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Web bot etc scenarios

Web bot Aug 3 for 2015-19; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ajM7OKIFqHY. Global coastal event continue; oceanic changes, flooded rivers, high tides. Second “Fukushima”. Global unemployment, climate change, lots migration of people, devastating political, economical, geoengineering, disease.

Greece financial and refugee crises. EU breaking down. Scandinavian and teutonic people, self isolating movements, serious conflicting cultures. During 2016-17 Gov treatening, people taking over offices, military bases, houses. Ethnic cleansing of  immigration people, their business wiped out, chaos, nothing like that sinse WWII.

In US internal revolution and reformation of gov. Migration to northern hemishphere and S-America due to food and weather crises. Dollar fail and repatriation 2016 into precious metal, some regions of US advance with bitcoin and gold exhange. Late 2015 and -16 severe crises; infrastructure. US changes, never before imagined. Millions will die over 5 years, due to climate, malnutrition, lack of pharmaceutical drugs.

Economic meltdown globally, stock market closed/crash, govs failures, locally new initiatives. (After aug 15 markets reacting already). Credit freeze, people rushing after precious metals, currencies collapsing. Gold silver bull market. Bartering by gold etc. Several banks closed/collapse, gov interfere.

No money to fill shelves on stores. Salaries not paid people walk out with computers. Rich having body quards. Basement dwellers in parents houses, depression around world. US, EU suffer when dollar is no more. China unloading US treasure bonds, was web bot hit! Other countries will do same for EU bonds. Corporations and govs in desperation. Insurance companies in crises. Commercial aircrafts sold for housing.

Electricity deprived (affects also voting), due to draught, dramatic weather changes, more quakes, volcanoes, fires. New electrics from China, India. ET invasion by PTB, intensify. Leak continuing for months, government denial? In one country coup by people, revolution takes over media, causes global awakening. Some hope, new freedoms; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ajM7OKIFqHY. 2015-19.
Icelanders Offer To House Syrian Refugees; 10,000 Icelanders offering up a room in their homes to refugees, pressure their government. EU struggles to cope with unprecedented levels of those seeking shelter. Finnish PM has offered his house for refugees; Sipilä, Taloussanomat.

Days of interest in Sept; http://beforeitsnews.com...0088.html. And pilots tell; Half of the pilots sleep while flying and 1/3 of the time one has woken up to find that their partner is also asleep; http://beforeitsnews.com...-horrifying-3210122.html. Boeing; wing flap is not from MH 370;

Fulford: Chaos opportunity for revolution. A new group of leaders start in Pentagon. If they coordinate with the worldwide resistance movement, humanity can be freed from Babylonian debt slavery this autumn (9/11).

Already US military taking action; JP Morgan “operating arm of the Fed” under military supervision, because it handles food stamps which it could have stopped in order to create food riots. JP Morgan’s money “gone missing.” Citigroup “is sending its stolen gold and cash to Russia... Russia may claim tsarist treasure being returned. Kissinger; US should be friendly to Russia; http://nationalinterest.org/feature/the-interview-henry-kissinger-13615.

The Khazarians attack; Chinese Tianhe-1 super computer was hit with a nuclear electromagnetic pulse on Aug 12th after
devalued Yuan. http://www.pcworld.com...chinese-supercomputer.html. (third blast happened at 11:28 PM, previous 11:30 PM, and false flags in US;

US, Russian, Iranian military coperating to attack Israel/ISIS. Military cutting oil rotes, to cut cabal source of funds. Obama, Pope, Putin will meet in US to start world treaty? Fulford; http://benjaminfulford.net...opportunity-for-revolution/.
The U.S. military has shut down the same aircraft reconnaissance systems in 5 states until Oct 1, that they shut down before 911. This will leave air traffic controllers blind to all incoming threats. Is new 911 planned? (Fulford says; it is related to Russian and Chinese ships being around US). China Parks Its Ships Next To Alaska....And US paying smugglers to get more immigrants into EU, Austrian Defense employee told Info-Direkt.at. And;  here.

