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And really real progress

Progress commonly means technical and scientific advancement. We think we are progressing, because our life has become comfortable, even luxurious, through scientific inventions, at least for some...

But according Sarkar this is not progress at all. He says there is no real progress in physical and intellectual level, because scientific discoveries create always new problems. You see how traveling is now fast and comfortable, but at same time pollution is created and accidents are more disastrous. Cancer and other diseases are consequences of pollution and chemicals. What comes to intellectual progress, people get more stressed out, nervous and strained with constant thinking and speculating. It creates i.e heart and blood pressure problems. The ancient tribes seldom had any mental diseases or mental break downs.

The more advanced technology gets the more serious the side effects are. Nuclear power gives huge forces of energy, but so do also its destructive forces. Solar energy could be more cheap and “natural”, but we might not know its side effects yet, usually the consequences come only after. One example; in US an invention was made which reduced 99 % of smoke particles, but the scientists now report, that these smokestacks release invisible thunderstorms of highly charged electrical particles, which reduce the rain fall in the area. Because the nature of universe is vibrational, so are the consequences first vibrational before they manifest in physical realm.

So should be go back to stone age in order to avoid creating negative forces? No way, we just need to learn the nature of inventions and how to counterbalance them.

And what is the real progress then? Only in the spiritual realm there is permanent progress. And when we apply spirituality to all physical and intellectual endeavors we become more progressive in those areas too. Negative and positive forces that operate in the universe create balanced flow. Thus we have to also counterbalance the positive flow with negative in order to progress, if not, any pleasurable invention will attract uncontrollable negative consequences.

When we invent new technology i.e robots, we have to also invent means to control and channelize the side effects that are created in the process. We have to create work for those loosing their jobs due to robots. We need to be aware, responsible and think in terms of benefit for all.
Same with intellectual and mental level, the pleasure follows with pain. You get happy with new boy friend until he is gone. We make scientific study and get nervous agitation and can't sleep. The more pleasure the more stress! The need of psychiatrists has increased in intellectual western society.

So how to balance scientific discovery without loosing night sleep? Human being has three levels of existence: physical, psychic and spiritual. Only in spiritual level there is permanent progress; increased feeling of peace and happiness is not neutralized by increased misery and pain. Spiritual progress means that individual mind is coming into closer contact with its own witnessing entity. Only human beings have feeling of I, and more or less awareness of the witnessing soul, which has connection to and is part of cosmic witnessing entity, the God, or what ever you might call it. So are the other people also part of the same witnessing cosmic consciousness, the God, although they might not be aware of it.

The goal in spiritual realm is not finite but infinite; to achieve the awareness of our infinite witnessing soul, and awareness of the cosmic infinite witnessing consciousness, thus expanding our mind. Spiritual happiness is permanent, coming from endless source, that's why it is not followed by pain and suffering, while intellectual and physical pleasure has its limits and time frame, due to nature of its finiteness.

Besides meditation, spiritual practices include taking care of ones body (proper food, asanas) and mind (self discipline, behavior) as a base for sound mind. It also includes service aspect due to fact that one becomes more broad minded and realizes that suffering of others consist part of ones well being. Our mind would be disturbed to do mediation, if tolerating others pain without doing anything. Even death of one ant has its effect on the entire universe. And helping others to make their life suitable for higher realizations, it uplifts the spiritual flow in this earth. There is no scope for selfishness in spirituality.

The society, where people practice spirituality commonly and end up sharing and doing social service, can be considered progressive, where happiness increases without corresponding pain. In that kind of atmosphere also the physical and intellectual achievements can become progressive in nature – spiritualized.

It can be also explained that meditation makes the mind to function in a more impersonal way without attachment. Then we don't experience so much pleasure and pain, ups and downs, but rather enjoy lasting happiness, peace and harmony. We can also see how karma plays its role in both physical and mental actions. We might get pleasure, comforts and fame, but if that is purely selfish while neglecting others, we also end up getting reactions on the opposite side, hardships, pain and misery. All this can be avoided by meditation and its effects on our actions and thinking.

In 20 th century after religious rebellion people have not found anything to replace religious ardor, so people have degenerated even lower level than in religiously somewhat pious environment. Thus all countless scientific inventions are done without spiritual consideration. The result is shocking; more destructive wars, tremendous pollution, (emissions of “progress”), break down of biodiversity, moral degeneration, climate change etc. The so called “progress” in physical and mental level without spirituality is ultimately self destructive.

In economics, lack of spiritual base has lead to exploitation which has created huge cap between rich and poor. Selfishness and greediness are rampant. When we consider how the economy should be organized we come to Progressive Utilization Theory – Prout, which is based on spirituality. Its each and every aspect has been considered by taking care of the nature of universe; pleasure will create pain, if not counterbalanced in controlled way. I.e the inventions has to be such that they lessen the risk of polluting the earth.

