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Rumor news from all over the world

Where is Putin, see all speculations; This is, in large part, a crisis of the Kremlin’s making. If Dmitry Peskov, Putin’s spokesman can’t make Putin reappear, the obvious thing to do would be to furnish some plausible explanation;

Update; What is Going on with Putin; ( There is massive planning going on for some sort of disclosure. However, living to tell about it is something he is questioning (fearing CIA taking Putin out before a speech completed). 

So Putin is seeking out double agent to relay this message. His "hibernation" was to mold this double ready. His message will be mixture of  911 truths, ET disclosure etc? It is easy to discount one thing, but to discount several is much more difficult. He is choosing his words carefully; i.e  "Love for our country sometimes forces sacrifice such as the US involvement in 9/11." Putin is very loyal to Russia, ready to sacrifice even his life (or his double's??) for clearing his country. The world media will falsify it. Putin has ET protection, guidance and inpiring;

And ET source; Q: How about that Vladimir Putin? A: He's not perfect but he's the best in your planet in such a position. Q: Is there anyone essentially giving him orders? Is he being controlled directly in that sense? A: Not in the sense you mean, but yes in the sense of conscience. (ET s?).,34301.msg481380.html#msg481380

Jimstone suspicious; No mention of his body guard getting killed, or of the huge fire at monastery in Moscow. Why was he speaking English at a Russian press conference. Video of Putin return; 'Putin was just taking a break and all is perfectly well'...America media is breaking the news first (ridiculed by alien stories), and nothing in Russian media in 2,5 hours??? In photos compared to older ones, too many differences. It's not Putin; Putin now in RT: Western media solves mystery it created;

Gordon Duff: Russian Coup Was Stopped, Obama Targeted; We have a high probability that a coup is afoot also in the US. Series of EMP based weapons have been deployed within the US;

Fulford; The 10-day disappearance of Putin; Allegations were made against Putin; US, DIA showing that PM Netanyahu was a Russian spy. Also Illuminati grandmaster “Alexander Romanov” claimed that Putin was behind 311. Relieved to see that Putin is still with us. And; And no flag in Kremlin during two days.

Wilcock; There were very big meetings going on, with both the Alliance and the Cabal, since last Tuesday — just a few days after Putin disappeared, so probably Putin attended the meetings;
Veterans Today asked Putin to release some data, and Russia is considering it. VT received official Russian response; Veterans Today. This was the data request for Russia;; Putin has the info of; Tape recordings of John McCain as a POW in Vietnam. McCain and Lieberman meeting in Zurich with drug lords and the northern alliance. Netanyahu’s role in running J Pollard as a Soviet agent, and theft of data that Netanyahu passed to Moscow. Romney’s meeting with Russian Intelligence in Havana in 1999, briefing video #1 and #2d. Romney’s promises for Raul Castro. Nuclear material movements in NY prior to 9/11th. VT keeps it important that these people to be taken down.

Kremlin disclosure Medvedev already did his part earlier;
And Jimmy Kimmel tries to get Obama to talk about UFOs; Jimmy says the first thing he’d do if he is President was go read the UFO files. Obama laughs and quips; “That’s why you won’t be President. The Aliens won’t let it happen, you’ll reveal all their secrets….and they exercise strict control over us!” Obama continue; “I can’t  reveal anything…”. Jimmy; President Clinton DID check on the UFO files, and he said that there was nothing. Obama’s quick retort: “That’s what we’re instructed to say!”. (So he seem to reveal that 'he knows about aliens, and that they control us, but presidents are told not to talk about it'. Interesting, although he is just joking. DA)

More downing crafts;; Eyewitness Contradicts Official Story of US Chopper Downing; 'suddenly all the lights went out, and the engine went completely silent and began to fall from the sky as a 'big white ball of light', indicating the possible use of a plasma weapon according to Hawk, as the US Coast Guard officially suspended their search
And; How could 'An EU army face Russia? Who do you think you're kidding, Mr Juncker?' Nigel Farage; And UK Blair couple did business with some of the world’s most repulsive tyrants I.e Kazakhstan, record human rights abuser; £16 million for the first two years alone, And then naked man climbed out of Buckinham palace window, at the same week when Prince Philip showed up with black eye. Also thus The Royals movie got advertized; Viral.

