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I have given only the first one original link below, in order to see all the original documents, you have to go to this page:, by Dr Robert Wood. 

Great work, go also to see his latest. Here some short cut text so you see some picture of UFO history and some latest UFO video links at the end.

Memo to George Marshall from FDR, 27 Febr 1942. Letter after UFO crashes with the Los Angeles Air Raid of 1942, authorizes "Dr. Bush to proceed with the project;" Study of celestial devices to possibly create new super weapon. Suggest not informing Soviet.

George C. Marshall to Franklin D: Roosevelt, after Cape Girardeau crash of 1941; 'our planet is not the only one harboring intelligent life the universe'. Dr. Bush suggests applying "non-terrestrial know how to the war, but Roosevelt want to use atomic bombs...and after war only alien technology. 5 March 1942. "Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit" IPU was set up.

Oppenheimer-Einstein Draft; June 1947. Relationships with Extraterrestrial Biological Entities, or EBEs. Need for a new "Law Among Planetary People?" Celestial astroplanes come as a result of military experiments with fission and fusion devices of warfare? 

Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit Field; Order, 4 July 1947. This order directs the officer in charge (OIC) to take a counter intelligence team to the UFO crash site (Roswell), and to provide a report by the 28th of July.

Directive to General Twining by Eisenhower; 8 July 1947. Eisenhower’s authorization for Twining for … appraisal of the unidentified objects being kept in White Sands and to deal with the military, political, and psychological situation in New Mexico.

Air Accident Report by Twining to Headquarters; 16 July 1947; first glimpses of Lt. General Twinning's Air Accident Report. Twining describes inside of a "flying disc"; unknown design, no external propulsion and power system, and lacking Identifying markings.

Lt. Gen Twining to Curtis LeMay: Meteorological Memo, 18 July 1947…to conduct meteorological and upper air research …to reorganize the Watson laboratories. Funds requested for the Project is $6 million – a huge sum of money in 1949.

Counter Intelligence Unit Report; 22 July 1947. Fallen airborne objects in New Mexico between 4 and 6 July 1947. Fascinating details of discovery of several bodies that were taken to the hospital at Roswell etc. Leans to the either of Hoax by US, or that "our country has played host to beings from another planet."

Metallurgical Lab Personnel; July 17, 1947, involved in analyzing and reverse engineering crashed wreckage?
Flying Saucer Analytical Report; 2 Sept 1947, provides a credible glimpse into the problems to examine real crashed extraterrestrial hardware; which confronts our technology.... in respect to weight, aerodynamic refinement and design. A spherical reactor connected to propulsion motors.  
Twining's "White Hot" Report: Recovered Lenticular Aerodyne Objects; 19 Sept 1947, - signed by military leaders. Sightings also in Sweden, Germany, Holland, Greece etc. Experts of the AMC and ONR; "the unidentified lenticular-shaped aerodyne lacking wing, fuselage, nacelle, control, and fuel systems" - unlikely designed to operate within the earth's atmosphere. Several bodies discovered. Evidence suggests a symbionic relationship between operator and the aerodyne's operation. The White Hot report: the reasons behind keeping knowledge out of the public's grasp indefinitely. 
President Truman to Defense Forrestal; 24 Sept1947. President Truman signed document; "Hereafter this matter shall be referred to only as Operation Majestic Twelve."

Secretary of State Marshall, Memo to The President; 24 Sept 1947, "It would be better to discuss the report during the meeting (National Security Council). 25 Sept 1947. Cantwheel's comments; "The Secretary of Defense wanted Bush and Twining to meet with Truman before NSC meeting on the 26th so that a more concise report would be made."

Secretary of State Marshall to Humelsine; 27 Sept 1947.Marshall writes to his Executive secretary Humelsine dangers if New Mexico events are disclosed to the public.

