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Earth wobblings

First you may see how the earth wobble; Then Psychic Focus on Sister Sun and Nibiru. (Nibiru video;; short cut, DA)

The smaller image to the left is our sister sun. Around Oct 2015 we will be able to see this sister sun, left side of “our” sun, without a filtering device. We will start to see also smaller objects around it, one of those planets is Nibiru (or red planet). In previous encounter cycle, Pluto and Neptune joined sister sun system. This time, I see it taking Pluto with it. We will have some of the most erratic weather ever, because of its gravitational nudge, which effects other planets and the spin and the wobble of earth. I see this lasting for the next 3 to 5 years before we resume a "normal" wobble. Links for several previous readings on this topic; And More;
Axis shift, Nibiru & Positive Timeline as part of our immediate future: Panel with Alfred Webre, authors Peter Kling and Emily Cragg. The Universe Architects are employing an advanced planetary space-moving device to transport spaceship Earth out of the possible danger in the Milky Way, Sol region. 
ET Blue Avian told also; 'There are far more than 100 spheres that are spaced throughout the Solar System. They are devices to buffer the tsunami of storms of highly charged and vibrational energies entering your (solar) system so they do not effect your Star, Planets and Native Life in an adverse way as your system enters into this part of the Galaxy...However Astronomical and Geological Changes are going to occur, but minimized or it would be too much to handle. (In the programs there were multiple earth groups that had a window of 2018 - 2023 for the "Events" to begin...but things have already began to occur. Whistleblower Luke goodet&sp. See more below text.)
Armada of UFOs; Dash-cam: Huge fireball captured in Switzerland’s sky 21. Russia light on the sky;; The source of the light have been located somewhere on the ground. Power engineers have rejected a version suggesting a fault in the power supply line. UFO Mothership? 3,000 Mile Wide Disc Caught By ISS Above Earth; 
Scientists discover some DNA is not from our ancestors; Humans contain 'alien' genes, researchers have discovered. They say we acquired essential 'foreign' genes from microorganisms co-habiting their environment in ancient times. Daily Express; Scientists at Large Hadron Collider hope to make contact with Parallel Universe
Luke, GoodETxSG (whistleblower from secret space program) about huge Spheres around the earth, (short cut from various forums, DA); Major "Alliance Conference" at LOC/Lunar Operation Command was on 3/11 (Same time frame as "Putin was reported of Missing"). Participants; Secret Space Program (SSP), Earth Alliance, Politicians and Contacted Persons, the Leaders of "Defector Groups", ET Federations, the Blue Avians, Sphere beings (6th, 7th, 8th and 9th Density beings);

The huge ET's spheres were "Observed" by the various Secret Space Programs and Off World Allies when they first "Arrived" fully "uncloaked on this solar system. Recently the spheres moved closer toward the Earth, cloaked in "Pre-operational Mode". TOT Post at the Q&A Thread:
The sphere beings, ETs seemed to begin their activity when "Energetic/Vibratory" changes started to occur in our Star Cluster, because of the area it had entered in our Galaxy. These "Galactic Waves" have already been hitting the "Sol System" over a decade; Solar system caught in an interstellar tempest, 2013; Will the Sun enter cloud of interstellar gas? 2010; Astrophysicist: Solar system is entering an interstellar energy cloud, 2012; Local Interstellar Cloud; Solar System Climate Change; And The Galactic Clouds and Storms have made Portal Travel a challenge recently especially in the artificial portals; Mechanics of Portal Travel via Torsion Fields and Scalar Energy; http://goodetxsg-secretspaceprogram....l-through.html.

The sphere beings give off a great feeling of love and caring, showing themselves to certain people on Earth and are meeting with their Human Allies in the SSP. They are refusing to work with other groups. They have declared that no matter how Good Intention-ed or Positively Oriented ALL of these groups are they are ALL a % "Service To Self" or "Agenda Oriented". 

The Earth has been closed off to Humans' "Break Away Groups"/ Leaving Via Craft or Portal's, to make sure that "Everyone" is present for the upcoming "Event's". The Evil doers are stuck here and will be held accountable for the crimes against Humanity (It is going to be a wild time of many types of disclosures during this time). 
The Blue Avians work with one of the Human (light worker) SSP's. They were launching large/wide beams of vibratory energy from the largest Spheres when they hit the Earths Atmosphere. Visible "Beam's or Pillar's" of Light have been reported all around the Globe. No one seems to know for certain what the purpose of the Beams was. 
(; Psychic Focus explain; these beams of light with varying intensities were really a message being sent similar to morse code... ETs are wanting to show themselves, but they cannot be here freely unless we allow them. On the other time she explained one in Japan to be a transportation portal from earth to space.)

"Destruction" of platforms and attempted escapes of ships have been the source of the over 1,500 reported sightings of flashes in the sky and "Meteorite". The "energy" of the "AI" feel like static electricity. This "Signal" can lay dormant or become active and begin to change your behavior, turning you into an "AI Prophet".

