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Sheeples, Dragons, Reptilians, Hominids and Nanites

Giant asteroids are on course close to Earth before the end of Febr, according NASA. Experts say although it is unlikely any of these will hit the Earth, there is always a chance they explode showering the planet with debris, “fire from the heavens”. There are 68 ‘close approaches’ before the end of next month. And 1,552 “potentially hazardous” asteroids in outer space dangerously close to swiping Earth.

Deep Underground Bases Being Prepared Right Now! Massive caravans (500- 50 truck caravans per day/week) are stocking up deep underground bases all over the US, for some type of "event." US government will not warn, if whole economy collapsed, or war started, or an asteroid devastated the world;

NASA finds huge hole in sun;; Coronal holes are common on the sun, where the magnetic field reaches out into space...can remain visible for years. This hole could only be seen by NuSTAR.

Forget global warming - It's Cycle 25 we need to worry about. NASA; the Thames will be freezing over again. Leading climate scientists yesterday told The Mail that the sun is now heading towards a ‘grand minimum’, threatening with cold summers, shortening food season and bitter winters. Met Office confirms; rising trend in world temperatures ended in 1997.—Cycle-25-need-worry-NASA-scientists-right-Thames-freezing-again.html#ixzz3NmlIB9Dd.

Missing AirAsia Flight QZ8501. Lot of confusion, noise and scuffle in the passenger area, dark feel, three Muslim men with fake Malaysian passports took control over passengers and cockpit area to take control of the pilots and the plane.  They advise the pilots of the new coordinates. They use the excuse of the weather as to the scattered communications.

Black briefcase presented - said to have a bomb in it. In reality it held some kind of a jamming device for communications and "auto pilot" features that were being used, so the plane was flying solo. A hijacking situation in which the goal was to steal "a small junk plane”. It was taken to the Bangka Islands, south east of Singapore, temporarily. This plane will fly urgently northwest to 'way "home" [desert]. Layers upon layers of cover-ups going on.

The Muslims are ISIS - made up by the US and UK, (just to spread fear)? The captors will release them, but keep few as hostages. They will eventually call it a crash as they don't want this drug on like the MH370 or MH17. Update 12/30/14: I heard the news that some wreckage and people have been found. This is a cover-up. Psychic Focus. (But she also says that the plan may be didn't become reality and the plane could have ended on sea).
Dutchsinse also claims it landed near Singapore; See; “missing”Air Asia shows as taking off at 22:35GMT on the 27th (535am) and landing at 00:29 GMT (729 am) on the 28th in Singapore. FlightTRACKER has the same flight deleted... which is contradictory...because if the plane travels every day, then it should show on 12.27 on flightTRACKER. So it has been edited, or censored. There is a group of people working together to accomplish a secret goal... missing planes from Malaysia 3 times in 6 months??? (SIN) QZ8501, see 22:20 22:35 00:30 Landed 00:29.

It was us’: CIA on UFO sightings in 1950-60s; RT; The CIA has admitted that it was responsible for half of reported UFO sightings; Testing of the U-2 silver wings spy planes “would catch and reflect the rays of the sun and appear to the airliner pilot, to be fiery objects,” it revealed. At this time, no one believed manned flight was possible above 60,000 feet.

He had two lives; Sandy Hook Noah Pozer died now in Pakistan; North Korea’s Kim Jong Un Ready for Summit Talks With Seoul, Sputnik; Kim Jong Un; the North-South relations needed a “big change”. 50,000 ‘ghost’ soldiers in Iraqi army, PM says
As of the last day of 2014, total US debt soared by ab 100 billion in one day (Social Security debt surge end of month), and closing off 2014 with $18.141 trillion in Federal debt - an increase of $136 billion in Dec and $790 billion for 2014.
Fulford; Cabal suffered huge defeats in 2014, so the 2015 year of the sheep into sheeple; Now, the Pentagon is preparing to take the restored Republic of the USA into the 188 nation BRICS alliance, making 2015, in Chinese Zodiac, the year of the sheeple.

