from radiating with glory.
Bulgarian, Baba Vanga; religions will join hands to build a new and peaceful world by accepting the
messias from East, who has already come. 
Ajay Sharma; (2012) became a good time for India.
Shri Shastriji; in future India will lead all over other nations as far as knowledge, leadership and science are concerned.
American, Anderson; this culture, religion and prophet will be that of Indian.
Shri Aseemananda; revolution, people from India and the entire world shall get attracted to it and then shall a New Era manifest in this world. 
Vivekananda: Indian future will be brighter than ever before, 21st century is India’s century.
Samrat Jyotish; after 2015 India’s progress will be very speedy towards a highly-ruling power nation.   
Lady Florence, US: at the end of the 20th century a light will be emitted from India, which will totally dispel the gloom of the world. 
Saint Ramchandraji (before 1930): Indian spirituality will be adopted, and India will become the leading power of the world for a long time.
French, Berne; spiritual revolution shall commence from India.
Israel, Harare; divine saint has taken birth in India, who will lay down the foundation of a spiritual revolution on 1970 without getting world renown for it. Later it will spread in the entire world. 
Persian, Shah Valli-Sahib: India will emerge as a Super Power of the World.
Nostradamus: a representative of God will bring a change order – first in India, and thereafter in the entire world. This Peacemaker will unite the religions against Communism.  
Deganawida, Iroquois prophet: great message will come to the Indians from East, a choice Seer.

Sai Baba; Indian youth will teach the great Indian spiritual heritage to the whole world. They will transform the leaders of the world
Indian Sarkar: the saviour of the world is coming from the east. India's future will be brilliant.

And Who is he, who will bring the greatness:

American research committee (ab 70s); Lord Kalki has already taken birth.
Nostradamus (16th century); Hindu Saint householder, great-power-holder will bring a golden age not only in India but on the whole Earth. His organization will lead world welfare tasks. Until 1991 people are not going to believe. He will suffer great persecution, thrown in jail. He will fly and travel a lot. With the help of smaller aides he shall cause a thought based upheaval in the world at start of the 21st century.
American, Lynn (in 2014); someone really did come to earth, given the name "Kalki." He is not present in India anymore. Will come again? "He will be like nothing you will expect" ?
Nicholas Roerich (on 1920s); only a few years shall elapse before everyone shall hear the mighty steps of the Lord of the New Era.
Blavatsky, teosophical society; Maitreya, a new messenger of the spirit, would appear in Asia around 1950 and will be sent to the western nations in 1975.
Sri Veera Brahmendra; in my future manifestation I will be known as – kalki, I would arrive in the year 2012 or afterwards. 
Jean Dixon; in India, a great soul has already taken birth in a rural family who will direct, control, manage a great spiritual revolution. A male child born in 1962 would rid the world of wars.
Swami Iyer; Lord Kalki, householder, divine authority to transform this era has already incarnated. A middle-aged noble matchless great-power-holder.
Anderson (ab 70s ?); divine Messenger of God is working for world neo-creation, an Indian who today is busy laying the firm foundation of the future world revolution.
Mahagauri; Lord Kalki is studying in a very old building in an Indian dress.
Holland, Chrisey (ab 60s); in Asia (India) a great saint has taken birth and shall make programs for world welfare, peace and unity.
French, Dr Berne (bef 1962): the most powerful personality of world history has already taken birth from India. His followers will form a powerful organization and in a short time span will influence the entire world.
Anandacarya; great soul has already taken birth in India. The leader will gain fame as the greatest thinker in the annals of world history. 