CNN's news; an expert predicting "1000 % inflation" in Venezuela. Even the wealthy can barely afford to eat. Venezuelans could be easily feeding themselves with home-based food production systems. As an example photos of home-built hydroponic system, and Plant nutrients are just ground-up rocks containing nitrogen, calcium, magnesium, trace minerals, potassium, phosphorous and other Ultra Clean Super Plant Food. (Sarkar said that rocks powdered as the best fertilizer, that's what the Ice Age did, DA)

And Venezuela’s President Maduro's guru Indian Sai Baba; (Sarkar said that 'if Venezuela gets spiritual political leaders it wil become not only the leading country of Latin-America, but in the entire world', something like that, who would believe! DA)

Bulgarian Baba Vanga predicted; Muslims will spread in EU. The 44 th black US President will be the last one and bring the country down. The conflicts will escalate between north and south states. Then religions will unite, peace will be established on earth, people will understand the existence of the spiritual world. And Spiritual awakening;
The Big Bang Cern to Restart March 23 rd 2015, The ritualistic timing of the new age deception. Earth Second Moon?; Napoleon chipped; And Solar Flares are Back; And Big Flares, Earthquake Watch.

Dutchsinse as inventor of free energy; Voltage on a piece of (zinc foil) paper lasts much longer than any battery available today? Would work in the Sun but also still generate voltage at night! And; How Geothermal Could Cleanly Power the Planet; And New material to produce clean energy;
Paralyzed Woman Fly Plane With Her Mind; Fossil discovery suggests humans may be half a million years older;

I still think Kahmenei is dead, despite his twitter updates, because they have been garbage lately. It seems like someone is impersonating him. If both leaders vanish and it escapes publicity, it would mean a silent coup is underway. And Tsarnaevs obviously innocent;

Mind Control is no longer secret fiction after the Pentagon announced endless possibilities;—7-days-of-genius--408270915619. Americans renounce citizenship to escape tax laws and surveillance. And; Massive Explosion, Yet Another Crude Tanker Crashes In Detroit??? 
Iran’s parliament speaker says; the Iran's assisting Iraq to fight the ISIL prevented the terrorist group from invading other countries in the region. PressTV: Iran stopped ISIL invasion spread: Larijani. Three days ago, Iran entered Iraq with 60 armored vehicles to "fight ISIS", and 1 Arab and 2 American military advisors and 1 Mossad agent got nailed in the bust and are now in custody. HA HA HA... told you so, Read more. Iranians are not stupid; From

Neil Keenan team; Once Neil gets to Asia, the fights with the Western Central Banks will escalate, and some will merge into Group Keenan, against the Cabal, also governments leaving the EU...can unite with Dragon Family and GK. There will be no debt forgiveness. Iraqi Dinar, Vietnamese Dong, Indonesian Rupiah etc in the first basket of revaluation...The hard assets are located in the East, now the East will have their own banking, own IMF, World Bank, UN, etc. (But Karen Hudes claims; DA).

Fulford: Historical black swan event imminent; March 19-20th super moon and solar eclipse. March 17th election in Israel to end Zionazi rule, after Netanyahu's political suicide in US? Near Bangkok’s airport; ”Chinese Billboards; The Renminbi As "The New World Currency". And

The CIA is now under the control of the DIA, with Pentagon, and no more under Bush cabal. Zionazi Senator Menendez and Governor Christie facing criminal charges; The Bushes Blair will sing about Jacob Rothschild, who now have said “Investors face a geopolitical situation as dangerous as any since World War 2.” The Rothschild allies burning historical archives;

Fed stole gold from Tsar Nicholas, and the family was killed during the Rockefeller-funded Russian revolution. Also 10 tons of gold was taken to Japan during the Bolshevik revolution. Now London HSBC will shut down its gold warehouses. Gold sales; And
I got a call today from this number: 81-(0)80-5242-0737 saying they were “going to kill me tonight.”

