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Alien X-rayd and disclosure now on Russian TV

Wilcock tells: Another airing on Jan 30, 2013, on top Russian network REN-TV: "Shadow Gold"- three-hour documentary blasting Financial Tyranny. Now there are six hours of prime-time documentaries -- on one of the top Russian TV. REN-TV admitted that Financial Tyranny was "utterly groundbreaking".

World Wars I and II were fake. Both sides - Axis and Allies -- were controlled by the same international bankers...These world wars were used to plunder central banks and private holdings of their gold -- worldwide -- and turn them over to the Fed. The mass seizures of gold occurred before, during and after World War I as well. Top of Google search; Bolshevik gold seizures. Bolshevik Revolution, which formed the Soviet Union, was financed by the Fed bankers.

The Nazis were plundering the central banks in every country they invaded -- and sharing the gold with their paymasters. 

In 1939, Stalin signed a pact with the Nazis, which was part of Fed plan -- to create a true world war - aiming to future world control. Fed also financed Japan in the Meiji Restoration. "Meiji" means "Illuminated Ones" – Illuminati. Aug. 7, 2012: Rothschild Betrayed Nuclear Secrets to Soviet Union:

Rothschild alerted Stalin to Allied plans to build an atom bomb. (Info by retired KGB officers). Rothschild, who died in 1990, was super-agent, sabotaging every Western intelligence initiative for 20 years after the war. These same bankers may have killed Lincoln, who was printing "greenbacks" during the Civil War, in 1863.

Over two million metric tons of gold was seized, hidden away in Asia between 1895 and 1945, in the hopes of creating a New World Order. 1895, Japanese plundered Korea (now reduced to cannibalism in the North). Much of the stolen gold belongs to the Dragon Family -- an ancient Asian group that has kept quiet for their own safety. But finally Neil Keenan filed trillion-dollar lawsuit on Nov 23, 2011. 
Over the years I've now had six different groups or entities attempt to bribe me -- with spectacular amounts of money -- to secure my allegiance. I knew this was the ultimate "deal with the devil" -- and rejected each of these offers. Death threats caused me to expand the original investigation: financial-tyranny. And Liens Filed Against Fed:

The international alliance promised more aggressive actions to end Financial Tyranny than what we actually saw. So I didn't write anything more about this subject until Dec 16, 2012 -- after REN-TV contacted me to do their first documentary. Apparently, my testimony added so much that they pushed the release date ahead. REN-TV: "A Million for a Marriage" – documentary.

Now, Jan 30, another documentary has been released by REN-TV in ongoing TV series called "We Never Dreamed". Three-hour expose "Shadow Gold", seen by 138 million people in Russia. And major Indian news website First Post promoted our investigation as well:—video-RLnaibPcUsY-42919-1.html.

July 26, 2012, India's largest TV network filed against the Nielsen Ratings manipulating the viewership ratings of TV shows. Huge Court Document: And July 30 news:

The world's largest media, including the Nielsens, are heavily controlled by the Fed. Nielsen, which formerly owned also The Hollywood Reporter, is company owned by "sponsors" – such as The [Bush-owned] Carlyle Group, etc.

After four days of lawsuit India was struck with series of tragedies...first went nation's power grid on July 30: Affecting 370M People: Next day, a separate incident 670 MILLION lose power: Worst in India in more than a decade, immediately followed by a high-level attack - from chief economist at Deutsche Bank, and CNBC, mocking: Aug. 1, 2012: A “Superpower” That Couldn’t Keep the Lights On. Without urgent reforms, India may finally have to turn the lights off on its lofty ambitions of superpower status: See photoes: Aug 1: India’s Power Outage: Next flood struck at least 2000 people - may or may not be related to the lawsuit?

Just two days after the flooding, more humiliating blow: A tragic mass shooting was perpetrated against a group of Sikhs in US -- by a US Military psy-ops veteran. It warned India and demonized Indian Sikhs as "terrorists": “Every Sikh American today is hurting, grieving and afraid.” The story gets even stranger: cnn-plays-only-good-die-young-after-segment-about-sikh-temple-shootin.

Amardeep Kaleka, the director of SIRIUS -- disclosing UFOs - lost his father in this same shooting. Aug. 6: I had already been invited to participate in Kaleka's SIRIUS documentary when this happened. Latest SIRIUS trailer, in which I am featured. Kaleka's film will present the world's first preserved specimen of an extraterrestrial humanoid.

On July 28, 2012 -- after Nielsen lawsuit and before shooting -- Dr. Steven Greer posted urgent message on his blog: scientific testing of a possible Extraterrestrial Biological Entity (EBE) that has been recovered: Dr. Jan Bravo- Emergency Physician -- and I have actually visited the group that possesses this EBE. The most recent SIRIUS trailer reveals enigmatic corpse found in the Atacama desert (with X-ray).... We cannot reveal, at this time, the location of this being -- or who possess it. Greer:

See the cute alien creature on youtube; And
Shadowy classified projects would prefer for us not to proceed; in 2001.

SIRIUS soon paving the way for clean energy -- at very low cost. Some of these results, CT and X-ray images might come in movie soon. Testimony of Jonathan Weygandt – who was in that area where this ET was found - downed, egg-shaped ET craft - he felt the occupants of the craft were trying to communicate with him.

The Indian and US happenings are the actions of a desperate Cabal. The sooner we are brave enough to stand up and spread the word -- the sooner this planet will heal. The first few rocks of the avalanche are falling around the Fed and their shadowy controllers. Do you hear that sound? It is the sound of freedom.

If this information is true -- and I definitely believe it is -- then we have the real, practical ability to turn this global nightmare around. You -- the public -- are our protectors, along with providence. Tell everyone you know – now.

Short cut from Wilcock's blog:

Google also more about Financial tyranny - short cut: Proutscandinavia, latest from Wilcock: The Final Sections.

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