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Peace makers on earth!

(All short cut by DA). Keshe is going to make peace on earth; in the coming months we shall continue to teach the new technology for establishing peace. In this roadmap, we rely on the total collective efforts of the human race to deliver the technological knowledge to the world public, which eliminates the need for consent of the present controllers of the human souls. Man can cover every need of his existence without destroying another life, by understanding that all forces and energies of the universe are within his reach. In our teachings, we have shown how to make new elements and free plasma. 
The first day of peace is 21st of June 2015, and next on the 21st of July and August. In Sept, Oct and Nov, there will be two days of peace a month and so on... By 21st of Dec 2016, we ask and shall enforce peace indefinitely as designated. 
This process of achieving peace will be shared by all the members of the Keshe Foundation, and its supporters, by completing the space star formation reactors and creating the field forces to silence the guns around the world, as we showed this process on Christmas Day of 2014, by using three sets of star formations around the world, one in Germany, Canada, and Italy. Simultaneously we stopped a reactor in Italy, as was broadcasted live on the internet.

Soon we will test their effect on satellites, designated to us by the world military, live on the internet. Then we will bring to halt the motion of military ships and crafts, allocated for testing by peace loving nations. We are setting the scene to show that the current military and defense technologies are out of date, and that there is no need for further expenditure on arms.
If within the first three months we do not see any movement with this process amongst the world leaders, we will begin the process of showing the power of the technology and our wish to start the process of peace. In this process we shall not harm anyone, cause any structural damage or any physical or financial losses to any nation. We will stop warships and fighter planes on the runways, we will erase the memory of so called men of arms...

We let the citizens of the planet take their future in their own hands as peace-loving creatures. With this process, we will bring an end to the old system of section leadership as presidents and kings, and we will end the religious structure to abuse. I have the knowledge and elements of the universe at my disposal, to bring the peace to this planet in my time.
I accept no deviation and no negotiation, but only the path of peace. I call for all men of peace to come together to see the beginning of the most beautiful time for Man, on this broken wing of this endangered bird called Earth, flying through the space of the universe...  (Wilcock and Corey say that the Earth Alliance has already ET technology that can prevent guns, bombs etc exploding.)
Another peace maker; Medium Channels Mother Earth, interesting at least;; Humans, animals, plants are 'parasites' of mother earth. Earth's goal is to survive and reincarnate eventually. It is called Mother Earth, because it gives birth. Why people talk about need to ground, is because the earth connects us physically. Everyone, including plants and animals are in touch with earth, creating unity. Communication between humans and earth is less nowadays. Earth enjoys relatioships. Magnetic Poles are shifting, living beings need to adjust on it. It will bring higher vibration. You will at a time. Changing temperatures, rotations, energy pockets, moving plates, bad weather. Magnetic pole shift is to help earth keeping balance. Imbalance, gravity from sun keeps earth wobbling. Advice; expand your love. Give me your feet!
GoodETxSG, Corey; June 9 conference report; Corey was taken into meeting to some place like castle. “Lt. Col. Gonzales” was also brought there and is Corey's contact on things related to the Sphere Alliance and SSP Alliance relations.

This was a conference of various human elite groups of Secret Earth Governments and their Syndicates, including “Committee of 200” members. Corey and Lt Conzales were screened with metal detector and escorted down into large cathedral like room, full with people, obviously from many different nations of the world.
A person that we both recognized came to the podium and stated that an agreement had been struck with Earth Alliance and that they hoped the same could be done with the “Cosmic Alliance”. As excuse they stated that they had been forced through generations of mind control and threats to do all of the things that they had done. 
They further stated that they would prefer to work with the Alliances in setting up a new financial system that was fair to all of humanity and to begin a controlled disclosure (on Now 15) that would not expose certain crimes, which would be too much for the average person to deal with. So they proposed that a plan be agreed to allow the release of certain info and technologies while withholding the majority for a 50 year time period.

Then the person asked that there be no more Alliance Disclosures through myself, including Wilcock until late Nov 2015. They wanted to leave their proposal for our consideration and ended up the meeting. Moments later I appeared on one of the spheres again where “Raw-Tear-Eir” was waiting. Through the wall I could see other spheres in the distance reacting to a new wave of the cosmic tsunami that were coming in.