Jacob de Rothschild sold patent of Texas Freescale Semiconductor. And how he got it; semiconductor_patent/114897. And  The Jeffersons – Moving On Up. Gene Chip Tatum about MH 17;; The government and media have always known radar imagines are faked.

Germany has had enough with US neo-cons; Berlin’Stunned' At US Desire For War In Ukraine. German News titles; Spain calls for end of confrontation with Russia. Moods shift; majority of EU countries against new sanctions for Russia. Across the EU opposition growing against US policy in Ukraine. The EU considers the current Euro crises a chance to deepen integration in EU, to emerge stronger. But EU provoked Russia and prohibits nuclear deal with Hungary. And The new low-cost airline Lufthansa.

In Finland two drivers of government died within two weeks in 2010. Leftist Jyrki Yrttiaho exposed secret Finnish-NATO agreement. Now former FM Keijo Korhonen afraid;
Melanie Vritschan: NSA is remotely assassinating me as it did EUCACH Director Dr. Rauni Kilde last month; Sandy Hook Advisory Commission's Final Report, support the official LIE narrative. 

Common sense for vaccinations; Dr. Wakefield team identified, associated with MMR vaccine, inflammatory bowel disease. When it was treated, the behavioral and autistic symptoms resolved too. Dr. Wakefield then suggests that better if parents have access to single vaccines rather than the combined MMR. A lots of about vaccines;
Zenger´s interview: “I studied virology, to be absolutely sure that there was no such thing as HIV, retroviruses or any dangerous viruses.” A biochemical characterization of those “isolated” viruses, has not even been claimed. If you must immunize, wait until kids are a little stronger. Also no unnecessary shots such as the flu shot...  The people without Ebola vaccine actually have a much better chance at fighting off the illness.

Economic doom; Guess The Last Two Times The S&P 500 Was Up More Than 200%? - 1999 and 1929! The Last Run For The U.S. Dollar, Euro And 74 Tr Derivatives At Risk. We Have Front-Row Seats To An Imminent Market Shock”, Hedge Fund Billionaire Warns. In; Billionaire Eric Sprott Warns; The only entities buying bonds now are the central banks. Take the central bank out of it and there’s no bid... all of the sudden it (the entire global financial system) just collapses. 
China-IMF talks underway to endorse yuan as global reserve currency. Xinhua; A senior Chinese central bank official; China is communicating with the IMF about including the yuan, or RMB, in the basket of the SDRs. And UK to join China in the anti-dollar alliance. China wants to be ruler of world currency since it has the gold to back it, IMF will give the control to China. Focus Sessions: Ukraine, Russia, China and America.

UK A&G sexual abuse case;; Dr. Hodes stating that there is physical evidence in support of children's allegations of wide spread pedofilia. The violence by mother's partner (hitting the kids by spoon) proves that the children's claims on videos were real, and not due to coaching by mother's partner. So why did police make a bizarre decision to end up the case and cover up? Thatcher and Cameron covered up pedophile scandals;
Some titles; Japan firm solar energy in space; Australia Uses waves to Generate Zero-Emission Electricity and Desalinate Water; Ancient Egyptian statue mysteriously turns itself; Network theory; origins of consciousness; A Life of Compassion & Service;
Sarkar; We have to become consciously conscious. Most of the time we are unconsciously conscious like animals. Initiated person when doing wrong learns to correct oneself. But consciously conscious, before doing wrong, they are alarmed - am I doing mistake, I shouldn't do. In order to implement spiritual ideology, needs to have consciously conscious people. We do mistakes in our mission, because we are not yet consciously conscious.
You may see a bit more about Putin; Russia, 'the hope of the world???'

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