torstai 11. huhtikuuta 2013

Future human ETs

Sarkar 1979-89;

The cranium of the prehistoric humans was small, the hands were long, and the lymphatic glands were very active.

Human beings will be making tremendous progress in the realms of intellectuality and intuition. The human beings of future age will be very sensitive. The efferent nerves will be more active than the afferent nerves, and subtle (spiritual) experiences will be more common than they are now…The functional jurisdiction of the brain will also increase... Human intellect will become sharper, the cranium will become larger and the nerve fibres will become more complex....

The demerit of this system is that as life becomes easier and easier, the physical capacity of human beings will gradually decrease…. It is a fact that human strength will decrease in the future, but with the progress of society we have no alternative but to accept this situation. A day will come when the eyes and the bones in the human body will become weak. Almost all people will wear glasses and have false teeth…The bones will become thinner. This will result in a change in the stature of human beings. They will have lean and thin limbs and a disproportionately big head. This change will come soon and fast.

Generally the cranium of a female is smaller than that of a male. Those who are eunuchs by birth have still smaller craniums. If, by biological processes, a eunuch is transformed into a male or female, he or she will suffer from headaches for the rest of his or her life. He or she cannot get rid of them because it is due to a shortage of nerve cells in the brain. If a male becomes a female by biological processes, he will not suffer from headaches as such; he will have no difficulty. But if a female becomes a male, she will suffer difficulties because the cranium is smaller; that is, the brain is smaller.

One day human beings will also learn how to produce human babes in science laboratories. Perhaps then it will be possible for human beings to place an order for their children and to get children according to their choice…

When laboratory babies will be produced, nature will slowly snatch away the child-producing capacity of men and women. There will be no fathers and mothers. The whole social order will be changed. The reproductive urge in human beings will be utilized in higher and subtler pursuits. Those laboratory boys and girls will be more mentally and spiritually developed than the mortals of the present day...
This explains why a laboratory babe will not be free from saḿskáras or the reactions to past actions. Biological babes will not have much attachment, though they will be subject to pleasure and pain. They will not be required to undergo much physical struggle because through scientific inventions a tablet may be sufficient to sustain them for days together…. Hence, the more leisure time they have the more sádhaná they will do.

The greater the physical evolution, the more complex the physical structure becomes. It is necessary also, because subtle thoughts and their expression depend upon a complex physical and psychic structure…A suitable cranium is not sufficient; one also requires an equally developed nervous system to transmit impulses from the brain to different parts of the body. Moreover, nerve cells and nerve fibres are also not sufficient; one requires developed glands to conceive of new ideas. This means that the human structure must become progressively more complicated. Of all the microcosmic bodies on this planet, the human body is the most complex, for it has to act as the vehicle for the human mind.

Human beings will definitely be able to increase life longevity by scientific replacing old glands with new ones...Humanity is now capable of doing this through medical science. One of the reasons the physical body dies is because its glands become old and weak. If the entire brain is replaced, the whole personality will undergo radical changes. In such a case a new personality emerges and the former one ceases to exist.

There should be proper exercise of your physical body, of your psychic body, and also of your spiritual body... Along with physical exercise for development of the physical body there should be psychic exercises for development of the psychic body. And if physical exercises go on generation after generation...the cranium itself will become smaller in size, as a result of which the brain will also be smaller and intellectual faculties will go on lessening. A man may be physically strong, and... he may be psychically strong, but if there is no spiritual practice he will be no better than a plant, and such persons are... “hypocrites”.

Before the creation of developed minds, all worldly phenomena were directly controlled by the Cosmic Mind, including the transmutation of energy. In the future when the human brain is more developed, more will be done through its medium.

On other planets also, there are various kinds of beings who are more or less developed....For the expression of greater intellect, the human cranium must become large in size. In primitive times, the huge dinosaurs had huge bodies but very small brains...The victorious humans who came to this planet long back will move to other planets, to a greater glory, a greater victory, a far greater enlightenment. 

One day the physical and psychic structure of human beings will become divine… through spiritual practices. So I advise each human being that as long as you are alive, you should try to build yourself in a nice way, in a complete way. But you should not only build yourselves, you should also build human society in the same way. 

The human brain is evolving–getting bigger and able to handle more complex calculations–according to a recent University of Chicago study;
Human brains are still evolving, increasing in both size and complexity...Bruce Lahn, lead researcher said; “If our species survives for another million years or so, I would imagine that the brain by then would show significant structural differences from the human brain of today.”

Some claims from;
Why did the human brain become so complex? When did humans evolve such huge brains? The bodies of Homo erectus (1.7 million years ago) were not substantially smaller than humans of the last century, yet their brains were nearly half the size. 

More intelligent mammals such as dolphins, chimps and humans have highly convoluted brains compared to the smooth brains of less intelligent animals. (However, intelligence is also related to how big an animal’s brain is relative to its body size.) Premature babies are born with a smooth brain, and the convolutions develop in the few months after birth. 

But then;; This decrease in size follows two million years during which the human cranium steadily grew in size, and it's happened all over the world, to both sexes and every race. But it seems the size of our brains could be on the increase again. A recent study by anthropologist Richard Jantz of the University of Tennessee found that our brain size is on the increase again.

I suppose there might be difference with brain and the skull size. Because according Sarkar the skull has been bigger in ancient times, although not the brain...And another possibility - could it be, that there used to live some more developed "star beings", and scientists happen to compare their brains to present day human brains....just speculating??? I think we will anyhow start to look more like big headed ETs when we get in their level...

Didi Annapurna