Chulet (1926); the creator of a New Era in this world has already taken birth. God/Avatar for establishing righteousness, but this will be accepted by people of the world only much later.
In 1939 indian saints and sages; Lord Kalki has already manifested, leader of a very powerful organization. He will be the super scientist.
Lagna; incarnation of God/Avatar has already manifested on earth.
Prof Harare; divine person without even an iota of desire for name and fame. His thoughts will be so human and farsighted, that the entire world perforce will follow in his footsteps. 
Baveri; the soul Avatar, has already taken birth in India. His mission shall fully evolve in 1932.
W E Orechard: Israelis are waiting for the manifestation of Almighty God, but know for sure he has already arrived, the strife of entire world will end.
MV Brahmachari; the director of this new revolution will bind North and South India culturally. 
Shri Shastriji; incarnation of God/Avatar has already manifested on earth...this will be accepted by people of the world only much later. A gigantic organization accepted by many high stature seers.
Healing Life, John Melard; divine Messenger. They say that God has arrived on earth and along with his aides is setting about establishing a New Era
Shri Aseemananda; the one who will uplift the entire world shall be Mahayogi and Great Avatar, a devotee of Divine Energy. People will identify him by themselves.
Vivekananda: spiritual people have already met the maha-avatar Babajii. 
Baba Vanga: the Holy Spirit comes. He "will sign the lasting peace". A new religion will take the earth by the storm. He will use marriage to promote peace and love.
Korean Prophesies, messianic figure from the clan of Moon. He will accomplish the will of God...
The Vishnu Purana: divine being, character of Brahma, shall descend upon the earth. He will be born as Kalki in Sambhala village.
Prof. Cheiro; very powerful person full of sacred spiritual ethics will be born in India.
Shri Aurobindo; in India powerful leading messenger of God forces us to delve deeply into its deep import.
Lady Florence; era transformation by a revered saint of North India who has already taken birth. His radiant divine personality shall attract people in such a way that a gigantic army like organization of disciples shall play an important role in the saint’s sacred mission.
Rahmachandraji, bef 1930: in human body, this Incarnation will be an ocean of divine love and sacred sentiments. Today that Divine Power is working steadfastly to achieve era transformation.
G. Vegilatin; in years 1930 to 2000, a great world uplifter will come.
ValliSahib: divine Messenger of God will be born in India, who by congregating thousands so called small people will challenge hard core materialists.
Lord Krishna: whenever righteousness is in decline, I come in human form.
Buddha: another Buddha will arise in the world, a supremely enlightened, embracing the universe.
Father Baxter (ab 50s?); great person has taken birth. None has the power to obstruct Lord Mahakal...
Ajay Sharma; God may have already come to this world. He lives without hampering the rules made by him like a human being. The most reliable part of his recognition is his unlimited supernatural power.
Marpa, Tibetan sage: Lord has come.
Silvigar; messenger of God will appear, who by gathering thousands of laymen, will imbue them with so much valor that they will combat so called materialistic people.
Psychic from Czech'; wise men will appear in the Orient.
Vedas; Kalki Maha Avatar will be a married man and have children.
Silvigar; messenger of God will appear who by gathering thousands of laymen, will imbue them with so much valor that they will combat materialistic people.
Rawalji, a great saint will be born in India who will revolutionize the entire world with his sacred thinking.
Persian saint Shahballi; a divine messenger shall congregate thousands of small lay persons, and imbue them with so much valor that they shall challenge hard core materialists. After this straightforward honest people shall lead the world and spread joy and peace.

