perjantai 7. helmikuuta 2014

Fake snow and chemtrails

A lot of stories about artificial snow which doesn’t melt in US; Every microscopic image in this video was taken by me. Organic material raining on us. We see rainbows, polymer fibres, shiny radioactive barium sprayed. Freezing in low temperatures, destroying crops. Human red blood cells activated for epidemic purposes, renucleated with disease. Warned against sharing this microscopic analyses of US artificial snow! Insider confirms - artificial show falling over US and Canada!

Mystery Goo Rain – Exposed – with anaerobic bacteria;…Former FBI, Ted Gunderson Says Congress must step forward and stop chemtrails! And Chemtrail videos. Why Most Jet Engines Are Nearly Incapable Of Producing Contrails,

Destruction of Air Pollutants; Advances in Depleted Uranium Technology;…Florida airport evacuated after depleted uranium discovered;…Almost half of the uranium used in US nuclear power plants comes from Russian weapons-grade uranium, down blended in Russia.…

Dr Grupp: They want to control population, to increase death rate and decrease birth rate. To effect hormonal production by pituitary, pineal gland and thyroid and reduce testesterone. Eugenic materials, plastics, pesticides, soaps, shampoos and birth controll pills. Also genetic manipulation, promoting homosexuality. Demasculation or Feminization too.

The U.K.’s Guardian; multi-million dollar fund collection by Microsoft Bill Gates to set up a large balloon above New Mexico, which will release sulfates within year to reflect sunlight, and thus cool the planet. But it has ‘potential to damage the ozone layer, disrupt rainfall, and threaten the food supplies,’ according Canadian environmental group. Gates-Funded Experiment To Spray Atmosphere With Sulphur Particles.

RT: US Navy nuclear officer cheating scandal grows. One out of every five nuclear reactor operators at a training center in South Carolina, would be decertified due to cheating on tests.
Important is to know that spiritual practices will bring you all round security. If you have that, you will never suffer too much. Electro-magnetic changes will bring changes in human brain, nervous system and mind, negative or positive. The spiritual wave will not uplift those unprepared and undeserving. 

Nobody can escape the changes as the soul growth is meant for everyone, whether one is willing to use it for the best or for the worse. Each has to choose. But even death is for the growth of the soul on its way ultimately for perfection. Ideas from Shrii Shrii Anandamurti, edited by me.

The change in the psychic sphere brings about a corresponding change in the physical sphere as well. And thus in the process of evolution at present, living beings are more physical than psychic, but in the future they will become more psychic than physical …And that day when the entire living world – dashing through a transitory phase of psychic – will become spiritual will not be in the distant future. Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

Didi Annapurna 

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