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Bitcoins and offsore tax heavens open for everyone

Doomsday economics: Bitcoin exceeds $1 billion in value as other currencies fail; Natural News; Millionaires in the making in digital currency bitcoin? In the wake of continuing economic crises, this new virtual currency is poised to challenge the euro and US dollar. Bitcoin will become a safe haven for anyone trying to save their money from the crippled international banking system, claimed Max Keiser, host on RT. Or is it just another bubble? But favors those who are disproportionately powerful and rich? Specially designed hardware wins out every time...

Bitcoin millionaire: I’m one of those early ones. Bought a lot of mining equipment and mined like there was no tomorrow. I’m fairly certain this is only the beginning. I have a conviction that bitcoin will be the liberator for the worlds poor giving them access to the global marketplace. Bitcoin is for the people by the people. Revolution is at hand (i hope).
Federal Express has been a good leading indicator for the S&P 500 over the past 10 YEARS! Now Fed Ex could be sending an “EXIT” signal for the markets/SPY, been breaking down of late!

Business Insider; North Korea told embassies in Pyongyang to consider evacuating their employees because it can’t guarantee their safety after April 10. Zero Hedge: “U.S preparing for the worst scenario: an attack on North Korea?” RT; the tension between the US and N-Korea has reached new heights; US military surrounds N-Korea....More:

Japan: George Soros; the total amount of quantitative easing in the Japan similar as in US. However, Japan is only one third the size of the USA. Therefore, the QE in Japan is three times as large as the Fed’s QE…When asked about that Soros has made a billion by shorting the Japanese Yen, he responded;”I think the Bank of Japan is eager to have people do that."And Nikkei Soars, Japanese Bond Yields Collapse; Japanese stocks highest since Sept 2008. But one market is showing its concerns at Japan's inevitable blow up - Kyle Bass' 1Y Jump risk has more than doubled in the last 4 months.

Offshore tax havens opened: International Consortium of Investigative Journalists; Offshore financial industry leak exposes identities of thousands of holders of anonymous wealth and evaders of taxes in offshore haven of the British Virgin Islands (BVI). Some estimate $32 trillions, which can cause turmoil, even finacial wars and collapses. WikiLeaks had two gigabytes of leaked US cables. The new BVI data contains 200 gigabytes!!! EU, Cyprus and Greek fiscal disaster also is partly created by offshore tax cheating? Interestingly just part of exposed are some Indonesian billionaires with ties to the late Suharto, who supposed be the guardian of BIS etc money for global welfare (you remember Wilcock ab Keenan lawsuit?)... And while Philippine president Marcos was handling the huge global gold storages (see again Wilcok's story); his eldest daughter Maria Marcos Manotoc, was a beneficiary of BVI trust; See Wilcock ab K lawsuit and gold in Philippines;; Russia considers creating an offshore bank out of International Investment Bank 1
An insider at the U.S. DHS; Not only complete collapse of the U.S. dollar, but a single, uniform currency system is already in the works. "The first shots in a global economic takeover were fired in Cyprus," explains Doug Hagmann from CFP. The people of Cyprus were literally robbed of untold billions of dollars by the central bankers, who overnight imposed freeze. But also in the U.S. Fed's quantitative money printing, causes inflation and leads to devaluation of dollar - another form of stealing from the people. Finally hyperinflation and destruction of the dollar...

132 Names Who Pulled Cyprus Deposits Ahead. Zero Hedge; Cyprus president himself and his associates seem to have had advance knowledge of the decision... pulling their  money out, and massive surge in outflows in Febr. Sigma. Confiscating was not just desperate idea of a few Eurozone “troika” officials; A joint paper by the US, FDIC and the Bank of England dated Dec10, 2012, shows that these plans have been long in the making; with the G20 Financial Stability Board in Switzerland (here).