US Christians imprisoned for their belief (refusing gay marriage), but Planned Parenthood is free to slaughter, chop babies, and sell off their parts. The Kentucky university seismogram pick up a major boom, but not the USGS. It is a political tool. US Demands Greece to block Its Airspace For Russian Flights To Syria to fight ISIS, means US is on the side of ISIS. Update; Russia now has to use Iranian airspace.www.jimstone.is.
Air Shooting and France Train Attack (False Flags); PF; There is a desperate need by those that control the media to keep us distracted and at war with one another, and to spark another gun debate with sprinkles of racial differences and getting people "used" to the military presence...in a police state where we are scared to speak out. France train attack; to paint the US as the "good guys" out to help everyone...

Did Ashkenazi Jews commit mass poisoning of alt medicine doctors; Central buffet table at large seminar spiked with life threatening levels of amphetamines. The even host was an Ashkenazi Jew; Stefka Weiland said her team distanced itself from "what has occurred." NDR; men and women lay with cramps, some in life-threatening conditions. "Der Spiegel" described those affected as alternative and homeopathic practitioners. Read more here. And http://psychicfocus.blogspot.com/2015/07/missing-holistic-doctors.html.

Zerohedge recent headlines; Brazil deteriorating rapidly. This stock market rally season started in mid-Aug, and won’t end until mid-Oct... EU's Refugee Crisis "Out Of Control".(Fulford; EU refugee crises is engineered to create conflict between Christians and Islam and ISIS to speed it up)... Android 'Porn App' virus Secretly Snaps Photos, Blackmails Users. And Bloomberg; "discussions [at the G-20] hadn't been constructive". Lots refugee crises; http://www.prisonplanet.com/. And Dollar Threatened as Ruble, Yuan Gaining.

https://jhaines6a.wordpress.com...planetary-update...everyone/; EU multiple crises, weather, refugees, economics. El Nino, heating Pasific, hits Asia hardest, heat waves, water and electric crises. Fish, rise belts in danger. Social unrest. Guestion of survival. Displacement of millions people.

Scenario for US; Government agencies difficulty making their payments. Social Security payments late. Banks liquidity warnings. Food prices escalating. Everyone starts talking about inflation, mass layoffs, etc. http://beforeitsnews.com...-emergency-stock-up-on-food-water-and-supplies-now-2493988.html.

From the engineered financial meltdown to mass migrations of populations and the advent of frightening nano technologies etc, we face an uncertain future never before experienced. http://www.prisonplanet.com/total-emergency...begins.html. And The IMF; The Nightmare Scenario For Central Banks Is Now In Play.

Hong Kong Shanghai Bank to collapse due to losses in China... and more banks to be affected. In UK HSBC applied for bale out ....Fed will do. Simon; http://us9.campaign... 2ef4.
Sarkar; Communism is a matter-centred philosophy and it is dead. Now the bell (death knell) is ringing for the self-centred philosophy — Capitalism. Then the bell will ring for…the dogma-centred philosophy (religions). Then people will accept God-centred philosophy (spirituality).

Man made and natural calamities where lakhs and crores (a crore is ten millions) of people will be killed. There will be a huge drinking water crisis in the whole world. Poor countries follow the rules and go along with everything because they are mesmerized. If that trance is broken, if they are released from that spell, then strange things might start happening. For example, the refusal to repay debts as just one idea.

One thing that is already happening is the turning of the screws, the intensifying of security in every direction – the movement toward a war mentality. This intensity will not be felt only in the USA. It is my feeling that the more security a government or power group needs in order to keep its grip, the more brutal it feels it needs to become in order to retain its hold, the closer it is to death.

This coming economic collapse may strengthen fundamentalism in many of those countries, who will blame the west for all their troubles. When the void will be created after the collapse of self-centred and dogma-centred structures, we have to fill it with Cosmic Ideology...Otherwise a defective idea will fill up that void and the consequence will be greater suffering. 

So you should prepare yourself physically, intellectually, morally, intuitionally and spiritually to fill up the vacancy of the dogma-centred theories of religion, the matter-centred theory of communism and self-centred theory of capitalism. Ab 1990.
Didi Annapurna

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