Sarkar was aware of the future pollution already centuries back. International and national research and clean up should be done with new technologies, which not only clean up effectively, but also could destroy each others emissions. Diamonds cut diamonds, why not emissions cutting emissions? Sarkar didn't accept profit motivation - especially the private profiteering - and not also the individual scientific research. Individuals while seeking only profit are often irresponsible; polluting and wasting, and also then in researching such things.

Sarkar has given many other principles, which also reduce pollution indirectly; maximum utilization means also utilizing things with its full potential and without wasting. He also calls for simple life style, which not only reduces the environmental pollution, but reduces also the mental pollution. The less you engage your mind with unnecessary physical and psychic matters and enjoyment/misery the more you have time and freedom to concentrate on searching for more lasting happiness. This planet is finite, limited, but if the amount of human beings increase, they can also move to other planets.

In agriculture almost everything can be recycled, thus when Sarkar calls more people to work in farms, instead of increasing population in mega cities as today in many western countries, then less rubbish would come for dumping around the cities. However spiritual progress doesn't force anyone to excessive austerity, but it promises maximum amenities and it adores new inventions.

Sarkar about progress: There cannot be any progress in the physical stratum, or the physico-psychic stratum, or even in the psychic stratum. Whatever is known as progress is actually change of place and nothing more. A bullock tied to an oil mill may trudge along for a hundred miles [in a circle], but not even a step of that distance will signify real progress...

Any economic progress? ...Government accepting the recommendations of a commission to increase the pay scale of the employees and to recover the increased expenditure through higher taxation, will this be called economic progress? Certainly not, for it fails to increase purchasing power. The acceptance of progress in the physical field is only wrong mathematics... the pluses and minuses there cancel each other out...

The speed of progress will go on accelerating by clash and cohesion...If human beings themselves are still stuck at the same place where they initially started their journey, what progress has been made? By building a road one does not advance along the path of progress – one will have to move along the road.

Similar is the condition in the intellectual sphere. The so-called intellectual progress is termed Artha. . Nowadays science means creating new weapons – strengthening the hands of warmongers; but the spirit of science should not be like this.(Man is not helpless, he has an intellect; and having the intellect can track spirituality)

However, human beings will continue their endless efforts for progress...Nothing in this universe stagnates, all entities are on the move...But because everything in these realms is limited, the hunger of human beings remains unsatisfied. The progress in the psycho-spiritual field is termed Dharma.

And pure spiritual progress, which is progress in the real sense, is called Mokśa in Saḿskrta...So, this progress...Mokśa, is not a very difficult path....In the absence of negative speed, every movement is progress. Thus, there is no question of minuses; there are only pluses. This is a movement from negativity to positivity and this, therefore, is the real form of progress.

In the spiritual field, due to the absence of the reactive momenta (karma), there is no retardation, there is only movement forward. This is the nature of true progress. Spiritual progress can only be attained on a firm physical, mental base. Therefore, this physical and intellectual base has to be progressively adjusted to the changing conditions of time and space.

Here you must remember that salvation does not mean salvation in the spiritual stratum only. Humanity must get salvation in all spheres of life, in all strata of life, without any exception. All humanity wants salvation in the social sphere, they want salvation in economic strata, they want salvation in the realm of intellectual liberty, and they want salvation in the spiritual sphere. For progress in the spiritual realm, one must not ignore the psychic realm or the mundane external sphere.

As human beings progress towards the realm of spirituality, they are helped on the one hand by PROUT, which guarantees minimum requirements and maximum amenities, and on the other hand by Neo-Humanistic outlook, which removes disparities... There cannot be any stop in the march of human progress. And not only in human progress, but in the physical and psychic worlds also... in every sphere of life there must be an ongoing effort to progress from imperfection to perfection. This effort will, if only indirectly, make social progress and all-round welfare more accessible to the human race.

One will move steadily in the spiritual sphere, and the rjutá [straightforwardness], sáhas [courage] and satyaniśt́há [love of truth] that grow as one progresses in the spiritual sphere will be utilized for the mental welfare of the entire world. As you have got a human body, utilize it at every moment. Let there be maximum utilization of your very existence. Make your existence great by dint of your extraordinary action. Your life will become more and more meaningful if you do more and more work and more and more meditation...

The wise, remembering that the goal of life is the subtlest goal, will make efforts to reach supreme blessedness. The more human beings advance... the more their existence radiates the divine effulgence... and the more they expand. This is the only way to progress. There is no other way.

Source: Ravi Batra and his books

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