The Market Ticker; There’s only one chart that matters, and it will blow up the stock market — sending it down 50%. ADP; construction has stalled and the destruction of job creation in small and mid-sized businesses exposed to Obamacare will finish it off.  Bubbles in crazy places, housing, subprime car lending, student loans and even Bitcon. The transports are telling you that all is not well. CAT is confirming it. Copper is warning, – in the end earnings are what drive stock prices, and the red flags are waving on earnings. Economic apocalypse is here;

Fed scare people away from gold and silver by driving down their prices. When gold topped $1,900, Washington put out the story that gold was a bubble. The presstitute media fell in line; “Gold looking a bit bubbly”, CNN Aug 2011. Then Fed advertised; “banks too big to fail” and that hedge funds and other large investors were going to unload their gold positions. Paul Craig Roberts'; Institute For Political Economy.And; Police found one ton of gold hidden in the car floor boards. The $50 million in gold was seized by authorities. The Italian family, from Switzerland, is now under investigation for money laundering. The unfortunate reality is that we are in a much more dangerous place today than we were five years ago. A specific event will take place in America's very near future... which could actually bring our country and way of life to a grinding halt.

Finnish minister Heidi Hautala been attacked due to her small scale tax evasion, but mostly it is, because she has taken up the issue of large scale tax evasion. She herself had left taxes of small services without paying, but the attack is totally over-blowing. What comes to those kind of taxes, I think almost anyone forgets them, due to time wasted and bureaucracy. Anyhow as an example Hautala should find someone to do the taxes for her.

Dirty politics: Zero Hedge; Just last week Omirou, Cypriot House of Representatives President, was calling for the nation to accept it is “time for responsibility”; and yet today, Cyprus Famagusta; ‘Troika-imposed’ responsibility will “turn Cyprus into a colony of the worst possible leaving the troika and the EMS behind us, we will ensure our national...and economic independence”.

Failure to end nuclear stalemate; Reuters - World powers and Iran remained far apart after ending two days of intensive talks on Tehran's nuclear program the EU's foreign policy chief said. U.S. military threat level RED and the Air Force reserve base in Portland (OR) has been put on Stand-by;

Fulford: China considered N-Korea to be a US colony. The recent so-called threats of war by just because it seeks independence from secret US rule. The N-Korean moves are a part of an overall E-Asian move away from cabal rule.

Another reason for saber rattling: the Japanese government is considering passing a bill to tax all the huge assets owned by S and N-Korean nationals living in Japan. Several Korean groups are now offering to trade yen for won at a huge discount. Since the N-Koreans secretly control huge swathes of the Japanese economy they are understandably reluctant to have those assets seized by Japanese taxmen. And treatening; and And Cyprus fight is between Russia and Germany?... Russian move out of Cyprus was partly related to Bricks? Head of MI5 Prince Edward resigned. Head of free masons had a stroke...

From Heneghan; U.S. aircraft with a Team, (headed by Bill Richardson) left to N-Korea, containing $3 be delivered directly to N-Korea Kim Jong-un. Kim is receiving these bribe funds in exchange for playing a role in a scripted “black op” that is designed to effect worldwide financial markets.

P.S. Today IMF officials, along with government representatives of both China and S-Korea, with evidence, accused U.S. Bernanke and the Fed, along with the Central Banks of Japan and Australia, of engaging in a massive Forex currency ponzi scheme involving trillions of dollars... in the Japanese yen and in the Australian dollar... Bernanke faces immediate arrest by the U.S. Military... (???)

Japan PM Shinzo Abe has come down with cancer and suspects he was hit with a cancer causing virus during visit to the US. So did Chavez, due to his oil, and plans for L-Am common currency. So died Irak due to his oil etc. So did Gadhafi due to his oil and plans for common African currency. So is under treat Syrian Assaf for what reason, God knows. And Cancer;

On April, 2010, the BP Deepwater Horizondrilling rig blew up. Soon a person from Caspian Sea, Central Asia revealed: 17 months before BP's Deepwater Horizon exploded in the Gulf of Mexico, another BP rig blow-out in the Caspian Sea, both due to failure of the cement "plug". BP laced its well's cement capping with nitrogen gas to speed up drying. However, due to danger, BP is nearly alone using it. Due to bubbles in cement it can allow methane gas to go up to platform with explosive gas. So, when its Caspian Sea rig blew out in 2008, rather than change its waysBP simply covered it up. Palast also claims; The invasion of Irak by Bush was not about to get oil, but to keep the oil capped - war to keep supply tight, so it would send prices skyward. (What about Libya?)

