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Wave X and Paleodiet with Good News

Indian village got de-lighted; When a 20-year-old college student went to visit her grandparents in India, she noticed that many people were living without light—bulbs ran out fairly quickly. She bought energy efficient bulbs for ten families. When they use fluorescent bulb instead, which last 3-4 years, they save 80% on their energy bills. India's 100 % solar airport;

Tens of thousands rallied Saturday on the streets of London, Madrid, Athens, Budapest, Lisbon, Warsaw, Geneva, Sweden,14,000 in Hamburg and 30,000 in Denmark to welcome the refugees. Germany is expecting 800,000 new refugees in 2015.

The eagerness to help refugees is so great in Munich that city had to draw up waiting lists for volunteers who want to assist. The Munich mayor described the outpouring of support as having a soothing effect on the city. Frankfurt, cheering welcome; Austria; Source;

But Jonas E. Alexis; The Syrian refugee crisis,[1] which has already created tensions in EU and elsewhere,[2] was carefully planned and executed by NWO agents to destroy EU and US. If refugees have the right to work, then much of EU will have to go through extinction. Jewish Daily Forward: “Jewish Groups Lead Push to Open Doors to Syria Refugees ”[31]. Maduro blamed U.S. foreign policy for the waves of desperate refugees trying to make it to safety in EU, RT. And Cheney; Obama’s Fault the EU Refugee Crisis.

Friend from Greece; high presence of Afgani and Syrian refugees here in Athens. There is an increasing xenophobic feeling amongst some Athenians fuelled by increasing poverty and the extreme right wing fascist party (Golden Dawn). There is an immediate relief work project, mass feeding, to support these refugees who have no state support - they exist on what money they brought from their country and some, I'm told, have exhausted it. 

Wave X; People claim that we are entering the galactic center and bombarded with new energies. They call this cosmic plasma/gamma blast as WAVE-X, which will bring also ascension flow to the earth.

See what Psychic Focus says about it; Wave X and NASA; NASA’s audio/visual specialist reported that NASA had discovered something deep in space that was coming our way. It scared the hell out of those seeing the presentation. It was like a large dust cloud. PF; It is wave X. As our solar system spirals through space like a corkscrew, we approach these wave X pockets again and again. They are partly energetic and partly magnetic. This ripple of energy lands on us like a blanket and it is then absorbed. It stunts earth for a short time. Plants don't really grow, batteries die faster, and electrics seems to have odd surges. You may encounter not feeling yourself.  

And 60,000 Dead Antelopes in Africa. Some kind of magnetic pulse came down, accompanied by a strange MWO-WO-WO sound and gave them a heart attack. The Wave X pulse created an intensity in the magnetosphere at that specific spot, as it penetrated towards earth. (Also ab 30,000 saiga antilopes died; WARNING: If you hear a deep, throbbing MWO-WO-WO sound, lie down flat on the ground. Grounding takes the shock away, you won't have any permanent damage. Five for Friday.

Wave X;; PF; This is also related to Wave X. It is coming from the galactic center. And beautiful aurora; And more auroras; Finnish aurora;!video/c13am. In Norway northern lights; High-energy observatory;

And a bit from Corey Goode wave X; solar system is entering a highly energetic part of the galaxy. Time seems to be compressing and speeding up. The people that are service to others, raising their consciousness, opening their minds to this type of information - are going to be far better prepared for transition than those who are more service to self, exploiting other people.

Milab program included training to become more psychic and spiritual. They were also using some of the telekinetic abilities to train young people to be able to kill. That is the way to get rich and powerful - and ruthless, but the law of karma is going to catch up. To be nice is a very hard. If we are not being challenged with the the dark side, we're not going to grow spiritually. The elites have infiltrated religions and twisting them to divide us, using social engineering.

Some ETs have the goal of providing spiritual growth, while others want to keep us 'down'. We are all one.

Corey GoodETxSG says scientist know that observer changes the result, but they don’t want us to know it, that there is oberving consciousness; And scientists ab observer changes result;

Cern is destroying Earth's magnetic field/Shields allowing Radiation to pour in; http://www.BPEarthWatch.Com. CERN begins experimenting again, and will cause wavering magnetosphere, causing irritability, fatigue and "ADD type" feelings. (That is also what Psychic Focus told some time ago. DA)

Elon Musk threatening Martians; to prepare planet for humans, London Independent. It involve warming the planet; flooding the planet with greenhouse gases. “The fast way is to drop thermonuclear weapons over the poles,” said Musk with a completely straight face.

New Zealand hit by Microwave Pulse -- Then hit by Earthquake Swarm; Chinese Navy and Obama visit + Earthquake Swarm @ same location = Alaska; The Future of Humanity; Human brain grown in lab; Cancer Has an Off Switch;

VOG devices are used to cause an unsuspecting person to hear voices in their brain or even download data directly to their neurological systems. This VOG technology is heavily used on people who channel as well as “truther movement” and to discredit legitimate contacts with ETs. And Corey GoodETxSG, Update; "Paleo Diet" or "Vegan Diet" was what had been communicated to me as "High Vibrational". 

DA ab Paleo diet. I don’t understand why these ET people recommend Paleo diet (The Cassiopaeas and now Corey.) Paleo diet people reason that human body has not adjusted so far for present diet, so need the diet of ancient cave dwellers - heavy on animal proteins, fats, red meat, poultry, pork, eggs, organs (liver, kidney, heart), wild fish, beef tallow, lard and duck fat... Vegetables and fruits, but they cut out all cereal grains, legumes and milk produts, except butter. Sarkar says meat increases the body acidity and that means you get more easily almost any sickness and it makes more difficult to meditate.

