keskiviikko 8. elokuuta 2012

From Poland ecofarm

Sarkar said that the ecofarms, or so called Master Units, will be the future Proutist centers. 
We had beautiful retreat with almost 300 people gathering for spiritual and ecofest in Western Poland. We had also Prout workshop, from which I made some notes:

London Guardian was asking where in earth is alternative. Banks why we need? In India110 villages, 50 000 agriculture project. Before they had one rise harvest a year. When people got small loans and were educated, they could grow beside of rise also vegetables etc which meant huge increase in income. Then they can save and loan to others through bank. Many taxi and riksaw driwers came back from city after this project succeeded. The employment is 100 %. Proutistic banks are not for profit, but for service. The directors get their salary but not profit. All banks should be co-operatives in relation to local business. But stock market has to be closed. It is immoral, and makes the economy unstable. All insurance and pension money is on risky stock market. Our response get your pensions out and invest locally. Or buy goods, houses, equipments etc. 

Cooperatives accept free trade (rather locally), but only after people get their basic necessities. In that sense Prout is against anti-capitalists and Occupy. Prout loves also capitalists as money makers… We have to learn from capitalists how to handle money, to invest. Vaeshyan nature, to organize and utilize recourses efficiently. Co-operatives can also distribute world wide, in that case there should be first self-sufficiency and electricity and some of the infrastructure by government. Capitalism itself at present is self-centered, self–motivated system. Psycho economy – maximum development, human resources, liberating.

Coperatives, always better to work together. Coordinated cooperation is equal respect, working for welfare. Insuring basic necessities locally, farming, agro-industry, commodity and consumer coops.
Can be fun, saving energy etc, smaller investment, bigger pool of knowledge, social gathering, society building. Sarkar say that individualism can destroy society. (In stock market people don´t even know into which they have invested).

Coops are sharing income, engine for growth. Leaders are known for all. Getting out of middle men. (Thus capitalists create shortages). Cooperatives can help outside society. Also private companies when they grow too big, or get huge profits, they either have to form coop or help the projects in society with their profit.

In coops people has chance to learn to solve the problems unitedly; meeting and voting systems, better than in private companies. Skills increase amongst workers steadily, so the production increases – full employment and security of life.

Requirement for successful coops: acceptance by society, strong moral administration, ready markets. Coops will be accepted according Sarkar gradually by internal urge and external pressure, environmental, economical etc.

Sweden is starting more cooperatives. We were speculation if the bank cards stop functioning,
Moving and networking together, preparing in advance for bad times. Ireland long time ago formed Let-system again coming up. What kind of cooperatives needed urgently? Money to invest in equipments, storages, exchange services, stores, houses rather than keep in banks. Alternative energy systems. Farmers and consumers to form cooperatives. Dried food and herbs processing. Alternative treatments cooperative. Forest production, seed banks, food growing in city areas. Transportation cooperatives.
Now I´m sitting in Eastern Poland in another Master Unit. This house was build by one of our nuns, with incredible faith and commitment. The future will tell us how it is going to benefit the society, this is still beginning face when I step in. 

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