When the secret controllers of the Humanity have been brought to justice, everyone will be dealing with a lot of emotional issues about the true history of the Planet and our "Origins". Things are said to get a LOT worse before they get better, that Humanity will learn the lessons. We will be given the chance for the first time Since our creation to be responsible for our futures and not controlled by "Service to Self" beings. Then we will have more access to our higher selves, our evolving consciousness... 
Cabal is spreading dozen stories of who these Sphere Beings and Allies are and using "Fear" that (New Arrivals) are "Evil" or "Negative" and here to invade. The Sphere Beings and Allies will let their actions show their intentions. They are from a higher vibrational realm and do not engage and act like those here do;
Interview with Whistleblower; And 600 Posts of Questions and Anaswers; U.S. Has 8 Cigar Shaped UFOs Used For “Solar Warden” Program To Protect Solar System; Why Are the Bankers and Ex-Intel Types Running For Their Lives; MILAB "Dangerous" and "Malfunctioning Weapons"; http://goodetxsg-secretspaceprogram....nfriendly.html
March 16th,Update; "Unconfirmed reports of huge explosions on Mars sending debris into the upper atmosphere". These were incidents done by the Alliance, because..."Defection Groups" had joined "Alliance" and pushed them to act too quickly on "Actionable Intel"...These extremely destructive incidents that caused the large loss of life of innocents was a disturbing sign that these new tactics were taking the Alliance in a direction where collateral damage of this magnitude was considered acceptable.
I think in coming weeks there will be more surprize for many with blind faith in others... lower service to self beings would begin to self destruct. So NOT to look for salvation from the outside and to finally take responsibility for our own futures. I am not a "Sage" or special, also 70 other "Wide Eyed and Excited Regular Folks" were present at the Conferences.
There is heavy evidence that there was direct involvement by the "CABAL" in causing the 3-11 Tsunami and Nuclear Disaster...not Putin, he is a part of the Alliance. Wilcock Comments on; More from GoodETxSG;
Things are happening much faster than any had predicted or calculated and cabal is in a Panic, because they had planned on being on their Off World/Out of Sol System Safe Havens well before any of this began... A Fierce "Dragon" is at its most dangerous/vicious when it is "Fatally Wounded". The Blue Avians stated it would get worse before it got better. "Rough Times" have everything to do with the FALL of the current Slave and the Financial System as well as the Education of Humanity of ALL Atrocities Done By these "Elites" and "Slave Masters". The end of cabal "RULE" of this planet and the "Ouster" of their "Gods" occurring.

The Earth Based "Alliance" are the white hats, BRICS Nations, Asian, Russian and S-American Groups fighting against cabal. Before they started to become "Allied" they were many groups fighting the cabal on their own. The "Cabal Groups" are still handling the Earth's Financial Control. I do not personally see how BRIC's is going to be that much better, as long as a Financial Control System is in place. The Space Based Alliance is made of a larger group of ET allies. The latest meeting at the LOC was the first of many scheduled to bring them together and organize in a way that is a unified "Moral Structure". 
At the last conference there were over 190 "Alliance Leadership Representatives". There are going to be some last ditch efforts to make many end time prophesies appear to be occurring... Improving oneself is no waste of time and this battle is not only being fought on the physical plane...Those who are working on their Consciousness and Awakening process and becoming Loving/Higher Vibrational will have less problem seeing through the deceptions...
The SSP/Earth Alliance has a Transitional Economic Plan... Otherwise there would be complete Chaos...Someone; why you would label China as a "white hat" given all their human rights abuses?Those really in control are not the Governments, but those in the background who run most governments like puppets... they will have to answer for their Human Rights violations....
Someone; Are gold and silver coins allowed to be used? What about people who question authority and don't want to go along with the "plan"? Will people have any rights to their private property? What about sociopaths that want to harm or kill other people? A; Maybe it's more a matter of them planning for a new system organically and it naturally arising within a very loose and adaptable framework once the old system has been dismantled 
There is no need for money or financial system in an Environment where everyone has a home, Free Energy, Pure Water, Food on Demand... access to Health technologies that will give us extended lives... Technologies that will give us and our children a whole new era and way of life.

"Equal Distribution" of Knowledge and Technology to all Nations and People of the Globe. Many of us who are awake to some degree will be in high demand (IMHO)... We will be needed to assist. I believe this is what many of the "Orbs" are visiting people and preparing them to do? ALL of us are asked to take part in this process;
Other topics;
Time lapse solar eclipse in arctic;; And; Bogus MSM; "South Pole is melting";; Fact is, the South pole was as RECORD levels of ice last year, in thickness, and in area covered. The South pole (Antarctica) is currently refreezing! See in this video I've put together. Same with arctic. 

California farmer finds more easy way to make money, than grow crops; CBS News; some rice farmers with historic rights to the Yuba River, have decided to forego planting their crops altogether and sell “liquid gold”. Underwater Volcanic activity on the Western Sheet; Arctic Methane Emergency Group AMEG... to use of frequency to neutralize methane gas into diamond dust....
Sarkar told that animals will evolve and become eventually more spiritual, esp dogs, monkeys and cows. 'It may be that in 1,000 years monkeys will reach the stage of evolution that human beings have achieved at present. At that time human beings will be making tremendous progress in the realms of intellectuality and intuition. They will be very sensitive, and subtle experiences will be common.' Also Psychic Focus says; Animals will start to ascend, or elevate too. It is about love, growth, experience…

Link to pole shifting; Mind you, poles are shifting
More ab sphere beings from Wilcock etc; Watch the skies!
Update April 10: GoodETxSG shortly


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