He said that "Full Disclosure" is not in any one group's hands. Human mass consciousness/co-creativity will determine how soon disclosure will occur. I was then taken back to my room, according clock I had been out for 3 minutes. Corey/GoodETxSG on
Use your discernment, many sources say Corey is double or disinfo agent.

Disinfo, Venomous email, article. Will the less spiritually evolved and lower vibratory of our society set the tone of our future with a "night of long knives"? We need to focus on becoming more loving, forgiving and raising our consciousness/vibrations. Starship Earth answers: 'Someone sent my rant about the meeting with the “human elite” to Corey...and judgement has set in'. 

And Corey still ab this disinfo agent; By saying that the Orb Beings, that are contacting "Star Seeds" and "Wanderers", are "AI's" they are trying once again to use "FEAR" to keep these people from their soul missions. They try to make Drake look foolish. And who is this ruiner by the way;
More Q&A Article by Dr. Salla. Questions on June SSP Meetings short cut; SSP whistleblower Corey Goode has just attended diplomatic conference ab disclosure and new global financial system. There was a presentation by the Defectors and then also by “Earth Based Alliance” information, leaked from US/EU governments. (June 4, story of 4 million U.S. government workers files hacked)
Lt. Col. Gonzales” runs the Council Meetings with approximately 300 people, equipped with some unseen technology. “Earth Delegates” from the many Secret Earth Governments and Syndicates speak on all of our behalf. And as “Sphere Being Alliance Delegate” Corey speaks on their behalf at Meetings - and interprets to the others if the Blue Avians are present and use telepathy.

The June 7 “Super Federation Conference of human-like ET’s” with 60 groups. YouTube. There were 3-4 foot to 12 foot tall ETs. Someone does strange sign language. These ET Groups barely tolerate human delegates. Corey is listening with translator technology. The conferences are held beyond the rocky planets in “Temporal Bubble”. The agenda is always related to the “Grand Experiment” occurring on Earth.

Ancient Earth Break Away Civilizations (working with “Elites”), Dracos, Grays want to evacuate undersea/underground bases due to “attacks and infighting”. But most of these bases are embassies of the ET’s, observing the planet and ecosystem and not interfering. Elites/Cabal's “Coucil of 200was once tightly connected to the Draco Alliance (if not still). © Salla Copyright. (And Salla ab AI; Use your discernment.
Source says all SSP bases except 2 have now been cleared? No. There are still over 100 Colonies, Bases in the Moon, Main Asteroid Belt, Mars etc in our Sol System. To continue the “Q & A” process go to and click “Ask A Question”.
"First Contact" book; Disclosure to start in Russia later this year; Psychic Focus on disclosure; other countries doing it, but the US resists. Some big religious groups are using their influence to hold this back, because it contradicts some of their belief systems and challenges the credibility of the church.

The Energetic Shift: 85+ Volcanic Blasts in One Day in Japan! Global Earthquake and Volcanic Activity Spiked Last Week;, and see all 85 blasts of volcano; Chemtrail/Geoengineering film;

And; Main stream media took the time to disparage me publicly, and the National Park Service issued a full press release downplaying the satellite feed - denying any activity took place. In the process they made a huge mistake... And; Ocean Explorer group on facebook;

Bilderbergs; Kissinger told Fox News ISIS Gets Its Weapons From US. Read More and more ab Bilderbers;; Google Exec Behind Ingestible ID Chips. Former DARPA Dugan to discuss AI with global power brokers. One of the largest police show of force. The key topics for discussion: AI, Cybersecurity, Economic Issues, Greece, Middle East, Russia, US Elections.

You may see some basics from Corey and Blue Avians/Sphere beings; GoodETxSG shortly
Sarkar; You should know that great, or good people are few in number, they are not many. And these few, they are the torchbearers of human society, they are the pioneers, they are the vanguards of human society. So it is your duty to save humanity. And those who are unable to shoulder their own bags and baggages – their responsibilities are to be shouldered by you. You should remember that the life of a spiritual aspirant is a mission. And your mission is – what? To save humanity from this crisis. I hope you will be successful. And I not only hope, I am sure that you will be successful. 1979
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