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Remote viewing the world


Update of announcement for Febr from Courtney Brown; Not ab Earth changes, ETs will not land, Obama will not reveal...but much bigger than all of that. Implication Postings are related, but not directly connected to the announcement.

Implications; ET interference with humans in the ancient past is true. Ancient Earth may have been prison planet, where religions and monument projects were engineered with slavery. The belief that those who govern would not manipulate knowledge for their own benefit – has made their reign possible (See Wilcock below, DA). Once this belief is abandoned, free will returns, and great change is inevitable. Many humans were expelled to Earth, 'prison planet'. There are two ways ETs can arrive on Earth; on ships - those who remember. But most are born here and don't remember...Those with full memory would lose their advantage if they revealed themselves.

Someone; I believe the anouncement may be acknowledgement from scientific or government source, that Remote Viewing is now scientific proven technique. Tremendous benefits to society could result in its widespread recognition. Humanity will quickly embrace the research findings by, and others, including ET life.

Courtney Brown; Remote Viewing Atlantis; the reckless misuse of their own science, they destroyed their civilization. Only a few thousand people survived. Original Google Earth 1.0 image of the Atlantic Grid on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Morocco and Spain.

Scientists prove that space and time do not exist;; Dec 6, 2013. And All of space, time, matter, energy and consciousness in single geometric form. The Universe is actually a holographic projection of a single geometric form. If you cut a holographic plate into smaller pieces and shine a laser into them, you still see an image of the entire hologram -- not just a piece of it. Just like a hologram, each one of us are projection of the unified whole.

Videos exposing the Luciferian agenda are angry, bitter, vindictive, terrified and often hopeless. But negativity cannot exist and persist on earth unless we create a habitat for it in our own minds and hearts. And we continue co-creating this lucifer oppressing us, in cycles of history.

Jesus' single most important secret teaching was of the truth of reincarnation. Dr. Ian Stevenson identified over 3000 cases of reincarnated children. Dr. Jim Tucker extended this research with police face-matching computer software. Hannibal / Hitler performed the same role with astonishing correlations -- across 2,160 years. Once we master the lessons that these cycles are teaching us, the pattern will no longer need to keep repeating and we reach Golden Age. Karma -- the universal law of cause and effect guarantee that we will change and not repeat the same cycle; life after life.

Luciferian symbols are increasingly being displayed in the mass media... Really Demonic Grammy Performances; Ke$sha Claims; start out young, naive, hoping they will get famous. Over time, as the money and power increases, so too does the appearance of Illuminati symbolism. Cabal may have also gotten Katy Perry to do this as an act of revenge against her ex-boyfriend, Russell Brand, as he is speaking out against the Cabal. "Illuminati" are working for negative ETs. Ancient Aliens; The Annunaki.

The "Luciferian Force" believes it can somehow separate itself from the whole -- and take over the entire system. In order to fully make it into sixth density, a being must release its anger and negativity...Lusifer can't function in sixth density. (Sarkar said that when science proves reincarnation, most religions will die, spirituality will rise, DA.)
Scientific Proof That We Are Evolving into Gods;
Children Have a Strong Sense They Existed Before;
Scientific Proof of the Existence of the Soul;
Proof of Heaven – A Neurosurgeon Journeys Into the Afterlife;
Proof That Near Death Experiences are Real;
Out of Body Experiences Validated by Science;
Mindfulness Meditation Can Induce Specific Molecular Changes to Genes;

The evolution of the human species and the human mind is a fascinating story and we are witness to the communion of science and spirituality. Hoax or not;

Symbolism at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics opening ceremony, Via Kabbalah Astrology; The day before the opening ceremony at Sochi, Mercury went retrograde in Pisces – expressed in several electronic glitches at the opening ceremony; a bright orange sun, followed by a moon, followed by five large floating snowflakes or stars, which in turn blossomed into large rings, forming the Olympic emblem of the five interlocking rings. Blossom. Lorde's Grammy speech outs the illuminati/cabal. Unfortunately not on TV, transcript here:

Kingsley L Dennis’ literally ran into Monroe, a man of wisdom, in the south Spain. Monroe spoke about the human species as if he were outside of it; ‘Your species did not come this far for nothing.' The world as you know it — is painted by you; by billions of painters stocked with a very limited palette of only a few colors...Fear is a wonderful distracter; it keeps you occupied on the mundane, and on the false. Many great wisdom teachers in your past have gone unnoticed because of the natural disguise of social status. The Earth needs a residing species to form a group soul...the ignorance that comes posing as scientific rationality, is so awkward. It has no scope for the magnificence of love and compassionate wisdom. Really, is it so strange to think that there might be an intelligence behind evolution? Humanity will be part of a great future; I know because I have seen it’ said Monroe smiling. ‘Inspire yourself to move forward — and be an inspiration for others.

Cloud G2 and a possible stellar explosion to hit our solar system ar April, 2014... Paul LaViolette; The American Astronomical Society press conference; Jan 7th; G2 Cloud encounter with the Galactic core. March 17th to April 1st, the G2 cloud would be as close as 160 to 200 AU from the Galactic core, possibily launching of a Galactic superwave...I have sent emails to astronomers and astrophysicists who have published papers on the G2 cloud, noting that the G2 cloud very likely contains an embedded star. From the first 15 astronomers I contacted, three wrote back, and were positive... And By the way; Is the Global Coastal Event connected to Cloud G2?