If the people want to go back to ancient times diet, why they don’t start killing their food also themself, and why they don’t go still further back when the fire was not invented, that means to eat their meat raw? Or why people don’t keep their hair as well long without washing, or walk around hald naked without mobils and ipads, and die young as those cavemen? So no logic here. 

If you eat lacto-vegetarian food you avoid killing. Cereal seeds are ready made to be eaten, why not to use them? Even if you cut some leaves from plants they will grow new ones very quickly. For milk you don’t also need to kill. 

But if you have to try to kill your animal food, which you have grown up, the pig will scream and run away. If you manage to kill it, and squeese the blood out - you can’t eat even that without cooking. Before you have to cut out the tail, skin, feets, head and hang the meat somewhere for days to get it soft. 

I suggest that all animal eaters has to kill their food and process it for food, so we can assure the rainforests are going to be safe from human beings. In order to get eatable clean meat (without antibiotics, pollution and diseases) one has to go also hunting to wilderness. That would give at least fair chance to the animals to survive.

If we think that Paleo diet would become fashion and folks would proceed to wilderness to get their food, or due to lack of hunting skills, eat the mass produced farm animals, soon we would have more trouble on feeding all the folks on this earth.

We are not vultures, that can eat raw meat. When people need to kill their food it would make them actually more animalistic and thus it would be more difficult to ascend or become spiritual. Just look at the Himalayan yogies, they have long ago realized that one is not able do spiritual practises, if one consumes meat without even talking about hunting them down. 

If we consider that we can eat animals, the ETs might consider they can eat us, as we are like animals to them. I think some of them actually do so, but what we feel about being hunted down for food? Let’s not forget Corey GoodETxSG recommends also vegetarian food for spiritual beings, but did Blue Avians really recommend Paleo diet - if they are that high beings what he claims??? 

You may also want to see; And Eating Carbs Helped Humans Develop Big Brains;
There is no hell; Channeling Erik with ever increasing audience; Some Isolated Tribes in the Amazon Are Initiating Contact;

Sarkar ab hell; The spiritual superstition of heaven and hell and fear of God suppress people and destroy their psychic peace. The scriptures say, “If you do not do this or that you will go to hell.” Due to this, scriptures create fear complex in the human mind, and that fear complex creates disparity in the human society. This human society is one. 

We won’t allow any person to create any divisive tendencies in this human society. Love is the first word – Love is the starting-point, and Love is the last point. Parama Puruśa is ever ready to help all the microcosms of the creation equally, whether they are good or bad.

The tendency of the human mind to degenerate towards matter in the path of negative pratisaiṋcara is called hell (naraka), and the movement of the unit mind towards the Supreme Non-attributional Stance in the flow of positive Pratisaiṋcara is called heaven. When a person does a virtuous act or enjoys the fruits thereof, the environment around him or her is then called heaven; and when he or she does an evil act and endures the consequences thereof, then the environment around that person becomes a hell for him or her. 

Eternal hell or heaven is a totally defective idea, no one will go to hell or heaven for eternity after death, or lie in a grave forever; nor will anyone have to wait until any Day of Judgement. When everything resides in His mind, can heaven or hell remain outside Him? No, both heaven and hell exist in His mind. Parama Puruśa is bound to stay with those who live in hell.  Even the most degraded people are not alone – Parama Puruśa is with them and will help them in times of need. 

The devotee say, ‘if God is in hell and we are in heaven, that heaven will be worse than hell for us. But if God is in hell, we can remain there with Him till eternity. We want to remain with God, whether in heaven or in hell’. So if devotees go to hell they are also with Paramátmá and dance and sing kiirtana. Their minds remains full of bliss.

‘We shall happily go to hell. It’s all the same for us. We have so much love for the Lord that He too, will have to come to hell to be with us. We don’t make any discrimination between heaven and hell or between virtue and vice. All that matters to us is that the Lord should be pleased.’

But if their devotion is motivated by too much selfishness, what will they ask? They will say internally, “Well, Mr. Such-and-such are my sworn enemy; so, O Lord, please let them go to hell.” Now, if one prays in this way, the Lord will have to act intelligently, because that man’s enemy will also say, “O Lord Náráyańa, let my enemy go to hell.” So Lord Náráyańa will be in a fix. Whom should He protect, whom should He please? It is certain that the devotees of this category will not attain Parama Puruśa because it is not Him they really want. 

Mean-minded people often think, “I am a sinner, and Parama Puruśa is far from me.” Such persons should bear in mind that the tiniest creature in hell, or the greatest entity of heaven, are both equal for Parama Puruśa – He is the Lord of both. His sons, His daughters, are never alone. And would the father want his boy to attain supreme bliss and his girl to burn in the fire of hell? Certainly not. If one says this, one is not doing justice to the Supreme Father.

The ideas of heaven and hell of the Hindu, Christian and Muslim mythologies are completely false, because after death there remains no mind at all to experience heaven or hell. (I think there remains only soul, that doesn’t carry mind or body, so it can’t experience any hell. DA)

Lord says; ‘I do not reside in heaven, nor in the hearts of yogis; but wherever my devotees sing kiirtana, I remain there.’ He is present in hell and heaven. So you are never alone. Parama Puruśa is always with you.
Didi Annapurna

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