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Disclosing Iapetus and Mayas

Corey, GoodETxSG; I have been deep below the Earth’s surface on several occasions. There are several types of reptilians and raptors that inhabit these regions, but are not friendly with humans that have networks of cities. Ancient Break Away Civilizations have moved to underground Agartha Network and out into Sol or other Star Systems.

Racism was used to both promote racial purity and separation of genetic lines of ET experiments. Also it is a tool by the Elites to divide and conquer us. Causing us to distrust and hate each other so we will not become threat to them. Elite groups believe to be blood lines of the Ancient Builder Race and other Royal Reptilians. This causes them to look at the rest of humanity as useless eaters and cattle.

STS “Ancient Earth Break Away Civilizations” (human) have recently come in and caused the Cabal groups to use Weather Modification/Earthquake Technology against their enemies. Draco with cabal attacked on an undersea facility (off the Carolinas of the U.S.). Hundreds of abducted humans got wiped out. Also series of attacks by ICC against some of their defectors. Facility on Mars was destroyed completely, along died quarter million innocent slave labour families living in the adjoining colony - comparable to Hiroshima bombings. 
Large scale hostilities/wars in deep space, Mars and on Earth between two SSPs (STO, STS) have now come to a temporary halt. SSP Alliance plan disclosure in a massive official document dumps online and on TV broadcasts. It will reveal the humanity’s situation, and lead to global trials against leaders of the Cabal led SSPs. 
Blue Avians want Corey to disclose the galactic human slave trade (mostly perpetrated by “Tall Whites” with covert faction of the ICC/U.S Air Force), where millions of captured humans are taken off planet to distant colonies to be bartered or abused. ET’s do genetic and other experiments on humans, including gland, hormone and other organ removals with no regard to preservation of life. “Drop Zones” are still in use, where mutilated or killed human bodies are dropped by multiple ET Groups. The Military Black Ops cleans up when necessary. (And here Channeling Tall Whites, pretending to help humanity;
Ancient Mayan Space Program is relocating freed human captives to sanctuaries on their colonies. In the distant past the Mayan ACBC had relocated over 40 million of their own people to planets mostly in the Pleiades Star Cluster. They have kept underground bases active in South and Central America since that time. They are extremely “STO” oriented and peaceful. 
Some very powerful Secret Earth Government and Syndicate Members/Leaders have defected and been granted an “Off World Witness Protection Program” with a promise of being witnesses in future World Courts. Their defection led to rash of assassinations within their former groups and many “Elites” beginning to move their families to their Underground Cities, esp to Brazil. 
The conflict in various underground/undersea facilities have been responsible for some of the Earth Quakes in recent months across the Planet Earth. The Sphere Alliance advised not to destroy any more of the Cabal/ICC/Dark Fleet Infrastructure, including bases with suppressed technologies. They will be disclosed to all human beings. The actions of both STO and STS beings is going to be met with immediate karmic discharge whether positive or negative.
Some of the Ancient Earth Break Away Civilizations and various ET Groups will push the people themselves to rise up and end the Babylonian Money Magic Slave System. The Cosmic energetic changes are effecting the lower beings already (STS/Cabal/ICC/Draco). They are becoming reactionary and self-destructing by their actions and infighting. STO/positive however are becoming more aware of the power of their consciousness. The tables are turning.

Those infiltrated into the Ufology field and cabal are planning controlled disclosure in order to remain in power and maintain a Financial Slave System and to prevent their crimes against humanity been exposed. But Once Pandora’s Box is open all of their demons will come flying out for all to see.

Corey was shown a holographic scene where the Reptilian Royals were discussing the horrible things they were going to do to Corey. Ie.tearing him apart or “misting” him with a urine. Corey was shocked when he had to go next day to meet them along with security personnel. The “Royal” told if the Sphere Alliance would let all of the “Royals” leave the Sol System they would give up all of their lower cast Reptilians, Allies and human followers. The human “Committee of 200” present were visibly shocked. Cabal/Illuminati groups began to panic and go into chaos.

There are devices, types of crystals, that would store human energy (“Loosh”) and technologies used to “Push” the souls of one person into another or into clones. Many ET civilizations are being destroyed, due to creation of AI, which turned against its creators. Many in the Secret Earth Government and Syndicates are major “AI Prophets” (?). The ET AI’s have some predictive abilities, always they find a way to survive. ET AI removal is going to involve the energetic changes, as well as a global operation to make sure all remnants of the AI Signal are removed.
AI Prophets are already working on a timeline to create a society completely dependent on technology that will hand its sovereignty over to trickster “AI God”. There has been a sudden rise in “Pro-AI Articles” in the mainstream media very recently. (I.e Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking are warning). The AI info will be released in a “Full Disclosure Event.”

The best way to avoid the dangers of AI is to educate yourself. “AI Signal” can live in the bioelectric field of your body. When operators and guests arrive at SSP Facilities they are screened with hand held devices on the forehead for “AI Signal. If an infection is detected they are isolated into sealed SCIFF Rooms to be “Clearedo”, with painful electrical shock.

Pine Gap is mainly run by the ICC, Dark Fleet, Military Black Ops under the Cabal/Illuminati. The slave trade starts out with organized crime groups and kind elderly or professional people. Often people are grabbed who live on the streets, and entire small villages. Then there are the special operators to obtain certain types of individuals to be sent below ground for various uses by allied ET’s, or for off world trade, bartering. Some ET’s are interested in Art, Spices/Chocolate, and biological specimens. Humans are used for food by some ETs.

