maanantai 20. elokuuta 2012

To Poland?

Europe and euro might be in crises, but I think I´m lucky I was sent here in Poland to take care of our collective farm. Poland has also its own currency and self-sufficiency so there are not much crises to be expected.
Sarkar said Poland will greatly benefit from EU - it seems so; much of the roads and organic farms have grown with EU money. Polish countless small farmers never run off from the countryside and never learnt to use chemical fertilizers and pesticides, that´s why they get easily now grants from EU to grow organic food.
I really like here; peaceful countryside, some spiritual company and still all modern comforts. Almost every house here has natural bond in the field or forest and there are lakes as well around. Plenty of forests, even to pick berries.
We try to make this place, kind of eco-collective for spiritually minded people. Ab 15, even 20 people can fit in the house. We use homeopathic medicines, etc health care and grow vegetables, also other spiritual minded groups can use the place for their retreats.
If you are interested to visit or stay even contact

Some news titles: Kerry Cassidy has a blog w/Delacado titled impending earthquake dated 8-9-12....(many predicting, but seems lots of happen, but somewhere else than expected).
Vast volcanic 'raft' found in Pacific, near New Zealand.
Hoagland: EITHER: Earth reverses rotation during eclipses and alignments; OR: Source Field reverses polarity relative to Earth. http://www.enterprisemission.c...clipse.htm.
They've been HAARPing CA like crazy tonight and many "sources" have warned of Japan 3/11 type earthquakes/tsunami this weekend or into next week.
In vast majority of cases the pilots that fly planes have no idea that they are involved in spraying chemtrails; chemicals are added to the water exhaust.
But the volume of atmosphere is vast and toxic chemicals get dissolved pretty quickly. Be more concerned of your food and water.

Alien Presence and First Contacts:
2012 Awakening "Change is on the Horizon": 
12/21/2012, Sal Rachele... on 29.00 mark:
The Annual Congress on Illumination.
This is a Cosmic Moment in the evolution of this planet. We have reached a critical mass, a tipping point that will enable us to utilize the celestial alignments and the solar flares that have taken place this momentous year of 2012 to cocreate A Renaissance of Love on Planet Earth. Together we are changing the course of history.  Global activity of Light will take place during the 25th Anniversary of Harmonic Convergence August 11-16, 2012, on the sacred isle of Kauai, in Hawaii.
Dutch Injustice: When Child Traffickers Rule A Nation
Thought Crime to Destroy New World Order
Galactic Federation of Light 'Severing Cabal Communication Lines':
Earth Is the True Planet of War, Not Mars, Curiosity Rover; N W O & other goings on:

Again… "Green Light" between 27 - 30 of this month according to Drake's latest broadcast," THE EVENT. (And before 20.8 suppose to happen something remarkable?). News of disclosing events during the first two weeks of September:
http://americannationalmilitia...scription/. Someone; two “green lights”, i.e. financial and tactical. Officially we are now in Tactical Green Light!

From Ian, new information on current events.
08/08/2012 – A flash fire broke out on the 88th floor of the new 1 World Trade Center! . Dr. Steven Greer....(disclosure) is in the process of creating a documentary …His filmmaker is now coincidentally killed in this temple shooting.

Libor economics: The biggest U.S. bank revealed the extent of its involvement; "JPMorgan Chase has received subpoenas and requests for documents;

Some examples what Sarkar said about collective life, and farms, so called Master Units?
In the future, changes in society will take place with accelerating speed…Research centres should be developed on all large farming projects and master units. Although all types of research should be encouraged, first preference should be given to agriculture…
All integrated farming projects and master units should endeavour to include some special features such as a wheat grinding machine to produce flour, a bakery to produce bread, a cheap seed distribution centre (sulabha biija vitarańa kendra), a free plant distribution centre, sericulture, a bio-gas plant to utilize the waste of dairy cows, solar energy, apiculture and a school and children’s home..

I want all Master Units to be economically self-sufficient in all respects, because spiritualists should not depend on the wealthy class for money.

Didi Annapurna