Finnish Psychic; he will not accept proud, arrogant, selfish to his service organization.
Sarkar: The savior is a gentleman with white clothes. He will rule over the world with a stick. He will be the king of the kings of the world.

And what will come out of it:

2008 World predictions; yoga of India popularity will soar in the world. Great Invisible force. After 2050 Medical science will admit human life is causal.
Meeting 1939 by saints; he will unfold the mysteries of religion, the soul and code of ethics regarding almighty God and world.

Srimadbhagwat; the advent of the said cosmic power on earth would be known to everyone when Sun, Moon, and Jupiter would conjoin in Cancer (27th July 2014)
Bejan Daruwalla 2014; everything is heading in the right direction, world will be full of joy, 5 years from now.  
Astrologer, Rawalji;  spirituality will play a great role in politics.
Parsi Swaraj; from India's golden period to total change of order in the world.
Harare; when science will destroy religion in the entire world, this divine saint will begin a spiritual revolution.
Indian sage Shukra; modern science and a new religion will be established.
Baveri; India will show the world the path to true peace, joy and light, the Golden Era or Satyuga.
Roland; birth of a new civilization and new religion, dawn of a New Era. As soon as Western culture ends, Eastern culture will rule in the entire world.
Ashok Gai; golden period after 27th July 2014. Cosmic powers will fight against the evil 2015-2025. A new world order incorporating the good points of capitalism and communism in India, China, Russia.
Clarke; science will take up a new direction with spiritual principles. 
Silvigar; the world of  true love, goodwill and brotherhood. Honest people will lead, and peace will start creeping into every nook and corner of the globe, signs till 2000. Human values will get the nod.
Anandacharya; God will reign in the psyche of world humans, a gigantic revolution and religious upliftment.
Father Baxter; The movements of sun/moon/planets will be very perilous for world humanity, but a great person shall lead the world towards peace and human values, and shall revolutionize the world.
Jean Dixon; a great spiritual revolution. 
Anderson; In the newspapers; selfless service, renunciation, true philanthrophy. The entire world will positively transform, and then thousands of years life will reign in peace and joy.
Chrisey; the entire world will experience unity and brotherhood and only peace and prosperity will reign.
Vivekananda: soon a great spiritual light will spread all over world. Advaita philosophy of Vedanta will be the world religion.
Agni Purana; he will establish moral law in the form of suitable organization of society in four classes. 
Baba Vanga;. Oil will stop, new kind of energy. Real change after 2012. In 2018 trains with sun power, by 2050 prosperity, peace and the unification of religions.
Korean prophesy; the real change will happen in the conscience and spirituality of humanity.
Shree VB Maha Swami, ab 1000 years ago; everyone will meditate on the great spirit, which people come to know on 2011-12.
Dattatreya Siva Baba, about 2012: the world will move into a golden age, increase of photons from the sun which cause changes in our brain pattern.
Prof Cheiro; after 1970 A.D Knowledge revolution may influence the world, a new eternal culture, more potent than the collective material force of the entire world.
Saint Ramchandraji (bef 1930); he will transform this era and bring thought revolution in the entire world. 
Dr Berne: as per the Lord’s wish a new era of faith, justice, ethics, discipline and a sense of dutifulness is created. Spiritual revolution with new mysteries of God and the soul, which science will prove to be true. In 2050 A.D. his injunctions will help unite all nations of the world under one flag.
Shri Aurobindo; this movement will once again bring the Golden Age in the entire world.
Vegilatin; faith in spirituality increases. The entire world will dwell in peace and a sense of well being. India will be responsible for purification of the atmosphere, warding off of diseases and manifesting world peace and brotherhood, a beautiful, borderless world will manifest.
Blind, Surdasji; after the year 1900 the world will transform. Righteousness will prevail and for thousands of years there will be world peace. 
Lady Florence: the pinnacles of spirituality will illumine the void of materialism. This saint is spreading the light of divine wisdom in the entire world with his followers. People shall realize that only in imbibing this great saint’s progressive thinking - that troubleshoots all world problems - dwells the well being of the entire world.
Swami Iyer; his India based followers shall form such a powerful organization that will help spread his sacred thoughts in every nook and corner of the world. Everyone will walk the path of world well being. He will bring  Golden age on the whole Earth.
Shahballi: he shall challenge hard core materialists and prove the latter’s thinking as illusory. After this straightforward honest people shall lead the world and peace and joy shall spread the world over.
Shri Aurobindo: this (Indian) movement will help remanifest Satyuga or Golden Era the world over that will ooze with peace and joy.
Chulet in 1981; the dawn of a New Era will commence. People will yearn for world welfare service. Vedic Science will spread all over the world. 
Indian ancient Palm Leaves; Kalki says; Welfare Rule is the most important human right.   
Vishnu Purana; he will re-establish righteousness upon earth, and the minds of those at the end of the Kali age shall be awakened.  
Hindu prophesy; Kalki will be born 12 days from the full moon, anytime between 26th April to 15th May. Kalki will wear white clothing.  
Science Westminister; new civilization and culture will be born. The world will live like a happy family, because a beautiful, borderless world will manifest. 
Kalki Purana: he will then re-establish righteousness upon earth; and the minds shall be awakened. The Age of Purity, Krita age shall return. 
Rawalji; spirituality will play a great role in politics. Human values, single religion and culture, a common viewpoint, and brotherhood will be sown all over the world.  
Sharma Acharya; on the 20th Century; few pious men will uplift world humanity. The energy that will transform this era will neither be political or that of any ‘ism’. 
Nostradamus; this great revolution shall take place at the end of the 20th and start of the 21st century. Later human values shall rule the roost, and the world will ooze with heavenly joy.  
Surdas the Blind; middle twentieth century thousand years of grace will start, truth triumph, and earth bloom with golden flowers. They shall escape this doom alone, who know their soul, God's perfect Play.  Deganawida, Iroquois prophet; in time a great glorious light would come from the East. A wondrous new song would be heard among all people, a song of love.  
Brahmacari; the divine character of revered preceptor is churning the minds of all.
Prananathji, era Transformation and the manifestation of an Avatar.
Andersson; till the year 1999 the entire world will positively transform and then for thousands of years life the world over will reign in peace and joy.  
Father John Melard; era Transformation 
Sarkar; the new era will come, all-round philosophy for humanity. The future of humanity is bright.

