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Cute news and rusty news

Zalipie tiny town in Poland is painted with flowers all over. When you travel there, you might want to see this cute place;

Brucea javanica plant cures cancer; scientific research prove that it is curative for cervical, bladder and pancreatic and breast cancers,, plant kills tumors. While Yoga found to reduce inflammation and fatigue in breast cancer cases; And Health Ranger reveals three victories for humanity: marijuana freed, mandatory GMO labeling and mercury-free vaccines.

Wheat gluten cuts off blood flow to the brain; Research Links Gluten to Schizophrenia; Of the 15 untreated celiac patients, 11 had at least one hypoperfused brain region, compared with only 1 of the 15 celiac patients on a gluten-free diet. The avian flu mutated and crossed over to humans. And Mechanical parts to replace body parts... intelligence will expand 'a billion-fold'...

Russian space farmers” grow crops on International Space Station, which could make long-duration space travel easier. Chinese too in space. But GMO Non-Browning ‘Arctic Apple’ Coming Soon – Would you eat it?

America’s Religiosity Increasing: Gallup. And when the disciple is ready, the master will appear. Mainstream Science” is just waking up to manifestations of energy, a cosmic web and portals between planets and stars;, hidden portals in earths magnetic field.

Since 1860, the magnetic pole shift has more than doubled every 50 years. During the past 10 years, the magnetic north pole has shifted nearly half of the total distance of the past 50 years! AP; A strong 6 M earthquake hit the Greek island of Kefalonia, just a week after a similar quake damaged hundreds of buildings, And bail out, Greece Crises Is Back....

Chemtrail snow; Fake snow being reported all over US; And Super Snow Storm after Super Bowl. And California may have hit its driest point in 500 years.” Seismometer at Yellowstone National Park reporting staggering underground activity;

Sailor alive after 13 months drifting on seas: Jose Salvador Alvarenga floated last week on shore of Marshall islands. He claimed being drifting on seas for 13 months. He left with his friend from Mexico Chiapas, but his friend died after 4 months. Officials start to believe his story is true. He had fate God will save him... 

Diablo Canyon, California, officials admit discharging more tritium than Fukushima; Febr 3, 2014 (TRN); Insurance Companies in the US have no coverage for nuclear radiation claims. 

350 alien artefacts under pyramids Japan’s Self Defense Force and astronomical experts witness videos claiming bright orange lights shifting around in the sky; mysterious lights over okinawa. UFO hunters;

For the past few years the world has been in thrall to all things Nordic (Iceland, Finland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden). National Geographic; "The Nordic Countries: Next Supermodel". But television in Denmark is rubbish, Finnish men drink – and Sweden is not democracy; scandinavia.

Economic Collapse; Dow has now fallen 1000 points, Nikkei 1700 points. USD/JPY anxiety among Forex traders. Currencies in S-America continue to collapse, also in Russia and Turkey. And Chinese banking problems...The Baltic Dry Index down 50 percent from Dec. Doug Casey: financial hurricane long lasting. Bill Fleckenstein: The price-to-earnings ratio downside. Egon von Greyerz : overvalued stock markets in the West.

Peter Schift: Obama term dropping. Gerald Celente: civil unrest intensify.; forecast for 2014 by elite insider predicted in 2012. Stock broker expects catastrophic financial collapse. And The Common Sense Show; Is It Time to Leave America, While You Still Can? But Nouriel Roubini says that economics will recover, crises is soon over.

Former Harvard Professor of Economics Burnham fears arun” on Bank of America after he withdrew his $1 million dollars to protest against Janet Yellen, as head of Fed. PBS; Burnham. Also HSBC sets capital controls on customers, attempting to withdraw larger sums of money. Russian ‘My Bank’ temporarily banned all cash withdrawals. Texas is considering to protect its citizens' gold from the feds. Senator Ron Rice: New Jersey will soon erupt in riots...

Ukraine Rioting, Overthrowing Government. Ukraina; How the crises started, Nov19; Ukrainian leader address Ukraine's desperate financial situation. 100,000 protesters take to the streets of Kiev. Special forces clash with demonstrators.

