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Might be a bit out dated, but you see

Poland is a nice country in the way almost every farm here is organic, and people are mainly also self-sufficient although some are poor without any benefits. Stealing is not familiar word here so the neighbors fields and things are usable seems.  People are relaxed, smiling and talking loudly, but unluckily not so much English.
Some news and speculations I managed to gather, but starts to be old dated before I got online - and sorry this system of saving doesn´t seem to function so properly so it comes out how it comes and when trying to corrects comes out worse:
  www.consumerenergyreport. com/2009/01/15/wirelesselectricity-is-real-and-can-change-the-world/: in some forms will be made available this year. 

In a recent speech to Venezuelans, Chavez urged the people to shun sugary drinks like Pepsi and Coca-Cola and instead drink fruit juice - specifically, a domestically produced brand called Uvita, a grape juice. Chavez has a history of advocating a healthier lifestyle and opposing drugs and alcohol, The AP. Bolivia will expel the Coca-Cola company from the country at the end of the Mayan calendar. El Periodiquito; The Bolivian govt and Choquehuanca: “The planets will align for the first time in 26,000 years and this is the end of capitalism and the beginning of communitarianism”. Last year, Bolivia second Latin American country not to have a single McDonald’s.

‘The Door to Hell’, giant hole of fire in the Karakum DesertTurkmenistan. The blaze began when Soviet  in 1971decided to burn off natural gas they discovered while drilling at the site…But the ground beneath the drilling rig collapsed, leaving a hole with a diameter of 70 metres burning still.
Ure: If there comes a might meteor impact that splashes all around the world with terrible flooding, but it lays the groundwork for a new kind of world. Global coastal event prediction from years ago. Greenland glaciers and ice sheet  melting. Stay away from all coastlines. Is this a catastrophe gone live or a 150-year cycle? And what about this old prediction: "mass movement to north of 40?"

Casper: Both ‘storylines’ continue in contradiction of each other. Cabal daily indicating that they have still not ‘thrown in the towel’…Drake´s military contacts were not doing what they said they would do. Keenan withdraws his lawsuit in New York …not been able to obtain the evidence he was promised necessary to his refilling. Let’s stop using the word ‘mass’ arrest. Obama, Geithner, Bernak, the E.U. and the ECB are ‘threatening’ Merkel. BRICS, led by China - are equally broke and push for continuation of the fraudulent fiat Ponzi System as they need 3Tr immediately. Rotten things in Denmark’. 

Business Insider; The coming autumn chaos will force people to finally confront reality. Fulford: Weekly Geopolitical News and Analyses. Our website is under attack by people who are trying to cut off our finances.  Lots going on under the surface in preparation for autumn regime changes  in China, the US and the EU this fall. Resignation of UN Kofi Annan increases the rumors of war promoted by terrorist states US, Israel and their secret ally Iran…. in part as a negotiating strategy to get them past the Sept 31 fiscal deadline and about the new financial system - to avoid bankruptcy. All sorts of countries are trying to cash real bonds issued by members of the Western banking cartel…but i.e when investors tried to cash Brazilian bonds, some key lawyers involved suddenly got violently ill while others rescued themselves following death threats. (Iranian press "Russia blames US for Annan resignation as envoy for Syria crisis.")

In Japan 7000 trillion yen sitting frozen in the Bank of Japan’s computers, another 5000 trillion yen batch of bonds has turned up. Asian group planning to cash them and use the money for humanitarian projects. US dollar gold backed bonds surfaced, too big to simply cash them. A Rockefeller family trying to come up with a solution that staves off the Fed bankruptcy that cashing the bonds would involve. Due in US and EU - the change the financial, rather than the political regime (ab Nov?). Depends also on the negotiations between Asia and the West over this summer.   

Someone commenting: Fulford update most closely resembles our own Intel. Under no circumstances will Obama, the Cabal etc. allow the ‘NEW’ to replace the ‘OLD’ (fiat). the Fed is preparing an ‘October Surprise’ for Obama, QE III just in time to guarantee his re-election as the flood of new thin air E-Currency hits the system: The world is owned by this Mafia, bought with toilet paper money and E-Currency which the BRICS and their alliance are unable to stop…so far… The other countries collectively, do not have the Financial or Military clout to overcome the Criminal Cabal based in Washington, London, and The Vatican. Promising news from ‘Drake’ we can not verify. But anything can happen. The Keenan Documents are ‘affidavits’ not lawsuits or findings of any court …Scott have not been able to obtain the evidence to re-file his lawsuit.