In prior arrangements the Secret Earth Governments and their Syndicates suppose to receive technologies and biological specimens for allowing to abduct humans, but the ET’s rarely delivered on their promises. Cabal/ICC then decided to use human trafficking as one of their resources in interstellar bartering. 
Corey was involved in interrogation program of ET s complicit in the human slave trade. The SSP’s were abducting these ETs from homes and offices, where they had setup cover lives on Earth. If they cooperated they were warned about the policy for groups to do social studies on Earth while being monitored, and then were allowed to contact their support teams to retrieve them. Others were sent to be held in “Space Prison”. As well captured ET’s from downed vessels were questioned where they have taken people and for what purposes. Quite a lot of intelligence was gathered about the dark purposes that some ET civilizations had for human captives. 
Fourth Density or Star Trek Civilization means advanced technologies that will make our way of life to change from a stressful and traumatic daily struggle to a healthy fulfilling existence where we are encouraged to pursue our passions and interests.

The financial resets/jubilees? The Earth Based Alliance is working for a new system/reset which will be another debt slave system (I know we have to start somewhere). The Cabal is working to hijack that system. Once we are able to obtain "Full Disclosure" and bring out the suppressed technologies, any type of financial system will be a thing of the past. Just know how important YOU are to the process! 
Corey's Pictures are on the facebook. I still have worries that when full disclosure occurs that I may get lumped in with the negative groups by the angry public, because of the programs I was forced to take part in. Important to truthfully provide this info to humanity and maintain a clear conscience and karma. 
One who has built up much negative karma in previous lives may have chosen to incarnate into a lifetime where they will be victimized and have the ability to burn off a huge bulk of karma in one lifetime, as energetic shift is about to occur and time to burn off negative karma is short. Spere beings created a protocol (greeting) for those of us in contact with them to know each other. I receive over a dozen emails per week of people stating they are in contact with the BA's and give wild guesses as to what the "Formal Greeting" is. 
The 1969 moon landing was not a hoax. There were some studio video re-shoots done because of artifacts and damaged film fragments. After we crashed the moon lander into the moon to test the seismic equipment and to see what the core was made of we were warned off from returning. We also picked a poor place to make our first landing, because it was protected territory. Some of our ignorant acts made us most unwelcome there as a civilian Space Program. The first landings did occur and the remnants of their landings can still be seen on the moon.

Opposition groups have discussed that that we have gone too far in releasing information that no one was ever supposed to find out about. Some of these groups will attempt to discredit the information and causing drama between “truthers”. Now is a time for extreme discernment and not to be drawn in by false prophets, false “Christ’s” (Several are being reported, a few deceptive ET’s/Blue Skinned and Ancient Breakaway Humans), or self-appointed or mislead “Guru’s”. 
COBRA Free the Colonies! Update; "The vast majority of Chimera bases and implant stations, (also on Iapetus), have now been removed. All hostages from those colonies have been set free. But Sphere Being Alliance, Corey says all reports from the SSP Alliance Council and the ICC Defectors intelligence network were that today was a day like any other on these bases. Anyhow Corey says not to mind if the intel is different, other things are more important. Sources and; And Swerdlow about Bluebeam;
You must work yourself up through the drug use/sexual permissiveness/prostitution/escort stages to things like mind control, handlers, and spiritual possession or soul-loss:

Our former entertainer relay of how famous celebrities changed in character and looks. Her suspicion is that they had been replaced; Michael Jackson, Ann Margaret, Joan Baez, Jane Fonda and Jennifer Connolly:
Snuff films are just human sacrifices. Source; May 30th - 31st, Daniel Sheen, a Constitutional and Public interest lawyer supporting the notion that Pope Francis will make an ET disclosure announcement on June 5th 2015.

Earth changes; And more; More earth changes;

Insider Exposes Hollywood's Satanic Underside; Some are clones of stars who have been replaced, and child sacrifice. According to author Darwin Porter, many stars including James Dean, Rock Hudson, Marilyn Monroe and Lucille Ball, started their careers as prostitutes. - See more at:

Laser vision reveals hidden worlds; Sudan's pyramids, nearly as grand as Egypt's; Giant Waves Quickly Destroy Arctic;

Solar Oven Works on a Cloudy Day;
Audi is making fuel from air and water;
Doomsday Dave aka DDD; The date was June 2nd .  I got up early, as usual. I went out my front door to look at the moon and it had physically turned to the right almost 90 degrees. This really has me alarmed as I am sure it is being affected by Planet X. What else could it be? If someone can explain this to me. If the moon can be moved that easily, then so can Earth. John Moore may just be right about Planet X arriving in next August. Prepare; the more people you take to get supplies, the safer you will be;
Maria Orsic was an austrian medium who channelled information regarding the vril flying disc which they gave over to Hitler; And Hitler’s ghost still haunts Berlin’s psyche; Tracing the children of the Holocaust; A Nazi who admits what he did;
Sarkar about karma: People often hold Parama Puruśa responsible for calamities that befall them, but in fact they alone are responsible, as the suffering of fate is only reaction of their own previous actions. Their good deeds beget good results, while bad ones beget bad results, and they will have to experience both without any exception. This is the law of Prakrti and no one can change this law. 1955

There are many petty criminals in today's society. If you keep calling them sinners, they will develop a complex deep in their minds; “I am a sinner. I am a wretch. I am mean and vile. I have no future”. Rather, you should find their good qualities and praise them. This praise will encourage them to cultivate their attributes and move along the path of virtue. 
When everything comes from the same Progenitor, then should there be any cordial difference between man and man? Everybody should be given the scope, or circumstances should be created, such that nobody gets the scope to feel that their future is sealed forever, is blocked. So let everybody feel that everybody in this expressed universe belongs to the same big human family. 1978
See the basics of Sherebings; GoodETxSG shortly

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