Yanukovych travels to sign the EU deal. But he refused to sign the agreement. So 350,000 protesters hit the streets. The EU suspends talks. Ukraine's parliament adopts anti-protest laws. Massive clashes between activists and police. The opposition seizes government buildings. The Ukrainian government repeals the anti-protest laws.

PM Azarov and his cabinet resigns, but protesters slam Yanukovych. West targets Russia via Ukraine; Russian FM Lavrov; “How would the EU react if the Russia openly supported street riots in London, Paris or Hamburg, and sent its ministers to encourage the protesters?” US John Kerry has stressed US and EU support for anti-government protesters in Ukraine. RT: When is the far-right acceptable to the West? When it’s in Ukraine.

70,000 Obamacare records could be hacked in four minutes, says security expert. Spanish Suicides Rise To Eight-Year High. Prisonplanet, Wall St; two current and one retired executive of major financial firms, under investigation, were found dead; Broeksmit, Deutsche Bank, London died Gabriel Magee, JPMorgan, and David Bird, the oil markets reporter. And JP Morgan's depositors remove 44 % of gold bullion from bank in 4 days! And Deutsche Bank: “We’ve Created A Global Debt Monster”.

Fulford Expects the fireworks to begin... in the week starting on Febr 10th. The new Chinese government decided to take down real estate bubble. This will have a ripple effect worldwide. Weather warfare; in California, devastating US food supplies. HAARP used against Australia;

Jan 31
st, if any major bank was unable to make payments, they have until mid-Febr before they are liquidated. Efforts to force the Feds bankrupt by demanding physical gold and to cut off their oil and drug money. Defeat of the Rockefeller Brothers. Nigeria will shift its oil money out of Fed dollars into Chinese Yuan. Mexico approves fight against CIA drug dealers. N-Korea shut down its amphetamines factories.

The P2 are also trying to broker a deal between Russians, Chinese and Americans to form a world federation government,
not the same as fascist NWO trying to set up;

Neil Keenan: Cabalists offshore accounts exposed; The ICIJ naming the cabal individuals.The Dragon Family is financing a bank of the BRICS alliance and would assist a new government in the US. Electro-Magnetic Pulse weapons available for us, to take down chemtrail planes? Chemtrails are now radioactive!

Kerry; Nations such as China and Russia are rapidly modernizing their militaries challenging US. N-Korea Calls Shinzo Abe ‘Asian Hitler’. And PressTV: Syrian rallies to support Assad government..... While people have some good expectations of the new pope, the ITTC takes him down due to his past: Pope Francis child trafficking network... coverup of child rape in Anglican and Catholic churches.

Choose your leaders by their hearts, their spiritual evolution and track record of service to humanity and the earth, not by the power and wealth they have amassed. James Gilliland.

Sarkar; If copper sulphate spray is used (as pesticide), care should be taken to use the minimum amount because it is harmful. It can also be mixed with urea. Snakes are also afraid of any copper salt. Water kept in a bronze pot becomes antiseptic due to the copper in the bronze. Neem paste pesticide can be prepared from neem leaves.

Copper sulphate (blue vitriol) present chemical formula is CUS04 5H20, but after the theory of microvita is well established, a chemist will use the new formula – CUS04 5H20 (Group B MV 20 million). The inner structure is undergoing a tremendous change. The denomination of the object and its internal qualities will not be changed. There will only be a change in the case of chemical formulae.

Copper Age; The mythological four ages (Satya Yuga, or Golden Age, Treta Yuga, or Silver Age, Dvapara Yuga, or Copper Age, and Kali Yuga, or Iron Age), representing the step-by-step decline of morality and spirituality. As long as human beings remain steeped in the darkness of staticity, they are said to be in Kali Yuga.

When they wake up and realize that they must move, they are said to have entered Dvapara Yuga. People became more body-orientated. At the least provocation they would annihilate their enemies. When they stand up and prepare themselves for work, they are said to have entered Treta Yuga. When they move forward they are said to have entered Satya Yuga [“Golden Age”].

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