YouTube - Veterans Today - Syria system is effective against Cruise type, ICBMs and all aircraft. Don’t expect to see someone bombing SyriaSyria and Israel have secret meetings all the time --Gordon Duf. Comment from Syria: Yes, Syrian troops are firing into the city, but the army has moved the people already out, so that they can get at the “rebels”. Rebels murdering women and children. Reuters: "Obama authorized secret US support for Syrian rebels." A former Mossad: Iran should fear the next 12 weeks.

New York Times Admits Mainstream Media Stories Are Scripted By The White House. "Under President Obama, the insistence on blanket anonymity has grown to new levels". Rocky Montana, (NaturalNews): Do not trust the election polls or info coming from the Khazarian White House or media. Obama campaign refused to allow anyone to go on record for the Times story. Obama’s Adviser Sunstein Steps Down . He worked tirelessly to undermine the Constitution. Pravda is running  "Corruption of America is Complete..." and sites birth certificate issues of Obama and buried tax details on the Romney. "And yet this coward, Mitt Romney, refuses to attack this fraud of a President on the birth certificate issue." 

Agenda 21 Cutting Off Electricity To US Cities???  Robotics Professor Warns Drones Slaughter. While Canadian Military to spend $1B on drones. And Court Upholds Domestic Drone Use in Arrest of US Citizen. The beginning of “the industrial revolution of war”? White House Pentagon’s 30,000-pound bunker-buster ‘superbomb’ ready for use. The Department of Defense labs has small robot surveillance devices like a large bird, which fly and land - on a tree in front of your house and the tiny camera inside can watch your every movement. 

Voice of the White House: Foreclosures; servicers will complete all the steps of a foreclosure, and then not put in a bid. The reason? The home is of so little value that at even a $100 price, the bank deems it to be not worth the trouble. But keeping houses in limbo is a horror show for the old homeowner…still on the hook for property tax. Liens and liabilities mount — creating a so-called “toxic title”. Neighborhoods and local governments are left to deal with the mess… abandoned homes with nobody responsible for taking care of them.

Massive black out in India took power off from 700 million people in 15 states, some states twice, biggest ever power failure in human history. NTPC Ltd stopped six power plants as a precaution. India lights off: Pedestrians cross railway tracks, 17 seconds of sheer terror! Not much better in US: bridge collapsed in Minneapolis: US power infrastructure crumbling: Failing levies, bursting water mains, localized power grid failures.

Weather manipulation before China Olympics…and results in the Middle East: or in the U.S. of A. just prior to 9/11: Constable´s "energy canons" on Aeronca Champ, in Hawaii…this etheric cannons cut earth energy fields. When the plane went about five miles past the cloudy area, and turned around, the clouds went banging into each other and rain resulted more often than not. "I watched him do this 14 times, which12 created rain”. Loom of the Future: The Weather Engineering Work of Trevor James Constable. And  The Cosmic Pulse of Life: The Revolutionary Biological Power Behind UFOs. Nicholas Tesla and Wilhelm Reich were also interested in this "etheric" energy stuff
Japan: Governement investigating stocks: The  NY Times. Cashing in before the storm they are busy fomenting in the Middle East breaks? Geithner envoy ‘assured Athens of US support on return to drachma’.The Rothschild and Rockefellers teaming up; . “At a time when big banks are destabilized, there may well be opportunities,” Lord Rothschild. .

US Media Ignore Netanyahu Nuclear Smuggling Files, IRmep: FBI partially declassified files linking Israeli PM Netanyahu to nuclear technology smuggling ring that targeted US. Released on the Internet on July 4, the files have been the subject of reporting in Israeli National News, Ma'ariv and The Marker.

"US: Contrary to popular belief the rumors of military families being told to prepare for martial law is false---The military received orders back in March that they will be transitioning from an assault force to an occupation force of "civil retainment" and "structural support." Obama to announce in next 120 days; “the National Strategy for Biosurveillance.”with a budget of billions.

The 2012 opening ceremony was an occult ritual thinly disguised as a major sporting event; an orchestra playing Nimrod by Enigma Variations. Freemason fraternity, the original “World Order” can be traced back to Babylon, King Nimrod. Also Maypole dance, ancient pagan worship. “And Jerusalem builded here among these dark Satanic Mills” by children´s choir!!! When the 23 ton bell was struck, the ruling bloodlines officially declared the beginning of their esoteric New World Order. Source: worldtruth. Someone; very odd that you cannot find a single video posted on the web of the entire, unedited version of the London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony, not in BBC site, YouTube, or NBC. the Mountain Flame.