Not necessarily related to India:

Matthew 24:27; as the lightning comes from the east and shines as far as the west, so will be the coming of the Son of man.                                                                                        
Isaac Newton; Christ would return around 2060 and establish a global Kingdom of peace                Bhagavan Shree Rajnees, after 2000 the world will be rebuilt by a peaceful matriarcal society  
Mother Shipton,1641: begins new human race. The Golden Age will start. Enlighten the minds of future man. 
Carving in Egypt; a new era will dawn. Truth will be its religion and justice will be its law. Peace and prosperity will rule over the entire world. A group of very few individuals will help manifest a new world.
Father Walterben; after great destruction, new world culture based on truth, righteousness, ethics and morals will be born, which will purify both, the world’s atmosphere and that of everyone’s psyche.
Mexican Aharo Amaya; neo creation will definitely occur; After 2000 century a Divine Power will manifest in the world and will induce mankind to live a life of sacred ideals.   
Patricia Pareira; earth is in the midst of a quantum event. Earth Mother cleanses herself in preparation for the transformation of her cellular mass into higher octave dimensions. 
Keys of Enoch, Hurtak, (1973): 'Higher Evolution'... will change the magnetic forces of creation. 'New Age' will occur for all of mankind.  
Lee Carrol (1990s); it will be the graduation of the human being into a new consciousness.   
Faith Jani King (early 1990s): the consciousness of humanity will expand and it will rise to a higher density.   
St. Germain - Azena (early 1990s): 2012 apex of fourth density, convergence point into unlimitedness.   
Rasha (late 1990s);in confusion you may choose the time for recognizing your unlimited, divine essence.   
Q'uo on 2012: fourth-density energy is bombarding the Earth. One becomes aware of the tremendous, unimaginable array of information.  

Tibetan Monks; for 2012-2013; "supernatural divine powers" will bring the world back to a spiritual civilization. The aliens will reveal themselves in such a way that none of us will be scared. Our world is blessed and saved from all kinds of hazards.   
Edgar Cayce; his light will be seen again in the clouds.  
Eileen Caddy, Findhorn (1970s-1980s): This is the turning point for every soul. The cosmic power released.... nothing will stop it.   
Wilcock D, US, "spiritual scientist": Time shifting happening, galactic energy penetrating, rewriting of DNA.  
Mahatma Ghandhi; entirely new earthly existence will manifest. For a very long time the world war will be crossed out from the dictionary of mankind, perhaps even for all time.  
Meherazad Baba, 1948; the world will reach a zenith of anti-God thinking, lust and greed, because the ending of a vast cycle of cycles is taking place. But after brotherly love will be ushered in by God.   
Nichiren, 1222-82; the Holy See will be the seat where the whole humanity will be initiated into the mysteries. Brahma and Indra will come down into the sanctuary and participate in the initiation.   
Hopis; the highest and greatest powers that we have will be released to us.  
Sioux holy man Black Elk; great light would grow in the East. Many would become like flames of fire, spreading a New Message of Love.   
Truthseekers; western civilization experienced an awakening on spiritually transformative 70s. The Spiritual Philosophy of the East Came to Western Civilization.

Oswald Spangular; a new culture is about to rise like the sun which will lead world humanity towards human values of brotherhood, love, oneness etc.
So he came already and left most likely between ab 1920-2000 according many of the prophesies, but seems most of the common people were not able to recognize him. Kali-yuga means time of materialism, lack of moral, earth changes and people rejecting God. Kalki brought the beginning of Satya Yoga, dharma and the entrance to golden age. He made arrangements to restore order, to re-establish righteousness and to bring peace in the world. His idea was to organize society such a way that it would bring prosperity for all. He came to teach spirituality; to awaken and enlighten minds. He surely educated and left people behind to fulfill his mission and many more are his followers unknowingly or knowingly, especially those practicing meditation and helping others. His mission is still there to be found. DA

Ravi Batra about India's glorious future,1989

Swami Vivekananda prophesied already in 1896, that the rising of the laborers will take place first in Russia, then in China and India, that sublime day is about to dawn soon on the eastern horizon. India will become a global power and will play a vital role in shaping the future world and will usher global golden age.

India today is convulsed by the exploding population and poverty, crime, widespread illiteracy, malnutrition, political unrest, increasing fragmentation and disunity, with corruption in every nook and corner. No stretch of imagination could conceive of India leading the world, but India will emerge like the proverbial phoenix from the ashes of the Great depression.

