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And naturals and economics

One of the symptoms of schizophrenia is paranoia about the government? People with schizophrenia are unable to ground themselves because in their experiences everything is so real...The schizophrenic are psychics and have intuitive ability and they comprehend the government doings and apply to themselves. For example, schizophrenic claim the CIA is watching him. The CIA may have nothing to do with this person, but the CIA may be truly watching different people. Their "hallucinations" are planes [levels/layers] on earth that most people can't see, because their rational mind blocks them. Over stimulation creates the paranoia.

The Second Wave; Senior Medical Official on Doctors Without Borders Issues Ebola Warning: "Totally out of control. Earlier this year it was reported that the deadly Ebola virus had broken through all containment barriers making its way to seven west African countries. In an effort to stop widespread panic the affected nations government officials told Reuters that they would no longer release infection rates and death tolls to the public. But according to AP; second wave has claimed the lives of over 300 people.

The 1979 study by Kaukola; diagonal earlobe crease increased with the severity of atherosclerosis. There was 'a strong association between earlobe creases and a cardiovascular cause of death'. Earlobe, as a blood-vessel endpoint, is where blood concentrates. So any blood circulation problems or blockage could be manifested in the ear. Another hypothesis is that the loss of elastin in individuals contribute to both earlobe creasing as well as hardening of arteries;

London Independent; The concept of free will could be little more than the result of background noise in the brain - electrical activity. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience; decisions could be predicted based on the pattern of brain activity before a choice was made. And Natural News; So, what are the signs that life is calling you to greater maturity? Learn more: Essential oils;

ISIS to set the stage for a Return of the 12th Imam (anti-Christ?): This will then begin the movement into a one world religion, Kerry, Project Camelot. And Someone got hair sample from ET, and DNA was analyzed, interesting story;; In 1996, Peter tells and he was hypnotically regressed by Pulitzer prize-winning, Harvard psychiatrist John Mack. Peter described being taken into an illuminated room on a table with tall entity above him, speaking to him but with a sound like birds chirping.

Vaccines: I see they kept people healthy in the beginning, but slowly became experimental. They started using cheaper components in their vaccines and they took some insight gained on Hitler's Nazi testing on the Jewish community (fluoride etc) and began to add those items to vaccines to make society more docile too.

Monsanto's NK603 GM maize variety and Roundup herbicide, led to kidney and liver damage in rats, among other serious health effects. The study has been now re-published in the peer-reviewed literature; And aversion to GMOs is now higher than ever, and is continuing to grow.

UK Daily Mail; Crop sprays ‘raise risk of autism in unborn children’: Campaigners claim odds can be increased by 60%. Pregnant women who live near fields sprayed with pesticides can run more than three times the risk of having a child with autism.

Deceptive BBC Article on Vapour Trails to divert you from USAF SAG/Chemtrails; Large condensation trails in the sky caused by aircraft could be eliminated by re-routing flight paths, say scientists. The contrails can be very large in size: they can be up to 150km in length and can last up to 24 hours. (???) BBC is in fact the mouthpieces for MI5 and MI6. And have you not wondered why they use 50 kilowatts when cell phone towers need no more than 300 watts, not any kilowatts?

Did you get it; He repeats at least ten times; High Bypass-turbofan jet engines can't produce contrails - because of the high pressure at exhaust due to the front intake fan acting like a propeller! ALL commercial jets, and large military craft use this High Bypasses. and (Wiki)

Chemtrails: I see these initially created out of a need for weather manipulation and a defense weapon. Since the "powers at be" has grown it to a way to create disasters, evoke fear, and make people more dependent, slaves of the government and creates an obstacle to a revolution. Monsanto thriving in this as well because natural farming suffers on chemtrailed environment.

6/24 – Magnetic North Pole moving towards Russia -- ESA The European Space Agency SWARM satellites have returned the first sets of data. Moving into Russian waters across the actual North Pole: North Pole's Russian landfall in 2019.