The New World Order is no ‘Conspiracy Theory’; Almost one third of Americans believe secretive power elite to be conspiring to rule the world via global government, according to a new national poll. Proof! The NWO Exists; From the globalist mouthpieces themselves; latest US Vice President Joe Biden calls for the creation of a “new world order” on April 5, 2013; Kanye, due to Illuminati affiliations, naming his baby “Khrist.” Wafeeq Sabir El-Amin effort of killing his friend as a sacrifice to the Illuminati.
TBR News; Cyprus is planning to grab billions belonging to rich Russians in order to stay in the EU. The EU is about to collapse and Germany, France and Russia are secretly working up their own economic union? Israel is not going to attack Iran and N-Korea is not going to attack the US.

Chavez ghost dominate politics in Venezuelan presidential campaign. Elections are on April 14. Venezuela's acting president Maduro said that Chavez arrived at Christ's side and said to him: 'Well, it seems to us S-America's time has come', he meant surprise Argentinan pope. Recently Maduro also claimed that Chavez came to him in the form of bird chirping into his ear... Chavez was a devout Catholic, but at same time accused Catholic leaders of siding with Venezuelan elite. Hundreds of people daily still come to pay their respect to Chavez memorial.

Casper gossipping: Obama graduated his first class of ARMED young people (250/brown shirts)... Vast sums of ‘funny money/thin air money/e-currency’ continue to be manufactured by the Fed...100B monthly, not the 85B announced by Bernanke. The outcome is visible in gas, utility and health care cost and reduced size packaging in super markets. They would have the world believe tiny Cyprus is a problem. B.S., it’s a test of the peoples reaction to the outright theft of bank account deposits. That and the other motive of ‘scaring’ money out of the banks and into... keeping the Stock Market artificially pumped up. Take a look at Detroit where they ran wild for decades... until finally the taxpayers had enough and left and now the whole city is a ghetto.

Some short cut from Ren-TV of Wilcock and Russian economists interview: American politicians had one goal: to make Hitler a leader according the plan made 140 years ago. Inflation was so strong that a German citizen came to a grocery store with a bag of money to buy bread. Bodies were buried in cardboard boxes as coffin was too expensive. And this poor ragged fellow named Hitler all of a sudden became a millionaire...financed by the enemies of the country US and Britain. After WWII the documents about murdering thousands of jews were kept, but 90% of financial documents were destroyed - fascists were scared for the world to find out who brought Hitler to power. And in return Hitler had promised to destroy the USSR.

The USA government offered European leaders and bankers to pass all gold to USA for safe storage purposes, with interest. Hitler promised, in exchange for his piece of golden pie, that owners of the bonds were not going to stay alive. Prescott Bush, grandfather of George Bush, supported Hitler and Third Reich and liked to read Hitler's Mein Kampf. In Time Magazine 1938, he made Hitler as the "Man Of The Year." Prescott founded the Skull and Bones and was financing Nazis through its account. USA sponsored Hitler because they were afraid of communism. USA businessmen continued their business with Hitler even after USA started the war with Germany; The longer the war lasted, the more fortune it brought to the USA. "If we see that Germany wins, we should start helping Russia. But if Russia starts to win, we shall help Germany."

In 2011 Robert Spike came to BoA to pay off his his mortgage. The bank called the police after seeing his 10 kg gold bar with a Polish stamp from the time of World War II. This was the first evidence ab the disappeared Polish Gold Fund. Five days after the beginning of World War II, the Polish government decided to export 100 tons of Polish gold to USA to prevent Nazi's from taking it. The gold was transported by buses to Romania. It is unknown where it disappeared. To gain total control, the USA confiscated most of the gold from the world. The leaders and bankers of the countries who passed the gold to America were eliminated. The president of France, Charles De Gaulle, was the only one who could get their gold back...but he was forced to resign and died soon from a heart attack.

Gaddafi was killed because he planned new currency: golden dinar in attempt to kill the dollar. Chavez, after the of bombing in Libya began, demanded 220 tons of Venezuelan gold be returned to his country. He also offered to create multinational Lat-American Currency: the Bolivar. The first time he told his idea to the world in 2000, and was soon diagnosed with cancer.

USA is using half of trillion dollars for their military, although production is same as before. So where do they get the money? For the past hundred years the USA dollar has depreciated 300 times and is 3 cents of early 20th century dollars. And why are the richest men in the world at the bottom of the Forbes list? The real fortune of the Rockfellers and the Rothschilds is worth ten or even a hundred times more than it is known.

