tiistai 19. helmikuuta 2013

One conspiracy really real

What ever we think about conspiracies such as claiming each shooting in US to be staged etc, but for sure Sandy Hook is such, you just see some of the hundreds, if not thousands, videos with odd things. This is one likely explanation:

Someone from (presumably) Department of Homeland Security explaining the Sandy Hook drill:
http://i.imgur.com/8u71j.png, but even he doesn't quite understand what the government agencies are hiding. Crises actors were used and while everyone thought drill was going on, suddenly it became real, which the drill leaders informed to police. Information about the drill was not allowed to share to the public, according him that order came from James Napolitano. FBI came and took over all the papers from local police, although they didn't want to show up themselves on the scene. The media purposely spread conspiracy and confusing stories. Those who were involved in planning the drill were requested to keep everything top secret. The documents have been put into file; QK Ultraviolet, which the anonymous official couldn't find any information about, except that it might be a cover up to operation Mockingbird: CIA giving dis-info to media in order to pacify population. See video by Jeremy Feit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tjqf53Znkko.

And even the child knows “it was like a drill”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZnNkWJ82rU.
Active-Shooter Drill Confirmed by Law Enforcement, Suspicion of False Flag Operation: http://tatoott1009.com/2013/01/13/0sa...
by DAHBOO7, www.dailypaul.com theintelhub.com
Another claim: http://www.veteranstoday.com/2012/12/23/mossad-death-squads-slaughtered-american-children-at-sandy-hook/

Fulford: FW: Petraeus and Benghazi. And The serial child rapist pope (???) quits after Bush confessions, after new Pope Peter the Roman last, Catholicism no more Roman institution. High tension in China, between the Shanghai faction and the Communist Party Youth, tanks were sent toward Beijing by the Shanghai faction... The British Monarchy too struggle with the gnostic illuminati insisting that Prince Harry be made King... but MI5: crown goes from Her Majesty to Charles to William. Warfare campaign to force the resignation of Queen Elizabeth, Charles and William:
British Monarchy and the Queen under severe attack with allegations of incest, human sacrifices and trying to steal assets of Global Collateral Accounts. 
And http://www.theworldoftruth.net/HallettReport/No6.html#.USGbkmeVAgR.

Cabal infighting with meteors (?) reported in Russia, Japan, Cuba and Florida (Obama top secret “golf” in Cuba and Politico: The White House press corps frustrated over its lack of access to Obama, who was golfing in Florida.) and even in Finland some rock fell down? SARS or bird flu in the UK, Mexico and Germany. Major dam burst in China. Russia dispatched nuclear bombers to threaten US, while North Korea proxy for Japan....(Meteor Conspiracy Theories. And Meteor in Russia, http://projectcamelotportal.com/kerrys-blog: Normal burning causes red glow max. Only solid rocket fuel and other oxygen generating engines can produce white light. So it must have been a missile on this evidence alone. Tracking meteors:  http://lunarmeteoritehunters.blogspot.com/.

In the US as well, a severe power struggle, arrests, gnostics saying Obama will leave...The hacking of the Bushes e-mails by Rockefellers (?) sign of fall from power. The Pope resigned because fingered as a mastermind of 911, also 311 (???) and the wars in the Middle East by both Bush Jr. and Tony Blair. Chinese Zodiac predicts, snakes fighting against each other. Whistle blowing concerning the ongoing French theft of Tunisian, Libyan and Malian gold: http://www.varmatin.com/var/lor-sale-de-ben-ali-est-il-passe-impunement-par-nice.1130381.html.

And on going organized global boycott against cabal corporations; India has canceled a $750 million Anglo-Italian helicopter deal. A French military aircraft sale to India is also on hold. Mysterious battery problems halting Boeing aircraft sales. Russian ban on all Beef imports from the US.
Space.com: NASA scientists: Russian meteor explosion not caused by asteroid flyby the Earth. Nature Magazine: the meteorite blast was more powerful than N-Korea’s recent nuclear test - with loud Sonic booms. Suspected meteor explosion in Cuba, too. Xinhua: An object turned into a fireball before it exploded, by Cuban TV. Video: Approach of Asteroid 2012 DA14 from Samford Valley Observatory... its closest approach to earth. Scientists are worried: Earth remains safe for now – but what about next asteroid?

Urbansurvival.com: "Unexpected drop in retail sales". US Treasury: tax payments by individuals this year are up 16%... so less money to retail sales? Fed's three-month M1 rate, is down to 6.7% from a 6-months rate of 12.9. Fed trying to modulate growth of the economy in order to prevent inflation which could collapse the long-term bond market which could set off a global collapse. "Pakistani Disapproval of U.S. Leadership in 2012 a whopping 92%... why can't they just accept drones raining down of them as a new way of life and let us just keep building out our (war) empire? Obama administration is planning to issue executive orders on cyber security. Feb 12, 2013...Idaho Power has a program for cloud seeding, aired on Idaho Public Television on Febr 8, 2013.

TBR news: Text of a  manuscript based on authentic Dead Sea scroll, ca 50 CE by two Essene scribes; Jesus was member of the Essene cult (male cult practicing homosexuality).

AP — The U.S. Cyberattacks; Rep. Mike Rogers says 95 percent of private sector networks are vulnerable and most already been hit. Value of info hacked at up to $400 billion a year. Many companies don't admit to keep a competitive edge and shareholders. BBC News: Children 11 years old are hacking gaming sites and social networks using basic coding languages with errors that professional hackers were unlikely to make.