Unidentified Aircraft Sightings in the US; 30 Sept 1947. This presidential briefing document about UFO sightings estimates Soviet, domestic and interplanetary capabilities, and conclusions. Truman; “I want the Director of NSA to have this for future reference. Oct 24, 1952"

Hillenkoetter to Truman: Majic Black Book Summaries; 11 Febr 1948. Concerned on the possible presentation on ˜Majic' for my use as well as for the other officials concerned, particularly yourself.
CIA JOIA Memo, 12 April 1949. Released by the CIA, or by NARA for CIA and MJ-12 to import PAPERCLIP (German) scientists into the U.S. 
CIA Office of Scientific Intelligence; 30 Oct 1950. Analysis of New Mexico Wreckage covers propulsion, analysis of the fusion reactor and utilizing the ionizing plasma and the planets magnetic lines of force...
Majestic Twelve, 1st Annual Report, 1948? Related to UFOs, suggests this to be psychological warfare material.  

Communist Propaganda Charging US with the Use of BW in Korea; 20 August 1951; "CIA TOP SECRET MJ-12".  This document discusses propaganda as it relates to the alleged use of biological weapons (BW) by the U.S. in Korea, on both sides. 
Majestic Twelve Project, Annual Report; Summer 1952. Military Assessment, Nuclear Weapons, Biological Warfare Programs, Genetic and Pharmaceutical Programs, New Material Development, Planned Future Rocket, Nuclear Propulsion, Intelligence Gathering and Analysis, Foreign Policy and National Security, Domestic and Constitutional Issues, social, religious, and Scientific Reaction, Cold War development. It will take several man-years to validate every phrase. 
Truman to Secretary of Defense; 24 Oct 1952. It establishes the NSA (National Security Administration).
Annex C Fragment, MAJESTIC, handwritten references to "put in Angelton's 'Yellow' files - J1" and "Project White Hot. "The untimely death of Secretary Forrestal was deemed necessary and regrettable." Because of Twining's report (White Hot) Truman was compelled to sign the National Security Act of 1947. 
Eisenhower Briefing Document; 18 Nov 1952. Kenneth Arnold sighting had caused near hysteria; starting on 07 July, 1947; four dead bodies. 
Eisenhower to the Director of CIA; 4 Nov 1953. "MJTWELVE Operations Plan of June 16, 1953, the expenditures of the National UFO Intelligence Program. Eisenhower (a) concern about inflaming the UFO situation with the Soviets; (b) reiterates, the CIA and the NSA leading roles in the UFO program; and (c) confirms that both Oppenheimer and Albert Einstein (Project JEHOVAH) involved in research of UFO physics. 
SOM1-01: Extraterrestrial Entities and Technology, Recovery and Disposal, April 1954, outlines the procedures and goals of the recovery, taking inventory, and disposal of a crash site materials. 
Part 2, pages 14-25, disk-shaped, cigar-shaped, triangular or ice cream cone shaped crafts. Security is of massive importance - to keep the public in the dark. UFOB reporting -  by the Air Force, instead of UFO.
Nature of Survey" Fragment; 1955, New Mexico incidents and the ongoing MAJESTIC PROGRAM. 
Bowen Manuscript; 1959? Stunning evidence for the existence of the TOP SECRET/MAJIC program, 339 page manuscript about flying saucers from 1947 to 1954 by Vernon Bowen.
John F. Kennedy to Director, CIA; June 1961, asking for an update on the psychological warfare plans related to MJ-12. Proof MJ-12 continuing, the CIA  involved in psychological warfare. 
Operations Review: The MJ-12 Project, by Allen W. Dulles, 5 Nov 1961. U.S. Intelligence; they do not constitute a threat to national defense. More sensitive aspects of MJ-12 activities, classified under the 1954 Atomic Energy Act.