The latest; 30 arrests of senior officials in Israel; His own party reject Netanyahu;

Top Nazionist ruler George Bush Sr. hospitalized to avoid arrest (on JFK and war crimes, mass murder charges);

The committee of 300, the secret government of the planet document at 14 min on video; by Red Dragon family; The document issued in 2010 and signed by I.e Queen Elizabeth is ab distribution of 48 trillion US dollars. UN (headed by the Rockefellers, Bushes, Rothschilds man) and bankers get the biggest slice, 20%; World Bank, the IMF, the BIS and the Bank of England and China.

The Chinese Dragon (royal) family got 10%. Queen, EU, Fed, C of 300, Vatican and the “signatures,” each get 4% or $1,9 trillion. And who is not paid; Russia, Africa, India, S-America, Japan, Germany etc. According to UN it would only take $600 billion to stop environmental destruction and end poverty. They could save the world and still have $47.4 trillion for their luxury.

Obama playing golf in Hawaii with Malaysian PM Razak. Apparently Razak failed to please Obama, because Malaysia was hit with severe floods and a third Malaysia airliner vanished. Nuclear reactors in S-Korea and the Ukraine under some sort of stuxnet virus attack. US and Japan, looting savings, to help the US deadlines; Dec 31st and on Jan 31st. Is the US military industrial complex on the move???

Alfred Webre in; The Transhumanist Agenda investigator Lankamp’s revelations; CIA, Pope John Paul II, Bush Sr. & Jr., Bill/H Clinton do ritual child sacrifice, drink human blood. Webre wants to end child sacrifice, but at the same time Webre accuses Kevin Annet, who has widely exposed the same above mentioned child abusers; And anonymous exposing UK pedofilia; And

It never ceases to amaze me how Putin continues to give non stop interviews, in open forums covering a wide array of topics and never get tripped up. Jim W. Dean. Russia has mostly oil exporting business. That’s why it has hit hard and the ruble has fallen 22 % against the dollar the past month... further than the Ukrainian hryvnia or Brent oil this year. But ordinary Russians saying everything will be good in the end. (Reuters). Russia launched; on WashingtoPostBlog

Against Putin: The EU is planning to set up their own Russian-speaking TV-channels with tax payers money as a counterweight to the “Russian Probaganda”. Invitation to Eurasian Union; Russia has presented a startling proposal to overcome the tensions with EU; The EU should renounce TTIP with the US and enter into a partnership with the Eurasian Economic Union instead. A free trade zone with neighbors would make more sense than a deal with the US. And Soros urges EU for higher budget deficits in purchase for waging war against Russia. Soros also calls for $20 billion in loans from taxpayers for Ukraine.

Kiev’s decision to buy nuclear fuel from the US catastrophe to Ukraine and EU; US fuel does not fit Ukraine’s nuclear reactors built in the Soviet times, say Russia’s FM;; And; Ukraine Central Bank head Gontareva; “There is a full-blown financial crisis. We can only overcome it if we implement quick and even extreme reforms.” Author Martin McCauley: The EU can’t really solve Ukraine’s problems.

Banned GMO plants freely growing in EU. A new study of GMO (Brassica napus L); Despite a GMO Cultivation and Import Ban in Switzerland, Monsanto and Bayer's GM plants have grown itself into the environment. It confirm fears that once the GM genie has been let out of the bottle it can not be put back. The GM plants were found growing freely along railway lines and in port areas in 2011 and 2012. Another concerning discovery was 'outcrossing' between Monsanto's GT73 GM plant and two non-GM oilseed rape plants.; and;

And Study (promoting screenings, which cause cancer?): Cancer can't be avoided by prevention and healthy lifestyle say US cancer researchers; It is crucial to provide the screenings!!! 'Emergency shutdown'at one of world’s largest nuke plants. Official: “Radiation is 14 times higher than acceptable norm” in area; Warns of Chernobyl-type disaster — Second accident at plant this month.