NOAA identified a sizable sun spot dubbed AR 1944, potential X-class solar flare...But as the spot rotated to the other side of the sun and grew bigger, things got worse in a couple weeks for earth. Renamed to AR1967;

Daily mail; Outernet is aiming to launch hundreds of miniature satellites into low Earth orbit by June 2015. Each satellite will broadcast the Internet to phones and computers giving billions of people across the globe free online access. MDIF; Outernet, And

RT: Biblical flooding’ spreads across UK in worst rainfall in over 200 years (PHOTOS). Japan; 15 meters of snow. Nearly 300,000 customers across Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama and the Carolinas were without power and 3,003 flights across the U.S. were canceled.

There have been five mass extinctions in Earth's history. Now we're facing a sixth. Also; Monsanto GMOs Continue to Devastate Butterfly Population. And Thousands of Activists Demand Stop Selling Bee Killing Chemicals; butterflies and the bees pollinate almost all food crops. The EU Commission is set to authorize the growing of genetically modified maize on EU, despite 19 member states voting against, highlighting the “absurd” voting rules in the EU. Study of mammograms involving 90,000 women, found that the death rates from breast cancer were the same in women who got mammograms and those who did not.

Japan; 15 meters of snow. And 2/13/2014 -- Strange S Shaped Signal Seen on Australian RADAR by dutchsinse. We are seeing a NEW large "polar vortex" form just Southwest of Alaska towards N-America and couple of months still possibly polar vortex bringing cold to south;

Clobal cooling study; Stronger winds which have cooled the surface of the Pacific Ocean could explain global cooling. Last year, scientists on the IPCC said the pace of temperature rise at the Earth’s surface had slowed over the past 15 years, even though greenhouse gas emissions have risen steadily. Video exposing the north pole is dominated now by snow...but what about decades before:


At least twenty top level bankers have “fallen” to their deaths from high-rises in just the last two weeks. Are the worlds Stock Markets, Currency Exchanges and Interest Rates all rigged? Gerald Celente; And proved; One of the manipulations on stock markets; The same pattern -- a sudden surge minutes before 4 p.m. in London on the last trading day of the month, followed by a quick reversal -- occurred 31 % of the time across 14 currency pairs 2 years, Bloomberg.

Neil Keenan; The IRS is Puerto Rican Trust. There is No Law Requiring The People of The US To Pay Taxes To The IRS. (The Law That Never Was). My original mission was supposed to be about the theft of bonds entrusted to me; but I came to clearly see that it had to be so much more. Humanity is calling for help, and I had to fight even if it was by myself. Gradually my team began to grow. Cabal/Illuminati will find that billions of people who they intended to wipe out will be the very ones to decide their fates...The Keenan Team did a remarkable job of exposing them. IRS – Private, Lying, Globalist-Controlled Thugs – We Want Our Money Back! And:

Heneghan; U.S. Kerry wants to write down the Iraqi dinar Forex currency derivatives. The U.S. Military continues to work with NSA whistleblower Snowden.... (?) EU and US regulators are expanding the manipulation (currency) probe, WSJ. Bank of England involved in manipulating foreign exchange markets;

Our Bank Accounts Are Not Safe; Bank locks 10,000 customer's money; FDIC and Bank of England signed document allowing government to seize customer deposits. U.S. lawmakers are considering new ways to grab their ‘fair share’ of private U.S. retirement accounts!
CNN: Michelle Obama’s State Dinner Dress Cost Up To $12,000. In Finland research; those who succeeds best in employment are narcissists, psychopaths, selfish, egoistic,
Market chart parallel to 1929; Being Talked About On WallStreet. Zero Hedge; Gold back above $1300 for first time since Nov 8th.

If a sudden global financial collapse is triggered by the banking elite, the entire British economy can re-introduce the debt-free Bradbury Pound by HM Treasury. Debt-creating bankers reign is over this year... Bradbury Alliance; pressure groups and community organizations along with sympathetic business people and professionals... And; Fed missed making gold payments due on Jan 31st so they now have to find gold before Febr 27th or face the bankruptcy of their USA Corporation. That is why Kerry is off this week to beg for gold from the Arab Emirates, Indonesia, S-Korea and China. The cover story about debt ceiling in order to avoid government bankruptcy is only fooling...They postponed it so far by making a deal with Iran, selling weapons to China, etc tricks.

Obama could print US government currency instead of borrowing Fed debt notes misnamed the US dollar. Obama was forced to sign agreement for formation of a world government, because of the change in top of the Vatican Bank, where bribe accounts for many world “leaders” are held. The recent meetings of Pope with Putin, and Obama and Queen Elizabeth are all connected to this. This reflects a fundamental rift between two factions over the right to decide the world’s future course.