The collapse of the world currency will take down the Masonic Order of Europe. In Dec 2012, the authority of the USA Fed to print money, (controlled by Rockefellers) expired. Rothschilds have been waiting years for the right moment to strike back... the World War II loss. And finally, the Rothschilds strike back. These families can't stop battling with each other, because it would cause their instant bankruptcy. The main goal of the Rothschilds is to crash the dollar. The Rothschilds have exported 50 000 tonnes of gold to China... to establish a new currency. The American Elite is also on the way to civil war in America.

Climate, cancers, parasites, aliens:
See how you can improve profoundly your health in 6-8 weeks; natural sourced product aids in correcting joint problems, wrinkles and sagging skin, and improves the health of all internal body organs. Flint;, 605-645-8142. Coconut oil can tremendously boost brain function and cognitive performance, Natural News.

Third of US West Coast babies have been hit with thyroid issues post Fukushima. And Open Journal of Pediatrics; Nostradamus: "The long awaited one will never come Into Europe; instead he will appear in Asia... He will nominate over the rulees of the Orient..."

One more holocaust denier: Interview with Greek Konstantinos Plevris, the first Holocaust denier in history to be tried in a court of law and found ‘Not Guilty’ — much to the anger and alarm of organized Jewry. Interview with a Gutsy Greek Patriot.

Chemtrailing goes to mainstream: Intelihub; 'Met Office researchers have called for global oversight of geoengineering after studies showed they could have huge impacts on some of the world’s most vulnerable people.' The projects cooled the planet unevenly; I.e increased rainfall in the Africa, but left huge areas of Brazil parched. 'Due to this some form of global governance is essential,' said Jim Haywood. And Weather Modification, Inc offer a list of clients and places they operate...and having planes to rent for cloud seeding operation. NY Times; if technology was in the wrong hands; And;

Journal of Geophysical Research; U.S. Sea Level Rise Along East Coast To Accelerate With Gulf Stream Slowdown. Center for Coastal Physical Oceanography; 'This new paper confirms the hypothesis.' Add the storm surges that come with hurricanes and the danger gets even worse.; Webster, professor of parasite epidemiology at Imperial College London; parasites favor the brain, because it shelters them from immune system. But, she says, “it also gives them direct access to alter the host’s behavior”.

Russians made aggreements with aliens?
Many aliens caught on videos:
Sarkar; For the socio-economic groups in Germany, Ireland and Korea for example, the major focus should be on the unification of their divided nations...The Thai language contains 80% Saḿskrta vocabulary... however it is pronounced differently.

Japanese race was evolved out of a blood mixture of the Aynus (a sub-branch of white people) hailing from the banks of the Amur River, a sub-branch of the yellow race from Korea, and a hybrid community of browny-black coloured people who migrated from Malaya and Indonesia.

In Japan there is enormous population pressure...nevertheless Japan has been able to attain self-sufficiency in food production. In Chinese ni is pronounced ji and pon is pronounced pán, thus the pronunciation of nippon in Chinese became jipán...English gave rise to “Japan”. The cultured pearl industry brought prosperity to the fishermen along the coast of Japan.

In Japan, which is one of the most industrially developed countries, there are only a few labour disputes because work is done according to the bonus system and piece work payments, and industry is mostly managed along lines similar to the cooperative system.

Hitler fed the German nation on the spurious notions of Aryan supremacy and incited the vain and arrogant Nazis to fight a horrible war. He raised his arrogant slogan – “The Aryans are not to be ruled but to rule”. But is this Aryan supremacy supported by the science of ethnology? No, this science holds that the modern Germans are not a homogeneous race. They are a mixed race...Adolf Hitler poured petrol over his body and ignited it.

The original home of the Aryans was southern Russia, east of the Ural Mountains, now known as the Caucasus. Aryans – in Central Asia and Russia – were very partial to drinking. We can see that there is a close connection between the Vedic and Russian languages. Saora [Sun] Cult...was propagated by the Brahmans who came from Shákadviipa... southern part of Russia, with its capital at Tashkent. These Brahmans... were astrologers and teachers of áyurveda.
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