Hacker: An Italian hacker has exposed the chips of debit and credit cards as a "totally unsafe". He demonstrated it, mobile payment methods same. Gordon Duff;; Anonymous has list of 30 000 names of Mossad Agents. France to exit NATO? Le Pen; And N-Korea’s Kim Jong Un Ready for Summit Talks With South, Sputnik; the N-S relations needed a “big change”.

And more from Wilcock; in Kauilapele: Cabal take down; There are daily shouting matches in the White House and Obama has been told to shut up. He might get brought into a tribunal. A coup within the CIA, now working for the good of humanity. DHS still in controlling the cabal.

Large amounts of US military equipment shipped out -- very quietly to various overseas locations in attempt make US military unable to fight with the Alliance. Some years ago US soldiers were asked if they would fire on unarmed civilians. All those who said no were transferred to certain bases to be phased out. But nothing is being removed from the bases where those yes men reside. Similar things expected than during the Boston Bombing.

Some asteroids are solid gold. The main group who mined the gold in earth is called the Dragon Family, not natively born on earth. They have a lifespan of 200 to 300 years. They formed China and built about 135 pyramids in the Xian province. They parked their ships, fiery metallic dragons, on top of these pyramids. They still have some of their ships here and portal technology to contact the Dragon Family not on earth.

Ets, a lot of them are human. Our galaxy is programmed to create hominid biological life, with head, eyes, nose, mouth. One insider personally handled over 2000 different types of ET autopsies. One was kind of like a jellyfish hominid, many micro-ETs, 1-2-3 cm tall. Largest one he saw was about 45 feet tall and looked like made out of rocks. They usually have larger head than we, as they are more advanced. Some government workers are ET humans. Obama’s secret service guys shape shifting is a hoax. The only shape-shifter I have spoken to, is AI...Nanites, tiny little robots that can assemble into any shape. Picture of a dead Orange - positive and loving people.

Whistleblowers only few, because once you join the space program, you might never make it back to Earth, and having no access to our internet or any news. There are people who work off-planet since 1950s (and 60s). Moon; very nasty ancient ET battles, those debris fields are still left intact.

There are reptilians on earth in every major culture. Jesus was being tempted by serpent in the garden. The Hindus called them the Nagas. Mesoamerica have “Plumed Serpent” on step-pyramids. Sumerian has sculpture of mother suckling an infant, with reptile head. Some negative ETs look like demons. Padmasambhava, could fly? The Sahara Desert alien civilization, 50,000 years ago – was wiped out in massive attack.
Pyramid under Antarctic ice and underground base of Nazis; “New Berlin”. At the same time Nazis also went to the Moon with anti-gravity craft. Some reptilian groups made treaties with Nazis. Burning Library of Alexandria was a false flag, good stuff relocated in The Vatican Library.

There are 10,000 to 18,000 ET s walking around, more on underground. They have immigration papers, not threatening, tightly monitored. When we harness the power of our emotions, we can make massive spiritual growth very quickly, and become even more powerful than other ET s. But we’ve been genetically programmed to worship idols.

Bad guys are not allowed to shoot the Red Cross workers, but the interview was cut down…[never happened before...timed at a significant statement. We struck a nerve.] Some research; by Elachi et al: And
Mental Take Over, MK Ultra; The key for awakening is to allow it to happen and listen to the little voice in our head, but not the voice of the reptilian ET forces that try to telepathically take control of humans to either form alliances or complete agendas. Often on the request the thought/voice will go away - meditate and stay in tune with you higher self. Once permission for control is no longer granted, human beings can take back the planet.
P R Sarkar; The value of money lies in its use. If more money is accumulated than necessary, it becomes valueless for lack of use. The money you keep idle and valueless makes you responsible for the injustice done to hungry and the naked. Spritual practice does not teach forsaking the world. It teaches the right and correct use of all property; crude or subtle.
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