Many US and other banks are scheduling some sort of “drill” on Febr 15th and 16th, but??? German court ruled that the ECB bond buying (to calm the Euro crisis) was “probably illegal.” time was running out for the cabal, in Bosnia massive demonstrations demanding government right to issue currency. In Japan, cabal stooge PM Abe et all trying to manufacture a crisis with China. Abe vanished for some sort of “re-education,” and then visited the Sochi Olympics and is now actively courting good relations with Putin’s Russia.

The negative coverage of the Sochi Olympics in the Western press...manufacture gay rights crises... A planned nuclear terror attack against Sochi has been stopped, 10 suicide bombers have been detained. In Afghanistan, the Taliban have run out of money, cabal heroin production being shut down;

Given all this bad news for the cabal, it is not surprising that top Davos officials contacted the White Dragon Society last week and said “perhaps it is time to push the reset button for the planet earth” as WDS has been saying. So, we can start with a one-off world-wide cancellation of all debt... and Golden age for humanity;
..............;... Republicans voted with 193 Democrats (221-201) to approve a "clean" extension of the federal government's borrowing authority -- sending the legislation to the Senate for final vote, The Washington Post. There was no way for negotiation with Republicans."

The pullout of capital from developing countries around the world... The New York Times. Vatican; The prelate Scarano accused the bankers. They respond with an enviable phlegm. He feared poisoning. Scarano is going to eat only foods packaged...

The SDR system is promoted by the cabal utilizing the IMF as its base operator. Anyhow the IMF is part of the cabal. Lagarde paid two visits to the Philippines last year with the intention of obtaining more gold (Collateral Account Gold) for the IMF. But International Treasury Controller will NOT allow gold to the IMF. David P. Crayford.


RT: ‘Elite’ hacking operation ‘The Mask’ targeted govts, diplomats for 7 years. Kaspersky Labs in Russia identified the attack as “The Mask,” from a Spanish-speaking nation. It targeted oil and gas companies in addition to research organizations and activists. US; The Day We Fight Back, an anti-surveillance web protest being held Febr 11th, in memory of hacktivist Aaron Swartz" The Verge.

Romanian Marcel Lehel hacked the mail of the country’s spy chief, George Maior, Romanian Intelligence (SRI) found him. Lehel has operated as “Guccifer”, “Little Smoke” and “The Small Fume”, hacking the email accounts of George Bush and his daughter. It’s alleged (but unconfirmed) that he released the Social Security number of Obama;

The US invasion of Ukraine”, has energy concerns. The EU attempt to snare Ukraine into its deflating EU economy failed with its 'buy now pay later' approach. Ukraine needed cash now, which the EU could not have given with all the austerity cuts on the member countries. So Putin made his move with the big subsidized energy commitment, as good as cash. But Putin is now making a long term commitment to developing more Far East, esp energy markets. And PressTV: Worse than Greece: Fitch says Ukraine’s default risk high. US threatening China's energy supply lines. Veterans Today.

In his annual message to the Federal Assembly for the year 2014, Putin described the rise of Siberia and the Far East as the national priority for 21st century. There is cheap energy for industrial development - can turn Russia’s East into promising region. Poll: Thumbs down on Putin, Russia Politico; Americans hold the lowest view of Russian president that in two decades.

Daniel Estulin; the wholesale destruction of the world’s economy is not an accident, nor is it a miscalculation or the result of political shenanigans. They will force people into cities of mega millions and then exterminate most of humanity. Starvation is a clean method of killing and it would leave the planet in good shape for the global elite to establish their paradise.

Interview of Barbara Peterson; evidence that the super elite are in the process of attacking with GMO’s (“playing God”) to sterilize and make us sick. Farmers all across the country confirmed the sterilization of both crops and farm animals. Estulin drew a similarity between the mass control the Nazis had in comparison to the control the super elite has over the human race right now. Apparently, elite may temporarily move off world, “Plan B”.

US retired military personnel discloses ‘suspicious’ heavy lift aircraft activity inbound to Continental US, nine occasions in one week’s time. They can hold up to 500+ people and cargo. The aircraft could not be identified on the radar (shown in video). They came from the vicinity of China or Russia;

Three times more Americans gave up on US citizenship in 2013 than in 2012, WSJ. 2,999 expatriations for 2013. Reason; fear and taxes.
Washington governor suspends death penalty. The Associated Press. The New Yorker; Eric Holder revealed leaving his Attorney General post in 2014.
Steve Quayle’s banker source “V”, who predicted banker hits states that dead Ryan Crane oversaw all of the trade platforms and worked closely with Gabriel Magee of JPM’s London desk (who also died). Gerald Celente; There Are 20 banker deaths; The last banker reportedly managed to shoot himself nearly 10 times with a nail gun! Also three prominent Wall Street executives died, connected to investigations on financial fraud. Max Keiser: JPMorgan Behind Bitcoin DDOS Attacks!

Hudes: Either We Take Back Our Gold, Our Legality, or We'll Have WWIII. And Operation American Spring event by Col. Harry G. Riley, for "Restoration of Constitutional government of the people, for the people, by the people" from despotic and tyrannical federal leadership" on May 16, 2014. is ON FIRE on the Internet.
Sarkar said that in the future predicting will be more developed.
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