Chinese government often played down the pollution in Beijing as fog. On 12 Jan the monitor of U.S. embassy in Beijing recorded nearly 35 times what the WHO considers safe. On 5 Febr flights grounded as visibility fell. Last month Jiangong Hospital had 30 percent spike in cases involving respiratory problems and the chief Qifeng noted, "People tend to catch colds or suffer from lung infections during the heavily polluted air." Beijing's current pollution is more frightening than SARS. The smog is now impacting Japan... needs long term solutions. http://oilprice.com/The-Environment/Global-Warming/Chinas-Smog-Becoming-an-International-Issue.html, by Oilprice.com.

Democrat from Florida reintroduce his FEMA Camp bill. Last time I was successful in exposing it to the alternative media and the bill did not move forward. The National Emergency Centers Establishment Act would authorize 6 more military installations for national emergency to be run by FEMA under DHS... This bill would expand pre-existing facilities of FEMA camp infrastructure.

Pope Benedict resigned: http://projectcamelotportal.com/kerrys-blog: Whether resignation is simply Ratzinger following orders from the 'Black' Pope Kolvenbach?  Meanwhile the ITCCS is being used (as a smoke screen) by the Black Pope: "Easter Reclamation" plan continues, Statement from The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) Brussels, www.itccs.org. And Pope Benedict to seek immunity and protection from Italian President Napolitano. The NWO has big plans for a "new" world religion....

Reuters: Vatican will provide him with security and privacy. Church sources; "His continued presence in the Vatican is necessary, otherwise he might be defenseless"... And odd remark from the pope about how he will be: "Hidden to the world' once he leaves.  Rumors about his fate, Example. Last Pope/Black Pope - Peter Turkson - the election of a new pope is not political.

http://www.omearaferguson.com/in-house-news/expert-encourages-culture-of-global-solidarity-in-response-to-financial-crisis/. http://www.justpax.it/pcgp/eng/membri.html. In Nov 2012 the EU Central Bank announced new euro banknote for May 2013 onward. It has mythical figure of Europa, and betray the guiding hand of the Illuminati. The ECB website noting that “the watermark and hologram display a figure from Greek mythology.” With all this talk of counterfeit-resistant technology embedded within - but the banknote itself is counterfeit: designed for inflation and deflation purposes, depending on what will come next. The future look of the instable currency was presented by the European banking elite in a distinctly ritualistic setting, with altar, priest and pagan symbolism. President Mario Draghi of the ECB revealed it to the international press. Source: Explosivereports.com.

Meet the Woman Who Stopped War Against Iran. Veterans Today. Press TV’s “Untold Truths” documentary film about the experiences of former White House Middle East policy adviser, Gwenyth Todd, who has escaped to Australia from FBI prosecution. Gordon Duff’s first article here. A story about a politico-military coup against the US by some of our highest officials. And Wikileaks intel operation ‘preparing the minds’ of the public for the attack.. Wikileaks hoax: http://www.veteranstoday.com/

Alcuinbramerton.blogspot.com: There are important factions within the IMF and Interpol who are being very positive, now, in progressing global affairs towards the international currency re-sets and a benevolent, free-energy outcome for all. More background here and here, here, here.

Natural News | Meditation isn’t only a way to relax or a throw-back to the 1960s when the Beatles first made the practice popular in the U.S.
Sarkar: Yogasandhi short cut:
Human society is moving along special path. While moving along this path, it is observed, that the conduct and behavior, manners and customs, the knowledge heard and remembered - being old, there is no more dynanism in them. There is no more capacity to move forward.

What is called 'polarisation' in English; good on one side and bad on the ohter side takes place. Sadhu (virtuous) and asadhu (wicked), the moral and immoral, start fighting. In such a fight, with special effort and with Kripa (grace) of Mahapurusa, the sadhu society emerges victoriuos.

They may have superiority or inrefiority complex, but they are the fortunate ones. And there is no evil force in the world which can fight them and be victorious. The faces of the evil forces shall definitely be darkened.

At present the world is witnessing dhruvikaran (polarisation); the SAT shakti (victorious forces) are with you and shall remain with you. ASAT shakti (evil forces) shall go against you - for what? To get defeated. So you should be carefree. Whenever and wherever there is a fight between dharma and adharma, you all shall wait only for the victory to arrive. You are not alone, dharma is with you, benevolent intellect is with you.

Nuclear revolution, how to do: there has to be collective urge against exploitation. Revolt against status quo, not reaction with anger. Effective structure with benevolent leaders. Cadres, revolutionary organization. Clear approach and psychology. Desire for collective welfare for humanity, proper collective philosophy. Revolutionary strategy, desire for revolution, moral strength and courage.
Vaeshyan (money minded elites) exploitation is difficult to conquer, because greediness is mental disease, and because other varnas (intellectuals, labour, military) are also cooperating with vaeshyas. Vaeshays are smarter than any other group in exploiting people. Nuclear revolution has to happen in every walk of life and it has to be supported by all groups, so that there is complete transformation of society and new values will rise. Educate yourself with gualities of all varnas.

Political people have no interest of building oneself, so they have individual urges and goals, no inspiration from spiritual source. One is not inspired with words, but with inner spirit.

When you go to bed ask yourself what I have done today to help humanity.
Humanity needs object of proper ideation.

1978 Sarkar made a rule for his workers, that they were not allowed to stay or eat in margies (family members) homes. They suppose to stay and eat only in their own offices. Margies couldn't understand why Sarkar made such a rule. But soon they started to find ways to go around that rule. They dedicated one room in their house as office. Then the workers could stay in that room and also eat there. So soon all over India was full of offices. Those offices helped greatly to increase the output of the organization. Besides before margies used to favor some workers but others they were not so eager to invite into their homes, or feed them, but now they could not refuse any worker staying in their offices. Sarkar used to give the rules in such a way, that nobody understood in the beginning where it would lead. He said that when He leaves leaks in the rules, then it is for the benefit of the organization.

Didi Annapurna