Authority of DCI Clarified 1962; signed by Kennedy… you will assure the proper coordination and evaluation of intelligence from all sources to me and to other recipients as appropriate." DCI is responsible for coordinating with all U.S. agencies, hence, the DCI would be involved with Majestic projects. 
Marilyn Monroe Document; 3 Aug 1962, signature of James J. Angleton, CIA, file on Monroe, a suspicious death, known associations with the JFK.
CIA Hillenkoetter to Donald Menzel; 19 Sept 1963, Hillenkoetter was congratulating Menzel on new book and states "you have put to rest all surmises about flying saucers being from 'outer space,'  praiseworthy job." MJ-12, disinformation, psychological warfare, and obfuscation of the UFO reality.
John F. Kennedy to CIA; Nov 1963, JFK was urging that NASA could be better informed UFOs that they could handle their "defensive responsibilities." Confirms that three days before his (JFK) assassination, there was an MJ program. 
Burned Memo; TOP SECRET/MJ-12 in reference to Project MAJESTIC, JEHOVAH, EVIRO, PARASITE, and PARHELION, early 1960s.. "As you must know LANCER [JFK] has made some inquiries regarding our activities which we cannot allow. "Designated MJ projects should be held in readiness to perform HOUSE CLEANING operations in major population centers. MK-ULTRA and ARTICHOKE are activated to conduct DOMESTIC" UFO retrieval operations. 
SA Intercept, 12 Nov 1963 - NSA intercept of JFK's "hot line" talking to the Premiere about the UFO problem and its collective national security importance to each country. Statements made about NASA dovetail with other known authentic National Security Action NSAMs and other earlier leaked documents about partnering with the Soviets on joint space exploration. (Some people also claim JFK leaked documents to Russia)
Source S-1 to Cooper: "Burned Memo" Cover Letter, eight new directives concerning the MJ-12 program. Startling revelations in the Source S-1 letter include: sensitive files that would connect MJ-12 to JFK's murder. Nixon's classified executive order (SCEO) ordered all MJ-12 documentation destroyed. 
Isotope Thermal Thrusters and Applications - ASTIA 28710; by Martinez, with security warnings. Use of nuclear power for spacecraft and nuclear rockets, nuclear propulsion, close linkage to UFOs, and to test nuclear propulsion in airplanes, not considered successful. 
Summary of NICAP Cases; 12 pages, from the Project Blue Book files…but that real crashed hardware need a lower classification cover story such as Project Sign to help shield the truth from prying Soviet eyes.  
UFO Sovereignty Over Air Space: A Defense Intelligence Problem, 1976, by the Office of Scientific Intelligence in 1976, signed by LCR an astronomer in the 1970s. Top Secret UFO data has been withheld from elected leaders by the CIA; the fear of a nuclear confrontation with the Soviets; Kennedy's involvement in the UFO controversy; JFK’s initiative to begin reintroducing presidential briefings on the UFO subject.
Edward Teller's Pitch to Reagan for SDI, ~1980s, written by Dr.Teller; "very real and dangerous situation that threatens the world, and our very existence as a race." (Jan 1950 Truman decided to go ahead with a defense program more costly than Manhattan Project")
UFO Technology by Edward Teller; ~1980s, Teller proposes that official secrecy surrounding UFOs should be lessened: (a) to stimulate research in military applications of UFO technology; (b) to promote cooperation between the USA and its allies; and (c) to inform the U.S. public of "the true state of UFO reality," UFO technology integrated into remotely piloted vehicle (RPV) program and maintaining defense against "UFO nuclear weapons." 
S-Aircraft Drawing and Memo by Thomas Cantwheel, 30 Jan 1996, drawing of an unidentified aerodynes, crafts found. Reconstruction in 1945 with German scientists. Propulsion programs tried to duplicate the atomic power plant found in Louisiana and integrated the magnetic drive system developed by Tesla. Efforts were successful, the AF devised Blue Book.
CIA to MAJSEC JEHOVAH; Nov 1998, the most recent document with TOP SECRET MAJESTIC. Weird Desk and A51…China problems, and contacting '33' investors.
UFOs, The CIA, and Congress; Source S-1. Interview with Truman by the FBI: he was asked did you authorize Operation Majestic 12? Truman: it was not my intention... Mr. Truman was being coy and evasive. The average member of Congress has no more knowledge than the average citizen of annual expenditures of CIA UFO operations...During the first 12 weeks as DCI Admiral Raborn was called to 17 meetings with these congressional committees. 
Important Memo from Source S-1; 7 July 1999,  "Please read everything I am about to tell you as the truth. I am the spy jargon a 'walk in,'. It discusses the CIA role, UFO/EBE working groups, and historical events like the JFK assassination.
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