Deutsche Bank is laying off 1900 people, and profiting. VIEW VIDEO: The unemployment rate across the 17-nation euro-zone reached its highest level on record (22 years) at 11.2% : Bloomberg,
IS THE TRUTH SOMEWHERE BETWEEN in climate change battle and holocaust? Carolyn Yeager: On the Roads of Truth: Searching for Warwick Hester , in Inconvenient History, in which an American Jewish man admits the alleged "Holocaust" of 6 million Jews is an utter fraud. “For that they had neither the time nor the means”. But announced today that 80,000 more "Holocaust" survivors would receive compensation payments from the German government, totaling $300 million.
Market panic: Knight Capital is one of the largest processors of stock trades. Knight’s stock tumbled 32.8 per cent. 'The [algorithms] went nuts. Latest Market Glitch Shows 'Trading Out of Control'. The brokers were on it within seconds, recognizing this was not normal behaviour in most of these stocks,' Latest in a series of high-profile mishaps that have damaged investor confidence. Fox Business: Knight Trading Glitches Strike Wall Street. And Regulators and others… what the near meltdown of Knight Trading due to a software glitch could mean for markets.

In 2007 a federal judge ruled that because of "gay marriage" in Massachusetts, schools have an obligation to present homosexuality as normal - even in elementary school -- and parents have no right to opt out or even be informed of what their kids are being taught. HERE.
The borrachero tree´s seeds, flowers, and pollen possess hallucinogenic chemical substances - when inhaled or consumed eliminating a person's free will, and turning him or her into a mindless zombie, or robot. Scopolamine is often used in Colombia by criminals to mind-control others for the purpose of committing crimes., Was the Batman shooting a result of scopolamine? (,‘Zombie”Attacks;Secret Virus Or Collapsing Society? Prison
Finland would greatly benefit if stepping out of Euro! Germany no more against bond purchases… The bond purchasing is compounding away from the International Banking system at a rate that is hard to believe. Who ever is doing this has control of tens of trillions and I have no idea what is really going on. It appears that a privately controlled entity is quietly absorbing World debt, an undisclosed source…And Massive, absolutely massive PUT options on US and EU markets...nearly exact pattern as prior to 9/11 and 7/7…So, heads  up...the puts in 2001 were made 5 days ahead of event...which may mean 8-12. - a source Drake Notes Here: Drake and his military contacts are now saying a major event to take place within two weeks ar 19.8? This event will change humanity forever. Blog Talk Radio. Project Keystone: Citizens to film people in power. Sunstein quit the White House, because there is no way for TPTB to win. His job was to make us all slaves through regulations. The Small Arms U.N.Treaty failed last week. We may see one or two arrests per day before the mass arrests. Most of the false flags events planned have been taken care of. The banks are in default of the liens, but not in default of the cease and desist orders. The most powerful thing going on is Neil Keenan´s ability to cut off the Cabal's money. Keenan has not refiled yet. Keenan says the Euro can be taken down in one day. If we make arrests they should be accomplished by filing Affidavits first - several people are working on it with attorneys, U.S. Marshals, etc. When the suit is refiled within a day or two days those liens will close the Federal Reserve. The Fed has been trying to print money [outside] of the liens. Homeland Security had planned a takeover of the people of the U.S. with Valarie Jarret who runs the White House. They plan to suspend the elections in November to keep Obama in power, but the military is preparing to take Obama out of office. The Cabal is trying to make a deal to survive. See: Do not be concerned about earth changes or Nibiru hitting earth.
Drake agrees with David Wilcock;

Steve Detwiler; News Articles: Ancestors vegetarians: Predictions: Space travel easy: Hopis speak: And Beijing flooding: Flying Lasers Reveal Buried Historical Structures: Nervous about Mars landing: Martians: Alien life: Marsrovers; Russia future manned spaceship: Solar cell windows: Algal Blooms Caused Last Ice Age: Greenland melting: Loss of Arctic sea ice '70% man-made; Cancer-Detector: Rise in UFO sightings in Australia: A new report; non-human consciousness exists... Aians love oceans: Civil unrest; U.S. Army Purchases Riot Gear for Civil Unrest. And Zoologist Helps Identify The ‘Manhattan Monster’.
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