Though India will be also hit hard by the coming economic crises but not as severely as the West. Exports and foreign aid will sharply fall in India, resulting in shortage of foreign exchange and increased unemployment. Indians abroad will loose their jobs, return to India and add to unemployment.

India's economy at present is not strong; the national debt is high and on rise, the inflationary pressures are increasing. There is the same dangerous disparity of wealth in India as well as in the West. The depression will hit hard on the urban centers, and throughout of the country there will be social and political unrest and rampant crime.

The coming crises will actually be blessing in disguise, for it will force a re-evaluation of the economic policies. It will precipitate a broad-based awareness, that there must be a drastic change in economic planning. In short the soil will be then fertile for Prout to emerge as the only alternative. And because Indian economy is mostly self-sufficient... India will emerge faster from the crises than the rest of the world.

New leadership will emerge from the economic and social turmoil; charismatic leaders with dynamic, new ideas. The wast reservoir of human and natural resources will be progressively utilized and rationally distributed, so that the extreme concentration of wealth will be eliminated.

India has a huge cultivable land area, second to US, an abundance of mineral reserves; iron, coal, manganese, limestone, thorium and uranium - and the most powerful resource of all; 700 million people manpower including untapped reservoir of human intellect, out-competing other ethnic groups. If the masses are properly educated and fully involved in the task of nation building, there will be an economic surge, that will bring it quickly out of the prevailing depression and make it the envy of the rest of the world.

The economic reforms of Prout will create a fertile ground for the full unleashing of India's human potential. Prout recommends a democratic system of free enterprise – one in which everyone involved, has a stake – a decentralized economy. Other countries will follow in India's footsteps.

At that time not only will the world emulate India's new system, but the nation's ancient spiritual heritage will also become prominent - its universalistic wisdom will play great role in unifying our planet. Humanity will realize as never before that only global cooperation can put an end to the world-wide crises. When the lack of moral values throughout the world have reached their nadir, only eternal philosophy will be able to fulfill the spiritual and moral vacuum. India will then assure the moral leadership of the world, thus Vivekananda's third prophecy will also come true.

You will be the harbingers of a new universalistic philosophy and will sprout a life-giving movement, choking poverty and misery from the parched land of India and rest of the world. 

Source: Progressive Utilization Theory: Prout - India's Brilliant Future, Ravi Batra
Prout Handy Booklet
Great ladies of India:

Madam, Sir Kiran Bedi Ph.D, India’s first (1972-2007) and highest ranking woman police officer  has become the hero of the country and not only of India, but known all over the whole world. And how she is: When she was in charge of fire rescue operation, she took hose, made herself totally wet and rushed to help people out from burning house. Male police officers followed her example and thus they rescued all 17 people trapped in that house. After the male police started call her Madam.

She has also contributed greatly to prison reforms taking “Godly approach to inmates” with the introduction of yoga and meditation to inculcate spirituality and human values amongst the convicts. She also empowered them with education, detoxification programs, Art of Living Foundation and literacy programs. Bedi's strong belief was that without reform inside prison, ex-prisoners would continue to commit crimes outside the prison. She instituted 10-day Vipassana meditation courses also for prison staff. Following the success of her program in India, Vipassana came also to prisons in USA.

She has worked as the Police Advisor to the Secretary General of the
UN in Peacekeeping Operations, and represented India in numerous international forums. She founded: Navjyoti and the India Vision Foundation, which provide education, vocational training, and treatment for drug addicts.

Kiran has received dozens of
international awardsMSN Most Admired Indian Female 2011 for her fight against corruption. She anchors several radio and television shows, is subject of various books and films. She is also an Asian tennis champion. With her own words: India remains value-based. India wants merit. India wants inclusivity…Our culture is non-violent. Our culture is truly based on Vivekananda's morals. It came on the surface that we can be like this... Bedi is popularly referred to as Crane Bedi for towing the Prime Minister Indira Gandhi's car for a parking violation. She got also named Sir, by his fellow male collegues…that's why the title of film: Yes Madam, Sir. Official trailer:

Mr Anna Hazare, another social activist started an indefinite hunger strike on 5 April 2011 to exert pressure on the Indian government to enact an anti-corruption law, The Lokpal Bill, 2011. Almost 150 people joined Hazare in his fast and there were 570 demonstrations and protests across the country. The fast ended on 9 April 2011, when government accepted Hazare's demands. Reforms came out quickly.

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