Antarctica sets new record for sea ice extent... And PAPER: Supreme Court swallows fake global warming data...; The new “Risky Business” group which is formed of Wall Street biggies Oct, 2013, including three former Treasury Secretaries (Paulson, Rubin and Shultz), released their report on how global warming is so bad for the economy, that there must be “a price” put on greenhouse gas emissions (for peons) to slow it down. And recently Prince Charles at the London billionaires’ confab, called “Inclusive Capital plan.... Scientists With Prince Charles Involved With ‘Fraudulent Peer Review’ On Climate Data! A White House meeting is set for tomorrow with the three men, along with fellow Risky Business members;

Insight New Mexico interviews Don Hancock, director of the US Nuclear Waste Safety program; June 16, 2014 (at 28:45 in): the container that is breached… there are 54 other containers from that waste stream in the same room… We still don’t know how many containers are involved...

US, AFP; In the meadow, four white-haired Shorthorn cows are raising their heads at the same time in the same direction. They are clones. Each year, the company gives birth to about 100 cloned calves. It also clones pigs and horses;

A seismologist, US Hawaiian Volcano Observatory, Reuters; "The earthquakes at Mauna Loa similar to 1975 and 1984 eruptions? And Seismic flare-ups leave scientists searching for answers But volcanoes seem to be waking up. The eastern and central Aleutians having alert for months. Magnetosphere weakens more;

Mystery lights spotted by residents across hundreds of miles southern California leave officials baffled. And Nasa's cut footage; And London Guardian; Mystery object on Saturn' moon; The sighting could be just an iceberg that broke free, waves rolling across lake’s surface, scientists say ab “magic island”. Hofgartner, Cornell University in NY. “It is not something that has been there permanently.” Edgar Mitchell on the UFO Cover-Up;

A bit economics too; Comment; JPM is culmination of a SWIFT blockade of Russia, the same way Iran was neutralized from the Petrodollar, forced to begin transacting in Rubles, Yuan and gold in exchange for imported or exported goods. In other words, Russia seems perfectly happy to use barter (and gold) and “regional” currencies, hardly the intended outcome of the western blockade, which backfired and impacted the untouchable status of the Petrodollar, Reuters

Major International Banks Under Investigation for the Ties to Soros’s Mexican Drug Cartels. Hungary Kills the The Rothschild Banks: Ordered To Vacate Country. In Part One, I detailed how the UN is posturing to seize American guns as a prelude to martial law. And now Meet the ultimate insider. Soon, every American will know his name.

Russia will be replacing all the AMD and INTEL processors used in government offices with their own locally made chip, just like China did. And I bet they are trash.... Russia stops supplying unpaid-for gas to Ukraine. But planning to replace EU gas stolen by Ukraine. And Queen’s bank deny that Osama Bin Laden had an account there. UK Daily Mail; 14,000 documents seized from Cayman Islands branch. Bank Runs in Bulgaria; The financial system is simply imploding.

June 17, Bolivia; New Economical World Order building up to end the domination of US, EU, IMF, WTO, G7, G8, G20 over remaining 175 countries of earth. Now 133 of those 175 countries signed an agreement to end the West’s New World Order and replace it with more just World Order, the ‘Group of 77 (since 1964, 77 has grown into 133 nations). As the only Western media Yahoo reports speeches I.e Venezuelan Maduro'; 'unitedly to fight... for a new world economic order.' Cuban President Castro also participated; http://timesofindia...articleshow/36576881.cms...And says; 'It is necessary to demand a new international financial and monetary order...'; Morales; 'If Mr. Obama keeps assailing the people of Venezuela...Let us defend democracy, natural resources, our sovereignty and dignity'. Iran and China offered loans for Bolivia. Altough Ban Ki-moon spoke in the occasion G77 wants the UN Security Council eliminated so to change UN as democratic body. Announcement. ‘BRIC’ countries and now also G77 are starting to use other than US dollars...and see here if your country is within Group 77. China is moving forward with a plan to create its own version of the World Bank... The bank will start with $100 billion in capital.
Sarkar shortly; Earth's natural resources are the common heritage of humanity. Those resources should be shared in the proper way so that everybody will have the right to utilize, but not the right to misuse them.

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